Saul Chavez
Saul Chavez
Portrayed By Demián Bichir
Gender Male
Date of Birth November 20th, 1962
Age 47
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases "Doctor Saul"
Place of Birth Tijuana, Mexico
Current Location ???
Occupation Semi-Retired Company Agent
Known Relatives ???
Significant Other Mrs. Maria Chavez
Known Abilities ???
First Appearance The Hunted

Saul Chavez is a name whispered about in the darker corners of Mexico, known by politicians and those with power, rumoured to have ties to criminal elements though. He's also a retired agent of the Company — that is, as retired as one can be from the Company. He was given the duty of taking Jamie Clancy in as his ward, putting her under his protection and that of his wife, Maria.

He was taken by the government along with Jamie due to the abilities they both have.

Unless apped, Saul is an NPC played by Serotonin.

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