2009-11-11: Salute!



Date: November 11, 2009


The Congressman receives an unexpected visitor.


George's apartment, Washington, DC

It's late in the evening and the streets are rather desolate because everyone is doing the family dinner thing. The ones that aren't with their families are either safely tucked in a restaurant or in front of the television watching CSpan. After all, it is DC.

A cab pulls up in front of a certain apartment building and out climbs a woman in a long coat. Her legs look bare and her feet are clad with a pair of very expensive shoes. A well placed bribe sees her through the door and up she flits to one of the upper floors. Then knock.. knock.. knock

Having ducked out of his office a couple hours ago and grabbed a quick dinner on the go, George is pacing back and forth in his apartment, talking with some of his staff who have stayed behind to follow up on details. Notepad and pen in hand, cell phone in his shirt pocket with speakerphone turned on. And then there's a knock at the door. "—ah, someone's here, hang on…" He peers through the keyhole, then smiles and opens the door. "Okay, listen, I gotta go. You're probably good for now anyway, just sum up the rest for me in the morning."

Hallis' hands are clutching her long coat closed and she is looking rather nervously around her. When the door opens, she gives the man inside a wide grin and tilts her head as though posing for the camera. Not wanting to interrupt his phone call, she ducks inside the apartment, under his arm and toward the sofa. Not until he hangs up does she speak, "Happy Veteran's Day!" she calls out and opens her coat wide…

Underneath the long garment the woman is wearing… a toga made from an American flag.

Oh, that's irresistible. "Actually, my dad was the one in the Air Force," quips George, even as he ditches the office supplies and takes a step toward her. He's doing a whole lot of not complaining about this particular surprise visit.

This causes the woman to grin rather widely. "So this is a good outfit then? I was going to make a bikini out of it… but I thought cutting up the flag might set a few people off here." She seems rather nonchalant about the whole thing, but she tosses the coat aside and places her hands on her hips, posing again.

"So, did you miss me?" She asks, her voice sounding quite self assured. She doesn't wait for much of an answer before she closes in on him and looks up at him. "I know that I miss you… it's been a horrible week. Just awful."

George's hands automatically move to the edges of the flag, expecting things to go much the same way they did when he discovered they lived on the same floor in New York - but something about the look in her eyes catches him up short. "…what's wrong?" he asks, smoothing her hair back with the flat of his hand instead. This sounds more serious than just 'I haven't seen you for a few days'.

Hallis' hands move to his waist, wrapping loosely around his waist. She smiles a little, as though looking to make light of the situation she's found herself in. "I started seeing someone," she pauses and takes a deep breath, "I just thought maybe it was a good idea, because of the … thing… the fire." She halts somewhat, her brow furrowing, then she closes her eyes to near slits. "Anyway, I think I'll be seeing her every week. She seems much better than when I was in high school."

At the mention of 'seeing someone', George stops dead in his tracks again, only to relax as some of the context is revealed. "Oh, that kind of 'seeing someone'," he murmurs. And politely avoids asking why she was seeing one back in high school. "So what'd you tell her, what'd she say about it?" These answers may be off limits as well, but if they are then she'll say so.

Shrugging, Hallis purses her lips, "I told her everything, absolutely everything." Then she closes the gap between them and lets loose a long sigh. "She told me to buy a new pair of shoes. A sort of therapy to help me cope with what happened. Oh, and a diary… but I haven't really started that." She looks around the apartment and furrows her brow, "Uhm… do you have anything to eat?" Then she shakes her head and waves a hand dismissing the question, "Never mind. But I got the shoes and I was going home, they were great shoes. Fabulous. Jimmy Choos. And guess what happened?!"

Everything? Including seeing a guy with fire coming out of his hands? Well, she's a therapist, she'll probably write it off as a panic attack or a bad trip or something. "There's—" He starts to point out the mini-fridge, then gets up instead and heads over to it, taking out a couple bottles of water instead. "Cab driver splashed mud on them?" he offers, walking back and handing one to Hallis.

Hallis accepts the water and cracks it open, wrinkling her nose at its non-alcoholic flavor."No, the woman that touched me and make me feel all whoah.. she barfed on my new Jimmy Choos!" She lets out an exasperated growl and then caps her water, setting it down on the nearest available surface. Of course without a coaster.

