2009-12-08: Saviors and Socialites



Date: December 8, 2009


Prometheus contacts Hallis to make certain that all is well in Gotham.

"Saviors and Socialites"

Hallis' Apartment — The phone

Another day another dollar. Though it's been a relatively slow paced one, Hallis is still tired. That is probably because she had a long walk from the curb all the way up to her penthouse apartment. The elevator is out of order for maintenance. When she finally gets up to her door, she practically collapses against it with a sigh. Life is so hard.

A small rattle of keys and three deadbolts turning, has the door open and Hallis inside of her spacious sanctuary. "Andra! Zorro! I'm home!" she calls out, her voice echoing against the bare walls. They haven't quite gotten the place back to normal after the renovation and Hallis is pretty lazy when it comes to practically anything except shopping. When she doesn't receive an answer, she shrugs her shoulders and drops her large purse on the floor. In the brand new kitchen there is a coffee pot, and according to the schedule for today it's time to learn how to use it.

While there is no one in the apartment, it is not long before Hallis gets a call. For Gene, it didn't require tracking her at all… Merely a look through the EvoSoft's directory. It's nice when he doesn't have to work for something.

When Hallis picks up the phone, the familiar voice of Vader states, "Hallis…. I hope I have not caught you at a bad time."

Hallis looks at the call display when it reads unknown number she puts it back to her ear. "Uhm.. no you didn't, I just got home." There is a distinct shuffle and then a creak heard through the phone as she removes her wrap and then goes to sit in her big leather armchair. The call really couldn't have come at a better time as her room mate isn't at home, leaving her to speak freely.

"I did what you told me to do. The police have the taser you gave me."

"Good." There is a short pause before the voice speaks once more. "I wanted to first make sure you both were alright. I am sorry you had to go through the ordeal, I cannot imagine what it must have felt like."

"I'll be alright. Poor Sierra got the worst of it, she was admitted to the hospital for the knock on her head." The small woman says quickly, though because she is a little nervous a hand goes to her hair and she begins twisting one long lock between her fingers. "It was pretty scary, but it's not the worst thing I've ever had to deal with." She adds in a low tone. "I don't think I could ever thank you enough for coming when you did. I don't think we would have made it out alive if you hadn't been there."

Prometheus gives a chuckle, which cause the distorter to static a little. "It is fine. Perhaps one day, there will be away. Even if you think yourself a mouse, there are tales of such creatures helping lions. Though if you wish to repay the favor, perhaps you could tell me what happened. I am curious to see if there was some sort of reason other than monetary gain for this crime… Perhaps there are more involved." There is a short pause. "I am glad your friend has only a knock to the head."

The question about what happened is something that Hallis has tried to piece together herself. Though unfortunately her quest for truth involves a bag that she found was missing when she finally got out of the hospital. "Sierra and I were having coffee together, we were making plans to go to fashion week together for the Spring lines." Though Prometheus probably isn't interested in this little tidbit, he didn't tell her exactly how detailed she should be. "I had an espresso and finished it first, Sierra was a little slower but she had a pretty big Chai latte. We left the shop and I was going to walk her to the subway." She pauses there and lets loose the long tendril which has just been twisted into a tight spiral. It springs back to its natural curl just before she recaptures it and speaks again. "We were walking toward the station and a man came out of the alley and asked us for help." Another pause as the woman closes her eyes and clenches her jaw. "We said sure and he asked us for directions to Kirby Plaza, I think.. Then his friend came up behind me and put a gun against my back."

While sounding like Vader, Prometheus is willing to entertain the story. Perhaps because Gene is looking up stuff on another laptop as he speaks with Hallis. Once she gets to the end, the Dark Jedi inquires, "Did you see either of the men before? Perhaps in a social setting?"

"No, I don't think so." Hallis replies rather quickly, "I mean, I probably could have when I was volunteering at the soup kitchen a few months ago. But they didn't really look like the kind of people that would hang around anywhere that I would go." Did she say soup kitchen? Yes. It was one of the conditions put on her by her father during her 'probation'. She'd engaged in quite a few menial volunteer jobs in the matter of a couple of weeks before she gave up on them. "Do you think they knew me or something?"

"It is possible. It could also be that there was some cause for them pursuing Sierra, but I find the idea unlikely. It is more likely they were after your money or simply your belongings… Unless they suggested something in particular for you or your friend Sierra."

"No, nothing except keeping us until they'd maxed out my credit cards." The young woman shivers as she thinks of how many of them she carries with her and how long that would have taken to pay back. It's likely her father would have had to take out a mortgage against some of his properties. Then there was her credit card for her expense account, who knows what kind of limit that one has. "I should start just carrying one or two around instead of all of them, I guess."

