Dr. Samantha Dayan
Portrayed By Idina Menzel
Gender Female
Date of Birth March 11th, 1977
Age 32
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Aliases Sam, Doc, AppleBomb
Place of Birth Queens, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Medical Doctor
Known Relatives Dr. Joshua and Rachel Applebaum (parents)
Significant Other Namir Dayan
Known Abilities Sonic Projection
First Appearance A Doctor, a Bartender, and Some Hot Wings


March 11th, 1973 is a day that will live in infamy - okay, maybe not so much. But I was born to Rachel and Joshua Applebaum on a crisp spring morning. My dad was fortunate enough to work in one of the two professions Jewish mothers always hope their daughters will marry into, which is to say, he had a thriving practice as a pediatrician in our neighborhood in Queens, New York. My mom was - well, is - a housewife, though she has been known to serve on various boards and work administratively both at our local temple as well as at the private schools I went to. Oh, you bet I went to private school, Jewish all the way through, from kindergarten all the way up through senior year.

I was a pretty typical nice Jewish girl, and as a little girl my parents encouraged a diversity of interests - for as long as I would stick with them. Horseback riding, karate, gymnastics, ballet, all the things that a little girl goes through, my parents indulged me in until I get tired of it. When I finally got to highschool my parents decided to direct things a bit more. I was expected to participate in three activities outside of temple choir; one had to be athletic, one had to be artistic, and one could be whatever I chose. For athletics, I went for soccer. For artistic, I auditioned for school plays, and for my own choice, well of all things, it was Science Club that really suited me best. See, with my dad being a pediatrician and all, I got it into my head fair quickly that I wanted to be a doctor. After my bat mitzvah, I took an unofficial "job" helping in his office, where I discovered that while the medical profession interested me, I didn't so much have the patience for kids.

Getting into New York University as a pre-med was pretty easy. My grades were darn good, and thanks to my parents insisting on my being well rounded, they snatched me up without hesitation. I was persuaded to rush and decided against it, however what did attract me was the recruiters for Mdecins Sans Frontires, also known as Doctors Without Borders. I started volunteering there as a pre-med in their offices, and continued to do so as I graduated magna cum laude and was accepted into NYU's med school. It was through a MSF funded program that I was actually permitted to spend my fourth and graduating year assisting in the field; one semester in Columbia, and then another in the Sudan. My parents were less than thrilled, but I didn't care - the experience was invaluable, not to mention m Spanish and French improved considerably.

It was while I was in Sudan that it happened the first time. When you work for MSF, you basically accept the fact that you're working in dangerous war zones with no garuntee of your safety. The Second Sudanese Civil War was ongoing until just a couple of years ago, did you know that? I was 26 years old at the time, and we had just managed to recover some teens who'd either escaped or been subject to the horrors of the war. Most of the girls had been raped. The boys had survived by escaping into the jungles, and they were lucky to be found. Lost Boys? They don't always wind up with Peter Pan, let's put it that way.

We'd managed to collect something like 30 teenagers, when the army came down on us. Right away they brought us out into the village square and ordered the girls and the boys seperated. The MSF team was a mix of folks from Europe and the US, and they seperated us too, demanding that we turn our backs so we would hear but not see what they would do to the young men and women we'd worked so hard to help. The screams and the gunshots were too much for me. I turned around and saw them attempting to execute the boys, some going after the girls to rape them. It was too much for me, and I screamed.

Something…came out of me. Imagine it as like a sort of a not-quite invisible ripple, undulating waves of…something that seemed to emenate from my throat. Guns literally shattered in the hands of the soldiers, and people dropped unconscious, as if hit by some concussive force. My fellow MSF were too frightened to turn around, until we realized that the solders - and bizarrely, all the kids - were unconscious. We radioed for help and all the kids were eventually extracted, and so were we.

Coming back to New York and electing to do my residency in trauma care and emergency medicine at Mount Sinai seemed odd and alien to me. What had happened seemed to change me, even if I still appeared to be a metropolitan New York gal on the surface. At first I tried to ignore what I'd done, but eventually my curiousity got the better of me. I was careful, I only practiced in my apartment, on stuff like cheap vases and glassware and dinner plates. I've only ever managed to knock out a person once, it was a junkie who'd been brought to the ER who'd been hyped up on something. I don't -think- the nurses saw what I did.

Technically now if I wanted to, I could strike out on my own. I've completed my residency, but at the moment I'm compelled to stay in Mount Sinai's ER. I've got my own apartment, and I'm happy in my job. So what if my mother complains that I'm still not married? Who has the time? I'd rather just get a dog.


