Ryan Cochrane
Portrayed By Daniel Cudmore
Gender Male
Date of Birth June 21, 1982
Age 24
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Place of Birth San Francisco, CA, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Paul Cochrane (father), Darlene Cochrane (mother), Helen Cochrane (sister), Rachel Cochrane (sister)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Atmokinesis
First Appearance Weathered Conspiracies

Ryan Cochrne is a young man with potentialy devistating powers. Although he may still be unsure of his place in the world, he knows that he wants to be able to control his powers, rather than let the powers control him.


Ryan Cochrane is the oldest of 3 children born to Paul and Darlene Cochrane of Orinda, CA, a wealthy and conservative community in the foothills near the San Francisco area. Born on June 21, 1982, Ryan quickly proved to be a gifted child, being a few months ahead of the standard development curve in walking and reading. Ryan's younger sisters, Helen and Rachel, were born when he was 4 and 6 respectively. Shortly after Rachel's birth, Ryan's parents started to become more absent in their children's lives, with Paul becoming more involved in his corporate law firm in San Francisco, and Darlene becoming more of a social fixture. As a result, Ryan and his sisters were raised primarily by nannies.

Ryan grew into a smart and athletic child, excelling in intramural sports at his elementary school. He especially enjoyed playing Tee-Ball and Little League baseball. Although he had the capacity for straight A's, Ryan saw how the smart kids were left out and ostracized, so he kept his grades at a solid B average to try and fit in. Given his parent's technique of buying their children whatever they desired, Ryan became popular as the kid that had all the cool new stuff.

Ryan's popularity continued into high school. He was a 'smart jock', and always had the latest in clothes or gadgets. He could have run for and won any position on the student council, but Ryan seemed to be content just staying in the 'in' crowd. He made the varsity baseball team his sophomore year and for his 16th birthday, his parents bought him a brand new BMW. Outwardly, Ryan had the perfect high school life.

Inwardly, though, Ryan's life was aimless and wandering. He kept up with the popular clothes and music just to fit in, rather than actually enjoying them. He sometimes found the 'in' crowd to be vapid and boring, but tried to maintain some sense of social acceptance and affection in light of his parent's absenteeism. The one true love in his life was baseball, but although he was good, he was not as good as the premier players that the school brought in from outside the district and made special dispensations for. So, Ryan just lived his life with a certain sense of detachment, not knowing what the future would bring.

Ryan's lack of true direction caught up to him as he started college. Ryan was passed up by the MLB draft and scholarships, but his father's influence and money bought an acceptance to Stanford University right out of High School. Paul Cochrane made no secret of what he expected of his son: Ryan should choose a field with some prestige and earning potential whether it be business, law, politics or medicine. Ryan submissively tried to live up to his father's expectations and started taking his general education courses first. High School had been easy, but now at a major university, Ryan had to struggle to keep his grades up. Playing baseball in the spring only created more pressure for Ryan, and his grades fell through, putting him on academic probation for the start of his sophomore year

With dire warnings from his father to pull his act together, Ryan started to focus full time on his studies. He pulled his grades back up to a B average, but with completing his general education requirement in 3 years, Ryan still had no direction to apply himself. He remained an undeclared major as he tried various 'acceptable' courses of study, but nothing caught his interest. Ryan's relationship with his father got worse as Ryan entered his 6th year at Stanford, still with no degree or direction. Ryan was told flat out that if he hadn't committed to a major by Christmas, he would be cut off.

Ryan began the fall semester of 2006 trying to get excited about focusing on biology and genetics for a possible pre-med degree. As usual, he started off strong, but by the end of September, his interest was starting to fade. His father's constant hounding wasn't helping the migraines that Ryan was starting to develop, either. One Friday night, Ryan was visiting home for the weekend, trying to prepare for a test on Monday. His head was throbbing and the wind was howling outside as a fall storm suddenly swept in and raged through the hills of Orinda. He closed his book just as his father came in to check on his progress. Seeing Ryan close the textbook in frustration, Paul Cochrane started yelling, accusing Ryan of slacking and wasting his education. At the end of his own patience, Ryan started yelling back, his anger growing until he felt something pop inside his head. That was when the storm broke and strokes of lightning bombarded the Cochrane house.

Ryan woke up in the hospital, his forehead wrapped in a bandage. His worried mother explained to him that the house had been damaged by the winds and lightning storm. Ryan had been knocked out by a branch that the storm had thrown through the window of his room and that the rest of the family had minor cuts and scrapes. The storm had died down quickly into high winds after the lightning strikes, so only a small part of the house and yard would need serious repairs. Ryan listend to all this absent-mindedly; somehow, he was convinced he had felt some kind of connection to the storm. He remembered the storm growing in intensity as his anger grew, and the feeling of release inside him as the lightning struck. As he reflected more, he remembered other times that the wind had responded to his emotional state since his migraines started: calm and soothing when he was at peace, or hard when he was frustrated. When he left the hospital the next day, he had a new interest in the quirky book he had chosen to do a report on in his genetics class: Activating Evolution.

Ryan began reading Activating Evolution seriously now, not just as a 'fluff' piece to get an easy grade on a report. He also began experimenting to see if he really did have the ability to control the weather. Within a few days, Ryan was able to make light breezes and direct cloud movement. A few more days later and he could create fog. Cautious from his experience with the storm, Ryan decided not to push things further. He began to research Dr. Chandra Suresh on the Internet with the hopes of contacting him until Ryan read about his murder. As the fall semester wore on and Ryan researched the ideas of Activating Evolution more, he heard about Mohinder Suresh taking over his father's research. For the first time in his life, Ryan started planning towards a solid goal.

For the rest of the semester, Ryan focused on bringing his GPA up and reconciling with his father. With a decent report card to back him, Ryan told his father that he had settled on pre-med and set up a course schedule. He also started hinting that perhaps the earlier lack of performance was from the pressure of being so close to home and maybe an out of state university would be a better solution to finish his academic career. By the time midterms for the 2007 spring semester were done, Ryan had convinced his father to let him go to New York after the semester ended and see about transferring to Columbia or NYU. Maybe he would transfer out there, maybe not; all that mattered to Ryan was a chance to get some answers from Dr. Suresh.


  • May 21, 2007: Met Dr. Mohinder Suresh and revealed his powers. Agreed to stop by the Kirby Plaza building for tests and some initial training. Weathered Conspiracies
  • May 22, 2007: Met Nadia Selvaggi at Common Grounds after visiting the Kirby Plaza building for some initial tests. They chatted over NYU applications and found 'common ground' of their own in similar overbearing fathers. The Ties That Tightly Bind


  • "But I figure that if it's all a big conspiracy, you'd already have rounded me up and taken me away in a black helecopter, or something like that." Weathered Conspiracies


*While attending Stanford, Ryan met and had a few classes with 'nerd-hop' superstar MC Lars
*Ryan's youngest sister Rachel had her 16th birthday party filmed for MTV's 'My Super Sweet 16'. ALthough the most expensive party at the time, it still remains at #3 two years later.

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