2007-09-06: Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies


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Summary: Eric calls Elena to his place to update him on Peter's arrival and what the future's like. Elena tells him that rocks fall, and everyone dies.

Date It Happened: September 6th, 2007

Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies

Eric Walker's Apartment, High Rise Apartments, Greenwich Village

Its evening, the sun just starting to go down as Eric makes his way back to his apartment. He yawns widely as he enters the place, smiling to himself as he pulls his usual jacket off and throws it over the back of a chair. He glances around the place, mildly cleaner than the last time he was here before Michelle just randomly seemed to drop by. Still empty, but at least its clean now. He smiles slightly to himself before steatching slightly.

Well he called Elena earlier, asked her to drop by to explain just what she knew about…well…everything that was going on. After all he seemed to be mildly out of the loop once again, though no fault of anyones really, just business is all.

"…home sweet home…" He murmurs before he turns towards the kitchen in order to find something to munch on.

For some reason Jack wasn't in the Den. That was odd, she thought he was overseeing fixing up the place? Was he with Trina in Beth Israel still? Elena shakes her head, but since she gets a call from Eric to asks her to come over, she heads back over close to campus. She needs to drop off some library books anyway. Dressed still in the clothes she was wearing earlier, she is carrying a pile of textbooks in both arms. And since she doesn't have any arms free, by the time she gets to Eric's door, she……..can't knock on it.

So she uses her foot. She lightly taps the door with her toes.

"Eric? You home?" she calls out, blowing a lock of hair from her eyes. The stack is so high her eyes can barely see past the top of the stack, blinking towards the door.

Hearing the knock of the door Eric blinks over towards it. "Its open!" He calls. However when that seems to bring nothing but more tapping he strolls over and smoothly opens the door. A suprised look crosses his face before he just has to laugh, shaking his head as he steps aside to let Elena in. "…what the hell did you do, check out an entire library?" He asks with a chearful tone of voice.

He closes the door as soon as she steps inside, reaching out to take some of the books from her. "…and how the heck did you get all the way here without dropping all of those things?" He adds after a moment as he pulls the books off the stack and sets them easily on the kitchen counter.

"Balance. Dexterity. Sheer Awesome?" Elena asks rhetorically from behind the stack of books. She walks inside the room, kicking the door lightly to shut it behind her and sets the stack carefully on the coffee table in the living room. "And sort of. I have a huge test on Organic Chemistry next week, I'm just getting a head start." Because that's what she does. She straightens up, and works a clip back into her hair, holding it up as she does. "What are you up to?" She glances at where he is in the kitchen.

Walking around the coffee table, she kicks off her shoes, flopping on the couch and drawing up her legs. "I was going to go see Jack today," she says simply. "But he wasn't at the Den….he's probably at Beth Israel with Trina again, I haven't seen him since we got back." She frowns a touch. "Hope everything's okay.

"I'll go with the first two," Eric says with a shake of his head. "…and for third lets go with humbleness." He adds with a slight smirk towards her. "…just Organic Chemistry? Well thats not something you should need help with, or at least very much help." He laughs though as he turns back towards the kitchen. "…nothing really, just getting a bit of a snack. Want to join me?" He asks with a raised eyebrow.

"He wasn't in the Den?" Eric thinks for a moment, and then realises that he does not seem very surprised about it at all. "…well…with Trina being how she is I don't think it's all that unusual for him to be a bit scarce. I'm sure everything is just fine."

"Yeah, but it's the first test and Dr. Watley's a little insane. Ian's actually organizing a study group for the rest of the semester, I already told him I was in." She looks at the books with a small frown. "Besides, not all of them are for Organic Chemistry. Some of them for other stuff. Genetics, physics….I think I've got a Neuroscience text in there too, somewhere." She leans back on the couch and closes her eyes. "Anyway you wanted to talk about the Future? I gotta warn you, it isn't pretty. It was really bad apparently."

She watches him bustling in the kitchen, and then she pulls a pillow towards her, cuddling it around her arms and legs. Much like a lounging koala, if koalas ever lounged. "Where do you want to start?" she asks dryly. "The part where rocks fall, or the part where everyone dies?"

"…I don't think I've had Watley…though its good that someone in the place is going to help you with the things," Eric allows easily enough before he glances back towards the books. "…Genetics, physics, neuroscience…oh just a little bit of light reading eh?" He murmurs softly before he turns back towards her with a more serious look on his face. "…yes I want to know…mostly because it gives me a bit more reason to fight."

Coming back towards her with a mug of tea in each hand he hands one towards her. "…lets go with the rocks fall…" The part of everyone dying brings a raised eyebrow. "…someone, I'd rather not hear how we both die Elena, I think it would traumatize me for quite some time."

"Oh, I'm alive. We both are. We survive it, but we almost don't make it. You die again in the future, but you come back." Elena rubs her eyes and she exhales. And then….she explains everything. About how the tornadoes devastated New York. How Nathan developed a split personality and the dark half took over the White House. How her two younger siblings die. How Cass dies. How Peter died before everything started, and Sylar took his place. The facts are long, and when he thinks it can't get any worse, it does. Eric would have no family left in the future, all he had were the Saints. For most of them, it was a common story in 2009.

