2007-03-21: Say the Wrong Thing


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Summary: Marcus and Claudine duck out for a bite to eat and run into Natalie.

Date It Happened: March 21, 2007

Say the Wrong Thing

Noodle Haven

Marcus and his fellow medical student Claudine make their way into the shop for a quick bite for lunch, Marcus's bruised ribs have finally fully healed and he's been given a clean bill of health, so this is something of a celebratory meal. Marcus and his fellow medical student Claudine make thier way into the shop for a quick bite for lunch, Marcus's bruised ribs have finally fully healed and he's been given a clean bill of health, so this is something of a celebratory meal.

While Marcus' bruised are finally healed, Claudine still has a couple of stitches on her face, arms, legs and body that need to heal up, so she's kind of self conscious as she heads to the eatery with him. She chews on her bottom lip a little as she looks around while idly running her fingers through her hair…

Natalie is currently sitting over at one of the tables here inside the shop. Given that the cheesesteak is the special, there's one of those sitting on her plate, along with a glass of soda. She's sitting there, looking at the newspaper as she sips the soda, sandwich apparently ignored for the moment. An exasperated sigh slips out, despite herself.

Marcus puts an arm around Claudine as he sees her nervousness giving her a little hug, he drops into Tagalog «It's gonna be ok, noone is looking at you» he turns to the counter, "Two specials please, "

«I look hideous..» she replies as well, she's always been a pretty girl, and she knows it, and this whole thing has made her realize that she might be a bit vain. "My face and body were ginzu knifed..of course I'm going to be nervous a little.." Claudine whispers in the end..

Natalie looks up, and curious, as she hears the Tagalog. Not a language she knows, and that always gets her interest, as she looks over the top of the newspaper to see who's speaking it.

Marcus stops and turns to Claudine, putting a hand on her shoulder, «You're gorgeous, those are badges of honor, they don't detract from your beauty, they enhance it.» his eyes are on hers, making it clear hes not taking no for an answer, he doesn't notice the young lady listening.

Her cheeks flush a little as she nods and takes a deep breath. «All right, if Marcus says so..» she says, not really wanting to get in an argument about it as she looks around the shop once more. "Um..maybe we should get a seat, yeah?"

Natalie looks even more curious at the bandages. But then she realizes that she's staring a bit, and she wouldn't want to be in the reverse position. Just a bit embarassed, she looks back down, at her newspaper again.

Marcus notices Natalie's staring and smiles back, giving her a wink he leans over and in etagalog «I think that girls into me, what do you think?» it's pretty obvious he's trying to cheer the girl with him up even if you can't understand the words.

A faint little chuckle escapes her lips as she looks over to Natalie, «Well, she's all right. Go talk to her..» figuring she might as well humor him. «You're cute, so go for it!»

Natalie blushes a bit brighter at the wink. Staring? No, no! Just reading newspaper. Really. She starts to reach for her sandwich, and then doesn't, because who wants to be caught chewing if someone's looking at you??

Marcus starts guiding Claudine toward Natalie's table since they havn't sat down yet. yet, he drops to English, "So my friend here says your hitting on me, is that true?" he smiles big as he puts the well dressed woman on the spot.

Claudine just giggles impishly as she eases on down and looks over towards the woman with her brows raised. She was either looking at Marcus or her after all.."

Natalie blushes a little. Caught. She looks up a little sheepishly. Well, admitting that is maybe less embarassing than admitting looking at the bandages. "I…just heard you speaking something that I wasn't familiar with, and I was curious. I didn't mean to bother you."

Marcus settles into a seat between the two ladies. "It's never a bother when cute strangers stare at me" he grins again and offers a hand, "Marcus, this is Claudine, we were actually talking in Tagalog, Claudine is an exchange student from the Phillipines"

"Not an exchange students, I actually go to Columbia, remember?" Claudine says with raised brows before she extends a hand out towards Natalie. At least her hands werent cut, just everything above it. "Nice to meet you."

Natalie shakes the offered hands, one at a time. "Natalie. Former language major at NYU. Hence the interest." A wry smile. "I'm afraid Tagalog wasn't one I picked up, though."

Marcus raises an eyebrow, "Language major, really?" he suddenly seems much more interested, "what languages did you study? I minored in Linguistics myself, at Columbia."

Claudine ahhhs and nods, instead just letting the two language geeks talk amongst themselves…

Natalie smiles at that. "Oh, several. French, German, Russian, Spanish, Latin, Japanese, Arabic…I'm a little bit of a polyglot." Her own interest is a little more perked, given that bit of common ground.

Marcus grins, "I speak French, German, Spanish, Latin, Japanese, and Arabic myself, never picked up Russian though. Picked up Hebrew Yiddish, and Tagalog more recently. So what do you do Natalie?"

Natalie sighs at that. "I read want ads?" She bends the newspaper down to display the Help Wanted section. "I'm sort of between jobs at the moment, so I'm trying to find something I'm qualified for."

Marcus ohhhs, "I'm sorry to hear that, what kind of experience do you have?"

Natalie smiles a little wanly. "I worked for the government, previously." Vague, and unspecific.

Marcus nods slowly, "government, translator? that sounds fascinating, why did you quit?

Natalie looks a little embarassed again. "Would you two like to sit down?" she offers. "I'm sorry, I'm being rude. And I had some medical problems."

Marcus says, "No I'm the one being rude," he settles back into a seat his food sitting in front of him, "I shouldn't have even asked…I mean….wow….would you rather be alone?""

Natalie shakes her head. "I'm just as happy for company." she admits. "I've been kinda derailed lately, so, people are a good."

