2009-11-16: Same Side



Date: November 16, 2009


Charlotte pops in on Ivory. They find out that they're both on the same side.

"Same Side"

Luxury Apartmen of WYNN

Senator Ivory Wynn. What a man. A man that's doing what he should be doing in this particular situation. Mostly because of the fact that, well, he's not doing much of anything. Okay, that's a lie. He's cooking. There's some Afterlife episode playing on the expensive television set in the living room whilst he's paying more attention to the craziness that he's whipping up on the stove. It smells heavenly divine, whatever it is. But there's no one else in this apartment to smell the greatness that is Ivory's Cooking. This doesn't seem to bother Ivory in the least, considering that this is one of the rare times he's getting some time to himself. Go figure.

Unfortunatly, the poor Senator's solo-cooking scheme is about to be ruined by the presence of another. At least this one is a woman, correct? She looks rather out of place, at least, according to her facial expression. She's a little - or a lot - nervous. Her hair is up in a clip. She wears a simple fitted sweater and a khaki pleated skirt, with flats. A decorative scarf is around her throat, one length hanging down the front, and another down the back. Intricate gold celtic knots, rather large too, but not gawdy, swing from her ears. Her nails are freshly painted. However, the flush in her cheeks is very much natural, and has nothing to do with man-made items. "Senator Wynn?" She asks softly, knowing that her sudden presence can be frightening to those not expecting it.

Now see, normally, Senator Wynn would be playing this cool and calm and collected and everything else. But that's mostly because he'd be in front of people. But here, in the unsafety of his own home, he's scared out of his mind. Which is why he's jumping back and slinging whatever's on his spatula off to the side. Which means it's all over his wall. Spinning around, he kind of drops the spatula to the counter and peers out of the kitchen to where the woman is standing. A woman that he doesn't remember ever seeing before. "What the—?!" His body reacts quickly, backing up to the counter next to the stove, where he can have a bit of room to reach for a knife if he needs to.

Seeing the man turn, Charlotte's tinted blush turns a bit deeper as she regards him for the first time - the first time not on television, anyway. "Oh, please don't be frightened," She says, almost like a fairy-tale creature creeping out of the forest to meet a scared little princess. Prince. Princess. "Please, really, I'm not here to hurt you, I promise. I'm a friend of Micah and Cam's….I mean…I don't know that I'm a friend per say. It's…rather complicated, actually." She bluhses even deeper, the color slipping down beneath her scarf. "My name's Charlotte Corday, Senator Wynn, and I promise I'm not here to hurt you or anything."

"Micah? Cam?" Ivory's tone and body language fall right into the realm of something a bit more relaxed… even if there's still some worry there. Because it has been ages since he's even heard anything about the two children that were abducted from his care. Which is why he's immediately stepping out of the kitchen and trying to get himself closer to where the Charlotte is. There are more important things than the whatever he was cooking at this moment. "Have you heard anything? Do you know if they're safe? Please, if you have any information… I need to know. I've got people scouring every major city…"

"No, Senator, please." Charlotte steps back a little as he approaches, ever wary of strangers being close to her, especially these days. "They're quite alright. They're with me, I came and took them away." She says it all very honestly, openly and innocently. "They were taken against their will, Senator. And I know, I understand you doing a wonderful thing to help them. But they're home now, with me. They're alright, I promise you. They said I could trust you, so I came alone to tell you." She seems perfectly open and honest about every word, every gesture. "I didn't want you to have to worry. I'm so sorry if we scared you."

"I know. I gave the order. I… didn't know what I was doing. I'm better now. I know what I have to do, what I have to sacrifice to make things right. I'm doing everything I can to keep these government goons off your back. All of you." Ivory has no qualms about saying anything like this. In fact, he even stops moving when she doesn't seem like she wants him near. Hands are held up to prove he's not going to try anything stupid. "I just, well, I don't want to say that I don't believe you. But it's kind of hard to believe anyone these days. Can you get me some kind of proof? Maybe have them call me? Something so I know for sure…?"

Charlotte is firm as she shakes her ehad, but her doe-brow eyes do appear apologetic. "I'm…I can't, Senator Wynn. I've been hiding children with abilities for two years. Micah and Cam are not alone and I can't risk putting the others at risk by even hinting at where they are." She wrings her hands together, nervously. "I understand that you're worried about these two boys. But…there's so many, so many children with such similar stories to theirs."

