2011-08-10: Ruthless
AIR DATE 2011.08.10
Cast: Carter_icon.pngNicol_icon.png
Location: Alleyway
Synopsis: Ruthless. Which is exactly what Nicol learns Carter is..

Carter had only been in L.A. a few weeks, but already he enjoyed the sunsets to those of his home town of of Chicago. The people on the beach front boardwalks seemed to make the easiest marks. Lots of tourists and professional beach bums to prey on. He tended to work the streets a few blocks from the beach though. He did enjoy the salty breeze from the sea, but the sight of its vast waters to the horizon always gave him the creeps. As dusk crept towards twilight the streetlamps sputtered to life and the crowd began to thin. It was time to go to work. He took a final drag from his cigarette and pitched the butt into the gutter before heading north. He had only made it a couple of blocks before he happened on a group of men hovering about an alleyway. There were three of them, dressed in classic California surfer style. Two were shirtless and wore flip-flops and baja shorts. The third, who Carter pegged as the alpha male of the group, was dressed in a one-piece neoprene surf suit. Carter grinned briefly, thumbed another cigarette from his pack and lit it before heading towards the men.

On the roof of a little building on the street skirts the figure of Nicol. Dressed in a pair of black cargo pants and dark top, her booted feet barely make any noise. Dark brown hair loose and falling over her shoulders, she blends in with the coming shadows almost perfectly.

Usually she's around to stop these sort of things but tonight there's a different motive. Her eyes widen a tiny bit as she watches the scene unfold in front of her. Fingers quickly find her phone before she types out a message to someone and watches as it sends before giving the four men below her full attention.

The alpha took a step forward to meet Carter as he neared. "What you want, slick?" he asked, glancing both ways up the street.

"What you selling?" Carter asked.

Alpha looked him over a moment then gestured towards the alley behind him with a jerk of his head and a shower of dirty blonde dreads. Carter followed him in and the other two came after. "I got refer and some blues."

Carter glanced over his shoulder at the two betas behind him before lifting his cigarette to his lips for a long pull. "You'll do." He said flatly, then flicked his cigarette into Alpha's face.

Attention not diverting from Carter's movements. She's studying him it seems like. A hand goes to tighten around the strap of the black messenger bag that Nic is carrying. She already knows what's coming, Carter doesn't have much time. That's for sure. A very nice looking watch adorns her wrist, opposite of the one that wears a silver charm bracelet. There's a timer counting down on the watch.

"Almost.." Nicol whispers softly to herself.
As the cigarette exploded into a shower of tiny burning embers across Alpha's face, Carter stepped forward kicked him brutally in the groin. As the man began to double over, he grabbed a handful of greasy dreads, jerking Alpha to the side. Carter knew the beta's would be reacting and he leaned into Alpha, adjusting his path to collide with Beta number one. But the second had responded more quickly than Carter had anticipated. He glimpsed a flash of reflected light of the blade in the Beta's hand an instant before it sank into the back of his shoulder. Carter grunted, releasing the Alpha and sending him and the other beta to the pavement in a tangle of limbs.

"You shouldn't play with knives…" Carter muttered as the Beta drew back the bloody blade for another stab. Carter's hand shot out and caught the man's free wrist. "You'll cut yourself."

As the timer goes from a minute to seconds Nicol slowly stands still covered by the darkness. When the action starts, it's when the shout can be heard. There happened to be a cop walking by as everything started to unfold. Now Carter's in trouble, that's for sure. With a light grin as the timer reaches zero and beeps. She flicks her dark hood up and quickly goes to climb down the side of the building. Using the fire escape and window sills.

It's not to long before the young woman is standing on the side of Carter. "Hurry and knock him out, we gotta get out of here. Pigs will have this place surrounded in minutes." She delivers this statement in a cool manner though inside she's about to freak out. They don't have much time before the police will get here.

