"Great ability develops and reveals itself increasingly with every new assignment. " - Baltasar Gracian

Casting: Megan Fox
Date of Birth: July 1, 1988
Age: 20's
Place of Birth: Malibu, CA
Occupation: Owner of Firebrand Bikes
Ability: Intuitive Process Analysis
Power Grade: N/A
Registration Status:
Theme Song:** "On Fire" by Switchfoot

The person behind the highly elite Firebrand Bikes. Robin 'Robbie' Connors is making a name for herself beyond that of her last name.


Robin Phoenix Connors was born to Jennifer and Bryce Connors in Malibu Beach, California. Her father is a movie producer and her mother an actress; so naturally they are the normal Beverly Hills couple. She has an older sister of two years, Wren Feather, and an older brother of three years, Talon Cardinal. There is a theme to their names as many Hollywood types like to play. This was actually not an issue for our lovely Robin, as she went to school in Malibu with people named after fruit, pets and designer labels. They were freakishly the normal ones. Her parents are still very much in love with each other and she's close to her siblings. In fact, she had a charmed childhood. That is part in fact of her family money and partly in fact that she lived in Malibu.

Growing up in Malibu is almost akin to growing up in Disneyland. The world outside is not really allowed in and the one you live in is not exactly real. There was no crime really in the area. They had a private owned beach. Her friends were all rich. Poverty and all the underhand things of the world had no place in her life; nor the lives around her. Divorce happened rather frequently, but that was just a common place in life. So was knowing your parents were having affairs or finding out you had half-siblings. People trying to always take your picture was a commonplace too. So she lived in perfect harmony with the world around her growing up. She was pretty, but she was surrounded by movie starlets and models, so even that was an artificial view of the world. It was her world though. This was her life through her adolescence.

Then came the wonderful time of adolescence. It is that time in every boy and girl's life where they think their parents are stupid and they think that they know everything. It was here that our lovely Robin started to blossom. She became pretty, but she was more 'quirky' than anything else. Her humor was a bit morbid. She didn't have a clue about consequences and then came her fashion sense. Or rather her lack of it. The only thing she had was amazing shoes. The rest of it was whatever she pulled on that morning. Again, this was acceptable for most people. She had friends and thought nothing of Madonna at a party or the Posh Spice dropping in or any musicians. It is was just her life and she was use to it. She did okay at school, nothing to write home about. She was an average student and that was fine with her. She was happy just sliding by. When she was sixteen, she totaled her new Porsche. It wasn't because she was drinking. It was because she was turned around talking to the people in the back seat. There was no real damage. Well, a garden gnome sadly lost his life in that accident.

From there, she decided to go to college and drift along. Talon decided to be a career marine and he rocked that uniform. Hey, she could admit that. Wren was starting her career behind the camera like Daddy. So that left Robin looking for something, anything to call her own. She dabbled in first year psychology. She dabbled in economics. She dabbled in pretty much all of this and that. Then her first real love came into her life. Oh that beauty just made her heart stop when she purred. She made all thoughts of another life leave her mind. It was a classic 1981 Nova Prototype Harley Davidson. It was love at first rev. At first, she didn't think anything of it and then it happened. That it is something strange to quantify. She just knew how to make that bike work. It was her new gateway drug and she couldn't stop.

Robin dropped out of college and started working at a garage. It wasn't just bikes though, it was everything. It was cars. It was locks. It was everything that she came into contact with. She just knew how to work it and fix it and redo it. If she could get her hands on it, then she could make it work better. However, her parents could not have their child working in a garage. So they bought her one of her own in L.A. Now she makes custom (expensive) choppers and she is known in the biking world as the cycle to have. She also is known for if it is broken, for the right price she can fix it. For a better price, she won't question it.


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  • Famous Parents? You could have been some of the teens that she hung out with or partied with.
  • Famous Yourself? Chances are you have run into her at parties or gatherings. Or you know her parents. She grew up around the stars in the Hollywood Hills.
  • Repairs? You need them, she can supply
  • Custom Chopper? You can get your own from 'Firebrand Bikes'. You aren't a true rebel until you are a rebel on Fire.
  • Foreign? Germany when she was 8, Italy when she was 9, London 10-14. So if you were around any of those places on those times, maybe we ran into each other.


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