Riya Dawar
Portrayed By Mahima Chaudhry
Gender Female
Date of Birth April 2, 1985
Age 22
Zodiac Sign
Aliases Ri
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Rockette
Known Relatives Chandrika Dawar (mother), Marcel Dawar (father)
Significant Other Sean Cho
Known Abilities N/A
First Appearance Innuendo

Riya Dawar. 22. Rockette. NYC native. Naive.


On April 2, 1985, Riya Dawar was born to Chandrika and Marcel Dawar, both from New York City, both very proud of their young, only child- their daughter. Chandrika was a stay-at-home mother, Marcel bringing the food and money home from his job as a local manager at a grocery store. Life wasn't hard, but it wasn't overly good for the small family- but they were happy, comfortable. A family. It was evident at an early age, however, that their little girl was destined for something than ordinary times, because of the way she moved whne she learned to walk- she had a natural grace in it, and it astonished her parents.

As they watched her grow, they realized that she was danicng. When her father was offered store ownership, he took it- to support sending his daughter to the local dance school. Riya went, and fell in love with it- it excited her more than school did, and she started both in her fifth year of life. School went along traditionally well, the young girl putting all of her time and dedication into learning the different types of dances- jazz, tap, ballet, classic, ballroom, even some street and hiphop as she grew older. This also left her to enjoy and listen to a variety of music- however, at the age of thirteen, she would have an aspiration.

The trio went and saw the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular, and she uttered her most famous words that night: "Mama, I want to be a Rockette!" Her parents, knowing her talents, werre very supportive of this throughout her following years, and they went and saw the Rockette's many more times, making her dream, her wish, even bigger.

The year she turned eighteen, and the last year of high school, the Rockettes, down to thirty-five members, announed that it was now time for them to open auditions for the final Rockette spot. Thousands came. Nearly as many left. Riya went, scared, excited, thrilled, exhilarated- and at the end, surprised, shocked, and proud when she was announced as the next and the newest Rockette, having gone through the vigerous screening process.

Her training began that year- and though training it was indeed. For all Riya was a good dancer, the precison troupe taught her dedication, the art of performing for an audience, and how to dance in a group, not alone- and she took it all to heart. Now, years later, Riya is one of the most recognized Rockettes, being an NYC native- and she's proud of it. Now she goes out into the world, through training, through performances, and learns. And it's fun… at least for her.





  • "We're the Rockettes. We may look sexy, we may look sweet, but we can all take care of ourselves."
  • "I think I've fallen in love with you…"
  • "Uh - oh… "

Riya's Art


  • Riya is of Indian descent.
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