2007-11-02: Rook To Queen's Knight One


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Summary: Elena makes a quick stop after spending some time with her father at her apartment to check on Jack's straggler. She learns a few more things about Rook.

Date It Happened: November 2nd, 2007

Rook To Queen's Knight One

Elena's Apartment, East Centennial Apartment Building, New York

It has been a couple of days. Elena had given Jack specific instructions to look after Rook from time to time, or at the very least pretty consistently for 24 hours, before she had left the two of them after blood had been hooked up to Jack's friend. In the morning, after Trina's phone call, she had asked her father to pick her up so she could spend some time with him despite her ill condition…..and this is followed on by a quick trip to A&W. Opening the door to the apartment, she steps inside, and moves towards Nadia's bedroom.

The A&W bag was filled with…she didn't really know Rook very well, but whenever he woke up, he would have to eat. There's a couple of Mozza burgers, a Chubby Chicken sandwich or two, and about two cartons of fries. She's also got a large drink…everyone drank Coke, right? Both of these items, she sets on the bedside table. He seems to be unconscious still.

Lowering at the edge of the bed, her hand reaches out to touch his forehead, to gauge whether he was developing a fever. The fact that he wasn't gives her a bit of a relief - since Manny quit the gang, she hasn't had a lot of instances where she had to grab bullets out of someone. But it looks like she still knows how to do it considering he wasn't developing an infection.

"Look out Jerry, Tom's gonna' get you…"

That's the mumbling that's coming from Rook's mouth at the moment of his unconscious sleeping. He's out of it, that's for damn sure. After all, he's been through all kinds of hell and then some. But all he's ever really wanted to do was hack porn sites. He's had more than he bargained for, that's for sure.

Wiith a wincing groan, he shifts in his sleeping position and over onto his side. This, of course, causes another wince and he starts to blink his eyes. Slowly. As those eyes start to focus and one arm shifts underneath the pillow he's using… they go wide! He stares straight ahead, almost as if he's in a lustful shock. Lips are licked ever so slowly and he even has his mouth dropped in a bit of awe.

"Beautiful…" is forced out in a quiet whisper. His eyes not leaving the object of his newly created, awakened, affection…


When he stirs, Elena pulls her hand back. And when his eyes drift open to look at the bag, and whispers what he does, she couldn't help but crack a grin. At least someone's managed to keep his sense of humor after getting shot and bleeding all over her countertops. "You should eat," she tells him. "A blood bag could only take you so far, you know." She stands up from the edge of the bed and moves to remove the transfusion hook-up she helped Jack with a couple of nights ago, and deposits all the items in a bag to be disposed of later. "I didn't really know what you eat so I just…grabbed everything I could think of. You drink coke, right?" Everyone drinks coke. She prefers Pepsi, but cola is cola. And if he was down for a few days, he probably won't be picky. She might have to take a quick stop at Seville Medical so she could toss the used equipment in the incinerator.

"How are you feeling?" she asks. "Do you…..remember much at all? It's November second, by the way." In case he needs to remember just how much time has passed since he had fallen unconscious from the morphine. "Jack's out but I'm sure he'll check on you soon. He has a copy of my key to here. This is my apartment." He has Nadia's key now.

Food. That's the bulk of what's on Rook's mind at this very moment. But it's mostly because of the fact that, well, Elena brought him food. He's listening to everything she's saying, but there's more wincing as he gets himself up and into a seated position. Leaning back against the bed's headboard and taking a moment to lean his head back against the wall… he breathes. Taking in the fact that he's survived yet another bullet.

"Only if it has rum in it." Rook cracks a smile as he kids, before reaching over to grab the bags and drop them down into his lap. One after another they're opened up and he's digging into them to pull out sandwiches and fries and everything else that could possibly be in there. "I swear, this is a feast fit for a King." And after munching down on a collection of fries, he gives a sly look off towards Elena. "Or a Rook, in my case."

More chomping happens, this time in relation to the chicken sandwich of deliciousness that he's got in his hands. A hasty wiping of his mouth is what happens next, before he sets about trying to answer her questions. "My memory's kind of fuzzy, but I do remember being shot." Which is kind of shrugged at, since it happens on a regular basis. "Other than the painful memory of that, I guess I'm doing oka— wait. Did you say it's November 2nd?" His eyes go frantic for a moment. "I haven't checked my e-mail in TWO DAYS. God, I'm gonna' have like a thousand messages!" He waves a fry frantically around, before actually throwing it at Elena. "Honey! Find my laptop! Go!"


