2007-09-04: RING


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Summary: Peter makes a phone call he needs to make. From the future, to the past, to the present.

Date It Happened: September 4th, 2007




It's the afternoon hours— around two in the afternoon, when a call goes through on Daphne's cellphone. Unknown number, to her, though the ID registers pretty quickly as Peter Petrelli: 283-1407.

Daphne's at the zoo; thankfully she's not in with the animals when her phone rings and she fumbles for it. "Hullo?" she says.

"Hi, you— may not remember me. We met a couple months ago at the pet store," Peter's voice is much the same. There's little background noise, but from the way the air rolls across the reciever, he's probably outside, or sitting close to a fan. Air movement. "I'm Peter Petrelli. You gave me phone number back then and— well, now I have reason to use it. We… helped a sick rabbit together?" He's really hoping this is the right number and he's not making a fool of himself.

"Oh. Oh, hey, no, I remember you." She smiles on her end. "Rabbit's doing fine, she's staying with a friend — Just in case you were wondering." Her own voice has changed, oddly. It's accented now. The background noise around her lessens as she finds somewhere quieter to talk. "Didn't think you'd actually call me again, I'd kinda forgotten about you. What's up?"

There IS something different about her voice— thicker accent. Peter can hear it more than he could in the future, and he'd been pretty sure that it wasn't that way when they met months ago. "That's great— I remember you bought her, and I assumed you found her a good home." The rabbit. Save the bunny, right? First animals thoughts he ever really heard and understood. "I'm— honestly not sure how to explain this over the phone. Do you think we could get together this weekend and talk in person? It's… kind of a long story." He could try to explain it over the phone, but it's hard to show proof without… being able to hand it to her.

Daphne makes a face that - obviously - Peter can't see. She'd liked the guy, he was nice enough, but… "Yeah, I guess?" Pause. "Everything okay?" she finds herself asking. "It's weird, you know? I haven't seen you in god-knows-how-long, and you called me outta the blue like this."

There's a pause. In some ways he's wondering how much he should tell her, to prepare her for… what he has to tell her. Peter starts to move from wherever he is, because the level of wind changes, and it sounds like he switches the phone from one ear to the other. "You know how we had the same… ability? Talking to the rabbit? Well that— I'd never done that before I met you, because it's your ability— I just… borrowed it. I kind of absorb the abilities of people that I meet. So I can do more than talk to animals." Is this going to make any sense at all?

This Daphne isn't as skeptical as the one in the future, but there are some things that she just can't believe. She takes a look around to make sure there's no one listening in when talk goes to their shared ability. Uh. "I've only ever seen people with one," she says, being vague on the 'one,' just in case there is someone listening. Her tone is rather disbelieving. Then again, he also claimed he had telepathy with people, too. She also isn't as jaded as she is in the future, either. "So, what, you have any…" think. "You have anything you want? Like a— " Sponge. Again, though. Trying to be vague.

"Yeah— that's… the way it's supposed to be, I think. There's only one other I know of with more than one, and he's…" Peter's not sure how to explain Sylar over the phone. "But yeah— I can do a lot of things. Anything that someone I've met can do— though I'm only really good at a few of them." How to explain this better? He's not sure. "Thing is, one of the people I met had the ability to travel through time. And— after that, so could I. I just got back… from the future. I know how that sounds, but it's true, when we meet I can show you proof."

Daphne's already partially had Sylar explained to her. Vaguely, though, so she has no idea what he actually does to people. However. There's a long, long silence on the phone, where it might seem as if Daphne's not there anymore, except there's still some muffled voices that can be heard in the background. When someone asks her a question, she lowers the phone from her ear to answer it, too… Where are the elephants? WHY DOES EVERYONE ALWAYS ASK THAT. In any case, when she puts the phone back to her ear - after several minutes of silence now, she asks, "You didn't get hit on the head, did you?"

"Wish I did— it wasn't a future that anyone wants to see, trust me," Peter says, sounding as if— well— he just finished going through a whole season of Battlestar Galactica and finally gave up expecting things to stop getting worse. "I met you again— in the future. You were actually the first person I met. You helped me. You gave me shelter and food and when I needed you the most I knew I could go to you. Which is why— I'm calling you now. Because I know I can count on you."

There's another silence - not as long this time, but she's thinking. She runs her fingers through her hair - what he's telling her, the least she can do is give him a chance. A couple years ago, she would have thought he was crazy, but she's kind of actually wondering if, with everything that happens, he can time travel. Logic evidently has no place in this world anymore. "Okay. Uh." Sure. SURE. Why not. "When and where? Best times are late afternoons. I work during the day. After seven if you can do it." She stops herself short of saying 'someplace public,' because she's trying not to think along the lines that he has gone crazy and he's going to kill her or something.

"Best places to meet up are… Central Park or the Zoo. I could always stop by when you're getting out of work and we could talk there." Peter doesn't even need to be told a public location would be best, it would seem. Though they may need to find someplace more private or secluded to really talk, since otherwise they'll be talking about crazy future stuff. There's a pause. "Would Sunday or Monday of next week be okay?" It's a little long of a wait, but at least then she'd have time to find someone to bring along if she doesn't feel comfortable meeting with him alone.

"The zoo works. At least you'll be able to find me here." And he'll probably have to wait awhile if he's coming around close time, but there are places he can sit around and wait. That works— By the time they get to talk, the zoo will be mostly empty. "How 'bout Sunday? Zoo closes a bit earlier, and we won't be here 'til after dark." Plus, it's less of a wait than Monday, and she's now rabidly curious about what he has to tell her. He's crazy. Or he's not. Daphne's leaving that up in the air. In any case, it should be interesting.

"Sunday works. Thank you, Daphne. You have no idea how much you helped me in the future— or how much it meant to me," Peter says, refrencing a situation that she may never experience, but he can still be grateful for. He'd have lost someone he cared about if not for her assistance and her quick thinking. There's no way he could have kept her alive, rest, and been able to heal her all on his own. The surgeons did a big part of it, but she'd housed them, she made them work— and she'd been left in charge of making sure that one of the most precious things he was leaving behind in that timeline would live on. "I'll see you Sunday."

God, it sounds like he really means it, too. She almost believes him. "Sure," is her answer. He has to believe she finds this odd, right? "'round six o'clock, probably. Might be a little longer." But at least there's that. "See you then."

"That should work— if anything comes up, I'll call you. And you can do the same for me." Peter doesn't block his call number, so she can easily redial him later. With their talk time set up, he ends the phone call, and then gets to dialling another number. This one doesn't pick up.

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