Unless they stop it.

"The good news is Peter managed to run into the tornado-starter with me…well. Older Me. He was able to bring information back. He has her name, address, what happened to her that was weird…everything. From the way he describes her….it sounds like the description of the girl that was being described to us when we did some footwork with Papa a couple of days after we came back from Spain." She rubs her face. "Doesn't help that Mr. Winters is Company now and infiltrated Cass's clinic."

"…looks like its going to be a running theme…maybe I should stop that kind of thing you think?" Eric asks with a slight smile coming to his lips. "Not that I plan on dying again…once is enough for me," He falls silent though as she continues on, listening as he leans against the wall and sips his tea. No family. Few friends. The Saints. So many dead and so many missing.

They /have/ to stop it.

"…at least we have a new lead eh?" Eric murmurs softly as he looks towards her, his eyes fixed on her as she speaks. "…any other way to find her though." He blinks though at the last bit. "…Benji? In the hear and now? Oh hell…she has most of our information…that…could be deadly to all of us if that just gets out." He pauses again before he has to smile as a through takes him and he half hides it behind his mug.

He still has her in the future. Thats one bright spot in the dark.

"Good, you better not die," Elena says with a small frown. "It was traumatizing enough watching you attempt to do that once. I don't think that's the sort of thing you should be testing the 'third time's a charm' addage." She cuddles further into the pillow, looking over at him and frowning. "Besides…. a lot of people died. Not just people close to us, but other people too. Innocents. So yeah, I guess the pressure's up. But like you said, there's a new lead." She rubs her face a bit. "I have to tell Papa we know who it is so he'll stop going through videocam footage. He'll probably be so happy about it. He made a promise to Dezi so of course he's a little rabid about it."

She nods. "We do. Apparently….it's weird but….the girl? Gene knows her. Well, in the future he knows her, but I don't know if he's met her here yet. I have her name. Maybe we can ask Gene. I need to see him at some point anyway. I should tell Papa first though. I'm headed up to the country house this weekend, gonna meet him at Evosoft so he can drive us both there."

She grins. "Good thing to get out of the city too, for a bit."

"Well I'll do what I can," Eric replies slightly towards her with a smile towards her. He means it. However, there is no promises given, as he does know that if she's in trouble he wouldn't hesitate to throw himself in harms way one more time. He just couldn't stop himself from doing it. "…yes…now we have alot of reason to stop this. Therefor…we won't fail. Thats just how it works." His face takes on a slightly different cast now, harder, firmer. He is determined in this. He doesn't want this to happen. He won't let it happen.

"Well if Gene knows her in the future then maybe…I don't know he can help find her here. You have a name though…thats all you really need to find her. What do we plan on doing though when we find her?" He asks senceabily. Then he blinks slightly. "…the country house? Which one?" He asks curiously. "…and I should talk to Ramon too…" A pause then before he laughs and adds. "…and I've been helping him with that. Its rather tedious."

He nods slowly though before he smiles. "Yeah…I'm surprised you have the time!"

"We will," Elena says simply. "I guess this means me leaving for anywhere isn't an option for the next few months. Glad I managed to get to Spain before this entire thing unraveled a bit." She grins, and she unfolds her legs from the couch, standing up and putting her shoes back on. "I actually haven't talked to Papa since he told me he was going to help Niki Sanders out with a problem of hers. I don't know how he finds the time. But I'm hoping for good news when I see him." She sighs, and reaches over to grab her books from the coffee table, straightening up once her book bag is shouldered.

She sighs. "You know, I haven't really spent a lot of time in the new house. I'm kind of glad I'm coming up there to spend the weekend. I can't freeload off of Cass and Nate all the time." She grins over at Eric. "So how are you coping with your…uh. Newfound family anyway? With Michelle and all?" She can't help but be a little curious.

Stuffing her feet in her shoes, she shakes her head a bit. "So did she mean what she said? Mark never took her to meet any of you guys? He ashamed to be part of the family or something?"

"Leaving…I don't think anyone is going to be leaving for anywhere anytime soon," Eric sighs a moment before he glances up from his cup of tea. "Well at least we got together…and had a good time before we all have to get back to the grind here." He blinks though. "…he went to talk to Niki Sanders?" He pauses a moment and then shrugs lightly. "Well hopefully he can help…and yes, good news out of all this would be welcome."

There is a pause then before he sets the mug down. "Here…let me help you carry all that. You need a new pair of hands." He adds with a slight soft smile towards her. "…and no you can't freeload all the time…but you don't think you really do." He adds with a laugh as he gathers up a good half the books. "…as for my new family? Oh I'm dealing with them all just fine." A pause before he smirks. "Mark…is hard to get along with…he's an asshole to put it bluntly. But…he always helped me out."

"…and yes…she meant it. Mark never took her to anyone…no he's not really ashamed to be part of the family…he just forgets. He's a work-a-holic even if he doesn't seem like it."

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