"Thankfully there's no booze in the house. It's detrimental you know. Alcohol thins the blood, and you need as much of it as you can. Though the food will help, so ea— " She doesn't have to press it, because he's already gnawing at the sandwich. Elena can't help but quirk a smile, but she pushes away a bit so she could look around Nadia's bedroom, her hands sliding in the pockets of her jeans. She seems a little preoccupied, looking at the pictures. She's pretty content just hearing Rook gnosh on the food she's brought for him. Her gaze lands on a picture on Nadia's desk with the two of them together. One day she was going to have to pack up her things to send it to her mother, but…

"My memory's a little fuzzy, but I do remember getting shot."

Dragged back to the present, Elena looks over at the man on the bed. Jack asked her that she could ask Rook anything but about him. "What the hell were you doing anyway?" she wonders out loud. "Why did you get shot?" Doesn't mean she couldn't ask Rook what happened that got him shot, and Jack bitten on the ass by a dog. Instead of answering her, he tosses a fry at her. "I — hey! Watch it!" She gives him a huffy look. "I don't know where your laptop is. I think it might still be in Jack's car, he didn't really come up and take your gear with him, he was too busy worrying about you." HAHAHA. GUILT BUTTON GO.

Raking a hand through her hair, she sighs, and looks over at Nadia's laptop still on her desk. She walks over, and unplugs it, and moves over to Rook. "Here…this…was my BFF's laptop. You only have to check e-mail anyway, right?" She sets it next to him on the bed. She hopes he doesn't need anything special to get to his e-mail anyway.

"My phone. I need my…" Rook's looking around for a moment, before he realizes that his phone is still in his pants. So there's some digging and spilling of his fries before he comes out with some phone that looks like it could rival the jPhone in both style and awesomeness. It's very likely one of a kind too. He presses the button on the side of the phone and the top drops down in classic Matrix style. And there's some configurations handled on the touch screen below the sliding cover and Bluetooth has been activated. "Whenever God invented Bluetooth, he musta' had a major hard on."

Dropping the phone down and forgetting about the food in favor of electronics, he leans over the laptop and starts letting his fingers work some magic. "Oh uh… we were doin' somethin'. Jackin' some lab for some shit. I don't even remember. It was for Jack. So I just went along with it." He shrugs and seems to be doing way too many things at once: talking, eating, bluetoothing hacker programs from his phone's memory card to the laptop currently in his possession. "Whatever it is, it's in the past, y'know? Hakuna Matata."

There's some beeping that comes from the laptop and a seal that looks too official to be 'regular e-mail' is on the screen. In fact, a closer looks reveals that it's actually the website of the NYPD. Some more finger clicking and a list of current 'cases' and such pending starts to scroll up the screen.

She doesn't know where his phone is, but he manages to find it. Elena drops on a chair next to the bed, watching him fire up Nadia's laptop and attach his phone to it. She blinks a little at the look of it…she's never seen a phone like that before. It could be custom, but his crack about the bluetooth causes her to smile just a bit. "It's pretty sweet, yeah. I have a friends who can explain the technology better than I can though." But it looks like Rook doesn't need to be told what it is anyway. And he seems to be a big tech-head to boot with the way he was…

…hacking…into….the NYPD database?

She doesn't mean to be nosy, but she was watching how he was handling Nadia's laptop. It was Nadia's laptop after all and she can't help but be protective over her friend's things. She can't help but stare. Her jaw slackens when Rook essentially tells her that the two of them knocked off a lab. "A lab? What? WHY?" She recalls what Trina tells her, that Jack was looking for something. A doctor, and something. But what?

"…………..are you…is that…" Oh dear Christ. "…what are you doing?" The last statement seems a little weak. Even Gene didn't hack into government databases when he didn't have to. But this one doesn't see to have any compulsions in breaking in. He didn't look like a hacker. He was too well-muscled for that.

This is practically an every day occurrence to someone like Rook. He doesn't seem to be bothered by anything that he's doing. In fact, he's reaching for his Coke and sipping through the straw, while the screen scrolls in front of him. One hand goes down to the search bar and types in something to the effect of 'recent burglaries' and another window pops up with that information.

