2007-10-20: Safe Houses


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After getting a message from Kory, Cass calls back while in Texas to try and help out long distance. Instead, she manages to volunteer Lachlan for help.

October 20th, 2007:

Safe Houses

Texas and New York City

PHONE: You dial the number 789-5679. It begins to ring.

PHONE: The other end answers, "Hello?"

PHONE: Cass says, "Hi Kory, it's Cass. You called?" There's some crackling and some shifting. "Sorry. I'm…the reception is terrib—-" There's a click and then some more rustling. "Okay. I'm outside. I think…can you hear me better?"

PHONE: Kory says, "Cass, hi…I…I can hear you now, yeah. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!"

PHONE: Cass says, "Sure sure!" The sound of traffic passing by and a loud horn. "I'm not quite sure I understood everything in the message, there was something about a Cam?"

PHONE: Kory says, "Yeah, yeah." She's in a quiet place, so other than Cass' own background noise, her voice is clear as a bell. "Did you hear what happened at the park over the weekend? The magician who was murdered, and the crowd getting attacked? Cam was there. He's just a kid, and he's …gifted. Like me, y'know…?"

PHONE: Cass says, "Attacked? Are you okay?" That at least, comes through. There's a few more footsteps and then her voice sounds more like it's echoing. At least it's easier to hear her. She must have stepped into a stairwell or something. "No, I've…I'm not in the city. I'm not even in the state." There's a pause and then she asks, "Who is Cam?"

PHONE: Kory hurriedly clarifies, "I wasn't there, no, no, I'm fine. But Cam got hurt. This woman with…well, she hurt him, and his gift kicked in." She laughs, as Cass asks who he is. "I'm sorry. I've been going a mile a minute. Cam's a kid who comes into the Lair. He's one of Lee's students. I kind of have unofficially adopted him since he's got no folks. But the craziness at the park really shook him up. But it also made him determined to learn to use his own special gift, y'know." She seems to be speaking in a wide circle because they're on the phone, trusting that Cass understands what she means.

PHONE: Cass says, "Oh! Oh." Of course Cass can get it. And she wants to ask what exactly it is he can do. But, they're over the phone. "Right. Is he okay? What happened at the park, exactly? Is it…what he can do, that is, is it dangerous?" Because she doesn't want to put him somewhere he could hurt others unwillingly. Especially when she's not there to help out. "Yeah. No, it's good. It's good to want to control it. How…old is he exactly?"

PHONE: Kory explains, "Burned shoulder. Pretty bad. And …potentially it's dangerous, but I don't think right now we have anything to worry about." She considers the question. "Mainly he wants to be able to do it on purpose, and not do it when he's stressed out. He's twelve, almost thirteen. Right at that age where he wants to be a grownup, but knows he's not really one, not yet. He was so scared, even telling me what happened. I can give you the gory details, but maybe when you're back in town." Not really a tale for over the phone, perhaps.

PHONE: Cass doesn't say anything in response for a little while. "Potentially dangerous?" That's something she has to think about. "Can you clarify that without…you know." Totally clarifying. "Fire, water, air, weather…" she can take her pick without explaining it in full, right? This is something important. "No, I understand. It can be terrifying. I'm sure." There's a frown. "And you're looking for some place for him to stay?"

PHONE: Kory listens to Cass, and replies, "Yes. Um, kind of cryogenics. But only a baby version. Not a big one." She hurriedly clarifies, "Not so much a place for him to stay as a place for him to practice … a place for him to run to, like a panic room, in a pinch, if he finds himself in trouble again."

PHONE: Cass exhales in one long breath. It would sound like she was smoking if she did it more often. "Gotcha." That can be dangerous. But certainly is something that he should learn to control. "Um, he can use Bat Country further down the road." Even if she'd like him to be able to use it sooner rather than later. "But for right now it's not available for use. If he needs some place to go to be safe, tell him to go to 33 Prospect Park West. Third Floor. Lachlan'll be there and can help him out."

PHONE: Kory taps her teeth with her finger, then realizes she's probably making an annoying noise, and stops. "Okay. I'll go with him, then. I don't think I know Lachlan. Should I introduce myself first? I …don't want to cause a problem for anybody." But clearly she's quite attached to the kid. "I know I said I'd help, but here I am coming to you for help. I'm sorry."

