Rochelle Knight
Rochelle Knight
Portrayed By Tazzie Colomb
Gender Female
Date of Birth March 4th, 1974
Age 36
Height 5'10"; billed 6'
Weight 250~
Zodiac Sign Pisces; Wood Tiger
Aliases Shelly, Rocky, Roxy; Hippolyta
Place of Birth Cooksburg, PA, USA
Current Location Massapequa, NY, USA
Occupation Construction Engineer, Musician, Wrestler
Known Relatives Multiple family members over the East Coast. Leah - Paternal Cousin
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Negation
First Appearance It's Loud In Here
Phone Number 283-1063

Rochelle Knight is a construction worker and semi-pro wrestler for the NYWL, living near New York City; she is also known openly as an amateur bodybuilder and lifter. One of the freaks and one of the heroes, in terms of her standpoint with the rest of the hidden population. She lives alone with her great dane Oedipus.


Rochelle was born to a large middle class family in rural western Pennsylvania, where she was raised in a semi-Christian community of a similarly middle class. While her general beginnings were nothing to make significant notes on, she did have quite the proficient time with both skills and abilities. At a young age, Rochelle was taught to play the guitar and fiddle by her uncle, who was a woodworker and violin maker, but moonlighted as a folk musician. On the opposite end of the spectrum, from a young age she was always interested in competitions of strength and endurance, as well as sports such as American football. As well as being a very talented defensive linebacker and competitive powerlifter throughout high school, she also kept up a great deal of extracurriculars in terms of her instruments and sometimes, artistry in the forms of work taught to her by the more dexterous parts of her family. At some point before she was out of elementary school, Rochelle started to develop her powers of negation. It started as a simple field and prepared itself for a steady progression throughout the rest of her life.

After finishing high school, Rochelle chose to take after her father and work as a mechanic, handyman, and construction engineer, though quickly decided to take it one step further. At the tender age of 18 and after being trained unofficially in mechanics, glassplant work, and general construction technology, Rochelle decided to move forward in her education. She moved to the New York area to live with her elderly great aunt and pursue an education from there. Enrolling in the Civil Engineering program at Dowling College, Rochelle spent the next years in the system of higher education as nothing but a workaholic, coming out of it at age 24 with a Master's in Civil and Construction Engineering. During those few years, she worked off and on as a construction worker, mechanic, and all-around handyperson in the surrounding area, including New York City. What little other free time she had time was spent as a volunteer and a non-competitive powerlifter. After finishing school, she had little trouble finding jobs in an around the city to pay off what student loans she needed over time. Fortunately, her elderly aunt also had a hand in this, and the sense of family between them and the rest of Rochelle's extended relatives was nothing but supportive.

The death of her aunt left her both a home to keep and very little sharks on her tail; for the rest of her 20s, Rochelle was nearly alone with herself, working and living her life in a manner exceedingly simple to city-standards. With years of work experience under her belt and a collectively helpful family, she makes quite the money working wherever she does, even when at a normal construction duty; Rochelle sometimes relies on many types of blue collar work when other projects are at a low or unavailable. Her low-key lifestyle and tendency for the mundane has allowed Rochelle to keep a very high number on her bank statements so that to her neighbors and co-workers, Rochelle seems far less wealthy than what is truth. At 30 years old she took up competitive lifting once again, and is now a known name within that certain circuit. Though her powers of negation have had little to no real effect on her life, there is a question as to whether that will remain such forever; as of July 2007, she still works in what ways she can, be it what she went to school for, or something sponsored by the world of bodybuilding, wrestling, or powerlifting; she lives alone in the house left to her by her great aunt, with just the company of her dog.

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Personality Profiles

Rochelle is a Piscean Wood Tiger by astrology standards.

Rochelle, through the Myers Brigg Personality Test, is an INFJ.


  • Rochelle has a place in the amateur and local wrestling ring for the NYWL; semi-pro, some may call it. Fans of the league will know her as Hippolyta. She is unique in the sport for her sheer size and stature; she's even a giant among men, so perhaps this is also novelty.
  • She also has a growing presence within the local and regional powerlifting, weightlifting and amateur bodybuilding circuit. She has never been officially measured, but if so would certainly stack up amongst the larger measurements and lifts; comparable to records, though generally unrecorded.
  • One pet; a fawn-colored Great Dane named Oedipus, who she often refers to as Eddie. He stands around 36 inches at the withers, and weighs almost 200 pounds.
  • Plays the fiddle and banjo/guitar, and sings; she was part of a freelance bluegrass, americana and folk band called Poor Man's Dollar; they were known for doing covers of other genres. They have a style somewhat like an amalgamation of Donna the Buffalo and a dash of classic bluegrass.
  • Her vocal range is in the vicinity of a low alto, and she often sings in a more apt Country Music style, but is capable of nudging that mostly aside.
  • Drives a velvet red, 2003 Harley Fatboy and a restored, upgraded, brown 1979 Ford Bronco. She has secretly renamed the latter 'Epoch'.
  • The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. While she is certainly not a man, the same echoes for Rochelle too.
  • She lives at 68 Forest Ave., Massapequa, NY. It is a nice house. With nice things. Pool? Backyard with a canal? Near a beach? Lake? Park? Sure thing. It looks something like this. It's a pity she never has many house parties.
  • A casual fan of comic books and graphic novels. Yes, she has read 9th Wonders. Also some nerdery to go with it.

Rihanna ft. Jay-Z - Umbrella
Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out
The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
The White Stripes - We Are Gonna Be Friends
The Charlie Daniels Band - The Devil Went Down to Georgia
Trace Adkins - Rough & Ready
Gretchen Wilson - One of the Boys
Avril Lavigne - Keep Holding On
Chad Kroeger - Hero
Shinedown - Heroes
Toby Keith - Beer for my Horses
E.S. Posthumus - Unstoppable
Nickelback - I'd Come For You
Nickelback - Gotta Be Somebody
Bruce Springsteen - The Wrestler
Donna the Buffalo - Locket and Key
The Killers - Human

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