2007-10-19: Rubber Ducky You're The One


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Summary: A rather unorthodox job interview takes place.

Date It Happened: October 19th, 2007

Log Title Rubber Ducky You're The One

Cain Manor

Dressed up and looking nice.. in a sort of professional attire. Bert's donned a black skirt that's knee-length with a nice white blouse that buttons down. There's a black tie around her neck and a short black bolero jacket over that. Chunky mary janes and white stockings round out the ensemble. Her red hair is worn loose over her shoulders. In her hands, she has a hard copy of her resume tucked within a manila folder. This certainly isn't the location she had in mind for the interview. When she applied to EvoSoft, she presumed it'd be in one of their office buildings.. not the home of the CEO! Trying not to fidget, she rings the doorbell. While waiting, she straightens out her tie and jacket.


That's the voice of the crazed CEO known as Jaden Cain. If she can hear it over the loud music that's coming from the house. Opening the door will reveal Jaden rocking out hard in front of the foyer's flatscreen… on the Guitar Hero. Oh yes, Jaden is rocking out something fierce and he's actually playing one of his own songs. Jaden & The Chipmunks are a hot commodity on the downloading for things like this most awesome game of awesome. And he's playing pretty damn good, that's for sure. It's his song, after all.

"Don't Get Down! Get Funky! Funky Munky! Oh Baby! That's Right! Don't Get Up! Get Funky! Funky Munky! Oh Baby! That's Tight!" o/~

Bert's brows raise at the hollering from inside the mansion. Taking in a deep breath and exhaling slowly to calm herself, she opens the door to let herself in. At least, she thinks she heard hollering from inside the door. This was unexpected! The interview itself was a surprise, now the choice of location, the CEO seeing her and well.. he's not the stuffy old man she thought she'd interview with from H.R. "Ah.. hello? I'm here for my interview..?"

"Awesome!" Jaden's too focused on the song right about now. Mostly, well, because of the fact that he's practically on a perfect right now. Trying his hardest not to miss a note. But! He can still try to do the preliminary part of this interview. "Just… take a seat!" There's a chair around the foyer, somewhere. "You got next!" Is he talking about her round on Guitar Hero or her being interviewed? All of the above, probably.

Bert blinks just a little, but smiles in amusement as she takes a seat as directed. She makes sure she has a view of the screen and thus Jaden's progress in the game. "Not bad!," she yells over the music in jest. As for the next? She only presumes she's next on the interview list and he's just taking a break.

"GET FUNKY! MUUUUUUNKYYYYYYYYYYYY!" And Jaden finishes out the song with a funky little solo that's all himself and then he proceeds to catch his breath. He gets way too into these games, that's for sure. Smiling and pulling the guitar strap over his head, he holds it out for Bert and offers her a smile. "Thanks. It helps when you're the one that wrote the song." He even offers her a wink. "I'm Jaden, by the way. Jaden Cain. The dude that's going to hire you if you know how to kick some ass in Guitar Hero…"

Bert laughs and stands back up when Jaden walks over. "I'm sure it does help, but gives the advantage. Perhaps an unfair one!" Further surprise is stifled as she's handed the guitar. Resume is set down in her chair and she takes the guitar. "I'm Bert.. ah.. Roberta Sachs. Hopeful employee to your glorious empire." Hrm.. maybe it makes some sense that this interview is unconventional, considering what she's hoping to do at EvoSoft! Guitar strapped around her, she takes her turn at the game and proceeds to hold her own against the bossman's score.

"That all depends on how well you play!" And maybe how good she looks, but Jaden keeps that second part to himself. He grabs the folder and plops down in the chair, flipping it open and starts playing with the resume. Folding this way and that way as he watches the Bert do her thing on the game. "And I like Bert. It's got a Sesame Street feel to it. Cute." But he'll be damned if he's going to be asking about her rubber ducky.

"Ha ha! I know, it's a nickname that's stuck. My father also clearly wanted boys. Didn't happen!" She calls out cheerfully as she keeps hammering away at the game. Not bad for starting cold in unfamiliar territory. Although, Roberta does get a little distracted by the conversation. "And no, I don't have a boyfriend named Ernie.. or a pet named Ernie. Just my Harley. I also kinda get annoyed at pigeons." Her resume lists NYU as her school of choice, she's got a BA, some coursework in design, listing of computer programs she knows, system's she's familiar with and some design work.

Jaden Cain hasn't read any of that crap. He's paying attention to the game. "Get ready! Use your star power!" Jaden says, before once more getting focused on the resume in front of him. And then it becomes a paper airplane. Which he holds up with a smile, before launching it off in Bert's direction. "I, for one, am glad you're not a boy. It'd make sexual harassment suits that much more awkward."

Bert bursts out with a bubbly laugh at Jaden's words. It's a little hard to tune him out.. and.. was that her resume that just went sailing past? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? "Uhm.. I would have to agree with that." Which part? Why all of it! She tries to not let the CEO distract her too much, but Jaden Cain is the sort who demands attention. Her round on Guitar Hero rolls to an end and she pulls off the guitar. "So. How does the score stack up?," she asks with a wide grin.

"Not too shabby." Jaden says, getting up from the chair and heads over closer to where she's standing and all that. He takes the guitar and sets it against the wall, turning off the video game and the flatscreen that hangs on the wall. He's very good with the conduction of crazy interviews or something. "You're hired." Offering a shrug of his shoulders, he can't help it. Words on paper never mean as much as action. And this Bert chick showed some action.

Bert clasps her hands behind her back, sort of standing at attention, but just manages to come off as 'cute' with her pose. Beaming a little smile of pride about her prowess at the game, she shrugs just a little sheepishly. "I like games, what can I say? Which, y'know, duh, if I didn't, why would I want to design.. what? REALLY?" The last word escapes with a squeal of glee and her hands fly up to cover her mouth. She bounces lightly on her feet with the excitement. "Ohmygosh!"

Jaden fakes an Authoritative tone. "Now, listen here, missy. I know you think it's going to all fun and games. It is." Jaden can't even keep up the act, busting out into his own little fit of laughter. He's pretty happy about this hiring thing. "When can you start? Cuz I'll give you a couple days to get your wardrobe up to dress code…"

"I can start immediately!" Bert cannot hide her excitement at this. Goodbye tech support, which she does like, but this? This is what she's studied and worked her tushie off for! "But I should give notice at my jobs." Yes. She's working multiple jobs. There's a lot of loans to pay off! "Oh.. dress code.. right." Her expression falls /just/ a little. "What's the dress code? So I know what to go and get?"

Jaden just offers a little shrug, since he's the one that's in control. "Well, first thing's first. The dress code is pretty much: ParTay!" Jaden actually takes a moment to do the cabbage patch and dance to imaginary music. Which is probably not a good idea because he's white and can't dance. But he does it anyway. "Secondly, don't worry about giving notice. You work for me now. You'll never need another recommendation letter again." He blinks. "What school did you go to again?"

Bert phews, loudly. Okay. Fun and partay she can do as far as clothing goes. No big shopping spree is necessary! "Excellent," she beams, and joins in with the impromptu cabbage patching. "Really? Well, okay then.. But I'll give them notice still. A day's worth!" She's been a model employee really. Her work ethic has yet to be crushed to dust. "I got my BA from NYU, and I'm working on my master's there as well!"

( Fade Out )

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