2007-07-23: Say Something Nicer


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Summary: The duo discuss possible sources of the information leak and Molly. And Mara indulges in her new favourite activity: teasing Mohinder.

Date It Happened: July 23, 2007

Say Something Nicer


Rumours of Your Death by Botox

Hartsdale - Primatech Hospital

Mohinder is in the process of cleaning up and locking things down for the night. It's been a busy few days, and he's ready to maybe go home a little early to be with Molly. Standing by his station, he's organizing Megan's files into a neat stack. The girl's stubbornness troubles him, but he can't blame her.

There's a quiet clearing of the throat that announces Mara's arrival to the lab, at least giving him a bit of warning before she saunters across the room. As though she belongs there or has just as much right to be there as he does. It's hard to say how much of it is true and how much is the act of confidence. If one lies enough, the lie begins to feel like the truth. "I'm glad to see rumours of your death by Botox have been greatly exaggerated," she drawls.

Mohinder glances over at Mara as she enters. An eyebrow quirks slightly, but he doesn't look terribly amused. He's trying to take it in stride. "Botox is perhaps one of the worst things to happen to modern medicine." Folders and papers stacked, he places them in a labeled box to shelf it. "The situation has been partially dealt with and is over."

"Oh, I agree with you there." Mara flashes the man a grin and rests her hand on the back of a chair, leaning slightly. She's serious again for the moment. "I was worried about you. Had to sit tight up north, though, or I'd have been here sooner. You're all right?" Is that… Why yes, that is concern.

"Quite alright. I had a little rest, let the drug leave my bloodstream and I am perfectly fine." Mohinder heads back towards Mara and folds his arms across his chest. "It was nothing more than a routine meeting. One I made mistakes during, as it was pointed out to me no sooner than I had woken up."

"Then I suppose you don't need me to point out that you should have had me with you?" Mara reaches out to pat Mohinder's cheek with a smirk. "Glad you didn't come back in a body bag. Situation's handled then? All's good?"

Mohinder frowns a little. "No danger of that. I had the Haitian with me." Who is better trained than he is in fighting. "I sincerely doubt Cass or Mr. Deatley would have resorting to killing me." He doesn't react to the patting of his cheek and he exhales a deep breath. "The situation is almost handled, but all is not well. We still have an information leak that is being searched for."

"What do you make of that, Doctor Suresh?" Mara inquires coolly, stepping away from the chair she's leaning against. She tilts her head to one side in a curious manner, all but stalking her way in a wide circle about Mohinder.

"Admirably foolish move. I would like to notify famiilies of people held by the Company, but it just isn't done." Mohinder looks frustrated as he runs a hand through his hair, tousling the curls. "This company is operated under tight security. Security that may be slipping. Patients, guests, detainees, none of them are given a call home for a reason."

"Mm." Mara completes her circle, turning the chair about to stradle the back of it and peer up at Mohinder. "So what do you suppose will happen to the idiot who either had an attack of conscience or a death wish?"

"Quite possibly a little of both," Mohinder reasons as he finds more items on his work station to tidy up. Mostly things are already in order and he's just appearing quite OCD about it. "There is no telling. It depends on the employee, what they have to say about it.. Could be any number of things for punishment."

"Any suspects?" A flicker of something akin to amusement dances in Mara's eyes. "Who would you peg for it, Mohinder?" She quirks a brow. C'mon, you can tell me.

Mohinder folds his arms across his chest again and looks down at the ground. "Agent Butabi has a list of suspects. You, myself, Swan, Armstrong, Winters.. anyone who has had close contact with Miss Deatley for any reason. He has been interrogating people and he means business."

Mara squints. "So that's the list, but who do you reckon?" Something's kind of… She blinks and then asks, "Did you do something different with your hair?"

Mohinder scowls at Mara, just slightly, "It is difficult to say. I know I said nothing to her family. Swan and Armstrong are too professional.. Swan while new, would not jeopardize his position. Winters.. is very soft hearted, so is a likely party. You? I would /hope/ that you hadn't done something as foolish as that."