It's then that Claudine realizes the time, or perhaps she wants to let the two language geeks share some quality time together, but she asks for her order to go. "Actually, I forgot, I'm suppose to take my orgo exam that I missed due to the accident. I'll see you around Marcus! And it was a pleasure meeting you as well.." she says bowing her head to Natalie. And with that, she's off.

Marcus blinks as Claudine takes off kinda abandoning him, he says a weak little bye a little torn now, because its one think to speak to a perfect stranger with a safety net, its another to do it with no back up. He grins kinda sheepishly at Natalie, "So you have an interview this afternoon?"

Natalie shakes her head, folding up the newspaper. "Afraid not. Right now I'm giving some thought to seeing about maybe getting into teaching. Not a -ton- of jobs out there that depend on speaking a lot of languages."

Marcus nods, "So you just dressed up on general principle? Impressive

Natalie blushes just a little. "Well, you never know when you're gonna hit an opportunity." she suggests. "I'm not so much of a casual person, I guess."

Marcus says, "You bl" he cuts himself up, "So what other skills do you have?""

She looks over. "Ummm…" Okay, there's no way around it, so she looks embarassed, and explains more fully. "I worked for the CIA. So, cryptographic analysis, computer programming, translation…things like that."

Marcus blinks, "CIA wow……I mean like….wow…." he takes a moment or too to take that in, "Well I would think with those references you shouldn't have any problem finding a new job, …. were you injured in the line of duty?"

Natalie spreads her hands. "I can't really talk about it." she apologizes. "Sorry. But it was medical issues."

Marcus puts his hands up, "sorry…didn't mean to pry"

The blonde smiles. "It's okay. Just that whole "if I tell you, I have to kill you". she quips. "And then who would I have to talk to while I eat lunch?"

Marcus grins and takes a bite of his own sandwich, "So did they let you keep your secret decoder ring?"

Natalie grins. "Sorry. You have to turn that in at the door on your way out." She takes a bite of her sandwich, relaxing just a little now. "So what do you do? For a living, I mean."

Marcus says, "I'm going to college to be a medical examiner, working for a research hospital as an intern right now."

Natalie nods. "That's kind of far from languages. Just got out of the field?" she asks, curiously.

Marcus says, "I took Linguisitcs as a minor to pad my gpa" he blushes a little himself, "I've always been interested more in mysteries, forieng tongues are just something of a hobby"

Natalie nods. "So you have to go to medical school for that, I'm guessing?" Shesips her soda, after speaking.

Marcus says, "Well my Bachelors was in Forensic Science with a minor in Liguistics, currently Im in medical graduate school to get a degree that will qualify me to conduct autopsies and the like, because theres nothing more relaxing then chopping up dead bodies" he gives it totally dead pan, but if you watch closely, you can tell he really does mean it as a joke"

Natalie makes a face. "Ick. You're a better person than I am. I don't think I could even think about that too much and eat lunch."

Marcus says, "I guess that wasn't the best subject to bring up over a meal….so any leads at all?""

Natalie shakes her head. "Nothing solid, honestly. Teaching needs an education d
egree, and well, I don't have that."

Marcus says, "Your friends and family come up with any leads yet?"
Natalie shakes her head. "No. I mean, my family is helping me out financially, so I'm not on the street or anything. But I hate being dependent on people. I'm not so good at it." She makes a face.

Marcus grins, "Self Sufficent? Cryptography and Linguistics, not sure of a lot of places outside of the government that could be a lot of use….I'm sorry

Natalie nods. She smiles. "Hence the want ads. I mean, I could get something as a programmer. But I prefer languages, if I can find something in my field."

Marcus says, "I guess Burger King is always hiring…" he grins, "So you speak Russian, how cool is that, I've never heard russian, I've heard its a harsh language, but all the girls in the movies with russian accents have such sexy voices"

Natalie smiles. «That's because all the girls in the movies speak with this honey-dripping voice.» she says, in Russian, amusedly, letting her own voice qualify as that for the moment.

«So thats it, I guess any language can be sexy with enough work» he speaks in Russian, in the same type of accent she used, down to the honey in the words.

Natalie blinks. "I…you said you didn't speak Russian!!!" She blushes -bright- red, she'd never have done that if he'd spoken it. Embarassed much!

Marcus says, "I don't…." he frowns, "Was that Russian?""

The girl looks a little suspicious now. "Yes." she answers. "And not what I said, which means you do speak it." All of her body language has gone to guarded now.

Marcus hmmms softly, frowning some more, he drops into fluent, native russian, « Actually I've never studied Russian, never even heard it before, its interesting, almost related to Germanic» He shrugs a little, <Languages have always come easy to me, that why I use them to pad my GPA>

There's easy…and then there's apparently picking up a language after hearing 14 words. Which is impossible, which means he spoke it before. She puts on a smile, but it's a forced smile. "I should really get going." She stands, rather hurriedly.

Marcus frowns, and bites his lip, "I'm sorry…did I say something wrong….look sometimes when I'm just picking up a language I say something dirty…and don't realize I did." he looks really concerned.

Natalie shakes her head once. "No, I just need to be going. Sorry." She almost looks scared, and hiding it. She leaves her food, untouched, heading for the door.

Marcus rises, "What did I say…wait…whats going on?" he sighs softly, and drops heavily in to the chair, not bothering to chase her, since that would be like…weird…he just starts banging his head on the table.

Natalie heads out, quickly, walking out the door and breaking into a run as soon as she's clear of the line of sight of the shop.

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