2009-12-18: Santa Sweethearts



Guest Starring Olivia Thorpe, Chelsea Allen, and Mitsy Smythe-Blakeley

Date: December 18, 2009


It's girl's night out and who should arrive but Justin Timberlake. He's bringing sexy back and Sierra takes full advantage.

Trivia: George missed the hilarity because he ran into Jessica Biel and they were catching up on old times.

"Santa Sweethearts"

Apelai Restaurant

It's Friday night! Olivia has invited the entire clique out for a night of Santa Girl'ing, what does this involve? Well, just a bunch of girls in little Santa outfits painting the town red. Hallis is just off work and in the mood to par-tay due to the massive bonus she received from her boss and so everyone is sharing in her good fortune. By everyone, it's just Sierra and Andra.

On her way home, Hallis stopped at the costume shop to grab two more santa girl outfits and brought them home. There, she forced Andra into one and waited for Sierra to show up before forcing her into the other one. Whether they wore the black stiletto boots to go with them is anyone's guess.

Inside the restaurant the party is already in full swing, Olivia, Chelsea, and Mitsy are sitting at a table of fanboys when the trio arrive. Hallis squeals and rushes over to her friends, giving them each a hug and an air kiss in turn. "Andra, Sierra, this is Olivia, Chelsea and Mitsy. Girls, this is Sierra and Andra!" Chelsea is already a little familiar with Andra, having stopped by the apartment enough to become acquainted with the dog. The other two? They just give little waves and smile.

Andra refused to wear the outfit over and over, its just not her after all. Though as she has little choice she finally gave in and wore the costume, though without the heels. She has a hard enough time walking without the heels getting in her way after all. She clears her throat slightly, her arms wrapped around her while she glances over the place feeling rather awkward to say the least. Her gaze turns towards Hallis as she moves over to a table and she follows after a few moments. A hand lifting in a slight wave and she offers a nervous smile. "Hey guys.."

Sierra had no qualms about wearing a Santa Girl outfit. Hallis didn't need to force her. She willingly put it on. What's more, she put on the stiletto boots as well. It's not exactly something she's done before, but she's always up to having fun and trying new things. "Bonjour! Bonjour!" She greets the other ladies, waggling her fingers in a wave. "Nice to meet you all!" She grins and winks to Andra as she moves to take her seat. "Now, whose having wine?"

Olivia has already taken the liberty of ordering for the table. It's apple martinis or cranberry martinis tonight. The theme is red and green! "Wine is for next week when we're with our parents. Tonight it's martinis! Drink up!" She passes each girl a glass and glares at the waiter who values his job a little too much to disturb the private party with ID checks. He does give Hallis a look though, she's been caught in here before.

"A toast to Christmas and having the best boss in the entire world!!" Hallis exclaims as she clinks her glass with everyone around. "Oh my God! I got the best Christmas bonus and an office!" She turns to Andra and wags a finger at her. "If I get a secretary next, I'm making them hire you." Then she raises her glass again toward Chelsea, Olivia, and Mitsy, "To Trent's new girlfriend Emily!" The three just laugh and clink their glasses, then all four girls swig down the drinks and prepare for round two.

Andra offers a smile to Sierra while she settles down upon a seat. "Actually.. I'd really just like a coke if that's alright." She's never been much of a drinker, and she doesn't seem to think it'll be that bad of request that she asks the waiter before he skitters away. Her gaze turns back to Hallis and she smiles to her and nods. "That's great Hallis!" There is a blink at the secretary part and she ohs. "Sounds like it would be fun." Maybe.. She isn't to sure what all a secretary has to do after all.

Sierra laughs. "Of course. No wine then. I'm not going to complain about martinis!" She pointedly ignores the look from the waiter. Hey, even if he did check IDs, she'd be fine. She's over 21. "Not drinking tonight?" She says to Andra. "Ah, mon cherie, it's okay to drink every once and a while. Even one drink. But it is up to you." She holds up her glass, clinking it against the others. "To Christmas and bosses!" She grins. "I'm glad to hear about your job, mon cherie. Who do you work for again?"

This is a question burning on the minds of Olivia and Mitsy too. Olivia leans in to hear the answer while Mitsy leans back in her chair with a self satisfied smirk on her face. It was because the brunette had beat Hallis out in more than one commercial that she began suffering some financial difficulties and that had set the petite blonde on the pavement for a 9 to 5.

With a large smile, the little celebutante grabs another drink and takes a sip before answering. "I work for Jaden Cain, I'm his personal shopper." The fact that Mitsy won out on the acting career doesn't bother the dainty blonde one bit, she's won that race as far as she's concerned.