Samantha is able to generate sonic waves that seem to act as a concussive force by emitting a scream. At present, the force of her sonic abilities projects in a cone-like manner(the incident in the Sudan being a sort of wild manifestation she's not been able to duplicate since), widening to approximately ten feet across at the end of the cone, though its length is approximately thirty feet. Deaf people are affected by Sam's powers, as even though they cannot hear, they are still affected by what is physically happening to their bodies. However, powers or technology that can neutralize sound or sounds that are louder than Samantha can block her out - it's as simple as sticking one's iPod earbuds in and turning up the volume.

The sonic waves she emits can shatter materials capable of being cracked or broken; she can shatter glass with ease, but would need more time to crack through concrete, and at the present wouldn't be able to affect hard metals. Her scream can also knock out people, though she is less practiced at this, and anyone with enhanced hearing might want to be wary, as it would be very painful for them possibly to the point of internal bleeding.

Good Vibrations
Samantha is capable of using the vibrations of her scream to physically move small light weight objects generally nothing heavier then a full 24 ounce glass of water and little more then a few inches if that.

Mama Said Knock You Out
Samantha's sonic scream is capable of rendering people unconscious. Anyone within range of hearing her is affected though she can control the volume. For example she might let out a full volume scream in the middle of the emergency room and everyone who hears it will fall down unconscious or she might just be behind curtain one and let out a much softer 'scream' that only the junky on the bed can hear to put him under just like one raises or lowers their voice normally. Most people describe hearing the scream as a sort of static. One can avoid the effect by plugging one's ears generating a noise capable of drowning out her scream or having appropriate abilities to counter the effect or by having non-functioning ear drums. People with a heightened sense of hearing on the other hand are especially vulnerable and may find the effect painful as well as experiencing internal bleeding.

Shake Rattle And Roll
Samantha's sonic scream can shatter objects or render them cracked or broken. The more solid the material is the harder it is for her to shatter glass is easy but concrete takes more of a 'push'. Solid steel is impossible - at least for now. Samantha can direct the effect at her target or targets as far away as thirty feet and up and about ten feet across if one were to imagine a cone shape extending from the point of sound origin.



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Who She Knows

Bekah - The Shiksa. A fellow doctor in Mount Sinai's ER, Bekah and Samantha get along rather well, to the point of socializing together outside of work. They're both aware of their respective "special abilities" and try to back each other up to avoid discovery.

Erica - The Flygirl. Sam met Erica while the woman was flying around New York City, and is the one who pointed out that taking an aerial tour of the Statue of Liberty might not be a wise idea. Sam's happy to have another female friend who seems to (aside from wanting to be a flying vigilante) have a good dose of common sense. She has some interest in trying to find Erica a nice guy to hook up with, because Sam's a yenta like that.

Felix - The Fed. A former cop turned FBI agent, Sam knows Felix from back when he was on the Force. She treated him for a GSW before, and after he started up government work the pair kept in touch. He's asked for Sam's assistance in his work sometimes.

Judah - The Prodigal. Sam and Judah go back a bit, both coming from Jewish backgrounds with families who attended the same synagogue. While Sam is very much a cultural Jew if not a religious one, Judah's detached himself even further from their heritage. Despite this, they seem to get along. Sam likes teasing him, because he's kinda mopey.

Mara - The Cop. Mara is yet another one of Sam's police contacts, having met her through Judah. They're not close friends, but Samantha has high regard for Mara's efforts at her job. She's a bit more cautious now however having learned of Mara's connection to Sylar.

Mohinder - The Scientist. Samantha was given a copy of Activating Evolution and her search for Chandra Surresh led her to his son. She was willing to allow herself to be documented for Mohinder's work, and has since helped him with his foster daughter, Molly. The pair maintain an amiable professional relationship, though Sam has no idea how involved Mohinder is in the fate of all Evolved.

Namir - The Boyfriend. An NYPD police officer, Sam and Namir were friends before he asked her out on a date. Then one date became many dates, and then they started spending lots of time in each other's apartments. He makes her play Halo 3, and she like to chase him down supermarket aisles brandishing sausages.

William - The Buddy. William was introduced by way of Namir. He's a sweet guy, though the fact that he and Namir constantly natter to each other in Arabic kind of works Sam's nerves, though she did get some mileage out of the fact that for some time he didn't seem to realize that William is gay. Sam's just happy she has someone to go with to her beloved Broadway musicals.


  • While not a professional, Sam appeared in many of her highschool's musicals, and has a great love of Broadway. She's also got a not-so-secret love of karaoke.
  • Aside from her native English, Samantha speaks fluent Spanish, French, a smattering of Hebrew, and knows several phrases in Yiddish.
  • Her experience with MSF has given her some expertise with tropical and communicable diseases.
  • Owns a tuxedo cat named Fiyero.
  • Got introduced to Halo 3 by Namir, who gave her the callsign 'AppleBomb'.
  • The Dark Future version of Samantha in the year 2009 can be found here. Of course, this version of Samantha may never come to pass.


  • A Day In The Friendship Of Bekah and Sam:


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