Ivory frowns. He can't believe this is happening right now. All the hope he had is drained from his face. "… I understand." His eyes go down to the floor and then he's moving off in the general direction of the kitchen. Where he's going to start cleaning up the mess that he made. "I'm trying to get everyone, young and old, that's special… out of the government's sights. I guess I'll just have to trust your word." He doesn't sound happy about that, but whatever. He'll deal. He's a man. "Thanks for stopping in to let me know. I hope you won't be upset if I don't call off my search."

But she's not done yet. No, here is hope, a hope for those children that she isn't giving up on. She follows him into the kitchen, and is even willing, it seems, to help clean up. She just begins to do it naturally. "With all due respect, Senator, it was your people that took him away from his home in the first place." She flushes, embaressed at the brazen-ness of her words. "But I understnad what you're trying to do. Like I said, there are many children like Micah and Cam. But those two are very…special to me. I've known them for several years. I was extremely close to Micah's mother, who was Cam's foster mother. I'm trying desperately to do what's best for them."

"I get it. I'm trying. You don't know how hard I'm trying." Ivory explains, before he kind of watches Charlotte for a moment. After all, she's cleaning up his place. That's… new. He can't really understand why this is happening, but he's not about to stop it from happening. "So what is it that you want me to do? You want me to make an announcement? That'll paint a big target on my head. Then we'll get nowhere." Ivory frowns, abandoning the clean up, in favor of leaning back against the counter. "I've got new people. People that even 'they' don't know about."

Charlotte sighs, her hands working as if automatically to help stir his food, wipe up a splatter, etc. The woman's been a waitress all of her life, and has been living among children for the past two years. Cleanup is sort of what she does. Still, it gives her hands something to do, and it doesn't make her look the man in the eyes. He might note that the young woman is still red in the face. "I don't know what I can ask you to do, Senator. I don't know how these things work. I'm not….very smart." She admits this rather matter-of-factly. "But I do believe you when you say you want to help, especially Micah and Cam. The problem is that they won't be able to have that normal life you talked about on the television. Not while their friends and people like them are in such danger. Even if I could bring them back to the states…I mean I've got a good school picked out for them and everything, but they'd never go. Or pay attention. All their energies would be focused on this. I believe that you want to help but the only way to help is to make all of this stop."

"Hey. You're good at this. Thanks." Ivory feels it necessary to speak about her working in his kitchen. He even tries to slide out of the way. Just a little bit. To make sure he's not going to be stopping her from doing what she needs to do. "Listen. I get what you're saying. I do. And I'm so glad that you trust me enough to let me know their alive." He bows his head once more. "I'll call my people off. It's probably safer for them. In case one of my new people is doing double duty or something." He can't believe he didn't think about that possibility before. "But if we're going to take this government down from the inside, I'm going to need some things from you. All of you." Ivory looks over to Charlotte, blinking as sincerely as possible. "I need you guys to stop attacking them. Every time you do, they get more funding and more reasons to come up with a case for using deadly force. I can, on my end, keep them on wild goose chases so they never get close to you or anyone that isn't dangerous."

Charlotte continues to work, it just seems natural to her. Though the little praise from the man calls a blush to her cheeks - even she doesn't know why. Strange. "Thank you," she whispers, keeping her head down to try and hide the blush in her own meek way that makes it stand out all the more. "And I promise I'll try and get those doing attacks to stop them, although I have to be honest when I say I have very little control over who does those things and why. I'm primarily responsible for children, Senator Ivory, and a few harmless adults. I do promise they're all harmless. I've made it clear that I don't welcome the dangerous to my safehouses. I've had to take a stand on that front, as well, but I will continue to do it." She turns, looking up into the older, more powerful man's eyes. "But please, whatever you need from me. Whatever I can do to make all this stop…I'd lay down in front of a train to give these kids some peace."

"No. No death. I can't have that on my hands." Ivory sighs, almost shuddering at the thought. But then he's trying to shake off the bad thoughts of having such things in his mind. Especially when he's just wanting to make sure that this whole 'war' business is ended. "I am, though, going to need you to do something for me. Immediately." His eyebrow is raised in a studying manner, as he just kind of looks at Charlotte for a long moment. "I'm going to need you to not just *pop* in here like that. I'm very particular about my privacy and… with me playing Mr. Double Agent, I don't want you getting caught up in anything that may put you, or your friends, in any kind of danger. If that makes sense." He can't really elaborate, since he can't predict what's coming. But he's sure something will be. At some point.