In an agitated manner, she starts pacing the room, using her hands to emphasize parts of her little tirade as she speaks to him. "She and that goof off she lives with were all beat up and trying to get into the apartment building, who knows why. But, I tried to get into the building and that … Bad Hair Day, let her greasy lunch come up all over my new shoes!" That said, she calms quite a bit, crossing the room to be near him again. Then she gives him a rather large smile, "I went out and got a new pair today. I swear, I need to get insurance just for my new shoes. I've spent at least four grand this month alone."

It's okay, that table was built to take abuse anyhow. "I can see that being hard to take," George offers - he's not big on shoes himself, but it's obvious that she is, after all the therapist made a point out of them, right? "Maybe you could get knock-offs and save the real ones for big events? Or just keep your distance from them from now on."

At the mention of the sick woman's euphoric ability, there's another frown. "So she can make people feel good? That could cause real problems… I was at a club a couple years ago and I think someone might've used an ability like that, or else they spiked a lot of drinks."

The woman almost chokes when George suggests knock offs. After all, the young blonde is so avant garde she won't even consider a sale. "George, please tell me you're kidding about the knock offs. Do you think these feet would look good in a cheap pair of plastic shoes?" To make her point, Hallis lifts one of her feet behind her as she presses her body against him to allow him a better view.

"Now then, enough about me… except for the part where you tell me how happy you are to see me here." She smiles up at him and slides her arms upward, around his neck. "Have you been doing anything fun? Or just boring… uhm… congressmaning?" It's not even a real word, but it fits in the context. After all, how would she know what happens in the nation's capital, it's not like it's reported in the gossip column or in the pages of Vogue.

"I think those feet look good in no shoes," George replies, laughing, "but I'm not the one you should be asking." Leaning closer, he shakes his head. "A hundred little details, nothing to write home about." At least nothing that Hallis or her crowd would take particular interest in; no scoops on alcoholism or bribery to be had here, sorry.

"Barefoot?" Hallis puckers her lips lightly in thought and half lids her eyes. "Who should I be asking if not you? Miss Bad Hair Day? No thank you, her and her homeless counterpart are persona non grata when it comes to being around me in any kind of footwear." Then she pulls back slightly and puts on her pouting face, "I know it's nothing to write home about, I haven't even gotten an eensie weensie text from you. Not even a late night phone call, what am I supposed to think?"

Hey, there's that second water bottle still sitting there - George reaches out to uncap it and take a swig, and more importantly buy himself a few seconds. "That I'm having a busy week?" he answers, finally. "Hal, I'm on the phone all day most days— I'm not forgetting about you, believe me."

With a sigh, Hallis pulls back even further and flops into the sofa, laying her head back to stare at the stippled ceiling. "I hope not, because I've been told I'm rather unforgettable." She says this matter of factly, no arrogance in her voice, just monotony. Slowly, her blue eyes roll to the side to examine him from where she sits. "Can I make a motion on the floor? Or whatever it is you do in that big white building?" Her lips twitch just a little, even though she's trying hard not to smile at her own attempt at a joke. "I flew all the way here wearing nothing but a coat, a pair of shoes and the American flag. Do you know how many times I was stopped by airport security to be searched? I'd like to start tonight over… unless I did this for nothing."

George leans over, peering into Hallis's eyes and running a fingertip along the hem of her one remaining item of clothing. "You didn't do it for nothing. You're still here, aren't you?" With a wink, he straightens up again and ducks down the hall, turning and motioning to her as he stands in the doorway to the bedroom. "Come surprise me?"

Puckering her lips to hide her smile, Hallis turns on the sofa to peer over the back toward the bedroom. "How am I supposed to su—" And then it's like a lightbulb goes off over her head. Slowly, she crawls up onto the sofa and wrinkles her nose at him, grimacing. "Oh say can you see…" she begins to sing to the tune of the national anthem, her voice not completely horrible. "By George's lamp light…" And she slips to the floor, coming to a graceful stand. "Oh so proudly Hal came… To Washington D.C."

She begins stalking toward the bedroom, her high heels glinting the light. "Something something…. And the flag was still there." Reaching the bedroom, she pushes him inside. The last thing that can be seen is a pair of expensive shoes being kicked one at a time out into the hallway before the door is closed.

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