2007-08-03: SARS


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Dittos and Ali end up at Bat Country to treat Ali's recent disease development. Lachlan comes to take Abigail away so that Cass can quarantine the space.

August 3rd, 2009:


Bat Country Labs

Bat Country Labs is under going a bit of a transformation in the office. The old cot that was there when the labs were first set up is put back where it once was. A crib and more stuffed animals are littered about as Abby and Cass are moving in to the labs temporarily while Homeland is sniffing about. Everything else is taken care of, with lab assistants and other clinical staff taking care of the patients that are left and that weren't taken over to the zoo earlier in the week. Cass is in the back, playing with Abigail. She has little toys out and is bouncing them in front of the little girl to try and catch her attention.


Those are the voices of a squad of Dittos that are carrying in McAlister the DeadJ. Er, DJ. Whether she likes it or not, they've got her up in arms and have even slapped one of those germ-mask things on her face to keep… yeah. Ew. Following them in, much calmer than anyone else, is Neil Patrick Long aka Ditto Howser. He's got the whole Dr wardrobe going and he's reaching into his pocket to pull out the vial of blood. He walks right up to a clinical staff member. "I need Cassandra. Now." Obviously, he does not have time to mess around.

… this. Is so. Embarrassing.

You can see it. Ali has given up on the idea that she might have independant locomotion this week - and she /fought/ the germ mask and /still/ ended up with it. And now she's just being paraded, with flaming ears (the vast majority of her face is hidden by that oversized protective /thing/) through this clinic? Oh, /man/.

"Really. Uh. You can put me down. Guys?" Well. I guess not /completely/ given up. "I feel fine. Just. Uh. Guys?"

However they may not have time to mess around, they're going to have to wait just a little while longer. Because Cass isn't about to bring Abigail out into a din of craziness. Especially if they're yelling for her. That means blood and gore and other things that need patched up. No place for a baby. Scooping up Abby, she puts her into the bassinet and comes bustling out, swinging on her lab coat over her clothes. "What's going on?" She's used to all the Dittos, so that's not what she's confused about. It's the woman in the gas mask that's grabbing her attention. She recognizes the woman's voice and blinks. "Ali? What happened." Quickly, she gestures for them to take her to a more quarantined room.

"Not until you're secure!" "Fire in the hole!" "ANTHRAX!"

These Dittos just won't shut up, that's for damn sure. Ditto Howser, though, steps up against to Cass with all the medical knowledge he could get from soaking up every hospital based television program ever. "She's been infected with something. Not sure what. It's from an Evolved called Erin." As he walks along with Cass, escorting the Dittos to the safer room, he hands her the vial of blood taken from Ali. "I took a sample. Figure the faster we find out what she has, if anything, the faster we can cure it and not have the plague of a thousand bees coursing through the veins of us all." And now for the kicker. "And McSteamy's still dating that tramp. It's a shame, really…"

And… okay. She's /in the room/. put her /down/ already, guys.

"Prime? I swear to /god/ if this is what I get for kissing you? Next time I'm kneeing you in the crotch." Ali's grumpy. Oooh.

But the Dj is quick to look at Cass - "It isn't /bees/. She doesn't /do/ bees." It's worth mentioning that her voice is slightly hoarse, as if from overuse… but it /has/ gotten a bit better. Indeed.

"/Stop talking/," Cass snaps at the dittos. It's not that she can't think with all the talking and the backspeak, but it's getting annoying to hear all these people voice opinions that don't mean anything. "Okay. An Evolved. Infected. So she's given her a disease. All three of you dittos get into that room with her, shut the door and do not open it." She's not having her entire lab infected, especially when her daughter is in another room. Snatching the vial from Howser Ditto, she goes straight for the lab to start testing it. "Here," she holds it out to the nearest assistant. "Put this through the wringer. I want to know what disease Ali has and I want it ASAP." Then, she just gives Howser a withering look for his McSteamy comment. "You'll be fine, Ali. We'll figure out what it is and get it cured."