PHONE: Cass's voice can easily belay the smile that she's probably wearing right now. "Lachlan's my fiancee. He's…well, he's not scientist, but I think he's the perfect person to help Cam. He's a man's man. And it sounds like Cam needs one of those." Even if Kory is well-meaning, she's a girl. And sometimes boys need boys. "You can stop by and introduce yourself. Bring Cam along. It might be easier for him if you two meet Lachlan together. Or you can check him out yourself and then let Cam know where to find him." There's a pause. "He's, um, well, he can be a little abrasive and blunt. But, he's really a big sweetheart."

PHONE: Kory sounds relieved. "I'll keep that in mind. Cass, thank you so much. I can't tell you how much of a relief this will be. When're you coming back in town? I can tell you in more detail what happened. And I can buy you lunch for doing this for Cam. For me."

PHONE: Cass laughs. "Don't thank me yet. You haven't met Lachlan." Even if Cass has done her best in dressing him better and working on his manners, he'll still always be Lachlan. "And I haven't talked to him, either. But, I think he'll like knowing he can do something." There's a pause as for when she's coming back into town. "I should only be gone a couple of days. It's not really a set schedule here. I'll give you a call as soon as I'm back, alright? And, honestly, Kory, don't worry about it. This is exactly what I'm doing all this for."

PHONE: Kory laughs along with Cass. "All right, if you say so. I look forward to meeting him. And — well, I'm glad you're doing it. Cam tells me there's somebody out there doing the opposite of what you do." She doesn't say it, but she doesn't have to. The idea scares her. Badly.

PHONE: Cass pauses. The opposite of what she does. "I'll…I think I've heard of them. There's…" She sighs. She can't talk about this on the phone. "We've got a lot to talk about when I get back." What she wouldn't give for Hiro's teleportation powers now. "I'll call Lachlan and tell him to expect you at some point. Be careful, alright?"

PHONE: Kory promises, "I'll be careful. I'll get in touch with Lachlan. And yeah. we do, I think. This is bigger than I had any idea. I'll let you go and get back to what you were doing. Thanks again."

PHONE: Cass says, "Sometimes I think it's bigger than anyone can comprehend." It is evolution they're talking about, here. "Thanks. I'll talk to you soon, okay? Do me a favor and give Lee a good needling for me."

PHONE: Kory laughs. "You got it. Somebody's gotta keep his ego in check, and I've got the needle to pop his bubble. Take care, Cass."

PHONE: The phone call has been ended by the other person.

PHONE: You dial the number 283-8008. It begins to ring.

PHONE: The other end answers, "What?"

PHONE: Cass says, "Hey baby! It's me. How're you?"

PHONE: Lachlan sounds a bit groggy, but it perks up at that. "Hey. M'a'righ'. Ho're ye?"

PHONE: Cass's voice is a little bit echoey, as if she's talking in a stairwell. She probably is. "Hey. I'm good. Did I wake you up? I can call back a little later if you want."

PHONE: Lachlan shuffles around a little on the other end of the line. "Nah, nah, s'fine, I just— " The sound goes muffled and distant a moment and he's faintly heard to grumble, "Gerroff, ye bloody beast." This is followed by a muted and protesting 'mrowr' before Lachlan returns to the line: "— just fell asleep onna couch. Wha's up?"

PHONE: Cass automatically scolds, "Be nice to George." Because she can guess who it is that's the bloody beast there without hearing the mrwor on the other end. "Actually, I was, um, hoping you could do something for me." It has a little something to do with their argument they had before she left.

PHONE: Lachlan pauses and lets out a low half-grunt, half-sigh, the sort of noise one makes when settling and attempting to wake up the brain for higher functioning thought. It's a rather full and considerate pause. "Baby, if yer lonely, then just come home," he utters finally. "Phone sex's no' all tha' great." Is he joking? It's a little hard to tell.

PHONE: Cass sighs. "Come on, Lach, I'm not about to do phone sex in a stairwell. And the reception's not good enough back in the hotel room to even try it there." Plus, Mohinder next door is kind of a shirt. "Um, this is a little weird to ask, but do you remember me talking about Kory? From the Secret Lair? You know, Nima and Lee's shop?" Though it really is Nima's, Lee's her brother and it'll help if it's linked between them.