"Please," the woman scoffs. "Don't you know me better than that by now?" Mara brushes her fingers through the back of her hair, tossing it a bit before giving voice to her next thought with a roll of her eyes, "I'm far too busy focusing on not being killed by a certain serial killer to be leaking information to detainees' families. I mean, seriously. I have enough problems. Creating more isn't exactly in my best interests. And I think my affilition with this entire organisation is probably proof that I'm very much into protecting my best interests these days. I hope you told Butabi that he's off his rocker if he thinks I'm good for this."

"He never said that you were. I noticed it was in his files he had with him." Mohinder points this out in a calm tone as he listens to Mara. "I would hope that's the case, Mara. I would hate to lose my partner over a stupid, yet well meant move." Sighing, he unfolds his arms and slips his hands into his pockets. "This is serious business. I hope they find the leak and deal with it appropriately before more happen."

"I would think the investigation itself should be enough," Mara reasons, glancing up with her wide, hazel-green eyes. "I mean, obviously whoever leaked this information isn't that bright in the first place, but… I would think that they should at least be smart enough to keep their mouths shut from now on. That is, of course, if this was a well-intentioned leak, rather than some moron shooting their mouth off to the wrong person."

"Regardless of motivation, I am sure there will be repurcussions. Butabi was most unamused and quite threatening." Mohinder places his hands on the work table and leans forward. "This isn't some game, but I'll not repeat myself. I should get home to Molly now."

"That reminds me…" Mara stands up and puts the chair back where it belongs, reaching into her back pocket to fish out her wallet. She removes a twenty and hands it over to the geneticist. "Give that to her for me, won't you? Tell her she can either spend it how she sees fit, or she can hold onto it until all this bullshit keeping me in Schenectady blows over and I'll take her shopping when I'm able to act as her escort." She pauses and then smirks, "Don't say 'bullshit,' though. Say something nicer. Translate it into I-Went-To-Grad-School-ese."

Mohinder's brows raise at the twenty as he takes it. "She is already quite spoiled you know.. This will make her completely unmanageable." But the geneticist looks pleased over the offer all the same. The bill is slipped into his wallet. "I'll take her on an outing this weekend." And will have Molly write a nice thank you card.

"I'm like the crazy aunt that doesn't get to visit often enough," Mara jokes as she paces backward slowly toward the hall. "It's all right if I spoil her, because I don't have to wrangle her. And beside that? We both know you can't say no to her when she smiles, so you've got way more to worry about than the stray twenty I send her way."

"You have a fair point," Mohinder says as he walks his way towards the door to the hall. "I fear for our sanity when she gets older." Meaning his and Matt's. Molly will give them a run for the border. "No one can tell Molly no." That's just a fact he's resigned to.

Mara chuckles quietly as she turns to watch where she's going, rather than walk into the wall or trip. "One of these weekends, Mohinder, she and I will kick you out and have a slumber party. Girls only." She sends a wink over her shoulder. "That girl needs a more feminine influence in her life…" Wait for it. Waaaaaaait for it… "Not that your tips on haircare aren't invaluable."

"Please, no more. The thought of that makes me cringe." Mohinder makes an act of suppressing a shudder. "The mere idea of Molly and slumber parties.. she's bad enough on her own with Nicodemus." Not that he's complaining. The pet was a fine idea and healthy for Molly to have. As for his hair, he throws Mara a brief look.

Mara is immune to Mohinder's looks. She can only laugh at him. "You look so cute when you're trying to be indignant."

Mohinder fishes his car keys from his pocket. "Why does everyone target my hair?" Not that he's touchy on it. He's just curious. He can't help it being naturally fantastic.

"Probably because it looks like you spend a goodly amount of time on it." Mara shrugs dismissively. "I think I'll be driving back into the City tomorrow. Did you need me to swing by here to pick anything up for you on my way through?"

"It's natural." Girls, don't be too jealous. It's obvious Mohinder doesn't spend too much time with it. Look at the rest of him when he's caught up in work! No time for /hair/. "No.. I can't think of anything.. Take care Mara, and do be careful. I shall see you tomorrow."

"Yeah… You too, okay? Something doesn't feel right. Call it a hunch. Call it a vision waiting to happen. I don't know what it is, but… Just keep your eyes open." Mara offers a brief wave before fishing out her own car keys and jogging toward the exit.

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