2009-11-22: Rue the Day


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Date: November 22, 2009


An apology is tendered, information is shared and offers are made.

"Rue the Day"

Common Grounds Coffee Shop, NYC

Some jerk with a wild power fried her phone. If Lena weren't still riding a post-Peter high of happy she'd be annoyed by that. Good thing for her mood that she still has Eric's card in her pocket, and enough change for a payphone call. "Hey! You behave yourself at that party? Oh, and maybe you could get me in to see Vader, I wanted to apologize for the other day. I'm gonna be at Common Grounds in an hour or so if the traffic ever lets up here." Pause. "Oh, and can you bring me some cab fare? I'm short. Thanks, man!" Click.

They're going to rue the day they ever decided to re-establish contact with the little street punk.

The coffee shop isn't Starbucks by any stretch of the imagination but it's cozy enough and not horrifically crowded. Lena's staked out one of the four-tops, reserving chairs through a complicated system of draping jacket, hat and mittens over the back of each chair so no one else will steal them. Now she's kicked back with a cup of hot chocolate (extra whipped cream), keeping an eye on the door.

Oh yes, he might just rue the day. However he's trying to be a good guy at the very least and help people. Thats what they are suposed to do right? RIGHT?

"Look man," Eric is saying over his shoulder towards Gene as he strolls into the shop with a smile on his face. "She really said she wanted to apologize…so I don't think it would hurt anything to meet her really." Oh dear, Erice does hope he doesn't decide she needs to be tased.

As he glances around though he notes the Street Punk and raises a hand to wave towards her before starting across the floor towards the table she's staked out.

OR MAYBE THE RUER WILL BE THE RUEE! Or not, who knows with the people Gene hangs out with. The young man's face is mostly hidden with his latest attempt to hide his face? This time? Surgical mask. With the N1H1 flu going around, it's actually not that out of place.

"If she really does, then I'll believe it. Seriously, Eric, I've been at like a 7 for tension all week… And if she does anything to me, it's gunna be an 11. And for every point over 10, I kill someone, true story." It might be true, but NO ONE has ever been able to push Gene to an 11. Not yet anyway.

"Hey," the Geek God offers toward Lena before he takes his seat.

"Hey!" The greeting, the smile, even the way Lena lifts her hand to beckon them over are all of the cheerful variety. There's not a hint of the shrieking harpy. Best of all, she's completely sober. Perhaps a taser won't be needed. Beneath the table, she uses her foot to push the chairs out so everyone can sit and bask in the warmth of her presence. "I think I liked the scarf better, you kinda had that Shadow thing going on," she says, making a note of Gene's choice of facial obfuscation. "It's good to see you again, though. Hey Eric! How'd your bike make out?"

And thus the formalities are covered.

Folding her arms on the table, Lena leans forward and adopts a more solemn expression. Better suited to the occasion, for this is momentous. "So…um…yeah, anyway…" And she chokes. Take two. "Okay, did he mention I kinda wanted to say sorry for freaking out the other day?"

"I do think I mentioned it," Eric quips towards Lena before he laughs and shakes his head slightly towards the other woman. "It made it out just fine I'm happy to say, and I'm glad you made it out too. You were a bit…" He searches for the right word for himself. "…happy. Yes, happy…"

As for Gene he chuckles and looks towards the young Geek God before he nods once. "I understand man. I don't think she'll hit the 11."

"I admit I wasn't in the best of moods myself… So apology accepted," Gene states, but he doesn't shake on it for obvious reasons. He arches a brow as Eric talks about how it came to pass that this meeting happened, soon Gene turning his attention from his good friend to Lena. "I didn't know you could use your own power on yourself… That must have been an 'interesting' experience." His mind then rewinds past conversation and asks the one worded question. "Bike?"

