2010-08-13: Road Trip Ahead



Date: August 13, 2010


Excitement mounts as Carrie prepares to ditch the temp job for a Carnival gig.

"Road Trip Ahead"

Common Grounds, Midtown West

It's a pleasant evening here in New York City. The air is comfortable and cool, and the weather hints that fall is slowly getting closer, with the nights becoming cooler. Of course, Mina isn't bothering with all of that beautiful weather crap. She has cover letters to write, and she can't be sleeping when she still has things to do.

So it is that Mina relaxes in one of those plush chairs in the back room, her laptop settled in her lap as she types away, occasionally pausing to sip at a cup of coffee. She wears a pair of jean capris coupled with a simple dark brown t-shirt, which has the silhouettes of a Stegosaurus and a T-Rex on it, with a speech bubble over the herbivore's head. Simple but comfortable is the goal here.

Carrie comes in with Randall. She looks positively bouncy, as though someone has put jumping beans in the heels of her tennys. The last thing she needs is more coffee, undoubtedly. Yet, here she is. "…and I'm supposed to go back there and talk to people. Oh this is so cool. I might finally have a job lined up!" she says.

On the other hand, after being on the road half the day, Randall could definitely use a shot of something. It was this or a bar, and bars still have certain… problems. At least salvation is within reach— just the scent of coffee grounds wafting out to the sidewalk is enough to perk him up a little. "So what is it you're gonna be doing, exactly?" he asks, leaning back against the door until after Carrie is safely through.

Mina's eyes briefly trail up toward the door as the pair enter the establish, sipping at her coffee as she quietly examines them from her comfortable perch on the plush chair. Otherwise, she doesn't make a sound, her eyes only tearing away from the pair to return to typing her cover letter. She seems to have a fairly fast typing speed, judging by the pace of the keystrokes.

Carrie says, "I dunno yet. They wouldn't say anything beyond they were interested. It was like the carnival folks don't like to talk on the phone. So I have an appointment to go see them. I dunno. I might wind up shoveling elephant crap. It beats doing medical transcription. So how was your day?" She looks over at Mina. She wouldn't have noticed the other woman even a little, had she not caught the white flash of eyeballs, the eyes looking at her. She smiles toward the other woman as Mina looks down toward her laptop."

"Mmm, I guess they're more used to dealing with people in person," Randall offers, worrying at the back of his hairline with a fingernail as he glances over the menu. "Oh, long, more than anything else. Right around lunchtime, I was halfway to a drop-off at Queens when they call and say they're not ready for it till tomorrow, and to haul all the way back and run some stuff out to the complete other side of town instead."

Mina slurps at her coffee, occasionally stealing glances at the couple. She's not going to pretend to understand their conversation, but she'll certainly return the smile that Carrie offers her, coupled with a friendly yet cautious wave. Then, it's back to that almost unnaturally fast typing, which is noticable just for the fact that most people can't even think of typing that fast.

Carrie says, "Ugh. So when do you start with Griffin? Or is that still up in the air?" She waves back at Mina. "Hi!" she says to the complete stranger. "Geez, I know a perfect job for her…" Carrie says the last bit to Randall, and he probably knows exactly what job she's thinking of. "Sweetie, I'll go get us a table if you'll get me a quad-espresso mocha with extra chocolate, please?" Some people can, apparently, still sleep after a massive caffeine dose like that. Being 18 has certain perks."

Randall shakes his head. "Still need to hear back. Hurry up and wait, I guess." Following Carrie's gaze, he squints at Mina - and a couple seconds later, the idea clicks into place. "Watch it, you'll get infected!" he calls out to the stranger, looking impish, before making a beeline for the cashier's station.

Mina blinks a few times at Carrie's greeting, her eyebrows raising for a long moment. Again, that coffee is grabbed, and it is once again sipped at, before being set back down on the table. "Hello there." She offers a small smile, getting a bit more of the cover letter done as she watches the girl. Randall's remark prompts an owlish blink. Huh?

Carrie finds the table closest to Mina. "Hi. I'm Carrie. That's my boyfriend, Randall. Sorry about the whole job thing. I'm doing temp work transcribing stuff from doctor reports and whatnot, and it's totally killing me. My typing sucks and it's so slow. So when I watched you type, it was like "oh my God, that's the typing I need to be able to do."

There are hurdles in everyone's life. Right now, Randall's hurdle is trying to translate Carrie's order into something comprehensible to the girl behind the register. "…okay, can you just get us two double espressos, then? And a hot chocolate. No, don't worry about the— we'll figure it out. Now what's that called?" he adds, pointing to a pastry display whose sign has tipped forward and landed face-down on the carrot cake.

Mina laughs softly. "Oh, you're not the only one who's looking for a job, though I'm sure I'm looking in different areas than you." She grins, sipping at her coffee with a thoughtful look. She remembers being 18. It seems like such a long time ago for her. She chuckles softly for a moment, not mentioning the reason she types so fast.

Carrie says, "What are you looking for? My temp agency would love to get their hands on you, typing that fast." She looks Mina over curiously. It doesn't show, whatever it is she does."

Mina laughs softly, raising a hand and waving it. "I'm looking for an MD position. I'm a General Practitioner, or Family Doctor." She chuckles softly. "I'm hoping to get in at a clinic or a hospital, though a private practice would be much better, I'm sure."

Carrie says, "Oh cool. I'm looking for work to hopefully pay my way through med school." She ponders. "You're the second unemployed doctor I know. I should hook you up with Janet, so maybe you guys could pool resources or something." Carrie ponders. "Do doctors wind up out of work a lot? Geez, that never even occurred to me.""

As he returns, Randall is going a lot slower than before, doing his best to keep the tray in front of him balanced long enough to get it set down somewhere nearby. "I hear there are outfits that like to create their own business," he deadpans, "but you wouldn't want to work for them. The retirement plan's lousy."

Carrie's expression begins to change as she scribbles down Janet's email address on a piece of paper. Her stomach makes an uncomfortable sound. "Uhoh." she says. "Excuse me." She gets up and walks over toward the bathroom, disappearing within.

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