2007-05-19: Roger And Jessica?


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Summary: Jaden comes to a sudden realization.

Date It Happened: May 19th, 2007

Roger And Jessica?

The Cain Mansion, Upper West Side, Manhattan, NYC

Here she comes again, but unlike the Cars tune, Jane isn't his best friend's girl. Nor does she have suede blue eyes. A quiet grin is settling in place as she shifts the guitar case and backpack over her shoulders, then slips fingers to the collar of her Yale hoodie so the key can be extracted. Yes, a hoodie, with the temperature today being in the high 50s. Jeans and boots are the rest of her clothing, dark in color. Applying key to lock she opens the door and lets herself in.

Does she ever not have that guitar case? Probably not. Jaden is doing something that he shouldn't be doing at the moment. Bootleg Tai Chi. He's practicing his ability to pretend to know a martial art and sways back and forth within his realm of his workout room. There's music playing through the sound system that takes up most of the walls in the Estate. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song. On repeat. Apparently, Jaden thinks he should be getting into shape or something. Probably has something to do with the fact that he may or may not have a girlfriend.

The grin spreads a bit when she closes the door behind her and hears what's being played. It possibly keeps her from being heard on the approach. As is customary for her on coming here, Jane doesn't immediately call attention to herself. Room by room she sticks her head in and checks for his presence, until she comes across the workout room and watches for a moment, leaning one shoulder on the doorframe.

Obviously, Jaden has no idea what in the hell he's doing. He's actually moving too fast for it to be Bootleg Tai Chi. He's actually trying to do whatever the song says… based on what he remembers of the opening sequence of that cartoon. So when he tries to do a roundhouse, he kicks his foot into something and winces. "Ow…" But he doesn't notice Jane, as usual, even with the wall of mirror being right in front of him. He takes a moment to reach up and adjust the bandana on his head. Oh yes, he's wearing the Daniel-San outfit from Karate Kid.

She doesn't move, Jane's position leaning against the doorframe is unshifted as she observes this. A hand comes to cover her mouth and hide the smile that's forming, she stops herself from laughing, and inwardly starts forming song lyrics to match what she witnesses after a fashion. Her lips move without sound while doing so, the first line and the tune being borrowed from a well known work. He fought the wall, and the wall won…

Breathing heavily, Jaden tries to focus his non-existant chi. He puts his palms together and closes his eyes, trying to do what Mr. Miyagi didn't teach him. "Focus, Jaden-San. Focus." And without so much as another second to hesitate, Jaden takes a step back and twists to face the gym bag that's hanging in the center of the room. "Cowabunga!" is yelled as he spins on his heel and lifts himself into the air to try some kind of acrobatic flying kick that he saw on television. This could end badly.

Ow. She winces visibly when this move is attempted, with unpleasant results, and her gear is shifted. One item is placed just outside the door, then the other, and Jane takes a step forward to watch and see if he's been injured by the attempt. No words are spoken yet, she isn't calling attention on her except what may come by the simple act of moving, but she is ready to help out if he needs it.

What happened? Well, Jaden kind of missed the bag, completely, and landed against the wall. He falls off it and sprawls out on the mats below. He winces and groans, definitely in pain, but not too unbearable. Luckily, he didn't break anything. He pulls the remote to the stereo out of his black belt and presses the button to turn the music off. "… I think I'm in shape enough for the day. Ow." And there he goes, pushing up to his feet with a pained limp and wince to complete the pitiful looking non-hero act.

Quickly, when she sees him getting up, Jane ducks out of the room and into the hall outside where she lifts the pack and the guitar case to set them down again with sound accompanying the action, hoping to make it seem she just got there and didn't see any of that. No need to embarrass the man, after all, by him knowing. "Jaden?" her voice calls, head poking back around the corner.

"Crap!" Jaden looks down at himself feeling like a fool and drops down to the floor. "25… 26…" He's faking push ups, apparently. And when he looks up, he spots Jane's head peeking around the corner. "Hey baby! I'll be done in a sec." He goes back down with the push up, wincing at the pain in keeping his leg stretched out, "27… 28… hundred…" Oy.

"Okay. I'll go wait somewhere." Jane flashes a playful smile and takes up her gear, heading to someplace she doesn't say within the mansion. "I don't want to interrupt your workout." Even though she maybe should so he won't hurt himself more. "That key you gave me, it's one of the best things since MacCartney met Lennon."

