Sarissa Belmont
Sarissa Belmont
Portrayed By Monica Bellucci
Gender Female
Date of Birth March 20th, 1964
Age 45
Zodiac Sign ???
Aliases None
Place of Birth Rome, Italy
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Wife/Financial Advisor
Known Relatives Elisabetha Belmont (elder daughter), Fiorella Belmont (younger daughter)
Significant Other Novak Garbaldi (formerly), Kenneth Belmont (husband)
Known Abilities Emotional Empathy
First Appearance All In The Wrist

Sarissa Belmont is a mother of two girls, wife of a successful banking executive in Europe, and a woman known primarily for the natural beauty she exhibits for a woman her age, and her influence in the social circles she frequents. Her cleverness and ability to manipulate others to get what she wants is a much less publically spoken of, but still very real facet of her identity. What is even less known and spoken of is her viciousness and ability to coldly do whatever must be done to get what she wants. But those who have been on the receiving end nonetheless know of those traits as well.


To be done.


  • October 7th, 2009 - Sarissa arrives at JFK Airport in NYC. She meets Camille and scares a Russian. Great way to start things off, huh? Log can be found at: All In The Wrist
  • December 12th, 2009 - Sarissa, after fruitlessly searching for her eldest daughter for two months, decides she needs a base of operations. While on the prowl for such a headquarters, her car breaks down in front of the Bennett household. Sandra and Sarissa talk for a bit. Log can be found at: Muggle Files: Episode 1 - Cocoa
  • January 15th, 2010 - Sarissa is being followed. She knows she's being followed. So she goes for a walk. Then she encounters a woman at the park, and both she and Estella are accosted by a… Hallucination? An illusion? A ghost? Whatever the mystery man is, he has a message for both women. Log can be found at: Deux-Ex-Monkina
  • March 30th, 2010 - Sarissa and Elisabetha are getting settled in their new house in Queens when a Petrelli stops in for an unexpected visit. Log can be found at: False Recollections
  • April 12th, 2010 - Elisabetha goes missing while Sarissa is out of the house. She was given a phone number to call if there was trouble. So she calls it. Log can be found at: Dial N For Novak
  • April 14th, 2010 - Sarissa goes for a walk to try to clear her mind. Instead she winds up brooding and getting an unexpected taste of hope. Log can be found at: If You Chase Two Rabbits



  • Emotional Empathy is the mental ability to feel or experience the emotions of others. Sarissa can use this to figure out how someone is feeling, to understand why someone does what they do, etc. This can be used to determine the presence of hidden subjects as well, because she can sense the presence of emotions, and trace them back to their source. However, she has two additional faculties that accompany her ability (though one could be seen as more of a handicap than anything positive). They are Empathic Transmission and Empathic Dependency.
  • Empathic Transmission is the faculty of Emotional empathy to transmit either the emotions one is currently experiencing into one or more other subjects, or to artificially induce those emotions by manipulating the chemical or electrical signals in the brain. Sarissa can use Empathic Transmission, but can not otherwise influence someone's mind, or body. So while she could make someone angry by affecting the part of the brain that controls such, this is merely how her ability manifests when used on someone else, and she could not consciously manipulate specific parts of the brain. She knows more how to use her power, rather than the mechanics thereof.
  • On the other hand, if there are side-effects to a given emotion, and that emotion is made strong enough to cause a mental or physical response, she could impact a person's body or mind that way. Example: Sarissa could induce fear in a subject, causing them to perspirate heavily, feel cold in their extremities, have elevated heart rate, rapid breathing, etc. She could not individually attempt to create those physical responses in someone without the fear aspect, but if she wished to cause those physical reactions for whatever reason (such as to make someone think that an individual is afraid of them), she could willingly induce fear in someone to achieve those side-effects.
  • Sarissa also cannot actually direct the emotions she instills in others towards a specific subject. Instead she relies upon making someone who is already feeling a certain away about a certain subject (determined by her Emotional Perception faculty) either feel more strongly about it, or feel >differently< about it. Likewise, she can only guess at what someone is thinking on the conscious level, so if they are thinking about something with no particular emotion attached to it, and Sarissa induces an emotion at that time, the emotion would be 'parsed' by the mind as being about that subject. This is somewhat similar to how Matt Parkman can make his projected thoughts sound like someone else's thoughts in their own head, and cause them to react appropriately. People tend to react to emotions faster than logical thought, so it would take enormous willpower or incredible mental training (Noah Bennet probably possesses at >least< the latter and possibly the former as well) and preparedness to resist emotions induced by Sarissa.
  • The downside to all this power is Empathic Dependency. Not quite Empathic Vampirism (because Sarissa gains no power or benefits from the emotions of others), Empathic Dependency is the side-effect of one who is constantly emersed in the emotions of others. Sarissa is neither used to being left to feel her own emotions nor particularly fond of such, because she tends not to feel that much on her own. What she >is< used to and fond of is being around other people — either many, a few, or even just one — who is experiencing a strong emotion. Because she experiences the emotions of others around her as though they were her own, when she encounters someone who is feeling very strongly about something she enjoys living vicariously through that person. Without other people around she is a hollow woman who doesn't care about anything or anyone but herself, and she tends to be cold and aloof towards anyone she encounters when she is 'crashing'.
  • Sarissa has a very real addiction to intense emotions, which is why she spends so much time socializing or going to places where there are lots of people who are excited about something (a sports event or celebration would be quite enjoyable for her). It doesn't matter so much what emotion she is leeching (though she prefers comparatively positive feelings) as long as it is strong. A limitation to this dependency is that Sarissa doesn't like 'artificial' emotions that she has induced in others. They don't 'taste' good in her mind — sort of 'stale'. They feel real enough to the person experiencing them, but to Sarissa she only really gets her 'fix' from someone who is naturally feeling something (though it can certainly be cranked up by her to a heightened level).
  • If denied strong emotions, or the company of others, she becomes irritable, cold-hearted, and mopey, as well as suffering physical symptoms such as wracking pains throughout her body. Sarissa can put up a 'block' in her mind to keep her from experiencing the emotions of others, particularly when someone else's emotions would have a negative impact on her at that time, but she rarely does so. This is more useful as a safeguard against other Empaths, since when the block is in place no emotions can be sent to or sensed from her. She also cannot send emotions to others when this block is in place. It's a two-way street.


  • "Beauty is a handicap if you're stupid, but not if you are intelligent and know how to use your beauty."
  • "I hate this country."


  • Somehow produced a blonde-haired girl when her own hair is black and Novak's is red-brown.
  • Has a second daughter, Fiorella. It is unknown if she has an ability or not. She's like… Six or seven.
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