2007-11-14: Say Jakey Fell



Emitted by: Lee


Cam gets roughed up by drug goons.

Date It Happened:

November 14, 2007

Say Jakey Fell

Brubaker Secondary School

After school, an older girl Cam knows, Lisa, waves to him from around the corner of one of the outbuildings.

Cam has been pretty careful the last couple weeks, always walking with the crowds, or at least where there's others around to see anything that happens. But, at Lisa's call, he smiles and waves back, making his way over quickly, "Hey Lisa. What do ya need?"

As Cam draws nearer, it's clear from Lisa's face that something's wrong, her smile is fake, frightened, her wave is spastic rather than natural. But by the time Cam is close enough to see that, it's too late. The sound of the door opening behind him comes right before hands grab his shirt, his hair, yanking him back into the oversized supply closet. In there is Marshall and one of the kids who beat up Jakey. "I'm sorry…I'm sorry!" Lisa cries out, running away as the door closes with a solid, almost soundproof, thud.

Cam lets out a yelp as he's grabbed, but there's nothing he can do to keep from being pulled into the closet. He blinks as he looks up to Marshall, eyes widening a little. Still, he quickly composes himself, asking as if clueless, "What'd you do that for?"

The goon wraps his arm around Cam's neck. Marshall says:"We know you squealed." He has a volume of last year's phone book in his hand, and it's not to look up any numbers. "Tomorrow you go to O'Donnell and say you made a mistake. You say you saw Jakey fooling around on the wall and he fell off and got hurt." Marshall winds up with the book and WHAM. It's like getting hit with a hammer right in the stomach - but no bruises. "Say it. Say Jakey fell." Marshall sneers.

Cam blinks again and starts to say something in response to the accusation, but then he's hit with the phone book. A whoosh of air comes from him and he'd probably be doubling over if the goon didn't have hold of his neck, letting out a sob of pain. He's nodding, as if agreeing, but once he has some air again he reaches up for the hand of the arm around his neck. Not trying to pull away, just to touch it… wanting to give the goon a bad case of frostbite. A second is all it would take. Assuming the power even works.

The kid yells an obscenity, yanks back his frostbitten arm spastically, half-throwing Cam into the shelf full of supplies with a crash. Marshall, who didn't quite see what happened in the dim light, raises the phone book over his head for a smash down on Cam's back. "Say it! Say it!" Marshall grunts.

In the movies, when people are thrown against shelves, they always collapse. But shelves can take a lot of weight before that happens, and Cam isn't that heavy. Luckily the throw wasn't that hard, but Cam still ends up on the floor after bouncing off. Now he's going to have bruises. He tries to pick himself up, only to be hit with the phone book again, knocked back down from the blow. As scared and in pain as he is, Cam's power hasn't really stopped since freezing the goon's arm, and the closet floor is suddenly covered in a thin layer of ice as he tries to push up again. This time accidental, as this in no way helps the boy stand.

Marshall says, "What the hell?" The other kid is holding his arm, trying not to scream again. Marshall kicks at Cam before he can slide to his feet, but it's an unsteady and off-balance kick that almost takes Marshall off his feet as well. "What the hell did you spill down there, Cam?" Fortunately for Marshall there is something he can brace himself on - he puts his ice-slick shoe on the back of Cam's neck. "Say it. Say Jakey fell." Marshall says. "Say Jakey fell."

Struggling slightly, Cam tries to reach Marshall's ankle… but with the foot on the back of his neck, he can't position to reach either it or the other one. After a moment, crying from the pain and fear of what might happen, (his tears freezing), he gives up, stopping his struggling and saying, "Jakey f.fell…"

Marshall says, "And tomorrow, you….oh christ, what the hell happened to your arm?" he blurts out. "I donno, I can't feel anything." replies the goon, a hitch of pain and terror in his voice. Marshall says, "You tell O'Donnell Jakey fell /tomorrow/. Or we'll do this dance again." but he's shaken, and he and his friend get out, fast, Marshall's eyes widening when the light from outside pours in and he can see the ice under Cam's slumped-over body.

Cam nods a little to Marshall's order, "Ok..I.. I will." He isn't moving for the time being, perhaps scared Marshall will still be there, or perhaps just in too much pain. After a few minutes, he starts to pick himself up.

Outside the closet, where the cold ice is rapidly melting into slick slush, the school continues on as if nothing has happened. Marshall and the goon are gone.

Of course, in that time Cam's clothes became soaked from the melting ice. He leans against the closet wall, wiping his eyes, though he can't really hide the fact that he was crying. Still, he makes his way out of the closet, moving a bit stiffly but heading towards where Niki'll be picking him up soon.

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