2007-06-08: Rhythm Is Gonna Get Ya....


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Summary:Ryan and Claudine run into each other at Club DnA. Orion appears but doesn't stick around for the dancing.

Date It Happened:June 08, 2007

Rhythm Is Gonna Get Ya…

Club DnA

Man. It is /HOT/ in NYC today (and, by default, tonight) and it just will not quit. Even the club scene is feeling the heat. The clubs are a little less packed than normal, even the new and exceptionally popular Club DnA's. Of course, the heat is making people more irritable, so for as relatively clear as it is, there is no less drama and trouble brewing in the background noise and activities of the crowd that is present.

Orion Granger leans up against the railing on the upper level's balcony. He's decked out in his standard club wear and is staring down at the dance floor while he holds a glass of what might be vodka and tonic in one hand. Something about his posture and position suggests that he's waiting for someone who has not yet arrived.

Deciding that she needs a break from packing, cause well, it's annoying and takes lots of time, Claudine has headed towards the empty club, perhaps to meet someone as well? She's dressed casually in a denim skirt that only goes down to mid thigh and a red blouse and a pair of matching pumps. She's going to look taller damnit!

There wasn't much sweet talking that needed to be done, considering the lack of people on this rather hot Sunday evening, and so she looks around, idly brushing her fingers through her hair for a familiar face.

From the back area, Ryan comes up to the bar. He's been here for a bit, but the heat isn't really getting to him yet. He leans over to the Bartender to give his order over the general din. "Captain Morgan and Coke…." The bartender nods and starts setting the drink up.

Granger smirks slightly as he catches sight of Claudine moving slowly through the lower level of the club. If only he were a teleporter, Orion thinks, then he could surprise her. And if only the club were more packed, he could go all white parkour ninja and descend from the balcony to the dance floor and disappear into the crowd before the bouncers could catch him.

Instead, Orion takes a long swig of his vodka and tonic. He starts strolling away from the balcony, heading for the stairs to the lower level. He has a Filipina to meet up with, after all.

Of course he does! Claudine did give him another text after all, and so she's looking around for him, but yet spies Ryan over at the bar. What an odd coincidence! So, she heads on over, thinking that perhaps Orion will find her over at the bar as well.

She hops up onto a barstool next him and gives him a cheesy little grin. "You know, only really creepy guys or losers go to clubs by themselves. You can only redeem yourself if you're waiting for like a bangin' chick or your posse.."

Ryan chuckles and smirks at Claudine. "Hey there. And no, it's creepy for a guy to be alone if he has a supply of ruthies with him to spike the drinks he buys for girls. I don't, so I'm just a guy hanging around looking to meet interesting people and expand my social circle of….let's see….just you."

Orion exits the staircase and blinks. Tall as he is and relatively 'empty' as the club is, Orion can't find Claudine. Where on Earth did she get to now? An expression, somewhere between horror and fear crosses Granger's face and he starts moving toward the restrooms.

In the process he passes Ryan and Claudine at a distance of about thirty feet. Let's see just how long it takes for Orion to notice. .

"You know, having a come back to that is still creepy.." Claudine says as she wrinkles her nose with a bit of distaste and so she looks over to the bartender for what would be a virgin strawberry daiquiri. As she waits for her order, she looks around and peeks around Ryan's rather large frame to see if she can see Orion..

Ryan takes his drink from the bartender and sets down a $10 bill. "Thanks, and keep the change." He takes a sip and turns to Claudine, noticing her looking around. "Looking for someone?"

"I just thought I saw someone that's all.." Claudine says with a slight shrug of her shoulders, sighing a little as she thought she saw Orion, but then again, maybe she didn't. Who knows? Her mind could be playing tricks on her..or something like that. It's then that she turns her attention back to Ryan and smiles while hopping back onto the bar stool. "So, have you met anyone interesting while being a creeper here?" she asks curiously.

Ryan smirks and sips some more of his drink. "Eh, had a few dances. No real sparks or conversations. Then again, who goes to a club for actual conversation, so what do I know?"

"Don't most people just go to hook up?" Claudine asks with raised brows while she crosses her legs to get a tad bit more comfortable. It's then that her drink arrives and she pays generously before she takes a sip.

Ryan chuckles and finishes his drink. "So I like to get to know someone before hooking up with them. Does that make me weird?"

"Very.." Claudine says matter of factly before she lets out a hearty chuckle and pokes him playfully in the stomach. "So..are you just going to sit here, or are you going to ask me to dance sometime this century?" she asks teasingly.