Setting the coke back down on the table, he holds up his free hand to try and block the eyes of Elena. "Don't look. If you don't know what I'm doing, you can't be incriminated." He's looking out for her, kind of. Can't have Jack's niece going to jail because he's trying to deal with a little information that shouldn't be in the records. It's only been a couple days so…

"Got 'em, Coach!" There's even a slight fist pump into the air, but that only makes him wince. Still in pain. Damn bullet wounds. "Annnnnnnnnnd…" He has to bring his hand down to meet with the other one, while the fingers set about making sure this case has no reason to be looked at again. Using a 'superior officer' name he found via a roster search (Lt. Viola Holcombe), a falsified closure of the case is written up and fed to the server. "… Case Closed."

Rook sits back with a smile and takes a breath. No case? No Suspects. Which means he and Jack are in the clear!

By the way he was tapping away at Nadia's keyboard, Elena sees another image transposed over Rook's features for just a moment. For a bit there she isn't looking at Rook, she was looking at Gene. The same look of concentration, the same gleam in his eyes. Only Rook looks a little happier doing this than Gene does. But the image fades off when Rook reaches out a hand to cover her eyes gently so she can't see what he's doing. "Wh— " she says, blinking a little bit when all she sees is a rough palm, indicative of one who worked with his hands more times than not. She falls silent then, even as he speaks. The gesture, too, is familiar. It's what Jack does. The less the people in his life knows what he's doing, they can't talk about it. Or put themselves in danger.

When he tells her that the case is closed, though…she reaches up to take his wrist, and push it down gently so she could look at him. "Seems like you two are pretty tight if he's trusting you to come with him," she prods gently. "As long as I've known him he only brings one other guy if he needs something questionable done." That man would be Lachlan. "…this is honestly the first time I've ever met one of his crew."

She lets go of his hand after that, when he has to use both to fiddle around with the laptop, and she leans back against her chair. "….and thanks," she tells him. "For trying to look out for me." Yes, she's calling him on that. "And Jack. But you really should try and rest up. You're still weak. You lost a lot of blood last night. The bullet didn't…hit anything vital but you bled out a lot. Must be from all the running and the moving."

If he's done with the laptop, she reaches out for it, to try and pull it out of his lap. But she won't put it where he can't reach it. He might go stir-crazy without something to do while he's in bed rest. If he lets her, she'll put it on the bedside table.


Rook's voice comes with a finger that needs to be held up. But it's only for a quick moment as he types a couple of Quick Keys and closes everything that he had running on her laptop. "So you know, nothing I did can be traced back to that laptop. It's clean." It's about as close to a promise as she's going to get out of him and he does allow the laptop to go off towards the bedside table. He watches it, though, just to make sure it's not too far.

Attention brought back over to Elena, while he nibbles away at delicious fries. "These are some good ass fries." He offers one to Elena with a slight shrug and continues to conversate in a manner that just bleeds ADHD. "First of all, let's get one thing straight. That was MY crew. Jack wouldn't be alive if it… okay, I can't even tell that lie. Yeah, Jack's the man. Closest thing I got to a best friend. And that's including my dog, Toto." He lowers his head and clasps his hands together. "RIP." Awww, his dog died. Or he's lying. Who knows.

His head lifts right back up within a couple of moments, though. So it must not've been too sad of an experience. "You're the doc, Doc." There's some quoting of Back to the Future, as he looks like he's settling in for a long night. "But I'm outta' here by tomorrow. I've got things to see and people to do." Wink.

She gives him a small smile. "Thanks," Elena tells him when he tells her that the laptop is clean. Like she doubted any of Jack's associates. He only tended to work with people who met two criteria: 1) People he trusted, 2) People who were damned good at what they did. Rook seemed to fit both bulletpoints. But she does set the laptop not too far away from him. "And don't thank me, thank the good people at A&W. I figured you'd be hungry, you've been down two days." But he knows that already, because he freaked out over his e-mail. She crosses her legs while she sits, rubbing the back of her neck.

When he digresses to his dog, she can't help but blink, and crack another smile. She's free in that, at least. "Toto?" she asks skeptically, lifting her brows over her gold-flecked eyes. "Well, I'm glad you're around….he doesn't trust a lot of people. And there's….he's not exactly stable at the moment. I can't help but worry." There's a bit of a pause there. But she stands up. "We should change your bandages, at least," she tells him. And with that, she disappears out the door to grab the kit.

