2007-08-03: Round Up The Usual Suspects


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Summary: Claudine calls Cyprus to a meeting in Times Square. She deepens the devil's deal by handing the government the names of two human terrorists who murdered an Evolved.

Dark Future Date: August 3rd, 2009

Round Up The Usual Suspects

Times Square - NYC

The phone number was called. A place and time were setup. What is it about? Wasnt much said.

God, she hates doing this. Always starting to work for what's the wrong side. Fate has a cruel sense of irony when it comes to the young Filipina. The place is alittle alleyway not too far from Times Square. Why did she choose that place? Well, she has her reasons. The time? It was noon on the dot. There was no one visible in the alleyway, as Claudine is hiding underground. She chose this place for a reason and will only pop up when she feels footsteps coming in that direction…

And there comes the footsteps. It's a steady canter, unmistakably Cyprus. No one else walks with that much directness of purpose. Not down alleyways in New York City. Not after the war. And Cyprus is far from wearing his usual business suit. He's down to a grey green jacket, black v-neck, and a grey t-shirt underneath. It'd almost be hard to recognize him, if it weren't for the way his stride is unchanged. He stops at the mouth of the alleyway, and takes three steps into it to wait.

She waits until he's in the alley. She doesnt want to be seen afterall, and from one of the darker corners a familiar voice can be heard. "Good thing you showed up. You want me to help you taking out a murderer, now I think it's time for a little quid pro quo, you know, as a show of good faith."

Claudine walks out of the shadows as she's dressed rather casually, running her fingers through her hair. Dressed in a rather simple ensemble of some snug fitting jeans and a tight fitting black t-shirt she motions to the alleyway behind her. "I want your help in taking down two murderers, but this time, I know exactly who they are, just dont knowhow to find them." She pulls out something from her bag and tosses it onto the ground next to him.

"Vasili Babenkov and Giselle Muldoon." The words cause her to shudder a little as she closes her eyes. The files she threw at the floor are simply pictures. "Giselle was my human partner with the Company for two weeks. Kind of insane. Vasili, well he has major beef against evolved. They are also murderers." she then motions behind her in the alleyway.

"Back there? Dead body of one of their victims. A cryokinetic from the struggle that I saw. I'm fine with having to put down your psychopath evolved for the betterment of humanity, but that person didnt do jack. So..what do you say? Devil gonna make another bargain for my sweet little soul?"

Cyprus crouches down to pick up the file that landed next to him, and glances down the alleyway past Claudine. He lifts a single brow, and turns back to her. "Two human terrorists, guilty of murder on an Evolved?" he asks, with the faint hint of a smile to his lips. "Why, Ms. Salonga… at first I thought I was going to be surprised that you had done your task so quickly. It would appear that that I have another surprise in order." He opens the folio, giving a glance to its contents, before tucking it into his jacket. He steps down the alleyway towards Claudine, save that he seems more intent on moving past her to the body. Once he's near her, he continues. "Something I would like to clarify, however. We are not asking you to put down the one responsible… just find them." He glances at her. "They have still have some rights, after all. We can't have vigilantes just killing as they see fit. That's what got us into this problem in the first place." He pauses as he steps past her, swallowing his discomfort before turning back. "The same cannot be said for the humans who did this, however. But don't think this is a bargain, Ms. Salonga. You're simply doing the right thing."

"The right thing? There is no right thing anymore, Mr. Donovan. Look at the world around us. We are a nation of apartheid under the guises of it being for the protection of humanity. We both know that isnt the case."

Her voice is filled with conviction as she follows him and soon enough he'll see the dead body, cold, with a puddle of water around him. "I have seen way too much death and violence in my life, but I wouldnt wantonly take someone's life. If I had wanted to do that, I wouldnt have merely knocked out your agents.." her tone quite cold and unfeeling at this point, her tone matching the body in front of them. "Babenkov and Muldoon are insane. They're just like Sylar but without the myriad of powers.." she explains, just watching him for now as she shakes her head.

"Tell me another thing. Does the government know what the Company is up to these days?"

"There is order, and there is chaos, Ms. Salonga," says Cyprus, giving Claudine an unreadable look. "You may not like the world the President has built, but if you want the alternative…" And he gestures down the alleyway, towards the dead body. The comparison is obvious. He pulls a cellphone out from a pocket, and flips it open. "As for the Company, we are not on speaking terms with them. We have our suspicions, but that is all I can offer you at this time. They're on our radar, but are far from the top of our threats. Now then, Ms. Salonga, it might not be a good idea to be here much longer. I have to report the discovery of a murder." With that, he presses a few buttons, and puts the cellphone to his ear.

"Translation: You dont know what they're up to. A shame. I do.."

A hearty laugh escapes from her lips as she heeds his words and takes a few steps back before jumping into a hole in the ground and soon it seals up. She did her good deed for the day.

Cyprus glances towards the hole as it seals, and shakes his head. He glances up, and says "Margie, connect me to the New York branch of Homeland. There's been a murder. We should round up the usual suspects."

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