Even without the sudden sense of feeling warm and…safe, Charlotte would have agreed. It's not like the man's asking much, and he has been very helpful in her wishes. "Of course. We're…in Washington D.C." She says, after a moment's thought. As if she didn't know, but just had to think about it, then she'd remember. And now she has. "This was my only way to find you now. But please don't worry about me, I've almost been caught before but my nature makes me very difficult to catch. But I certainly don't want to put you at any more danger than you are."

"Thank you. I really appreciate this." Ivory heads over towards his desk to grab a pen and scribble on a piece of paper. And then he's heading back to Charlotte to hand it over. "That's my personal number. Secure line. You can reach me there anytime. Day or night. I will answer." Ivory is trying to make sure he's accessible. "If you need anything from me and I can make it happen… I will. Just call."

Her thin fingers brush his just so as she takes the note, causing another flush to light up the girl's cheeks. "Thank you," she says, earnestly, taking the note and glancing over it. "And…the same goes for you as well." She's happy to hand over her own information to him. "Especially if you even think that the governemnt is going to turn against you, Senator Wynn. I can have you thousands of miles away in a matter of seconds. I've hidden and worked with a great deal of people - Senator's included. Everyone can be hidden if they don't want to be found."

Ivory smiles. One of those smiles that just bleeds with sincerity. "Thank you. I appreciate that. But if I'm not on the frontlines, I'm not feeling like I'm doing my part. I'm a fighter. Kind of." Ivory shrugs just a bit, knowing that he's not anything when it comes to the physical. But he's certainly not going to downplay his ability to do whatever it takes on the mental level. He's got a keen mind and he's going to use it, dammit. Charlotte's information is tucked away into his pocket. "I'm really glad you came to see me. I think if I can get some more of you on my side, we can find a way to stop this madness."

Charlotte blushes, again. "You may be a fighter, Senator Wynn. But my people and I, we just want a quiet, normal life. Just to be left alone, in peace. I can't speak for any of them, that's not how our home works. But I'm sure if I tell them what a kind-hearted man you are, and with what you did for Molly, and for the boys….I'm sure they'll see the light." Apparently she knows Molly as well. Her own eyes, bleeding that same sincerety as well as….desperation, look up at him. "But however we can make this stop we'll do it. Please." She's begging him for help. And for answers. Here's one of your very own constituants, Wynn!

"If you promise to take care of everyone I get to you, then we'll have this thing wrapped up before the government even knows what hit 'em!" Ivory's starting to believe his own hype at this point. He just wants to keep the spirits up of this woman that's looking ever so desperate at him. He can't help it. Damsels in Distress are his weakness. "You… am I keeping you from them, by the way? I don't want to stop you from doing something for the kids. Otherwise, I'd be asking you to stay and help me get rid of all this food." He shrugs a bit helplessly. "I cook when I'm worried."

Charlotte turns, and chuckles softly at the sight of all the food and his excuse for it. "We have a few adults there as well. Not to mention with kids like Micah and Cam…assuming they don't run off or try to fly off buildings, they can be very responsible. But there's another thing I need to mention to you, Senator Wynn." She turns her body away from him now, moving to stir the pot on the stove again, habitually. "Would..someone else help you in this? Even from the outside? A…political teammate? I don't know how politics and stuff work, I have a very smart friend I ask about all these things. He's got like…18 degrees and PhDs or whatever they're called. Smartest guy I've ever met. But since you're here I thought I'd ask."

"I'm not sure. I don't trust people. A lot of people can be touched. I can do things they can't because, well, I /am/ the system." Ivory shrugs a little bit, not really wanting to shoot down any of this woman's ideas. Not right now. He's just too busy trying to make sure that he can do what he's saying he can do. "Tell you what. You tell him, whoever he is, to stand by. I'll try to work some of my own magic. And if things get too bad or I can't deliver… we'll see if we can't push 'em from both sides and cause this tower to crumble."