When she returns, she doesn't reply to what he says about leaving tomorrow. Not yet. She also has the box full of latex gloves with her. She sets both items on the bedside table, and snaps a couple of them on her hands. "I'm not a doctor yet," she tells him, giving him a small smile. "I hope to be after a few years." She pulls back the covers. He was shirtless, so she doesn't have to tell him to take off anything. The gauze has flecks of blood on it still, from the stitching. But they don't look big, meaning it didn't tear sometime in the night.

She takes a seat on the edge of the bed, and brings out fresh bandages and some antiseptic. "If you're leaving tomorrow, be careful with your stitches," she tells him. "You got an apartment or something, right?"

Rook is in heaven. He's got free food, free laptop and his own personal nurse. This whole thing is going to be too good to give up. But he has to get back into the mix of things because he's always on duty. He's like Inspector Gadget, that way. Without really worrying too much about what may be happening with the hottie while she's gone, he raises an eyebrow as she comes back in and just offers a bit of a shrug.

"You don't need a couple years with these hands." is all he says about her doctor status. His fingers are even wiggling a bit, just to make sure that she knows he could whip her up a false degree in seconds. "I could have you making doctor cash in less than an hour. If you guys got a color printer, that is." But, well, that could just be him showing off. And then she's addressing his wanting to leave tomorrow and he just gives a dismissive wave of his hand. "Don't worry about me. I've always got somewhere to lay my head." Especially with the amount of hotties in this city.

She laughs. "Thanks, but I'm going about it the hard way. Besides….there's still a lot of things I don't know. Things I should be learning in school." Elena reaches out to use her gloved hands to pry away the bandage, and inspect it. It's scabbing a little - but that's a good thing. It means he's healing. She applies a bit more antiseptic with an applicator, dumping it in the same plastic bag where the spent blood bag is and the tubing. She falls quiet for the moment, cutting out a spare length of bandage and she starts wrapping up his torso again. He'll have to shift so she could do this, but otherwise she concentrates on her work.

"That's good," she says. "You should call Jack and tell him you're fine. He'll be glad to know you're awake, he was worried about you. He…gave you your bullet, I think it's still in your pocket." She looks over at him and gives him a smile. After securing the bandage, she leans back, and starts packing up the kit together. She doesn't remove her gloves yet, she doesn't want to contaminate the tools inside.

"Sweet. I can add it to my collection." Yeah, if Elena wants to take the time to actually note anything about this shirtless sexy manbeast, it's the number of holes that he's got in him. From a glance, it looks like he's been shot at least six times, with this latest one included. But that's only above the waist. There's very likely a story behind each of the wounds, but for a computer hacker to be filled with bullet holes… well, who knows what kind of craziness he's mixed up in, right?

"Eh, I ain't worried 'bout Jackie knowin' nothin'. He'll figure it out when I ain't here no more. He's smart like that." He frowns a little bit at the topic. Maybe because he's not wanting to talk about Jack in a 'worried' capacity. Kind of Fruitopia, in a way. "Hey. Since I'm not dead. We should go out and celebrate. Doctor and Patient. Man and Sexy, Sexy Woman."

"I figured this wouldn't be the first time you got shot," Elena says. "I've been pretty good at identifying bullet holes over the years." Her brother had been a gang member after all. She puts away the kit, and draws the blanket back up over him and giving him a small smile. "Ex-military?" She inclines her head a bit at him. "In the movies, the only people who keep the bullets that hit them are either in the military or in law enforcement. Since you're clearly not a cop…" He could be an ex-cop, but somehow she doubts it. She hands him his drink, so he could get more fluids in him. Though when he tells her about Jack, she nods. Though at the last, she can't help but smile. "I wish I could but I don't think that'd fly with the boyfriend," she tells him honestly.

And then, she coughs, burying her face in her inner elbow. The cough suppressant she took this morning was wearing off. "That and I'm not exactly well either." She doesn't look healthy by any means. She looks a little pale, and she is running a temperature. "I've been dying to get out of the house." Literally. "But I didn't expect…you know. You."

Rook isn't the type to actually take 'No' for an answer. Not when there is the possibility of UNFing involved. Which is always on his mind. Don't even think about asking what's on that jump drive he carries around. Ahem. Anyway, Rook just takes his coke and sips at it, listening to the excuses that come flowing out of Elena's mouth. He just… nods along, almost as if he's actually caring about the words she's using to deny herself some fun.