The Dittos all salute in a Three Stooges kind of way, slamming into each other and end up tripping over themselves to get into the room. Dittos are always disease free, which is why they're going to be the ones that go forth and fight the Evil Erin. Oh yes, the girl's name has been passed through the JadeNetwork and an All Ditto Bulletin has been issued for her arrest. Which will consist of much ass kicking. Because nothing else counts as 'arresting' when it comes to hurting a Saint. Ditto Howser shoves at the assistant to get them moving faster. "Chop chop! You heard the lady! Make like John Q and get us a change of heart!" He realizes that didn't sound very medical and adds, "Stat!"

And… Ali endures. At least until they put her down. Then? Oddly enough, she reaches out to hug the nearest Ditto, fiercely. "I'm still gonna kill you. Later." How is anyone's guess. But.. then? She's settling on whatever furniture comes easiest to hand, wrapping her arms around her middle.. and being patient. Not her usual idiom, but - what else is there?

"Prime? I'll be fine. Concentrate on Elena, huh? If I can't be there, you gotta stand in." It's pointed - "And since you're not /letting/ me be there.."

Allowing Doogie Ditto to do what he does, unfortunately for the young lab assistant. Quickly, he starts going through the tests to figure out what it is that Ali has contracted. "Wait, Elena? Why are we concentrating on Elena? What's wrong?" Because if there's something wrong with Elena, she certainly wants to know. "There will be no dying in my clinic, also, Ali." Even if they're Dittos. They'll still bleed. And she's not cleaning it up. There's a cot for Ali to curl up on and in the meantime, and no one is going to be going in or out of there until they know what's coming up.

After a little while that lab assistant comes back with a diagnosis. There's a lot of swearing from Cass and then a lot more orders. "Okay, put her on a supplemental oxygen and get her on corticosteroids. It's early, but no one goes in there without full gear." And there's no way that she's going in with the possibility of contracting whatever Ali has. "Well, Erin gave her SARS. So no one goes in without my say so and without hazmat gear. It's in the early stages, so we should be able to treat it fairly quickly."

Ditto Howser just stares. It's almost a full minute and a half before he realizes what Cass just said. "… SARS?!" And there's nothing stopping him from fainting right there on the spot. He goes down. Totaled. In the mind. By the fact that everyone could have SARS in a moment. THUD.

Meanwhile, another Ditto has decided to fill in Cass on what's happening. "There's nothing wrong with Elena. Prime and the others are off picking her up. That's all." After lying to Cass, he turns and looks at Ali with an animated GLARE that will probably destroy the lie he just worked so hard on saying in the first place….

Ali. Doesn't. Care. The ditto that's there with her as she curls up on that cot? "Go take care of her. You know it's more important anyway." The diagnosis apparently hasn't sunk in.. or hit her. Or perhaps it's just not considered something of importance.

Of course, when lab assistants are getting suited up? That definitely gets her attention. Hell, she doesn't even /feel bad/ yet.

"Tegan!" Cass calls out and points at Doogie Ditto to put him on a cot and to rest his faint off. She doesn't have time to deal with a fainting guy when she's got a possible infection on her hands running through her lab. "Everyone here gets tested. Anyone starts to have problems breathing, you go to the front of the line and get yourself on oxygen." What she's /really/ worried about now is her daughter. "You're lying," she says to helpful Ditto. She can tell when Dittos are lying a lot of the time. And that glare didn't help his cause. "But if it's Saint business, I'll stay out of it." She has her own family and now a disease to worry about. "You know where to come if anyone needs patching up."

Meanwhile, one of the nurses in a disease suit comes into the room and starts to explain everything to Ali. Carefully, he takes off the gasmask and then replaces it with an oxygen one. "Take slow, regular breaths," he tells her. "You've got the early stages of SARS, but we caught it and will be giving you injections to combat the disease. You'll have to stay in here to make sure the disease is contained. We'll make sure you're comfortable."