Lena's smile becomes a grin, Gene's preference for avoiding a handshake noted and causing brief amusement. Her fingers tap a quick sequence out on the table. "Hell yeah I was happy. You try going three years without even a joint and see what happens to your mood." A pause ensues, filled with leaning back and reaching for the hot chocolate for a sip. Care is taken to avoid whipped cream ending on her nose. "Mm? Oh, yeah…normally I'm immune, right? To everything, doesn't matter what it is. It sucks, but…I met this guy, he can do what other folks do, you know? He ended up touching me and it was like whoa. But Pete's good people so he didn't like take advantage or anything." The query on the bike sends her eyebrows up, and she glances at Eric.

"…yeah I have my own bike, took it with her to a meeting. Didn't want to take one of yours as it could be spotted," Eric replies towards Gene with a slight grin. "Besides, I didn't want to take Elena's S.W.I.F.T. away from her for a midnight ride." He nods once though as he relaxes back in the chair as tasing and death looks like it won't happen at all. "Well I'm glad you enjoyed yourself…" Pause. Stare. "…wait. Did you say…Pete? Please don't tell me that Pete means Peter?"

Fate is a mean little cuss sometimes. He was just talking about that same man earlier today. "I presume if she is talking about ability mimicry," Gene states with a sigh. "But why would he be here… And if he was working with Ivory, you'd think he'd be trying to capture people not… Get them high," Gene states, frowning as he tries to figure this out. He looks to Lena, figuring that her information might be key in all of this.

"Sure, Peter. Tall, kinda skinny, sweet but a little out of it? You know him?" Something about Eric's phrasing is worrying. Lena's forehead creases as her brows scrunch down over her eyes. "What, is that bad? He was a nice guy, I swear to god. I've got, like, instincts." Sure. That's why she had a hissy fit at the Geek Squad when they approached her in Battery park. "It was an accident, he said was trying to get to the library in D.C. and ended up here. He lost his memory. Um…and his shoes. So I was helping him out, you know?"

The teen straightens up in her chair and gives them both a very stern frown. "He wasn't like that at all! He said he worked with the folks who're trying to help us. And he was awesome to me. We rolled together a little, then I got it all out of his system and got him back to his place. He was gonna look for his brother…who's Ivory?"

"Nice to see that memory problems are a Petrelli thing. Only time I want to lose my memories is if when I get them back, I end up like Jason Borne or something," Gene remarks to Eric before he looks back to Lena. He leans close, motioning for Lena to do the same. He whispers into her ear, which could be seen as seductive if Gene was A) actually seductive or B) He was actually whispering sweet nothings into her ear.

"Ivory Wynn… He's the man in charge of the program known as Alpha Protocol. Peter Petrelli was apparently captured after freeing some people… But then for some reason is now all chummy with the government. I'm trying to figure out why that is, as well as working to stop the program and protect Evolved such as yourself. Considering how much fun fighting The Man is semi-directly and dealing with the crap of spending a few weeks in a medium security federal prison… Please parden me if I'm a little on the cautious side for figuring out what Peter is in all of this."

Lena slides the cocoa to the side in order to lean in to hear the gossip. It is kind of hard to see someone wearing a surgical mask as a sexy beast, so she has no qualms about his proximity. "Huh…" It takes a few minutes to digest all of that, the frown lingering while the wheels turn in her poor head. Her chin lands in her cupped palm and her elbow braces against the table as she regards the pair of them with near confusion. "Well…I mean, I can totally understand where you're coming from. But I don't think you have to worry about this guy, you know? He didn't have anything, not his wallet or his keys or his shoes…maybe he got away?"

"No, he didn't. He likely tried to use his own powers… Maybe something happened to make them unstable. Maybe getting hit with a helicopter did something to him. I dunno, I don't pretend to know exactly. Peter's family is concerned about him… I need to get him to someone that knew him. An old friend. If he's in New York though, it shouldn't be too long before it handles itself. If the government is concerned about his whereabouts, I'd be careful around him. After all, he might be fine, but he might be tailed by people that aren't nearly as friendly. You know, like the Borne identity or something."

With most of the 'whisper only' information given, Gene settles back into his seat. He still keeps the tone somewhat hushed though, not wanting it to carry. "Well, if you powers are on all the time and you're immune to them, I might be able to find a way to help with that."