"…" Jaden blinks. "Hey! Wait! I'm finished!" Jaden hops up and trips, stumbling into the wall. "… ow." With more limping and wincing, he gets himself out of the door in time to try and catch Jane. "Hey, don't leave. I'm all done. I swear. Me and martial arts? Not exactly the best of friends."

She grins, facing away from him as he moves to catch her and impacts the wall. Her back is to him at first, he can't see the grin his comment about that relationship with martial arts brings. She knows, oh yes, she knows. Jane takes just a moment longer before stopping and turning around, arms opening, to invite him close for physical contact.

Limping his way over, he does a quick sniff to make sure he doesn't smell. Granted he only practiced his fake martial arts for about eight minutes, he's still not wanting to scare off the possible SO 4 Life. And so, he ends up getting close to the Jane, still smelling as rosy as possible, before he reaches out to fall into her arms and hug her nice and close. "I wish I was in bed right now. Would that get me breakfast?"

"Maybe," she answers with a laugh, "but maybe I'd let you feed me." Her arms snake around, and her head tilts, as Jane closes in for a kiss. "What else have you been up to, other than this training?" Eye contact is made, for a brief moment before they close as her face draws near.

"I would say thinking about you, but you'd probably think I was trying to woo you or something." Jaden smiles, pulling his face nearer to hers also. Of course, he just cannot turn the comedy off. "Actually, that may be my best answer, so I'm gonna' go with that." His own eye contact looks as if he's forgotten all the pain that's in his leg. He's too busy staring in awe at his woman.

The kiss happens, a gentleness to it and just a bit of heat, before she pulls back and smiles. "Well, Mr. Cain, given how I was dressed, then undressed, last time I was here I'd have to say it worked." She strokes his cheek with a palm and turns away to walk ahead of him, destination unspoken.

Jaden is in a little piece of heaven right now. He still can't believe that he's even kissing Jane. He thought she was hot, that's for sure and cannot seem to figure out why he's the lucky one. He figures, once more, that he's either being punk'd or in a dream state or something. He watches as she walks away this time, not really sure if there's going to be good things after this or not. "So I /do/ have a little game? Sweet!" He moves to follow her, pulling off his bandana and twirling it around.

"Confidence, man," she replies with a gentle laugh. "What're you going to do with all your time after the merger is complete?" Up ahead, Jane thinks, is the movie room. It may take some time to memorize the entire layout of this place, after all.

"Uhhh… I dunno." Jaden shrugs a little bit. "I figure maybe I'll spend some money. Buy you stuff. By myself stuff. Move you in. Y'know, the usual." Jaden has a habit of thinking too far into the future for most people's tastes. Which is probably why he comes across as being out of his bleeding mind. "Is there something you think I should be doing with all my spare time?" Jaden reaches out for her as they near the movie room. "… or someone?"

She laughs, "Time will tell on all that, the future will reveal itself to us soon enough. But, you know, I was taking a look at some of those photos you shot. You're good with a camera. Maybe that's your thing, what you'd be doing for a living, if you actually had to earn one." Jane steps inside the screening chamber and moves toward a seat. "Do you have Major League?

"You mean I'm secretly Peter Parker?" Jaden is already heading past the seats and over to where all the dvds are. The huge collection. One of the butler's is built to alphabetize this wall and it helps Jaden find it fairly easy. There's some button pressing and other stuff, but soon enough Jaden's heading down to sit next to Jane and offer her the DVD case, in case she wants proof. "I love this movie." And he's switching topics back. "You really think I could be Jimmy Olsen?"

"You could be," Jane replies with a grin as she settles into a seat, her head shaking a bit at his references and something occuring to her inwardly. Peter Parker. Oh, god. She's an M. J. There's a mental groan, and a fervent hope he never figures that one out. Ever.

"That would be so sweet. And the best cover if I ever decide to go superhero." Jaden feels a little closer to her, now that he can share his non-secret. It's not as if he was moonlighting as a heroic vigilante or anything. But now all he has to do is come up with a gimmick. "And you can be caught and hanging in the balance by some crazy megalomaniac." He's thinking too much as the movie goes through the previews on the disc. "Oh! Oh! And I can take pictures of myself and sell them to uh… I guess maybe the Post."

