2007-07-21: Roles To Play


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Summary: Sometimes a helping hand is needed to guide the boulder.

Date It Happened: July 21th, 2007

Roles to Play

Hartsdale - PrimaTech Office Wing

The smell of Chai tea hangs in the air around the desk of Miss Jordan Bonham, loyal Company agent for the last 11 years. The dark haired woman sits at her desk in a tailored pinstripe suit jotting down bit of information that come to her from the ether. The faint sounds of footsteps approaching her doorway make her scarlet lips twist up into a crooked smile and she puts her notepad back into her jacket pocket. Her turquoise colored eyes narrow as she focuses on the doorknob, anticipating it's turning.

Marcus knocks lightly at the door, not opening it right away, a stack of papers under one arm.

Jordan rests her elbows on her desk and sits her chin in her palms as she says, "Enter," to the person on the other side of the door. Although she heard her visitor coming, she is still a little surprised to have one, most Company agents avoid her at all cost.

Marcus opens the door and smiles wide, "Miss Bonham, I brought the files you had requested, and I grabbed a Bagel and cup of coffee, since I was passing by the break room and your office is so far down the hall."

Jordan nods as she extends her hand to take the files, then proceeds to place them in her top desk drawer, "Thank you, Mr. Brooks," she says in her typical singsong voice. She leans back in her chair and pushes the one in front of the desk out with her foot, "Sit down, chat with me," she says before taking another drink of her tea. Jordan isn't the friendliest of agents, by far, but she has been with the Company for a long time and likes to know what is going on in other divisions of what she has come to call home.

Marcus puts down the Coffee and Bagel he got for her on the edge of her desk, on a napkin, he then takes the offered chair "What's up? Ma'am."

Jordan narrows her eyes on Marcus, "Don't call me the M-word, my name is Jordan," she says with a bit more of a grim tone in her voice. But any darkness that can be seen on her face soon disappears and she returns to her usual pleasant self, "I just don't feel like I know a lot about you," she quips, "How long have you been with us?" she asks, swirling her Chai with a coffee stirrer.

Marcus says, "Well about 9 Months or so, I got a PrimaTech scholarship, and part of the deal was I do my medical internship here."

Jordan nods, "Just a baby then," she says with a sincere smile, "Well how lucky for you then, still new to this world." She slumps back in her chair and brushes her fingers through her black hair, "What is your goal here, I mean, what do you hope to accomplish with your scholarship and internship?" She almost seems genuinely interested, except for the fact that she has pulled out her ominous notepad again and jots something down, although she manages to keep eye contact with him.

Marcus says, "I actually am considering going into forensic medicine, Autopsies, that sort of thing."

Jordans face slightly twists, "Well that's a little macabre, but then again it's a valued asset," she says. She taps her pen against the desk and smiles brightly, "Of course it would be a shame to waste your kind of talent on something that mundane, but like I said, your still young. You'll see soon enough what happens to squandered potential." Of course the words coming out of her mouth may seem harsh, but in all reality she is trying her best to be supportive.

Marcus says, "Squandered Potential?" He shakes his head, "What did you want to be when you were my age?""

Jordan grins slightly, "I'm doing exactly what I wanted to do when I was your age. I'm saving the world," she states in a matter of fact tone before taking another sip of her tea.

Marcus says, "Hunting down Psychopaths, and potentially contagious threats to humanity?" He nods, "It's sometimes surprising the number of terrorists who would try to stop our work.""

Jordan nods her head, "That is what this company was founded for, to protect the rest of the world. I'm surprised that you understand that, so many new recruits think that there is an easier way." She crosses one leg over the other underneath her desk and leans across it, "So many of them, think that the Gabriel Gray's of the world can be reasoned with, but the truth of the matter is that absolute power corrupts absolutely." She taps her red fingernail on the surface of the desk and smiles, "After awhile you'll realize that there are no surprises, just human condition."

Marcus says, "That sounds kinda jaded, but I guess long enough in this job you have the right to be a little jaded."

Jordan shakes her head, "It really doesn't have anything to do with being jaded, it has to do with being realistic," she says. "And when you work here as long as I have, you'll start to see, if not sooner." She pushes her hair behind her ear and grins, "When you give power to the masses they will use it, but they will use it against each other. History has made that very clear through wars."

Marcus says, "I do agree, every new advancement seems to lead to death and destruction as it is weaponized."

