Robin Whyte
Portrayed By Jason Dolley
Gender Male
Date of Birth August 21, 1992
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases Robby (to his parents), NightSpider (Secret, Online)
Place of Birth Redwood City, CA, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation High School Student and International Master chess player
Known Relatives Ashley Smith-Whyte (Mother), Bob Hanner (Biological Father), Jason Whyte (Stepfather)
Significant Other None at present.
Known Abilities Telemetry
First Appearance Foxes Kittens and Robins Oh My

Robin Whyte is well known among the chess community, as a prodigy and currently an International Master. It was thought he'd be a Grand Master by now, but he took a year off of chess shortly after turning fifteen. The online persona of NightSpider is less well known, new to the hacking scene and not at all known to be associated with Robin.


Robin Whyte is special in a number of ways, but it didn't start out that way. When Robin was born to Ashley Smith and Bob Hanner, he was an ordinary child in a relatively ordinary family in the town of Redwood, California… at least, that's how Ashley tells it to him now.

Bob left when Robin was just two years old, so he doesn't remember his father at all. His mother was a computer programmer, with most of her experience in games. This paid well enough that she was able to care for Robin, and also ensured that he was surrounded by computers growing up.

He learned about computers pretty much from the start, but the activity that would become his favourite hobby, the one activity he'd devote himself to above all others, he found when he was six. Wandering at recess, he found two older children playing chess. Begging them to teach him how to play, he took to it instantly. One or the other child would come out to recess every day to play with him. Then, eventually, others in the chess team they belonged to would come. Then the team's faculty advisor/coach.

Robin played in his first tournament before he was seven, and placed first in the K-3 bracket at that local tournament. It was obvious that Robin had a gift with the game, and after doing some research, Ashley found a teacher for him, Jason Whyte, a former Grandmaster within just a couple hours travel. Every Saturday she'd pack Robin in the car and take him for lessons, which soon became the favourite time of the week for the boy.

Outside of chess, Robin wasn't much smarter than anybody else, except in math. He always did good in math class, getting A's when in everything else he only did average. He wasn't so good in math that he'd study at different grade levels, just enough to always get good grades.

At home, when he wasn't studying chess, doing homework, or just playing with his friends, he was watching his mother. She taught him a lot about computers, how they worked, how to program first in Basic, then in other languages as he grew older.

When he was nine, his mother and his chess teacher got married. Robin believes he had been instrumental in setting the two up, though he'd never realize they'd seen through his attempts and just ended up together because they grew to love each other on their own. In any event, Robin chose to use his stepfather's surname, rather than keep the one of a father he didn't even know.

Robin continued to have great success at tournaments, though he lost sometimes as well. His mother knew to support him every time he lost, never adding more pressure than Robin's own competitive streak to win. Just a few months after he turned thirteen, Robin earned the National Master rank when success at a State Championship pushed him over the edge of 2200 USCF rating. A year and a half later, he completed his third International Master norm and won that title. His rise as a chess player looked unstoppable.

Then, the year he turned fifteen, things changed. He was at another tournament when he started hearing music in his head. Having music stuck in his head wasn't anything unusual, but when that song ended and a commercial played, he started to freak out. He ended the tournament with the worst performance he'd played in years, because he couldn't concentrate.

When he told his parents about the problem, they thought he was facing too much stress. But when he couldn't sleep because of the noise, now growing to mutiple radio stations, they took him to a doctor. The doctor assumed he was faking it for attention, and they were left without a clue what to do to help him.

It took Robin almost a week of sleepless to learn how to turn out the radio stations, by which point he'd figured out they were real stations. The first time he tuned them out, he put so much force into it that every radio and antenna TV within the block he was on stopped getting signals. That's when his parents finally believed he wasn't hallucinating.

After some discussion, and a trip to the bookstore to pick up a few books on radio waves (and Activating Evolution), his parents pulled him out of school, sold their house, moving to a house out in the country, away from people enough that Robin wouldn't draw attention while he learned his ability.

It took about six months before he had enough control over his ability to return to a relatively normal life. By that time his abilities were already advancing. He could hear and see cellphone calls and text messages, radio signals, and more. He could alter radio signals as well, and even create new, if weak, ones of his own.

It was on his return to an actual school the following September, almost a year after he'd discovered his abilities, that things advanced even more. His new high school had a public wifi access. He found he could access it without a computer, his brain automatically interpreting the signal like it did everything else. He could explore the internet at the speed of thought. His grades immediately improved, though he believed too much in fair play to use this ability when he was doing tests. In fact, so strong was his dislike of cheating, that a couple times when others in his classes were cheating using text messages, he intercepted the messages, sending new ones with the wrong answers in their place.

He started playing in tournaments once again that year as well, and studying with his stepfather. He had some catching up to do now, after almost a year without chess except for casual games with his stepfather. He started out small again, with some local tournaments, before moving to State, then National again. He didn't venture back into international tournaments again that year, wanting to make sure he was up to par before he started venturing for his grandmaster norms.