Chuckling, she considers the idea. It's eccentric, and eccentric does fit rock and roll often enough. Album cover stunts, maybe. Jane reaches out for him as the previews go on. "But, you know, gimmicks aren't really needed. Great photos sell themselves, after all. I believe your shots would be great entirely on their own, Jaden." The words are spoken sincerely, with clear confidence.

"Me? Have an actual talent? I dare say that the end of the world may be near." Jaden actually seems to be confused by the prospect of such a thing. He's never been talented in anything his whole life. Except maybe talking. But that doesn't lend itself well to taking pictures. He lets himself be pulled by the girlfriendish grip of Jane and listens to her talk him up. "Maybe I'll spend a couple thousand on the best camera equipment money can buy. Can't hurt to have a new hobby." He looks at Jane. "You're gonna' be my model, right?"

"Here and there," she replies with a quiet grin, seeking to guide him into a seat and lean against him, to just enjoy the closeness. "I trust you. I know you wouldn't go messing around with others, models would be just part of the art, and the work." Jane takes on a relaxed expression, the smile she wears soft and quiet. "And yes, you've got talents. Plus the time to explore them."

"I guess too many pictures of you would make me less boyfriend and more obsessed stalker with a camera fetish, huh?" Jaden just offers a smile, getting comfortable and allowing the leaning of Jane to make him a smiling goofball. He may have just hit the jackpot or something close to it. Maybe. "About these talents? Just how many do I have and why didn't I know about them earlier?"

"Did you ever try?" Jane asks with a chuckle. "I… just think I saw something when you were shooting photos, a look to your face, and the shots themselves. How do you feel when you use a camera, what kinds of things do you think about, Jaden?"

"Uh. Then? I was thinkin' about how hot you were." Pause. "Are! How hot you are!" Just in case he says the wrong thing or something, he's got to make sure he covers those damn tracks. Definitely covering those tracks. "I never really think about anything. Could be my problem." He shrugs a little bit, not wanting to jar his girl's head too much, if she's leaning on him. "I just do stuff I like to do. Screw everything else. Life's too short to be bored."

"This is why I think we fit, Jaden," the woman quietly opines. "I'm serious most of the time, life since moving to New York is far from boring for me. I stay busy a lot, playing music is solid. It helps end stress, celebrate happiness, just about anything. And you're so rarely serious. Between us, we make a center."

"Center of what?" Hard to tell if he's joking or genuinely that stupid. Which tends to be the case a lot of the time when it comes to dealing with Jaden Cain. He looks at the screen for a bit, before deciding something completely out of the blue. "… Holy crap. We're just like Roger and Jessica." This realization has dawned on him like a ton of huge bricks.

She bursts into laughter, her body shaking against him from it, as the imagery sinks into her own mind. "What?" Jane asks, her voice taking on a bit of purr, " should I say I'm not really bad, I'm just drawn that way?"

"…" Jaden blinks. A lot. Actually, there's some cartoonish antics of him shaking his head. "Okay. That does it. I'm sending one of me to the store RIGHT NOW. You're so getting that dress." And almost as quick as he says it, another Jaden appears in front of them. "Where's my wallet?" "Upstairs near the door." "I'll be back in a flash." "Good man." "Speaking of flash. Hey Jane, why don't you take of—" "GET OUT!" "Alright, alright!" The argument with himself has Jaden pointing towards the door, while the other Jaden heads off in that direction.

And she's cracking up, listening and watching as all this goes on. Somehow she manages to say in that same purring voice "I might wear that dress for you, when you least expect it, Roger." Jane's playful side is showing again, the teasing tone which may mix with the memory of her doing a Lana to suggest she actually might be truthful about that possibility.

"As long as we get to play pattycake…" Rog— uh, Jaden responds with the quickness. He's already plotting such costume ideas for when Halloween comes around. Or something just as eventful. Maybe he'll just throw a costume party. He is, after all, Jaden Cain. He can do whatever he wants. He's rich. Major League has been going on the screen for some time now, but he hasn't paid attention to any of it.

Her laughing begins to settle, eventually; Jane returns to leaning against him and watching the movie which plays out. "Thanks for being you," she quietly offers, reaching to take one of his hands and lace fingers together with her own, basking in the warmth of the moment and his closeness.

Jaden certainly isn't going to fight with the hottie about the interlacing of fingers. In fact, she'll find that he's even squeezing a little bit, for romanticism sakes, as he decides that watching the movie would be a good thing. He does, of course, have a response. As always, "Thanks for liking me." Guess he's not used to people actually doing that.

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