Avery Rose Madison
Portrayed By Ellen Page
Gender Female
Date of Birth March 31st, 1989
Age 18
Zodiac Sign Aries
Aliases None.
Place of Birth Hartford, CT
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation College Student
Known Relatives Elizabeth Madison-Miller (mother); Joseph Miller (step-father); Jeremy Miller (half-brother)
Significant Other None.
Known Abilities Cellulokinesis
First Appearance I Thought You Would Be Cooler

Rose is a freshman in Music at Hunter College.


Rose was the product of an unfortunate, alcohol-fueled one night stand nearly two decades before. Though her mother might have let her better judgment slip that one time (thanks to some pushy sorority sisters), otherwise, Elizabeth Madison was a girl scout. She raised Rose as a single mother for much of the time, but the hardships associated with such a feat never got her down. Elizabeth was - and is - a kind woman, with a smile for everyone.

Unfortunately for Elizabeth, the apple fell pretty far from the tree. She couldn't have given her daughter a less accurate name; even in childhood, the girl was nothing like her mother. She was bright, which did her a bit of a disservice sometimes as it tended to alienate her from her peers, and she developed a sardonic sense of humour.

She was 14 when her mother remarried. Her new step-father was nice enough, but that was exactly the problem: Elizabeth the Saint had gone and found the perfect husband, a widower, and now the entire family was just one big love-fest all the time. Frustrating, for a girl like Rose.

The family didn't have enough money to both send Rose to college and board her there. It was going to be a college close to home or none at all, which didn't sit well with her. She was not going to live with her freak-show family any longer than she needed to. Luckily for Rose, she had a trick up her sleeve: cellulokinesis, more commonly known as shapeshifting. After an elaborate scheme wherein a supposed representative from Hunter College offered Rose a scholarship to stay in the dorms there, her parents agreed to pay for her tuition in order for her to attend college.

The problem? She did not, in fact, have anywhere to stay.

Armed with an old photograph, a name that might have been nothing more than the invention of a hangover, and no way to prove who she was, Rose set off for New York City to try and track down her biological father.


In 2007, Rose showed up at Benjamin Winters' workplace informing him that he had an illegitimate daughter he never knew about. (Her, if you couldn't figure that much out.) Benji's a little nuts, so he let her stay with him in his tiny New York apartment. She was nothing short of embarrassing for him when he had guests over for any reason.

When Benjamin was being held captive by the Company, Rose got it into her head that it would be a good idea to try and bust him out. She went in disguised as an agent. Two days later, she reappeared at home with no recollection of the weekend before. Having decided she must have gone on the worst (and best) bender of her life, she shrugged it off and moved on.

Benjamin eventually came home. She eventually started college and moved out. Benji's life is quieter and less chaotic (unless you're talking about his career) because of it.


  • "I really thought you would be cooler."


  • Rose owns a cello and a guitar, both of which she brought with her to NYC.
  • A significant part of her talent can be attributed to the fact that she has absolute pitch.
  • She is deathly afraid of dogs.
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