"That would likely be wise… If they seemed focused on the credit cards, then it is likely that is what they were after," Prometheus states, sighing. Well, it is looks like just common thugs. No government conspiracy to be found. "If there is nothing else of note, I suppose that is that. I presume that you do not need any further assistance."

"They did say they were going to sell us for ransom," Hallis offers as though she'd been thinking about it after the fact. "But I suppose that goes along the lines of using my credit cards and things." She pauses again, licking her lips as she tries to think of a way to ask her only question of the man. "Can I ask you a question? Just one."

"Indeed, it does." There is a short pause as the mysterious man does not respond. Is it to build suspense, or merely pondering the thought. Whatever the case, the answer is simple and brief. "Ask away."

"What's your name, the one you go by?" It's simple direct and to the point. Due to the nature of their relationship, victim and savior, Hallis has no real need to know because his instructions to her were relatively simple. He did not want to be known. But for some odd reason, when she thinks about the event, it leaves her unfinished when she can't put a name to the helmet that rescued her and her friend. "I just want to know what to call you."

There is a brief distortion and static, the 'heh' and the breath accompany it not agreeing well with the digital altercation. "Prometheus… Is that enough for you?" he answers in a simple yet surprisingly calm voice.

Prometheus. The name gets Hallis' heart to skip a beat and then hammer against her chest at a furious pace. "Prometheus? The one that Emily and Sydney know?" Her voice is fairly breathy, possibly because the woman seems as though she got the wind knocked out of her. "D-do…" Pause. "Oh bother… I need to talk to you. You're a leader, aren't you?"

"…I was unaware that the name was passed around so much," Prometheus notes, making a memo to speak with Sydney and Emily at different times. "I am not sure if leader is the right word, but I have been known to organize. What matter do you need to discuss?"

"My boyfriend, I don't know if you know him… George Dawson? He's a congressman." It's a dangerous subject these days, the government, but it's one that has to be brought up. Hallis was trying to do her best to help make things right. If Prometheus was a leader, then he could help. "He's trying to stop whatever's happening with the trains. You know about the trains, right? D-do you think you could help him?"

There is another long pause. There is some Klingon and maybe a bit of Tolkien's Elvish being thrown around, likely saying things more fitting for Klingons than Elves. Finally he does speak English once more. "If he really wants to make a difference, I would suggest that he NOT associate with me. By doing so, he endangers his political position at the least. If he does desire to assist, he needs to work on garnering support for bills that would limit the laws that allow this to continue. If he finds information, he can pass it along, but I recommend that he focus on gaining governmental support without revealing the fact there are those with special gifts about. …I hope my words make sense."

It's not hard to confuse the poor girl, by speaking languages like Klingon and Elvish is a great way to do it. "Kra—plak?" Hallis repeats haltingly, "Are you alright? Are you having a seizure or something?" When Prometheus calms and finally begins speaking English again, she finally understands. "Oh.. okay. Yes, the English words make sense. That other stuff was over my head though. Don't worry about him revealing anything about the people with abilities. He knows how important it is for them to stay… He knows. You know? He's really trying to do his best." She's hinting, trying to, without revealing her boyfriend's secret. Maybe if Prometheus guessed, it wouldn't be telling.

"If he understand the nature of abilities, then he would understand that sometimes ignorance the safest thing for him. /IF/ he has useful information, then he may speak with me. The bigger the chain, the more people that can get dragged down should he, I, or anyone that is closely linked to one another if someone gets caught." Taking a deep breath or two, Prometheus offers a quieter, "Are there any more questions?"

The young woman shakes her head to the question (like the man is able to see it), then follows with a soft. "No. I want to help, if there's anything I can do… please let me know. I'm not exactly on the radar of the people who would catch anyone, you know?" It's true, she can be fairly vapid and self absorbed, but sometimes she has great moments of clarity. "They just think I'm stupid."

Having Vader's voice means it is hard to have any real emotion behind his words, but Prometheus' content at least attempts to be encouraging. "That is a powerful weapon… To be underestimated can put you in the most advantageous of positions. Gathering information would be a welcome thing for you to do. If you come across any with special abilities or you would think be useful, keep that in mind. I will mail you a card with the needed information to send information my way. If there is a need suited to your skill, I will be sure to call upon it if you so wish."

"Alright, you have my phone number so I'll just assume you can get my address fairly easily too." The phone number is the more difficult of the two to get, but since Gene/Prometheus has access to the EvoSoft employee database its already at his fingertips. "I know a lot of people with -uhm- abilities. But I don't know how many of them would be useful. I would have to talk to them first, before I let you talk to them. It's not my secret to tell, you know?" Hallis purses her lips as she finishes and then takes in a little breath. "I'll let you go though, I'm getting a little bit hungry and I kind of want to grab a burger."

"Of course… Pass the word along, I shall do my best to organize them. Until next time." And with that, the line is dead.

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