Jordan smiles, she enjoys watching young ones pick up on the fundamentals that the founders had discussed, "It gets worse though, lets say these things that people can do are actually the next step in evolution, how long will it take before my kind becomes the majority? Can you imagine what the world would be like with pyrokinetics and viral replicators running around the streets? Sadly there is really only one way to control this destiny…" she starts to say something, but quickly shuts her mouth to allow him to fill in the blanks.

Marcus says, "You mean like throwing Fire with your mind? Well, hypothetically, if that were to be the next step in evolution, then eventually everyone would have it."

Jordan holds up her index finger, "Exactly, so it's like giving a shot gun to an infant and last time I checked that's dangerous and it's closer than you think." She tilts her coffee cup up one more time and finishes off her last sip of chai before returning her attention to her notebook, "But not only that, there have been several cases lately of evolved couples becoming intimate. As a matter of fact, my birth parents were both evolved and so am I. I don't claim to know anything about genetics, but that seems like an evolved child is the most likely outcome. So wouldn't it be safe to say that at some point in the future powers would start manifesting at an earlier age and become more powerful?"

Marcus says, "Assuming these are not new genes but instead massively regressive ones, then they become much more likely with both parents having the same gene, even with it being new genes, it is even more likely that the powers would intensify with future generations, if not multiply."

Jordan rubs the sides of her head, "Like I said I don't really understand the science behind it, but I do understand why we have to prevent it," she says looking back up at Marcus with crossed-eyes and a giggle. Yes a giggle. "I knew you were bright," she remarks, then slips in, "Even when you are talking to yourself you say things that astound me."

Marcus looks back at you, "It's really very simple, if you take the chance of RNA multiplications by the variables of chromosomal drift." He shrugs, "Basically its like counting cards in a 7 deck Los Vegas Shoe, it just takes a little concentration."

Jordan nods, she still isn't sure what he is talking about and the blank stare on her face assures him of that, but she wasn't trained to understand genetics, she was trained to put bullets into bodies. "The problem there is the variables, there are just too many of them. New power manifest everyday and the powers that are already known keep growing. This makes people think of themselves as gods," she states, "And nobody should have the power of a god, even my power could be dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands."

Marcus nods slowly, "So what should we do?”

Jordan smiles, "We have two completely different roles to play, but maybe you should reconsider your major and think about genetics or even chemistry," she says, "As for myself, I'm going to continue doing what I always do, monitoring the world for more potential threats." She bats her lashes in Marcus' direction, "You have the opportunity and the skill to help heal the world, rid it of those that would have history repeat itself. Just think about it," like her mentor, Jordan makes sure to guide those around her to help them play their roles, while holding back certain pieces of information so that they can come to their own conclusions.

Marcus nods slowly, "I'll think about it, I really prefer the forensic work, but maybe your right."

Jordan grins, "That's the funny thing about me, I usually am." She points over to the bookcase next to her desk, it seems to be filled with spiral notebooks, "Written down on those pages are 11 years worth of eavesdropping from all over the world, of course I don't understand a lot of it, mostly because some of our target didn't even speak English as a fourth language. But I am going to allow you to use them if you need more convincing, after reading some of the terrible things people say when they think they are all alone."

Marcus looks over, "I only know a few languages I wouldn't be able to read all of them."

Jordan shrugs, "There is enough in English to make my point clear, the world isn't ready for my kind," she says then chuckles a little, "Actually I don't think the world was ready for humans in general. We are a virus, slowly suckling the life out of the planet, sometimes drastic measures need to be taken in the present to prevent atrocities from happening in the future."

Marcus says, "It almost sounds like you think all humans should be wiped out"

Jordan shakes her head, "I wouldn't say they all need to be wiped out, I'm just a firm believer in population control. You'd get a cat fixed if you didn't want a bunch of strays in your neighborhood, why should people be any different? Why do people think that it is immoral to take control of our own DNA, after all we forced our will on every other living creature."

Marcus says, "DNA manipulation could keep certain genetic disorders under control.""

Jordan reaches into her desk and produces a pre-packaged cookie and hands it to Marcus, "Exactly, see I knew you were smart," she says as she rubs the top of his head. Yes it seems insulting, but this is as friendly as Jordan gets, at least with other agents.

Marcus says, "Well I've taken up too much of your time already."

Jordan smiles, "Well at least it was worth it," she says as she stands up behind her desk to escort Marcus back out of her office, "And thank you for the files and your input."

Marcus says, "If you need anything else, don't hesitate to ask" he grins lopsidedly as he is let out."

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