Ryan smirks at Claudine. "Okay…care to dance with a creepy and weird guy?"

Claudine hrmms and purses her lips for a few moments while thinking about it. "I guess it couldn't hurt.." she says with an impish giggle before motioning out towards the dance floor.

Ryan follows Claudine out on the dance floor. "Okay…but you will warn me if your boyfriend arrives and is about to clock me in the back of the head, right?"

"Of course. I'm not exactly a fan of violence.." Claudine says matter of factly as she looks around to see if Orion is around or not. She doesn't want a fight to start after all..

Ryan pauses for a bit as Claudine looks around. "Is that who you're looking for?"

"Well, I thought I saw him..and he said he wanted to do something tonight.." Claudine admits ruefully as she looks disappointed that he isn't in sight. "I guess it's another disappointment for lil ole me.."

Ryan frowns and thinks for a while. "You know. If you want to look for him or call him, go for it. I'm a big boy. I can handle myself here."

"No, it's all right. I told him I wanted to dance, and if it means that I'm going to dance with someone else since he's not around, then so be it!" Claudine says firmly and resolutely.

Ryan nods and smiles a bit. "Okay…lead on then."

~Time is waiting
We only got four minutes to save the world
No hesitating
Grab a boy, Go grab your girl~

It seems that 4 Minutes is currently playing and what people are on the dance floor seem to be having a good time. Bobbing her head to the beat, Claudine starts to sashay her hips while raise her arms up and over her head. She closes her head and just feels the music, even mouthing the lyrics as it goes on. For the most part, she's just doing your usual girly dance..which means, she's just trying to look sexy..ha!

Ryan starts dancing and trying to compliment Claudine. He's doing the usual guy routine of trying not to look like an idiot and let the girl look fabulous. And he does a decent job of it, too.

Claudine opens her eyes to see how he's doing, and a soft chuckle escapes from her lips. He's not doing that bad, but he can do better, she's sure of it. "Are you okay? You kinda look tense.." she says while keeping just enough space to not be completely grinding against him, cause she doesn't know what he's comfortable with after all. Though, she does grind against her guy friends typically, but that's how all girls do it these days.

Ryan smiles and stays close to Claudine. "Yeah…not really much of a dance guy. I usually just do it when I'm hanging out with friends, you know?"

"And I'm not a friend?" Claudine asks with a slight pout, just trying to gauge his reaction for now.

Ryan smiles and chuckles at the pouty-ness. "Yeah. I guess you are at that. What I meant was, I don't do a lot of dancing."

"There we go, that is better..I guess, but since you don't do it often, then you'll have to go with me. Sometimes a girl just wants to go dancing without getting hit on by guys, so you might have to be my cockblocker. I'm sure my girlfriends will appreciate it too,so I'll share you if you don't mind?" Claudine asks curiously.

Ryan chuckles and continues dancing. He does step it up some, but not much. "Well, I suppose there's worse fates than flying wingman for a guy I've never met and keeping his Fillipina girlfriend safe from the dregs of club-dom."

"That there are.." Claudine says matter of factly with a wry grin as she wraps her arms around his shoulders now,definitely getting a bit more comfortable with the music. It's still fast and upbeat, so it's a good pace for now.

Ryan smiles and relaxes a little bit. "So…I believe you said something about sharing me with your girlfriends?" He keeps dancing and doesn't seem to mind the closeness so much.

"Well, you'll be their cockblocker too, should they need one.." Claudine says with a wink as she continues to sway her hips from side to side as she gives him a gentle squeeze around the neck. "Why..were you thinking of something else?" she asks.

Ryan moves his body from side to side with the beat. "All depends. Are any of them single and good conversationalists?" Theres a grin on his face as he asks the question.

"Hrmm, I don't know if you'd consider them as good conversationalists, but we'll see.." Claudine says with a wry wink while letting out a hearty chuckle. "Man, you really want a girlfriend don't you? Why is that if you don't mind me asking?"

Ryan gives a bit of a laugh. "Well, mainly, I just want friends, period. I'm not really looking for a girlfriend, but I won't turn down the opportunity. Basically, I just don't like being alone. I like hanging out with friends doing whatever."

"I guess I can understand that.." Claudine says with a warm smile as she runs her fingers through her hair as she continues dancing with him. It seems she's getting more and more comfortable so that's good.