Charlotte nods. See, she just wants to help! The reaction Ivory gets, for being such a gentelman and humoring her, is a nice, sweet dimpled smile. "I will. Thank you." Senator Petrelli will be very happy to hear that! "It's good to know that there are other people who want the same things. People…who can actually do things about it." He's a politician. His word is law, right? Poor niave waitress! "I'm sure if everyone just sits down and talks this over, everyone would see the best way of action." Not that Charlotte knows what that is, but she's not supposed to know."

"The key is the President. He's the one calling all the shots. And it's, well, it's kind of hard to tell the President of the United States 'no', to anything that he wants. He's a powerful man." Ivory feels a little explanation may be in order, just to make sure that things continue to go smoothly between himself and Charlotte. "If I can get him on our side, then the rest is a cakewalk."

"I'm sure you're the best one for it." Charlotte says in earnest, wiping another little splatter off the stove. It seems she likes to keep things immaculate. She stirs the supper once more, before setting the spoon over the pot - not letting it stew in the juices, lest it ruin the taste. She faces Ivory once more. That blush again. "I just…thank you. Thank you so much. Just knowing that there is this kind of help is so…refreshing, so comforting."

"You know… in this light… " Ivory realizes he's about to start running off at the mouth about things he shouldn't and trails off a bit. "Sorry. Distracted for a moment there." Maybe it's the fact that she keeps blushing at him that has him starting to feel a little more than just trusting of this woman. "When you said anything? What exactly does that entail? I mean, if I needed you to pop over to my dry cleaners and grab my suit… would you?" Such an outlandish claim, but he's just wanting to gauge where this woman's head is at, during this moment.

"Oh, not unless it was vital. Public places don't usually go so well for me. I had a very near miss at a supermarket just a few weeks ago. In public places I usually end up scrambling for a storage closet or a bathroom stall." There's no flirtation, no pique in her voice. She's speaking absolutely literally, as if there may come a time when getting Ivory's drycleaning is a life-or-death situation that might require her ability. "These days mostly I move people. Children out of dangerous situations - particularlly in the past year in the Congo, it's been brutal Now fugitives from the governemnt. Things like that."

Welp. That's a big cold shoulder. Which means that Ivory's going to back off his normal thought process. "Gotcha'. That's good to know. You're an excellent extraction specialist. I can use that, I'm sure. For something." Ivory's mind is already starting to work through things because he's wanting to see if he can't get this crazy battle between Government and Evolved over as fast as possible. "I really think we're going to make this work. Between us and our resources, it's practically a guarantee."

And yet there's still the blush there. Maybe she's just that innocent. Or that silly. Who can say, really? His confusion must mount as Charlotte stands on her toes, lifting a soft kiss to the man's cheek. She reaches out to give his hand a squeeze of real, true, honest gratitude. "Thank you, Senator Wynn. Whatever I can do, whatever at all, even if it is just dry cleaning, I'll be more than happy to do it. And…if it's any help at all, you're much more pleasing to work with than the last Senator I did business with." Logan was an a-hole. But for a waitress, Charlotte does seem to get around.

Ivory isn't even sure this is supposed to be happening. The kiss on his cheek is something. But then there's the squeezing of his hand. Which prompts his own hand to squeeze back. And that can't be good. Especially considering some of the things that go on with his body that even he doesn't know about. Right now, though, he's ready and willing to get the gossip about other Senators. "Oh, so you're one of those Senate Groupies, huh?" He brings up his free hand to wag a playful finger at the Charlotte. "Bad Charlotte! Bad! No biscuit! You should focus on one Senator and one Senator only!" He laughs to himself, realizing how stupid he probably sounds.

Charlotte, like Ivory, has no idea of his ability and what it can do. All she does know is that the little squeeze back, his playful banter that follows, it turns her whole face red, the color once more leaking down beneath her sweater and her scarf. "I can't help it, I keep being surprised by how many good men are in politics. I'm told it's a very nasty business that only attracts nasty people but…in my experiences I can't believe that's so. At all. Between you and…" Brayden. "Well…every time someone complains about the direction of our country, deep down I'll know that everything will be okay because there are men like you, Senator."

"You know, next time I run for an office, I think I'm going to hire you. You make me sound way more special than I am. Believe me." Oh, the humble nature of Ivory Wynn while he's in his home is something that can't really be explained. But Charlotte has just gotten the chance to witness it first hand. Realizing that he's been squeezing her hand, he pulls it back from her, in order to rub it across his head. Not like he has hair to run his fingers through or anything. "You know. I don't know where you all are. Or what you have. But take the food. Feed your people. You all need it more than I do, I'll bet."

