2008-05-18: Saved from the Sith


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Summary: Bekah quizzes Gene about his health. Talk of saving the world ensues.

Date It Happened: May 18, 2008

Saved From the Sith


Gene is drinking coffee in a Starbucks. SHOCK AND HORROR.

Endgames are not easy, even for a genius like Gene. They require thinking of every possibility, narrowing out the most outlandish options and preparing for the more likely choices that will come. Spend too much time on each possibility and you waste too much time and effort. Not prepare enough and the enemy will find the hole in your plans swiftly.

The players are many. The stakes are high. Better put in an extra shot of 'presso.

Seated in a public area to decrease the chances of being ambushed, Gene seats himself in his usual corner, protected by the watchful eye of R2-D2 who stand in front of Gene's table, his eye scanning the store like a security camera. Currently, he works on the specs of something, frowning as he narrows his eyes at it. "If I can get an EKG machine, it's possible. But on this short notice, I'm not sure I could do it…" he states, looking at the medical equipment ordering sites with a frown. He sips his highly loaded coffee, trying to find enjoyment or relief from it. All he gets is a boost of energy that promises jitters and lack of sleep down the road.

Bekah makes her way into the store, covering a yawn with one hand. Money is exchanged for a large cup of coffee and a muffin. Exciting stuff. Scrub bottoms and a t-shirt with a backpack over her back are not exactly fancy gear, but Bekah seems to find them good enough for getting caffienated. The doctor is waiting to sip at that caffiene before she even looks around. First things first.

Currently, the Geek God is still mulling over his designs, only pausing from his tireless work to rubs his face in his hands. "Too young for this," he mutters to himself a few times before he looks back to the screen, typing away with pale fingers that seems much older than they really are. Considering that Bekah has not crossed a five foot radius of R2, the bot merely continues its tireless scan.

Bekah gets her coffee and stops for a long sip from it. Maybe it's the taste, but she seems to perk up a bit immediately. She turns to glance around with a soft laugh for R2. and then she's heading in that direction, angling for the table next to Gene's. Bekah's still sipping coffee as she goes, muffin held in the other hand.

As soon as the threshold is reached, R2-D2 begins to whine and beep in a tone that gets higher and higher… Like when he was shocked in the Star Wars by the Jaws (for those know of it). Gene looks up suddenly as he puts his hand on a remote… But stops as he sees that it is Bekah that is moving up. Glancing back down toward his computer, he states simply, "I have no time to talk. Enjoy your coffee and read a paper, I'm sure you'll get more outta it." That said, he goes back to working on the laptop. It seems he is even more socially awkward than usual.

Bekah settles into the chair anyway with a look to R2 and a shake of her head. "Did you purposefully set that thing to be annoying?" She asks before she shakes her head. "What makes you think I came over here to talk to you? I don't even have a whole cup of coffee in me yet." And apparently, not totally coffee'd Bekah is a bit on the abrasive side, though there is a dry sarcastic tone to all of that.

"Well, if you didn't want to talk to me, that's the other tables are for. If you want to complain to the manager and get me kicked out, I'm not stopping you," the nerd offers as he looks over to the other table, turning his laptop purposefully so she can't get a look at the many internet files on equipement involving Electrocardiograms. "As for my droid, I figured he'd keep people away. Guess some people just don't get the hint," the young man admits with a frown.

Bekah takes another long drink of coffee before she answers. "I like this table. It has a good view of the room." She mutters, picking at the wrapping on her muffin before she gives Gene a longer look over. "Feeling better?" Yes, she remembers him. At least now that there's caffiene in her system.

His eyes are red, bright red cracks making it seem like the pink around his baby blues is just some sort of twisted egg, his skin is still sickly pale, his hands having light tremours as he tries to work. He flickers his attention toward Bekah for only a moment, gritting his teeth to learn that she has remembered him.

"Top of my game. Now please leave me alone. That's supposed to be one of the few perks of being mean is that you get your space. And I am mean and disgusting. I eat my own mucus when I feel annoyed. I also have projectile vomit." Short pause as Gene stops typing to think of other excuses, deciding not to even look up to see if his words are bearing any fruit. "I like to lick random strangers."

Bekah shakes her head with a short laugh. "Dude. I'm an ER doctor. Projectile vomitting is just a part of a normal day for me." She states dryly before adding. "And it wouldn't be the first time someone has licked me." Apparently, she's not quite so easy to scare off, especially once she's got a good look at him. "Have you been to see a doctor? Because, honestly, you look like you need one." And that's not even sarcastic.

This is not going as he planned. The genius takes in a long deep breath before exhaling in a snort. "You are lucky that my nose is pleasantly devoid of creamy green juices in order to consume in front of you." This is not working. The one time Gene really wants to scare a woman away he can't and he has no idea why. "But yes, I have a seen a doctor. As per HIPPO, my info is safe with him."

"Right. Because boogers are just suppose to make me keel over with fright." Bekah states dryly before she looks over to him again. "Do your eyes hurt? Itch? Any effect on your vision?" She's not letting him get out of it that easily, it seems.

"I know you aren't going to believe me when I say this, but I am going to say this once. I know what I have. Mostly. I know there is little that can be done about it. Or almost nothing. And I know that if you really want to get involved, it will have to be entirely on the terms of a young adult who is currently trying to save the world-" There is a pause as he looks toward Bekah with a long peer. "How about this for a deal. You get me one of these and let me do some stuff with it…" Gene turns the laptop around to show an EKG device.

"…And I'll tell you everything you want to know about what's going on with me. It has nothing to do with the eyes, that's just good old lack of sleep for roughtly a week."

Bekah looks over to the laptop and then laughs. "Yes. They'd never notice if I just walked out of the door with an EKG machine." Bekah comments dryly before she shakes her head. "If you can build that, why don't you just build one?" She gestures as the robot, before she goes back to stripping the paper off her muffin. "Saving the world, huh? From the Sith?" She asks before she bites into it.

"I don't know how an EKG works," Gene states firmly, understanding that she thinks he was crazy. If it meant she would leave him alone, it wouldn't annoy him nearly as much as it does now. His bloodshot eyes staring right at Bekah's, he continues on. "I can't build something unless I do. I could find the plans given some time, but I have a lot to do before certain things fall into place. It would save me hours and modding something would be a lot easier to fixing it up myself. And no, not the Sith. Considering you can't get me an EKG machine, I don't see why I should be having this conversation since I doubt you could help my condition and you aren't agreeing to get something that I actually DO need your help with."

Figuring the deal making is over, Gene turns away to drink from his coffee. "You've done your best to help the stubborn kid that thinks he knows it all, now move alone, your conscious should be clear." He gives a shoo motion to speak while he sips generiously from his coffee.

Which is of course, the exact moment her cell phone goes off. Gene gets another look before she answers it. "Yes. Are you sure she's sick? Might just be a hot date." She pauses before sighing. "Fine. I can come in early." She taps the the touch screen phone off, grabbing her backpack and coffee. "Well, there's your reprieve. For now at least. Sorry I can't get you a several thousand dollar piece of equipment to save the world from non-Sith enemies." She states, turning to head out without a wave. She'll eat her muffin on the way. So there.

Gene doesn't say a word as Bekah makes her way out. Maybe he shoulda just let her help, told her about the cause and then gotten her to get him the machine. Maybe it's better this way. Tragically, advice given to him by the future to trust more falls is not yet heeded and the young geek continues his planning alone.

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