"THE Jaden Cain? The Billionaire Jaden Cain?" Olivia chokes out, the green in her eyes turning a little greener with envy. "How did you pull that off? I've been trying to get something like that for years. Maybe not with him, but…" She gives one of the men across the table a tiny smile, "Of course I'm happy working for your parent's company Ray, but this is Jaden Cain."

Having the envy of the rest of her group of friends gives Hallis a happy glowing feeling and she turns toward Andra and Sierra as she takes another sip. "Hey do you guys know what you want to order? I'd say I was paying, but Olivia arranged this so it's her bill tonight."

Andra hehs softly as she hears Sierra. "True.. Perhaps next time though." She says with a smile. A glance is offered back to Hallis and the others, sipping at her simple soda drink while she listens. At the talk about ordering she ohs and glances around before picking up a menu to look at it. "Well, not yet. Let me take a look'see at the menu first."

Sierra chokes on her own drink. "Jaden Cain? Mon Dieu! I ran into him the other day." She refrains, however, from mentioning that it was on the subway. "He hit on me." She laughs. "He is…une personne interessante." For those who understand French, she's saying that he's an interesting person. "But I don't think he's quite my type." Yes, she knows he's rich. But that doesn't change anything.

"He's sweet." Hallis says in defense of her boss, that is to say, she believes Mr. Cain is everyone's type whether they admit it or not. "Well I'm starving to death…" she says, her voice dropping off a little as she leans over and takes a peek at Andra's menu. "I almost feel like I could eat everything on the menu, but I have to keep my figure." This is said with a little bit of a smirk.

"Eat a sandwich, Hallis, gawd! You're so skinny you make me sick." Mitsy blurts out, her own fuller figure is probably not thanking her for the copious amounts of alcohol that she's swilling into her system. Her outburst earns a glare from both Olivia and Chelsea who quickly jump in to defend Hallis in favor of the brunette.

"Maybe she wouldn't seem so skinny if you just lost a few," Olivia snips back. Chelsea nods and crosses her free arm over the one carrying her martini. "Maybe that's why your little Walmart greeter hasn't called you back, hmm?"

With a red face, Mitsy turns away and takes another drink. "He hasn't called back because of you, Olivia. Stop calling him a Walmart greeter, he's en entrepreneur."

Through the whole exchange, Hallis is quiet, concentrating on the menu. Then she smiles over to Andra and Sierra, "Hey, do you guys want to share one of these appetizer platters? They have everything and then we won't have to order big meals!"

Andra just blinks and peers over the menu at Misty, Olivia and Chelsea as they snip back and forth at one another. Clearly she is not use to all this, her friends all use to get along. She looks to Hallis and then to Sierra and offers a slight smile before nodding. "Sure.. I'm alright with that." Clear Andy needs to get out more.

With the details of his last work meeting still running through his head, George is running largely on autopilot as he approaches Hallis's table. He was already familiar with the location, and with the floor layout once he spotted which side they were on— so he doesn't run into anyone or anything along the way, but he only overhears a few bits of the conversation in progress as he approaches, and doesn't quite put them together the right way. "You're dating Jaden?" he offers, looking to Mitsy first. "I'm with you on that one, you can't call him a Walmart greeter just because he wears blue sometimes. Or was it red?" He is admittedly not the biggest of Chipmunk fans.

Sierra smirks a little bit at the argument. "Mon Dieu." She murmurs. "Oh? An entrepreneur? What does he do, mon petite cherie?" She asks of Mitsy. She turns to Olivia. "What does your boyfriend do?" If someone is gonna make fun of another's boyfriend, it's only fair that it's known what that person's boyfriend does. To Hallis she nods and smiles widely. "Oui, sounds bon. It'll help me…keep my figure." She smirks. She is, however, caught off guard at George's arrival, standing. "George…quelle surprise pour vous voir."

Olivia is more than up to the challenge of defending her man over Mitsy's lack of. "Ray's family is in offshore oil drilling. Aren't they, baby?" She raises her glass to her lips and quirks her eyebrow upward just a touch as she takes a sip. When she's finished, she licks her lips and smirks. "We're talking big money oil rigs and they're getting into diamonds up in Alaska."

Mitsy is silent and quite sullen, not wanting to raise the ire of the other two any more. She's been on thin ice lately as it is, with Hallis moving off to find different friends, the blame was laid squarely on her.

Hallis though, turns with a smile as she hears George's voice. ""George! I thought you were still in Washington!" She reaches up from her chair to clasp his hand. It might be noticed that every girl in the party is wearing a little Santa outfit akin to those from the movie Mean Girls. Her wide smile only earns the ire of Chelsea who leans over to whisper something to Olivia.. the words 'stepford wife' are audible to those with keener hearing.