Dittos are popping up out of nowhere, trying to help Tegan without too much trouble. The wacky antics have been set aside for a more epic helpful cause… like keeping people alive. Even Dittos can be serious when they need to be. Of course, the fact of the matter is that one of them can tell that Cass has something on the brain and is over by her side. "Should I get the Lach Ness Monster?" He's not sure if Cass trusts Abby to anyone but Lach so immediately that's the first thing that comes out of his mouth. "If this place is goin' down…" Oops. The Ditto happens to be a bit of a Negative one. Must be named Zero.

For that nurse? Ali's a model patient - though it's clear that she, at least, thinks the whole thing's so much overkill. Most patients in this stage do, after all.

But the woman sighs, softly - "And now I'm just trouble, huh?" She smiles - it's an odd thing behind plastic, but she does. Ruefully. And, oddly, she pulls a Candide. Best of all possible worlds, right? "Well, at least it wasn't AIDS. I'm sorry you're in the middle of this." And… she picks the back corner of that cot, propped against the wall. There's little else to do, beyond wait.

Seeing all the dittos move to help Tegan and Doogie, Cass just allows them to work. They're being serious and doing what they do, so she's got nothing else to say to them at the moment. As for Zero, she just gives him a look. "Yeah." Normally isn't that good of a place for her, either, but when it's under a quarantine lockdown, it's even worse. "I can trust you with Abby. You go straight to Lachlan and explain what's going on. Be careful, Homeland is sniffing around." Take the backroads, do what's needed. "I'll get her bassinet ready. The longer she's here, the longer she's in danger."

The nurse smiles at Ali. "Not your fault." She wasn't the one giving out deadly diseases. "You're not in trouble. Not yet at least."

Zero does the salute thing that he does when he's trying to be helpful. He's actually the worst Ditto out of the bunch, but Cass doesn't have much to choose from right now. He's incapable of transmitting SARS and what not. He takes off in a direction… before realizing that he doesn't know anything else. And comes running back to Cass, breathing heavy. Even though he only got about four feet away. "Giles…" He calls her Giles still. Go figure. "…two things. One? Where's the baby? And two? What's a bassinet and why do I need it?" Idiot.

Meanwhile, Ditto Howser is still out for the count. Though, in his passed out state, he seems to be mumbling something about White Castle.

The lab's in a bit of an uproar; one of the clinical rooms has been essentially quarantened off - heck, a couple of the nurses are in full bio-safety gear. And the Voice of the Saints is curled up in the corner of the cot in the corner of the room, breathing through an oxygen mask and looking small and underfed. Aww. It's like a new puppy. A new, disease-ridden puppy.

Ali nods to the nurse.. "I am trouble. I wasn't supposed to come here - and I can't stay. It's risky." She objects. She /always/ objects. "So.. give me a shot or whatever and I go underground, or something. I can use one of the safehouses."

"The bloody hell's goin' on?"

That's the familiar Scottish brogue of Lachlan Deatley, who's just limped in with dogs in tow. He came here to talk to Cass and visit his baby, but there's this. All this. Madness! And nobody's really giving him an explanation because everyone is busy trying not to get sick and die. "Where's Cass?" The more he's not answered, the louder his voice gets. By now, the man's bellowing.


Cass just looks at Zero and makes a better call. "Um, she's that way." She points in the opposite direction of where Abigail is and then pulls out her phone to go call her fiancee. However, it seems that that is unnecessary as he's the one that walks in. "Stop. Right. There." She points at Lachlan and pockets her phone again. She does not seem like she's kidding. "We've got a quarantine. I need Abby out of here until it breaks. We've contained it, but we need to test everyone just in case. Abby hasn't been anywhere near her, so she should be clean. But I can't risk her being here. And you can't stay here very long, either."

The Nurse laughs. "Honey, we're all trouble here. And Doc Aldric told us to keep you here in quarantine until you're out of danger. And we don't go against the Doc. You're in a safehouse now."