PHONE: Lachlan's response is again delayed by the intervention of a purring fluffy thing. Cass would know it's purring and fluffy because she'll get an earful of "PRRRPRRRRPRRRFFFFRUFFFFFFFPFFRRRPRRRR" followed by some spluttering and cursing and a "gerroff!" "Bloody cat," growls Lachlan, but the booming purr is still faintly audible over the phone, so he hasn't flung George across the room. "Sure, yeah?" No, he doesn't remember a Kory, but he'll, uh, pretend. For the sake of conversation.

PHONE: Cass actually laughs at George and Lachlan's antics. And even if she doesn't believe that he remembers Kory, she continues. "Well, she's been looking after this kid, right? He got into something a little while ago and they found out that he can, well, he can do Something." With a capital S. "Anyway. She called me to see if there was a place that he could go for a safe place, you know, if he ever needed it. And I don't want to let him into Bat Country because of what's been going on there. So, I told them to stop by the apartment. I was hoping you could talk to him. He's 12, he doesn't have any parents…I think he needs someone he can talk to. Relate to." And Lachlan's basically 12.

PHONE: Lachlan seems to freeze at the mention of 'kid' and 'talk to'. But it's not a tiny kid, so he doesn't sound too unsure when he responds: "Uh, sure, sure. S'pose. Wha's he do?" Make no mistake: he's only agreeing because Cass asked him to do it.

PHONE: Cass has no delusions about what Lachlan's agreeing so easily, but that doesn't make her any less grateful. "Ice." She won't use the fancy name because, well, she'll probably get Lachlan asking her what exactly a cryogenic is and if it's a naughty sexual position. "Kory said she'd call to set up a time you all could meet since I'm out of town." It's something she wishes she could be there to make sure goes right. But, still, she's trusting Lachlan to be able to handle it.

PHONE: Lachlan would be quite curious about a sexual position called 'the cryogenic'. It does sound pretty kinky. Granted, just about everything could be misconstrued as 'kinky' when you're Lachlan. "A'righ'. 'll talk ta 'em." And do all the helpful stuff that he's expected to do, like not do anything that would get CPS descending on him like vultures. "S'tha' it?"

PHONE: Cass doesn't doubt that curiosity in all things kinky and involving the bedroom. Hence why she decides not to run that path when dealing with something serious. "You don't have to impress the kid or anything. You probably don't even have to talk through that much. I think he needs another guy to just identify with. He's going through a tough time. Take him to a baseball game or something." Isn't that what men do to bond? When asked if there's anthing else, she smiles. "Nope. One more thing." She pauses just a beat. "I love you. Thank you."

PHONE: Lachlan snorts. "Baseball's a nancy game. 'll take 'im ta a footy match're somethin'." If he can find a readily available rugby match, he'll take the boy there instead. Nothing like an overly violent sport to bring two guys closer together. That last causes him to smile, which can't be seen, but at least heard: "Love ye too, baby. When're ye comin' home?" Need Casspillow, he misses.

PHONE: Cass rolls her eyes. Which, thankfully, Lachlan can't see from his end. She wouldn't know the difference between a football or soccer game. Lots of men trying to dash one way or another and bodily check each other. Whatever. "Whatever you think will be good." Because, well, they should Talk as Men Talk. Shoot bear. Guy stuff. "Not sure yet. Haven't gotten to do what we need to do yet. Shouldn't be more than a couple of days." She misses her own version of the Lachlan pillow. However just because she's home doesn't mean there will be much lounging about. "So you be good until then. Talk to Kory and Cam, check on the others."

PHONE: Lachlan has no illusions about any lounging about that would happen when Cass gets back, but at least when she's home, he gets part-time Casspillow. Over in Texas, it's a little harder to reach. "Yeah, yeah. 'll do tha'." A pause and an almost audible grin: "So wha're ye wearin'?" Harhar.
PHONE: Cass snickers a little at the question. "Jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of sneakers." Not exactly lingerie. Her voice softens and she adds, "I'll call you later, baby. Love you."

PHONE: Lachlan snorts. That is not what he was wanting. "Killjoy," he accuses before he responds in kind: "Love ye too."

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