"Officially, I still am," George replies, scooting over and slipping a hand into Hallis's. And glances over at Chelsea. "You must be Olivia— I've heard nothing but good things." Actually he has no idea, but if he's wrong then they'll just correct him, right?

"Hello, Sierra," he adds, more quietly. More distantly. "I heard you got your visa problem cleared up."

Andra peers over the menu towards the new voice and tilts her head while watching the man wander over. A smile and nod is offered to George before her gaze turns over to Olivia listening in conversation, trying to find something to speak up about but feels even more awkward. "That's Chelsea actually." She offers to George, not really trying to be correcting anyone, just attempting to be helpful!

Sierra nods a few times. "Oui. I got the issue cleared up and moved back here." She smiles a little. "I…it is good to see you again, George." She puts on a wide smiles. She looks between George and Hallis. "Is a hug acceptable, or am I reaching out on a limb?" She chuckles slightly nervously. She looks down at Andra. "Andra, do you know Congressman George Dawson?" There's a quick pause before she say, "What am I saying, you live with Hallis. you no doubt no who he is."

Indeed the trio do correct the politician. Olivia stretches her hand across the table to him, giving him a flirtatious little smile as she purrs her own name. "Olivia Thorpe, of the Manhattan Thorpes, I'm sure you heard of us. Daddy spends oodles of money on politics." Never mind that it's for the republican side.

Chelsea folds her arms over her chest and gives George a faint smile and when he's finished with Olivia's hand she stretches hers out, "Chelsea Allen," she says in a self important tone, "The one over there is Mitsy Smythe-Blakeley. But don't worry, you'll probably get to know her really well later." That's a dig at Mitsy's habit of trying to steal Hallis' men.

Hallis overhears and gives Chelsea a glare, squeezing George's hand a little more. Mitsy is rewarded with a warning glare of her own. "Mitsy wouldn't think about it, would she?" she growls to the brunette across the table, the one downing drinks like it was her last night to party.

Mitsy just turns and gives George the most brilliant smile and leans over the table to show off her ample assets. "George! I've heard so much about you! So what do you do in Washington that leaves Hallis all by herself for weeks at a time?" And Hallis is tossed a smirk.

A smirk she ignores, "Hey Andra, I met this woman the other day in the grocery store. She's going to be making cookies and stuff for me. Did you know that there's corn syrup too?" Hallis is trying to steer the conversation away from Mitsy's question.

With one hand still free, George shakes hands politely enough with each of Hallis's fellow socialites in turn, starting with Olivia. "Of course. Tell him Jesse Unruh says hello." It may take them a while to work that one out, but they should get the point eventually. Chelsea… merely gets a nod, as Mitsy doesn't miss a beat proving her right and Hallis wrong. "Oh, a hundred little things," he replies to her as he takes a seat next to Hallis, "but nothing you'd be interested in. Not when I've got an oilman to stack up against."

Andra ahs softly as she hears Sierra. "Well I've heard of him.." They haven't actually met before now actually. A friendly smile is offered to George. "Hello, nice to finally meet you." Is offered with a friendly tone before she looks curiously to Hallis. "Oh yes, I knew that. Can make a bunch of stuff with corn syrup." She catches some of the comments from the others girls at the table.

Sierra tries her best to ignore the comments of the girls around the table, muttering something about people trying to get power through others. She platers on another smile, taking her seat. "So, George, how are you? We have not spoken in a long time. How is work in Washington? And I promise, I won't try to get information out of Hallis about your goings on." She chuckles softly, adjusting her Santa Girl outfit. Perhaps a little inside joke? She nods to Andra. "Probably hard not to've heard of him, non?" She smiles.

After being introduced to George, the clique busies itself with gossip and people watching around the restaurant. It's a very productive passtime as there are quite a few celebrities out and about tonight and this is quite the 'in' place to be.

Leaning over to Andra, Hallis taps her shoulder and whispers, "Hey, isn't that Justin Timberlake?" She doesn't know if Andra is even interested in the trio, but they make for good gossip and Hallis is simply beaming as she waves to the man in question. She leaves Sierra and George to catch up, they certainly have quite a bit to talk about. Whether it is public business or not, it was a part of the tabloids, so she's just letting them have their peace without her constant input.

Andra is a bit out of he element around the trio and she offers a smile to Sierra. "Well that is true." She glances around at the poking after hearing Hallis. "Justin Timberlake, here?" Is questioned before she catches side of who Hallis was speaking of. As she is curiously looking over the man in question she catches sight of the time and oys softly. "I should get going, need to let Zorro out and everything." This said while she moves to stand up while smoothing out her outfit.