The young woman in the back room - resigned - mutters something about not being worth all the fuss, but then.. "Just.. thanks. And tell Cass thanks? I.. I'll stay out of the way." She sighs, mildly. "Good excuse to catch up on sleep, right?"

And given how thin she is? SOMEBODY's gonna give her a twinkie. It'll work out.

What? What? Lachlan stares in horror at Cass, then glances around at everything else. "Jesus Christ," he mutters. But when it comes to the safety of his daughter, he doesn't dawdle. "She in the office? An' yer no' stayin' too, are ye?"

"You're not in the way," Nurse smiles through his suit. "Get comfortable." And he's seen how thin she is. She'll be getting a lot more than a twinkie from them. And she's going to eat it or Cass will shove it in an IV and make her absorb it through her bloodstream. Either or.

"She's in the office," Cass confirms for Lachlan. She quickly follows after him, but makes sure to stop in the doorway. If she got anything, there is no way she is passing it on to her daughter. "I've got to make sure everyone is taken care of. I can't just leave them here and I can't risk infecting anyone else if I contracted it." It's a possibility, even if it is slim. "So, get her out of here and I'll see you soon."

"S'it bad?" Lachlan asks as he packs Abby up into her bassinet, remaining as calm as he can under the circumstances so as not to upset the little girl. Will he really see her soon?

"Yeah? I am. And I know it." Ali looks up after the nurse. "You mind if I steal an extra blanket?" She almost seems embarrassed to ask. "Kinda chilly." But she stays curled up there, anyway.

"It's SARS," Cass tells him quickly. It's kind of painful for her not to be able to scoop up her baby and hold her when doing so could mean she can contract the disease. "But it's early stages and it should be treatable. If she has trouble breathing, or if she starts getting flu symptoms, you bring her right back here." That's about Abby, now. "We've got what we need to treat it."

The nurse, of course, gets whatever Ali needs - blankets and another pillow, even. "We're a clinic. How are people who need treatment in the way? We wouldn't be doing our job otherwise." He's a practical one, and pretty good with his bedside manner. Probably already had experience before Manhattan became a warzone. "Just, get some rest and keep up with the oxygen. We'll be in to give you a regular shot to flush it out of your system."

The name causes Lachlan's heart to drop down into his toes. They have the means to treat it, but even still, the name holds horror. Having packed up his little girl, the Scot starts to head out, but hesitates a step. He would very much like to hold Cass and kiss her and tell her it will be all right, but he can't get within even breathing distance. Swallowing, he utters, "A'righ'. Love ye, baby." Then, with a nod and a plaintive look, he turns and heads out of the labs again.

The DJ doesn't comment - and, no, she's not yet feeling it. She will, oh, most assuredly. For now? Now it's a moment of relative decadence no matter the circumstances; it's not long until she makes a bevy nest out of those blankets, not even bothering to take off her boots as she curls into the warm. Silly plastic mask or no. "You just wanna see my rear end." … yeah. She's one of Jack's. "And you're going to tell me that even if you don't, 'cause sometimes people deserve that." A faint grin, and she just .. closes her eyes, murmering, almost an afterthought, "Gonna have to tell Gene to play one of the recordings. can't forget."

Just like Cass would like to hold both Lachlan and Abigail, she can't risk it. Instead, she keeps moving backwards so that there is a wide berth between them. She just can't get near them. "I love you, too. Both of you. I'll come by as soon as everyone's cleared." Honestly, she shouldn't even be letting Lachlan and Abby out of the clinic. But there's no chance she's allowing her baby to stay here and Lachlan hasn't had any contact with anyone who helped bring Ali in, so they both should be safe from contracting it.

She waits till Lachlan and Abby are up the stairs before she turns around and goes back into full doctor and head of clinic mode. "Okay, anyone who came in contact with Ali gets checked out first. You, Jerry, get some food. I don't know what they're feeding her, but it looks like it's nothing but sticks and leaves. Come on, I don't want anyone dropping dead on me here, let's get this taken care of."

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