Ryan give Claudine a quick hug as the song ends and the next one starts up. "You're a good dancer. Makes it easy for me to be out here and not look like an idiot."

"Well, it's not that I'm good,it's just that it's simple for a girl to be considered as such. I mean, all I need to do is to try to look sexy, right?" Claudine says with a wry grin as she gives him a squeezy hug as well.

Ryan nods and moves a bit closer in as the dancing continues, his body touching and moving with yours. "Nah…I've seen really good looking girls who can't dance to save their lives. A lot of times they try to pour it on too much and come off looking like skanks."

"There are those sluthos.." Claudine says with a shrug of her shoulders as she smiles warmly and looks up at him. He's a lot closer now, but if she's aware of it, she's not making it show as she just keeps her arms wrapped around his shoulders. It's then that the music changes to something slow..she'll let him decide what to do now..

And just like that, you can almost hear the needle scratching the record and he pauses when the slow dance comes on. "Ummm…wanna keep going? Or maybe get another couple drinks?"

"I'm fine with still dancing, I mean I still have mine.." Claudine says as she motions towards the daiquiri in her hand. "Unless you're thirsty.."

Ryan goes back to dancing, albeit much slower now. "Ummm….no…no, I'm good. I just meant….."

Claudine peers at him curiously as she wrinkles her nose and just relaxes as she moves at a slower pace. Her movements have changed as well, and she's stopped gyrating, instead just swaying back and forth. "You meant what?"

Ryan licks his lips. "I mean…maybe we shouldn't be dancing this close. Making things more….complicated." He's still dancing, though.

Claudine pauses for a few moments and cants her head to the side, "Oh..I..I didn't want to make you uncomfortable.." she whispers softly, her cheeks slightly flushed a bright tinge of pink now. "I mean..I'm fine with it..it's just dancing,right?"

Ryan nods a bit absently. "Yeah….just dancing…"

Claudine hrmms for a few moments and stops where she's standing and just looks up at him, wrinkling her nose a little. "You..you sure you're okay?" she asks.

Ryan closes his eyes for a bit. HE stops dancing and nods. "Yeah….look….maybe I should just head back to the bar for a sec…."

Claudine looks concerned for a few moments as she purses her lips and sighs a little, running her fingers through her hair, "Can you tell me what's going on..please? I mean, if I'm doing something to make you feel uncomfortable..just tell me.."

Ryan looks down at Claudine. "It's…it's me that's doing something to make me feel uncomfortable." He moves off to the side of the dance floor to keep out of the way of the dancers. "I want to be your friend, and I am. But…there's also a kind of limbo for me here. Because you have a boyfriend. Maybe. And I just want to know where I stand in things. And maybe…maybe it's not the best idea for me to take you out when I'm feeling like I'm all alone. It's not fair to you."

Claudine follows and purses her lips, just ready to listen to what he has to say. Her cheeks burn bright red at what he's saying and she chews on her bottom lip as she idly runs her fingers through her hair. "You're my friend, and I like you..you know that.." she says with a warm smile while reaching out to take his hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. "But you want me to like-like you, huh.."

Ryan smiles a bit. "I think that having you as my only friend here is really complicating our relationship, all things considered."

Claudine purses her lips a little, mulling something over as she nods. Then she does something unexpected and kisses him on the lips, just to see his reaction. She figures if he does like her, there'll be more of a spark..or something..

Ryan blinks in surprise. There's a bit of resistance from the suddenness of the kiss, but he relaxes and leans into it some, tilting his head to give a better angle.

Oh, she's going to feel bad about this later, and soon, she closes her eyes, gently kissing back. A few moments pass and she breaks the kiss, chewing on her bottom lip, not quite sure what she did or why she did it..

Ryan straightens back up as the kiss ends and opens his eyes. He sighs and seems to deflate a bit. "Oh, Hell….."

"So..um..yeah.." Claudine says while chewing on her bottom lip as she runs her fingers through her hair more out of habit than anything else..

Ryan nods slowly. "Yeah. I think I'd better go home now…." And beer. Lots and lots of beer.

"Why?" Claudine asks softly as she chews on her bottom lip a little, now feeling just a little bit awkward around him. But give it a night and she should be good again..or something like that..

Ryan puts his hand on Claudine's shoulder. "Because….I think we both need some time to think things through."

"That would probably be a good idea..I should get back to the dorm anyway.." Claudine admits ruefully while chewing on her bottom lip still.

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