2007-04-28: Righteous Indignation


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Summary: Mohinder takes issue with the prescribed security measure.

Date It Happened: April 28th, 2007

Log Title Righteous Indignation

Company Facilities, Hartsdale

Having checked company emails, transmissions, responses, one thing leaps out at Mohinder. It does not please him at all. In fact, it upsets him to the point of searching out Bob in person, rather than picking up the phone or emailing him. The geneticist heads straight for Bob's office, knocking firmly at the door.

"Come." Bob's glasses reflect little more than laptop screen as he types away at it, delivering more terse 1-2 line orders via email for the company to digest, enjoy, and wonder what the Hell he may be thinking. His mouth twists as he reads something else, but he simply deletes it and moves on.

Mohinder opens the door, shutting it behind himself once he's in the office. Then in several quick strides, he approaches Bob's desk, looking more than a little ruffled. Emotion flashes in his eyes, showing his displeasure. "I have to disagree with a decision you made. I am not comfortable taking Molly back to Kirby Plaza. We /just/ left. She doesn't like it there, she's just now adjusting to the new apartment in Jersey. All of this moving about is not good for her. It's not that I don't appreciate the security measure, far from it."

"How well do you think she'll adjust to the loss of the top half of her skull?" Bob asks, managing to avoid the impatient sting in tone that the words imply, without pulling any of the punches of those words. "Given that we've now got an /invisible/ psychopath? Frankly I'm about ready to round up every telepath I can find so they can hunt the city in teams and mind-fry him, except I don't want to give him a whole box of bon bons."

Mohinder's mouth sets into a thin, grim line as Bob brings up a very good point. One that the geneticist has not overlooked. "I.." There isn't a sufficient argument coming to mind to counter. ".. see your point. He easily slipped up on the bodyguard. So far, he seems more interested in using Molly to get to me, but I know that will not sate him for long." The simple counter from Bob has the wind going right out of Suresh's sails. "It's just.. I have to take Molly's mental well being into account as well.."

Bob takes this opportunity to close his laptop and look at Mohinder. "Of course this begs the question of him getting into Kirby as well. An identity change wouldn't go amiss for either one of you. Plastic surgery. The whole nine yards. But I figured we'd take it in baby steps. I'd gotten sixty percent of the way through a cohesive strategy on Sylar and then he went and picked up invisibility. I'm back at square one. If you have options for me that /I/ haven't considered, lets hear them."

"That is not an option I will consider for Molly. Nor will Matt." That's the end of that topic there as far as Mohinder is concerned. No identity change for Molly. "Unfortunately, I haven't come up with an option that has not occured to you by now. We can work all we like on detaining him, we could even.. as much as I hate the very idea and you know it, inject him with the virus to take away his abilities.. he's still a very dangerous monster without them."

"When I get my hands on him," Bob says bluntly, "I am personally turning him into gold, enjoying a brief shining moment where I hang him up in my office like Han Solo, and then? I'm going to melt him down. When I am done melting him down, I am molding him into an entire jewelry set and selling him off all across the world. Lets see the little cockroach come back from /that/." Bob's irritation rolls off in waves as he fixes Mohinder with a stare. "The trick. Is to get him back."

What Bob says is disturbing on so many levels, but yet, Mohinder can't find it in himself to really disagree with his boss. "That's an outcome I highly doubt that he will see coming." He breathes out a harsh exhale of breath as he drags both his hands through his hair and starts to pace in front of Bob's desk. "Bait him out into the open.. Make him think he's getting what he wants. But the trick to /that/ is to not make it look like a trap. Unfortunately for us, he is intuitive on such matters."

"Send him on a snipe hunt," Bob muses. "I wonder if I can convince him that we've got every genetic code of every power stashed somewhere in a format he could take if he could only make his way to it. And somehow…when he does…take him at that time. Invisibility isn't impossible to defeat, with thermal imagers. The guy still radiates heat, he's just invisible."

"The only thing about that, is it's too good to be true. Sylar will know that something isn't right about it." Mohinder makes a noise of frustration, and looks as if he's ready to kick something to take out his emotions on. "Who knows how many more powers that he has taken in this brief span of time. I'm worried that the list of abilities on file is outdated and we miss something.. and he gets away again, wiser to our efforts."

"Then baby steps," Bob says. "Our first priority will need to get a tracking device on him that he can't find or remove. Once we can track his movements the rest will fall into place, and getting something like that on him will be a mission all on it's own."

Mohinder stares up at the ceiling, exhaling something that probably doesn't translate into nice terms from Hindi. "Unless we can get in close, shooting him from a distance may be the best option. Not that it would be as simple as that." Then in a defeated tone, he says, "I'll break the news to Molly and Matt.. I expect that he'll be allowed access to the building while Molly's here. I just don't see any other way."

"Full access," Bob says. "He can stay there for all I care. Matt Parkman is not on my worry list, even if he's not on our payroll. He can go to town. Hell, maybe I'll pay him to attach himself to you and the kid's hip. He's faced Sylar down before, and he can hear the guy coming in his head."

Mohinder nods his head. "I can bring the subject up with him. I know he's quite happy with being a detective with the New York City police department." Yet, Molly's a priority, for both of the men. "I've already got one Agent attached to me as it is within the facilities.. what's one more." Does he sound displeased about that? Just a little. "Do I need to cancel my lecture with NYU?"

"No. Bring another bodyguard," Bob says. "Make him think we're that big of an idiot. I think I'll set about six human agents there, three with high powered rifles and sharpshooter certifications. Lets see if we get lucky." His smile isn't entirely pleasant. "He has a crush on you, after all."

Mohinder quirks an eyebrow, and it's not out of humor. "Did you have to phrase it in that manner? It's the same obsession he had with my father. Our knowledge. Our understanding of the genetic code and DNA structure, patterns. Not to mention the formula.." Briefly, there's an ugly look of anger directed at himself forming on his face. "Why continue to torment Molly and use her.. he's gotten what he wants." There's a distracted nod of acceptance made. He was listening to Bob, even as he went off on his little babble.

"Because he is a sadist and a control freak and it gives him a feeling of being in control," Bob says. Well okay. /He/ might know something about being just like that. He might know more than a bit about that. "He likes to see you in mental anguish and he knows Molly is the way to bring about that mental anguish."

Mohinder gives a nod, again, still looking more or less defeated on this point. "Is there anything else I should know, or that you would like me to do? Otherwise.. I will go bring Molly in, then get back to my work."

Bob waves Mohinder out of his office. "I didn't call you," he says dryly. "You came in here to be righteously indignant first, remember? Go back to doing what you do."

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