Sierra smiles as George moves off to take a phone call. She turns her attention back to Andra and Hallis. "Justin Timberlake? Ooh! Where?" She gazes in the same direction as they are looking. "Oh my. This is very exciting. Forget congressmen and billionaire CEOs, I'll take Justin Timberlake. He can bring sexy back any day." She clears her throat a little, grinning at the pair. Smiling at Andra, she waves. "It was nice meeting you, Andra." She grins at Hallis. "It has been soooo long since I've been here. I forgot how many famous people came here!"

Hallis laughs out loud as Sierra calls dibs on the singer, "Okay, you can have him but you might have to fight off that Amazon woman he's with!" She's pointing to Justin's date, Jessica Biel. Though quickly she turns a concerned eye toward George as he moves outside with his phone pressed to his ear. Her sigh sets a glum tone to her face and just as Mitsy is about to pounce, Olivia smacks her back into her chair. "Hey guys! Look, I think it's Justin Timberlake!" The whole restaurant is buzzing now and the poor celebrity couple is red with shame.

Sierra gives Hallis a sly grin. "Oh, mon cherie, Jessica Biel to moi. We'll keep a look out and if she goes to the washroom…bam! I'll be there, swooping in. Not only that, but…" She leans in to whisper in Hallis' ear. "What if I use my unique skills to look like her?" She grins and winks, looking back as the rest of the restaurant seems to have caught on to who is here.

Hallis' eyes just go wide at Sierra's suggestion and she leans over to whisper, "I dare you to swoop in and give him a kiss!" Then she bursts into a giggle as Jessica does get up to powder her nose. A quick elbow is given to Sierra as if to signal her that it's 'go time'. Then the little blonde leans back in her chair to observe the action of her friend.

Sierra giggles along with Hallis. "I accept your dare, mon cherie." She giggles again. As Jessice gets up to powder her nose, Sierra gets up as well. She, however, heads to the bathroom first as well. No more than a few seconds later, Jessica Biel dressed in a Santa Girl costume walks back out of the bathroom. A knowing look and a wink is given in the direction of Hallis, to show her without a doubt that this is Sierra. Of course, a few other guys in the line of sight think that she's winking to them, and give her a playful whistle. Of course, the women that they are with give them quick kicks to their shins. Sierra-Jessica walks straight up to Justin Timberlake. Just as he's about to say something, she bends down and gives him a long kiss. After a few moments, she breaks it and without a word or a second glance, starts to walk back to the bathroom. A moment later, Sierra comes back out, looking like herself, and starts back to the table, sitting back down beside Hallis, grinning.

Hallis gapes as Sierra-Jessica actually follows through with the dare and gives him a kiss that has most of the onlookers steaming. Then when she straightens and goes back to the washroom the blonde bursts out laughing. She's still laughing and just shaking her head when Sierra makes her way back to the table. "Oh my god…" Then she quickly recovers and as to not draw the suspicion of any of the others in the party, she turns to Sierra with a large smile and says, "So did you meet Jessica in the bathroom? Is she as nice and down to earth as everyone says?" Then she leans in and whispers to her friend, "How was the kiss? Was it good?"

Sierra can't stop grinning. "Oh no, mon cherie. Talk to Jessica Biel…and have her catch me in the act? Non, no no no! I'd not dare risk that!" She laughs. "But, I will say this, mon cherie. I think that was the best kiss I've ever had." She winks. "I mean, goodness gracious! It's Justin Timberlake!" She murmurs to Hallis, having a hard time keeping her voice low." She gulps down the rest of her drink. "Wow. For a moment ou deux I didn't know if I'd be able to follow through with it! I was close to getting cold feet!"

It's not a secret that Hallis is a tad jealous of the woman's free range with her talents. Something that she actually vocalizes, "Man, I wish I could do that sometimes… It must be great to be able to do practically anything you want." Given Hallis' past, it's a wonder if she would use the skill for her own good or if she would actually keep herself in check. Thankfully, it's a debate that is kept to the hypothetical. With a glance toward the door, Hallis prepares to get up herself. "I should find George though… do you think you'd be fine here?" She darts a cautious glance to her friends and then back to Sierra. While she has no worries that the French woman could take care of herself in any situation they presented, she doesn't want to upset the woman she dragged out to the restaurant.

Sierra grins wider. "It's an amazing gift, mon cherie, that much is for sure. But I do not use it as much as I would care to. It certainly comes in handy, though. To look or sound like anyone." She shrugs. Shaking her head, she says, "Do not worry about moi, mon cherie. I shall be fine. Go and find George. I'll keep these lady friends of yours in check." She says with a little, playful wink.

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