"So. Now that you're finished getting the excuses out of the way, let's move right on to picking a spot for us to go and have a bite." Yeah, he's already planning it. "Boyfriend or No Boyfriend, there's nothing wrong with eating. And you said yourself that I'll need my strength. It'd be a real shame if I left here and didn't remember to keep myself fed…" Yes. That's a playful threat, but a threat nontheless.

Ex-Military? Hm? The computer nerd? Yeah, let's just bypass that question since he was in the division of the military that wasn't supposed to exist. Much.

"You're right, there's nothing wrong with eating," Elena tells him, giving him a look from where she's sitting. "But there is something wrong with me going out at a public place spreading my germs around." Her case is a little difficult to explain, but she's not….she doesn't know Rook and if she told him, he probably wouldn't believe her anyway. "And I'm not really feeling well. I…." She sighs. "What I have is really weird. I shouldn't risk it. And I don't know when I'm going to get better. Besides, something tells me you'll eat anyway when you're hungry. You don't seem the type to deny yourself anything you need." And he needs food.

She frowns at him. "Besides, you should be concentrating on getting better anyway," she says, poking him on the shoulder. "Other things can wait. Right now you need your rest. You have the laptop, and there's cable hooked up to this room, so… at least you won't be bored for the next twenty-four hours."

When he dodges the question, she doesn't press it. Instead, she gives him a small smile. "I'm glad you're okay though," she tells him, her voice softening a touch. "Jack doesn't have a lot of friends around here."

"You must be in love. That 'need to eat' line usually works." Rook just offers a shrug and gives it up. No use pressing the fact. Especially sensing that she's not going to budge in her decision. He's got a knack for wearing chicks down and will just have to put some more time in. When she's not trying to get out from underneath the weirdest thing since the Bird Flu the Coop.

Get it?

Anyway, he focuses his attention on the wall in front of him and just moves right on with her through the conversation. "I'm only okay because you did a little thing called saving my life. Which means I owe you." Maybe there's a bit of sleight of hand, because he has no sleeves, but he pops out a business card that's got his name and number on it… written in 0s and 1s.

When he calls her on the love thing, Elena can't help but feel her cheeks heat up just a bit, something that has nothing to do with the fever. She gives him a small smile. "My first," she tells him, giving up that piece of information at least. First love. Not exactly her first kiss, but her first everything else. Could be an indicator that she was probably younger than what Rook thinks as well. "And I'm not really…you know. Technically you're a patient," she says, keeping her tone light and grinning at him faintly. "There are rules, you know." Despite the fact that she knows full well that rules don't necessarily impede him. He just broke into the NYPD's database after all.

"I….Rook, you….it wasn't really… you were pretty badly in shock and you were a little delirious. But the bullet didn't really hit anything important, and you bit your tongue…" she says hesitantly. And she does look embarassed at that, because the color grows on her cheeks.

The…where'd he get that? Elena blinks a little bit when she's handed a card. She reaches out to take it, and blinks. "….it's in Binary," she tells him. She can't read binary!

"I know." Rook says, giving a wave off with his hand. He's not even trying to hear that whole 'don't owe me anything' spiel. It all works out. Even if he didn't get hit anywhere vital or there wasn't biting of tongues, there would still be the matter of bleeding to death or going to jail by showing up at the hospital. There are things at stake here that not even Rook himself knows about, probably. Which is why he has to stay a Ghost.

"It's like that for a reason." He flashes a big ol' smile. "If you go to the trouble of figuring out what it says, then that must mean you /really/ need me." And there's another wink.

At the wave-off, Elena couldn't help but smile faintly. "I've heard that before," she tells him with a hint of a grin. Jack seems to think he owes her for a similar situation, way back when. But they look cut out of almost the same mold anyway. Though about the card, she couldn't help but blink a little bit at him. And then? She laughs, shaking her head and grinning broadly enough, despite herself, for the dimple to show on her left cheek. "That's pretty good," she tells him, and slips the card into her wallet. Catching sight of the time, on the wristwatch that Gene had given her a long time ago, she stands up slowly from the side of the bed.

"I better get going," she tells him. "I need to take my meds, and maybe take a nap. I'm tired too. But I'm glad you're better, and awake. Any more and I would've had Jack bring you to the hospital." She hesitates, then walks out of the room. When she comes back, she hands him a slip of paper. "….if…if you get worse or anything, like a fever, you can use that number to call me."

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