That following summer, he learned a new aspect of his ability. Sitting playing a game on the Internet Chess Club on his computer at home, he noticed he could sense, weakly but there, the digital signals within the computer. It took him a lot of practice, but he learned how to modify those signals, so he could control his computer with his thoughts. He couldn't make it do anything he wouldn't be able to make it do with mouse and keyboard, but this could come in handy. It extended to other electronics too. He could make whatever he wanted come out of speakers, he could make sound appear on digital tape recorders, and more. All these activities were difficult for him, though, compared to manipulating a computer.

Just recently, Ashley got a job offer working for a new upstart game company in New York, a chance to get in on the ground floor of a new MMO. With her family's support, despite the fact the school year had just started, she jumped on it, and the family packed up and moved. During the flight, Robin occupied himself by reading Activating Evolution, most of which had been above his understanding when his parents had first purchased it. Now, though, it made a lot more sense. It brought up a problem, though. His mother had no such ability. If it came from genetics, then it'd be likely his father did.

He spent the rest of the trip pretending to sleep while using the plane's internet access to search for everything he could find on Bob Hanner. He couldn't find his father's location, but he did find that he'd been married before and since. He found record of Kitty Hanner, and she was even in New York! Now all he had to do was find her.


Overview: On the most basic level, Robin's ability works by detecting and manipulating radio waves and other electromagnetic signals, including those that pass through the circuitry of electronics. His brain functions like a computer, processing everything he's sensing by instinct. Not only can he hear and broadcast radio stations, but he can see text messages, hear cellphone calls, and even browse the internet at any wireless access point, all in his head.

Limitations: Robin's power's main limitation is range. To hear signals, he's like any radio and can tune in as long as they're strong enough to reach him. Broadcasting his own, he has about the range of a cellphone, but he can overpower other broadcasts on the same frequency for about a city block. To manipilate the digital signals within an electronic device, like to use his mind as mouse and keyboard for a computer, he has to be within fifteen feet of them, and able to see the device.

Weakness: Robin's main weakness is an EMP. The electromagnetic pulse is like pure white noise to him, and loud enough that the effect is to him pretty much like a flashbang is to anybody else. He also has to be able to concentrate to maintain his ability, and extremely loud noises or if he's being jostled around severely will stop him from doing whatever it is he's doing.


Anonymous Phone Service: By tapping into a local cell tower Robin can make phone calls from his head or send text messages neither of which are able to be traced. Because it takes so much concentration to maintain the phone connection his voice in such phone calls can sound digital and distorted making it difficult to identify even if he wanted to be clear. Text messages go through clear and with no problem however.

Broadcast: Robin can create radio signals of his own and broadcast with enough strength to overpower other transmissions on the same frequency for about a block if he puts all his concentration and effort into it. The shorter the range he has to broadcast the easier it is for him and the less active concentration in requires. He can also manipulate other radio signals if he's near either the source or a receiver he wants to have it received differently. If for example he stood beside the broadcast tower of a radio station he could change the signal to whatever he wanted to send while using the power of the transmitter rather than his own limited abilities. However he has to be close enough that this would make him easily tracable by those who know what to look for.

Browse the Web: Using any wireless access point or cellphone tower within his range Robin can tap into the internet and browse the internet as fast as the access point can transmit it. There's no need to stop and read web pages as his brain processes the information like a web browser would and it's immediately as if he's read the whole thing. He can forget this information just the same as he might had he read it with his eyes as this process doesn't affect the retention of his memory just the speed of input/output. This power also does not allow him to access services like MMORPGs that require a graphical interface installed as these services don't transmit all the information needed to process the data properly.

EVP: By intercepting and manipulating digital signals within electronic devices like tape recorders or speakers he can make sound mainly his own voice be recorded onto said tape or come out of those speakers without any actual source. This is one of his more difficult tasks and doing it too many times in a short time period can be quite tiring.

Hack the Encryption: Because his brain instinctively processes digital data so much faster than any normal computer he can process the toughest encryption in the world instinctively the same way it processes digital signals and pictures on the web into something his brain can understand. This basically allows him to hack into just about anything if it's connected to the web or within a few feet of him. The downside to this is if the data is behind a firewall or some kind of password lock that keeps him from even seeing the encrypted data his power is absolutely no use. Unlike a technopath he can't force a computer to let him in he has to try to get by the old-fashioned way or in the case of a firewall get close enough to the computer that's being protected by the firewall to access it directly.

Intercept That Text: When Robin senses a text message he can intercept it and keep it from getting to its' intended target if that target is within about a city block of him. By using the original message as a template he can send the text through with an altered message but keep it so it appears to have come from its' original sender. Robin first did this to punish cheaters at school.

Invisible Mouse and Keyboard: By intercepting and manipulating digital signals within electronic devices especially computers he can control those devices with his thoughts and even see the display output in his head. Because the signals are encased inside a machine this is much more difficult for him than wireless access and he has to be close to the machine in question within about fifteen feet and able to see it or at least see a monitor whose signal he can follow back. Doing this is very tiring and if he has to keep up the control for long it'll quickly exhaust him.

Turn up the Radio: Robin can very easily listen in to any radio signals that would reach him. This not only goes for AM/FM radios and televisions but for things like cellphone calls and text messages wireless internet access walkie-talkies and more. This happens instantly and with very little effort and once tuned to a frequency he can listen with hardly any concentration involved.


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