A deep knife wound appears on the back of the Beta's shoulder and the man gasps, the knife clattering to the pavement. With the shout and the appearance of the woman, Carter blinks back confusion. He didn't know about any clock ticking, but his internal timer told him it was time to run. He released the wounded beta and the man staggered away.

"Wait!" Carter said, stepping towards the tangle of Alpha and Beta on the ground. "I haven't been paid yet…" He fell viciously on them, his knee slamming into the beta's neck. Thrusting his hand quickly into the man's pocket, he produced a wad of bills and grinned.

"Okay," He said to the woman as he scrambled to his feet. "Lead the way."

Ruthless. That's what they need.

Nodding her head, Nicol leads the way down a side alley. Not worried about him being able to keep up. The woman's hair follows in a trail behind her. She pumps her arms to the side and then she's turning further into the maze that is the apartments and back alleys of Venice. It isn't long before Nicol is kicking the door open to a side door that apparently leads into a basement like area of one of the apartment buildings.

As she hurries in, she looks over her shoulder at Carter. Waiting until he's followed her inside before she speaks, "Nice moves, we should hang here until they're done sweeping the area." During the run her hood fell off to reveal her face to the older man. She doesn't look afraid of him, more.. perplexed, as if she's trying to make a decision.
Carter seems to have no trouble keeping up at first. If there was still a knife wound in his back, it didn't show. Only towards the end of the flight does the smoking catch up with him. By the time they are ducked into the door and safe, he is wheezing. He straightens, leaning against a grimy wall to catch his breath. "Why'd you help me?" Blunt and direct between short breaths. He doesn't meet her gaze though, his attention suddenly diverted to counting the wad of money still clutched in his thick fingers.

"You should get that checked out." Nodding over to his shoulder where the wound is. It's his directness that catches Nicol off guard. Maybe she thought she'd have more time to weight the pros and cons to this. But with a shrug, she puts a hand on her hip. "There are some people out there who don't like the way things are being handled right now by the government," she lets that hang in the air before continuing. "More specifically the way that the A-Positives people are being handled, as if we're lesser than human when we're really more than human. At least in my opinion." There's a certain bitterness to her.

Eyes narrowed, "You seem like the type that likes to fuck shit up. Maybe we can work together, I can promise this. It'll be a whole fucking lot of fun." She grins darkly and tilts her head as she studies the big guy. There is no mention of how she knew where to find him. She's avoided mentioning that tidbit. Best not to give all your secrets away as soon as you meet someone.
Carter glances up briefly from counting the money as the woman speaks. Yeah, he thought, get a scar checked out. No wound, no doctor. Anti-government…okay, possible wack-job…twelve hundred bucks total. Nice. Only when she mentions A-positives does he really begin to listen.

"Whoa…" He lifts his free hand to slow her down as the other pushes the wad of money into his front pocket. "Wait a minute. What makes you think I'm a possy?" A quick glance towards the door to be sure they aren't being followed is probably more for stalling tactics than any real concern. "I was just taking out some dealers to make some cash."

"Nobody said you were. You just have to be a compassionate person, we don't care if you're non-possy or not." Nic shrugs her shoulder, "And there will be compensation." She lets that word linger before digging into her messenger bag and tossing a phone towards Carter. "There will be a message coming to that phone soon. Not today, not tomorrow but soon. It'll have a location on it, get to that location in an hour if you want to learn more. Trust me, it'll be worth your while."

She says this as she walks towards the door, apparently unafraid of any cops being around and spotting her. "Name's Nic by the way." She says with a smirk before she nudges the door open and walks out to the street. "Remember, that text comes. You have an hour. See ya later." Is said softly and probably couldn't be heard very well since the wind started to pick up. Throwing her hair around as she walks away, slow but with purpose.

Carter watches her go, not offering any more information. He thumbs out a cigarette and fits it between his lips as he examines the phone. He considers leaving it in the basement, but then hesitates. A job is a job. And she saw the type of work he preferred. Maybe it would pan out. He lights his cigarette as he shoves the phone into his pocket next to the cash. Then he finds an alternative rout out of the basement and into the night.

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