It's on the tip of Charlotte's tongue to invite him back with her, to see everyone that needs his help. But something in the back of her mind won't let her do that. Lee. Lee would never, ever approve of such a thing, and he is the smartest man she knows. Charlotte lets her own hand fall, shaking her head. "No, really, we couldn't. You've worked so hard on your supper here, you deserve it. Besides, we grow a lot of our own food." Of course they do. "If nothing else, this experience will help install a great respect for agriculture into the minds of the children I'll bring back…when…when I can."

"No, please. Take it. I insist. I'm not even hungry anyway. Like I said, I just cook things when I get like this. It's a habit." Ivory sighs a bit, keeping his shoulders shrugging. "Tell the boys it's from me. I don't want them to think I've forgotten about them or something. I miss them." He sighs and looks off towards the wall. He really does. It's not even fair. "Oh, wait. Do you guys need some money? I think I've got some cash lying around here somewhere…"

Charlotte reaches out, catching the man's arm before he can go far. "Senator," she says, dimples perking in her cheeks as she chuckles. "No, we're alright. Really, I wouldn't want to put you out. Our…proprietess, I guess is what she's called, she's been very good to us. A lot of people have. And please remember, we aren't the only ones like us. Every charity you see on television, every hungry child with the Jeapordy guy, they all do the same things we do, and most of them haven't been so lucky. We're fortunate to have what we do."

Ivory just kind of stays frowning. Even while his arm is grabbed. But when the words hit is ears, he realizes that she's speaking the truth. And his facial expression becomes something a bit more tolerable of what's being said. "You're right. I shouldn't narrow my focus. Nothing will ever change if I'm stuck in tunnel vision." He takes a bit of a deep breath. "I'll save the world. Even if I have to die trying."

Now Charlotte can see why Micah and Ivory seem to have such a connection. It's like they're the same person. "Senator, please don't ever think such horrible things." She squeezes his hand again, looking over him with a great deal of compassion. "What I'm saying is that….well…every person is a world. They're experiences, loves and wishes and hopes and dreams. A single person dies and friends and family are filled with inconsolable, unimaginable grief. That's what happens every time someone dies when they shouldn't. Just pick one person and save them, and you'll save so many more in the process." She's almost…motherly with him. "You've been so brave in everything you've been doing so far. Very strong and very brave."

Poor Ivory. All he wants to do is help. And at least there's someone that understands that now. "I'll do my best." It's all he can do. And all he can muster up to say. "Speaking of my best. I should probably get to work. I've been researching some things to try and help convince the President to come over to our side. If I can show him what good people an do with their special abilities… maybe he won't think each and every one of you are some kind of sociopathic terrorists in need of cages?"

Charlotte nods, giving his hand once more squeeze. "I understand, of course." She flushes deeply, stepping back. Once more, she wipes up the splatters, stirs his food. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to keep you. And from your lovely dinner." She steps back, nodding once more. "Is there anything else I can do for you? Anything at all?"

"Just, if you can, come back soon. I'd like to know how my boys are doing. As often as possible." Ivory remarks, not really caring about the food or the work anymore. Not to mention that maybe he'll have a letter or something to send back with her next time, since he just wants to keep tabs on the two boys. Since he made them a promise that he doesn't want to break.

"Of course. I'll stop by in a few days. And…I won't pop in like this, I promise." She steps back from the man once more, getting a few feet away from him so as not to overtake him in the teleportation. "And again, thank you." She says, giving him one last smile. "I'll tell them you said hi. They'll be thrilled, I know." She waits a few more moments, to hear in case he has another message before she goes.

"Charlotte? You're awesome. Don't ever let anyone, not even me, tell you otherwise." Those are the last words that Ivory has to say, apparently, as he's wiggling his fingers in her direction to perform a bit of a goodbye wave.

Charlotte turns red again, glancing down in a meek embaressment. Compliments turn her pink! And make her smile. And then she's gone. She turns to dust, she fizzles away, and there Ivory stands alone, in his own home, as if there had never been anyone there to begin with. No other person breathing, no other heart beat than his own. That and his sizzling supper, of course.

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