"Um, yeah, he did say he couldn't really remember everything he could do. But he could still do a helluva lot." Lena looks briefly trouble, Gene's paranoia over Peter's motivations not jiving at all with the giggly fellow she clowned around with for the morning. "I guess he was kinda confused at the end, after I sobered him up. He got a little quiet," she adds reluctantly. "What am I gonna do when he calls? He said he owed me a flying lesson…"

The teenager sighs and slumps back in her seat, good mood effectively undone. She rakes a hand back through her hair, making the faux-blonde waves stick up at odd angles. "What do you mean help? Like…help me turn them off? Or make me not immune? 'Cause that might be bad."

"It depends. Maybe just hang out with him, but try to do in public area when not 'flying'. Government wouldn't likely make a move unless they felt there weren't much in the way of witnesses. That's more your call than mine." Gene hrms as the talk of powers being on or off. "Help turn them off… Which would turn off the immunity as well, I'd imagine. Because if enjoying your goods is that important, you could turn them off and then use the stuff you collected."

Lena chews on her lower lip as she listens to the advice. The paranoia's creeping back in at the edges, leaving the young woman fidgeting in her chair and glancing occasionally at the door. But the issue of Gene somehow being able to manipulate her abilities that way is enough to keep her seated for now, though her fingers begin to drum a restless pattern on the tabletop. "I…Jesus. You can do that? How? I mean…" Then she remembers to lower her voice and shifts in closer again. Since whispering is more effective when leaning across a table. "You seriously can just…turn them off? What are you, dude?"

"Well Vader here can't himself do it," Eric pipes up with a flash of a smile. "But we all have our tricks." He pauses a moment, having been lost in thought on the subject of Peter before he shakes his head slightly towards the pair of them. "As for Peter…yes, hang out with him. If he's lost his memories but still is the same basic personality I don't think he'll do anything to you." He adds with a nod towards her and a slight flash of a smile.

"I'm Batman" is Gene's first answer. He then puts up a hand to further explain himself. "As Eric said, I know some people. I just wanted to see if you were interested. If so, I'll do some asking around and the like," the Geek God replies with a simple shrug.

"Tricks," Lena echoes, looking shell-shocked. Both hands come up to support her head this time, partially obscuring her face. For all that she sounds like a gutter rat, there's a mind in there. It's working overtime now. "Peter…shit. Maybe he won't…I don't think he would, he really was a nice guy, but…we weren't invisible when we got in the cab, or went up to his apartment. If they saw…and jesus, I went right back to Jade's after. The shop. I gotta go, we're gonna have to move again. I'm fucking tired of this shit."

Her chair screeches as it's pushed back and Lena reaches for her cold-weather gear. "I dunno. I really don't. I'm gonna have to think about it, the stuff I put out, it's…you get hooked. But…you guys need any help, lemme know, okay? I figure, I took out the Human Torch, I can probably help you out," she says as she stands up. A hand is extended towards Eric. Remember that cab fare?

"…then its better to get back there and hide. They might have him under watch and if they do then they might know where you are. Better safe than anything else." he says as he nods once towards the woman and then smirks towards her as he reaches for his wallet. "We'll let you know if we do need help, whats a good way to get ahold of you?" He asks as he pulls out a hundred dollar bill from his wallet and folds it over before handing it towards the woman.

"If you could make us some of the stuff used to make the girl forget a day… That might be helpful stuff if we have to deal with a government agent or something," Gene points out with a shrug. "But as Eric said, just worry about taking care of yourself right now. Think about what I said and let me know," Gene states with a small smile. "Take care of yourself out there."

Lena gets to look stunned again at the bill that's on offer but it doesn't prevent her from plucking it from Eric's hand and stuffing it quickly into her pocket. "You know the lady who gave you my hoodie? Chi said she's gonna put us up next. After that, I dunno. But you can reach me there until I get my phone fixed." She frowns down at her feet for a moment before tossing a brief look at the pair of them. "Yeah…I could do that, it'd be easy. If you don't mind bottling spit." Pause. "Thanks…I'm sorry I was such a bitch to you, before." And this time, she means it.

With that serving as a good-bye, she heads for the door, shrugging into her coat as she goes.

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