Dr. Rudyard Edison Thorpe, III
Dr. Rudyard Edison Thorpe, III
Portrayed By Sacha Baron Cohen
Gender Male
Date of Birth October 28th, 1971
Age 38
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Rudy
Place of Birth Sunderland, UK
Current Location Last seen in Sydney, Australia
Occupation Professor of Entomology, Curatorial Staff at the American Museum of Natural History
Known Relatives Rudyard (Father), Colleen (Mother), three sisters, Rosalind, Katie and Lissie
Significant Other Daphne Rousseau
Known Abilities Entomopathy
First Appearance Covered in Beeeeeees

A respected professor and graduate of the University of Maryland, Rudyard was recently associated with the Smithsonian Department of Systematic Entomology. Now he's on the curatorial staff with the American Museum of Natural History.


A freak of nature from the start, or so it seems, Rudy was born to a very normal middle class family in Sunderland, UK. His parents, Colleen and Rudyard, II, were quite average, respectable, with run of the mill working class jobs. The youngest of four children, Rudy didn't exactly have it rough. It was more that he was the only boy. So, one can see where this is going as far as childhood and sibling abuse. But let us gloss over that shall we?

It was a definite yes that something was off about Rudy as a schoolboy. He had weird hobbies, weirder than usual for a small boy anyway. His parents started to think he was autistic or something. He wasn't incredibly social with his classmates, he preferred to study.. mainly insects. Which.. really shouldn't have been weird. Small children like to collect things at random. Rocks, bits of glass, toy cars, etc. Rudyard liked to study bugs, had a collection, an ant farm..

Not weird or anything you know.. but.. it was hard to explain.. some kids gravitate towards animals and just seem to really communicate with them. Same with Rudyard, only with insects. Naturally, this was a creepy thing, which lead to people avoiding the boy. This suited him fine. People didn't get him, he didn't get them.

His grades were average, sciences a little over that. When it came time for higher education, Rudyard wanted to work with the Smithsonian in the United States.. So at 18, he applied for and was accepted into the University of Maryland. There, he proceeded to excel in classes, gained a Graduate degree, as well as a Doctorate. While working on the Doctorate, he participated with the Smithsonian, Department of Systematic Entomology, definitely a dream for him.

Throughout all of this, what started as just a weird 'thing' during his childhood began to make more and more sense to the man. He can talk to insects. They listen, they do what he tells him to do.. Not that this is information that he shares of course. Entomologists are already given a bit of a wide berth by most people. So it's a little secret he keeps to himself.

Still affiliated with the Smithsonian, he taught at his alma mater until quite recently. He was offered a tempting job with the American Museum of Natural Sciences in New York. As a member of the curatorial staff no less. Quite tempting indeed. So taking a bit of a sabbatical from the University of Maryland, he decided to take up the museum on their offer. Perhaps get a few years of that under his belt, then head back to Washington, get himself firmly planted once more within the Smithsonian, or perhaps even with Walter Reed's Biosystematics Unit. For now however, it's museum life for him, with a few guest lectures around the city at local colleges and entomology societies.


Entomopathy - This is the mental ability to communicate with insects. Any insect. Soft or hard bodied, eight legs or more. Those that are alive and within the vicinity of course. (So he wouldn't be able to call up his buggy friends from Florida to NYC.) Along with this communication is the control over hordes of insects. Creepy much? He'll never need the pest control with this talent!


  • Bug Off - Too many bugs? Perish the thought! Wanna tell 'em to scram? CLEAR OFF MOVE IT. Well this is that stunt. With a roll of average he can clear the room. Good, a small apartment. Great, a decent house. Superb? A good sized building. GODLIKE? CITY CLEARED. DONE. I am the man.
  • Charlotte's Web - Requires Good and higher for short sentences. Ever read the book? Saw the movie? No? SHAME ON YOU. He can communicate with spiders and have them write messages in their webs. Just small corner sized ones with a single word for average rolls.. with great and superb rolls he can have more spiders create larger webs with more complicated messages. Flubbed rolls can produce misspelled webs, retarded messages or spiders with Tourette's.
  • Covered in Beeeeees! - Just what it says. Kinda. Sorta. This is the ability to summon a swarm of insects to cover and attack his opponent. Depending upon the squeamishness of the opponent and location will depend upon whether it's bees ants roaches wasps ticks caterpillars.. People have different levels of what sort of insect they'll tolerate finding themselves covered with. This requires a roll of good or better. For the opponent they can counter with any offensive roll they like to beat off the swarms. Or just a can of 'Off!'
  • Creepy Crawlies - This is his communication with bugs skill. Yeah he talks to bugs they talk back. In his head. Cause it's not like.. squeaky little voices aka Charlotte's Web. The bees complain about the quality of flowers in the city spiders bitch about their webs being swept off. That kind of thing. 'Sup? Requires Average and up for intelligent conversation. Below average he gets poor communication mis-translation or gets things back like 'Ugg Slug h8 salt'.
  • Orkin Man - When it comes time for the little guys to just lay on their backs curl their legs in and go off to wherever bugs go in the afterlife.. He could tell 'em to go meet their maker! They have such weak little minds y'know. And short lifespans. Average for a few bugs, the greater the roll the greater number of bugs just keel over. Not that Rudy would dream of telling his friends to pop their clogs en masse.
  • Flea Circus - Yup. Just about. With this he can encourage insects to perform little feats for him. Want a flea circus? Want butterflies to perform aerial acrobatics? Wasps to fly in a 'V' formation and pretend to dive bomb people? This is it. Average and higher for success below average, the bugs sit around drinking coffee and looking at him like, "What? We're on /break/ man."


In mid-2008, he chased after Daphne Rousseau, following her to Sydney, Australia.

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  • "I'm terribly sorry about the squirrel, we can get you a new one if that's the problem.. "
  • "A few months ago… I would consider this the plot of a very bad movie and the writers should be taken out and shot. Now? I've met a woman who speaks with animals, she has a friend who creates forcefields, and a fellow who apparently can absorb the abilities of others. So you ask what do I make of this? Plausible."
  • "I want my lawyer, Herr Goebbels."

RP Hooks

  • For bug enthusiasts, he's a pretty high authority in the world of entomological sciences. He's worked with the Smithsonian, taught at the University of Maryland, worked at the American Museum of Natural Sciences in New York, and recently at the University in Sydney.
  • Currently, he's being held against his will in some government program, labeled as a terrorist.


  • "Looking At The World Through Fly's Eyes," by Heywood Banks
  • "Dust Mites," by Heywood Banks

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