2007-03-25: Save The Gappytooths, Save The World


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Summary: A phonecall. New missions. Here we go.

Date It Happened: March 25, 2007

Save The Gappytooths, Save The World

A Phone Connection Between Peter and Nathan's Phones

You answer your phone, "Hello?"

Peter is on the move, from the sounds of things, with the sound of taxies honking and people, "Nathan! It's Sylar. He's got Mohinder and Molly Walker. And an accomplice, a woman who start's fires." Getting a lot out fast. That's the job. The younger brother sounds panicked, almost hysterical. "I called Claire and Hiro, and they're together, in case he comes after her first, but Mara— Mara— I think Mara was the woman in that painting. The one that Hiro thought might be mom. And this other woman, she read the Monopoly money, said that Mara would die, and there was a clock, and…" Finally, he has to catch his breath.

Nathan is quiet as Peter rambles, a long drawn out pause that extends even after Peter runs out of words and breath. "Peter?" he asks. "Slow down, start again. Gray has…" A muffled curse, perhaps he remembers exactly who Molly is. "Where is Mara? She's still in the hospital?"

Peter takes a deep breath, but when he talks he's still rather winded, and talking faster than normal, "She's still in the hospital. Parkman was with her last I saw. He's the one that told us Sylar had Molly and Mohinder. Just— If you go to her…" It sounds as if he wants to remove the if on there all together. "Keep in contact with me every so often, okay? I'll take care of Claire, with Hiro."

Nathan says, "Fine, good," before sighing. Contemplative pause. "We— I should get her somewhere safe, and I don't think a public hospital is going to be good enough."

Peter says, "I know this sounds stupid, but… Just… keep her away from any grandfather clocks."

Nathan says, "Reckon the Company facility's got any of those?" Slight change in attitude, there.

Peter says, "I have no idea. Just be careful what they ask of you, if you go that route, okay? I'll call you again later."

The phone call has been ended by the other person.

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