2008-04-11: Sad Songs

Starring: William and Quinn

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Summary: Discussion of Musical Styles

Date It Happened: April 11, 2008

Sad Songs

Imago Cafe

It's a Saturday night, and apparently that means it's a good night to be out with the boys. A whole group from the Police Academy chose this as a night out, and Will got swept right along with them. Really, it's about six guys, dressed nicely in dress pants and button down shirts. They cleaned up before coming. And the bar seems to be their first stop, making their way through the people towards the beacon of alcohol. "I betcha I can get the most phone numbers tonight." A loudmouth in the group brags on their way past, just getting a roll of the eyes from Will. "Kids." Well, William probably has five years on the guy. That's close enough, right?

It is a pretty busy night, given it's Saturday. The placard by the stage announces the headliner, but right now, she's making the rounds around the bar, meeting the audience in person.

William takes a stool, listening as the men with him place their orders, mostly for different kinds of beer. Will, on the other hand finally leans forward to place an order for tequila. And of course, the loud mouthed one has to make a comment to that. "Whoa. Look guys. Mr. Gay here can drink like a man."
William just turns his head giving the guy a look over and a shake of his head. "And I can also take you down with one hand tied behind my back. I don't think you want to make me prove that." He states with a calm tone of voice. And apparently that's enough to sent loudmouth off to find numbers, though he stops for a quick leering look at Quinn on his way past.

Quinn looks mostly surprised, and a little amused at the leer. She shakes her head, having to remain, well, polite. She makes it to the table of the 'boys in blue', even if they aren't actually in blue right now. She gives the standard, "Well, welcome to the Imago." pitch.

William gives Quinn a quick, friendly smile. "Please ignore our friend there. We're not all that rude." He states with a hint of humor, reaching out to drink from the alcohol placed in front of him. "Best way to drink is to dive right in." He informs one of the other recruits, now ordering a beer, to match the other men.

William gives Quinn a smile. "Ah. I've been to Vegas a couple of times. I can just imagine that this is nicer." The other men are drifting off, finding someone to go chat up. Will, though, seems content to hang out at the bar, sipping from his new bottle of beer.

Quinn looks around, then nods. "Well, this club is, at least. Some there are really fancy, but.. they tend to like them gaudy."
William gives Quinn a nod looking around the club for a moment. "Gaudy is a good word to describe a lot of things in Vegas. And slot machines everywhere."

Quinn nods, "Even some bathrooms." she chuckles. She glances to the stage, asking casually, "What sort of music do you like?"

William shakes his head with a laugh. "I must have missed those. I was pretty impressed with their presence in the grocery store and gas station we stopped at." He pauses for a sip of beer before he shrugs. "I like most kinds. Except country."

Quinn ahhs and grins. 'I guess I can avoid that tonight.' thoughtfully. 'What about old standards, folk, that kind of thing?'

William nods his head. "That sort of thing is good. Just not a country song about how much he loves his dog and his truck, but not his wife." Will says with a joking tone and smile.

Quinn grins, 'Actually, it starts, 'I was drunk the day my mom got out of prison'."

William laughs with a bright smile. "Yes. You know just the one I'm talking about. Or wait. Are they all about that?" Maybe that shot of tequila has kicked in, but he's relaxed since starting to talk to Quinn.

Quinn hmms, "I have to admit, my favorite name, and I'll have to mention, this is NOT a comedy song, was 'Dropkick me Jesus through the goalposts of life.'" with a grin, "But no, I don't do those, unless its requested."

William winces. "Oh, that just screams sacreligious. Though I know several family members who would likely love it. Thankfully, they're not here tonight to request it." He pauses for a moment before asking. "You sing here, then?

Quinn nods over at the placard with some amusement. 'You could say that.'

William gives her a smile. "Well then, please avoid anything that would make reference to Jesus and sporting events in any combination."

Quinn laughs, "Given that's the only one I know, easily done. You ok with something on the sadder side?"

William nods his head. "Sadder side is okay, especially if it's a good reason to be sad. Not say, my truck broke down, so now I need to cry forever."

William raises his beer in toast. "That sounds like it is as it should be then. Sad songs are good for releasing emotion." He states.

Quinn smiles as she rises, "Well, then, time to perform." she offers, "You ain't seen nothing yet."

William gives her a smile back. "Well then, I'll look forward to listening." And he'll just stay next to the bar to do it. The bar is a safe zone. And it has alcohol. All the important things.

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