2007-08-18: DF: Scars


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Scars aren't always on the outside. Cass scrambles to keep Lachlan from doing something very regrettable.

August 18th, 2009:


Phoenix Towers - Basement

Just like he said he would, Lachlan is getting dressed. Or, well, he was. He's pretty much dressed now. Adjusting the shirt around his torso, he limps over to his overnight bag and digs around for some deodorant, which he begins to apply with little care. He's still obviously a bit grumpy over the events at breakfast, but he's cooled down a little.

It's a good thing that he's calmed down because just like Cass told Trina that she would, she pushes through the door without knocking. Abby is still cradled in her arms, so she shuts the door softly behind her and gives Lachlan a once over just to try a gauge his mood. Most of the time she's pretty good at it. "Good morning to you, too."

The only person who would be entering without knocking would be Cass, and she should, of course, have Abby with her. Thus, Lachlan glances at her with one arm raised, the other applying deodorant, to ascertain whether or not the baby is asleep. Using that information, he keeps his voice at a quiet level. "Hey." Deodorant finished, he caps and then tosses the stick onto the overnight bag.

Not having much in the way of an overnight bag herself, Cass just rocks Abigail a bit and then goes to put her down in her bassinet. Since she's sleeping, she should remain so. No need to have a fussy crying baby while mommy and daddy discuss not killing the leader of a country. "Just…stop looking for him. Please, Lachlan. That's all I ask."

It's not really that Lachlan is frustrated over not being able to find Nathan and make him pay. Really, if the President were still in Washington D.C., he would likely not be so gungho about it. It's the fact that Nathan is obviously so close and everyone — people who are supposed to be his friends — is hellbent on keeping him away from the Scot that really hits him. Lachlan grunts. "Sure. Wha'ever." Bitter? Nooooo.

It's because they're his friends that they're so hellbent on making sure the Scot never sees him. Killing Nathan would be a huge mistake and it would be something the HS would hunt them down over. "After three years, you think I can't tell when you're trying to blow me off? Lachlan…there's a /reason/ I don't want you to know where he is. If you know where he is, you're going to see him. If you see him, you're going to hurt him. If he /says/ anything to you, you're going to kill him. And if you kill him we're /never/ going to be safe."

… yeah, well. Lachlan scowls as he readjusts his shirt with a little more force than is needed, tugging down the hem hard. He doesn't have much to say to that, because Cass is right, and he really doesn't want to acknowledge that.

He's never wanted to acknowledge when Cass is right and he is wrong. That's something that she knows. Stepping forward, she moves to wrap her arms around him. "Just…forget about him." That's what she's trying to do. "Think about our house in Scotland. Abby playing with the dogs." Their soon-to-be future.

It's not easy to 'just forget about him'. That's why Lachlan is known as a vindictive sumbitch. He lets out a heavy and deep sigh when Cass embraces him and half-heartedly wraps his arms around her in return. Okay, fine, he'll play along with this. But he still wants to kill … er, maim … er, talk to Nathan. But against his own will, he does start thinking about a house in Scotland and Abby playing with the dogs, and how much more quieter things will be when they leave, and he starts to noticeably relax. The embrace becomes a little more real, less 'fine if I have to' and he settles down enough to place a kiss on Cass' cheek. "Yeah."

It's hard for Cass to not think about him, either. To know how close he is and try and forget that he's there. Both of them. But, she has to try so that she can move on. Be with her family, not dwell on what happened. It's hard, but she's doing her best. Resting her head against his chest, she sighs. Just telling Lachlan to think about the future forces herself to think about it, too. Things will be quiet, safe, better to raise a family in. Breathe in, breathe out. Just like Ramon told her to do. "Yeah," she repeats him. She's not sure what else to say.

Focusing on that future's much easier when Lachlan's in a nice quiet room with his fiancee and his little girl. So much easier to block it all out and just pay attention to what he's got and what he'll have — and what he's been without. The guy's got needs, right? After a few moments of simply standing there and holding Cass, ideas start to form, and Lachlan nuzzles against her cheek again. "She asleep?"

A guy may have needs, but those are the farthest things from Cass' mind. "She's been asleep since about pancakes," she tells him. She gets the idea when he starts nuzzling her cheek, but she's a little hesitant. Not exactly pushing him away, she doesn't quite return it full force. Instead, she just keeps her arms wrapped around him as if he's /not/ trying to start what she thinks he is.

The fact that Cass isn't exactly reciprocating doesn't seem to deter Lachlan. Maybe she just didn't get the hint. It should be a bit more obvious when that nuzzling turns into a trail of small kisses down the side of her neck. "'Ve missed ye, baby," the Scot murmurs, clearly meaning it in more ways than one.
It's not that Cass doesn't get what Lachlan is doing. She /does/. She missed him, too. In all ways imaginable. "I missed you, too," she says, quietly holding on to him tighter. She loves this man more than anything in the world other than her daughter. Slowly, she turns her head to reciprocate the kisses, by softly brushing her lips against the crook of his neck. Right where it's bent so that he can kiss her.

There, now she got it. Lachlan remains at her neck a few moments more before deciding that those lips are being wasted at his own throat and draws his face back. He doesn't go too far, though. Instead, he tilts his head and moves in to hopefully redirect Cass' lips to his own for a good and proper kiss. Yep, he's really missed her.

Kissing. Kissing is nice. It's tender and sweet and passionate. Cass quickly returns the kiss with just as much, raising up just slightly on her toes to do so. That's not totally necessary, but it makes it a bit more comfortable. She missed this. Contact, warmth, Lachlan. Wrapping one of her arms around his neck for balance, she places the other one on the side of his face.

Mmmm, yes. Lachlan's really, really missed this. He's more than content with kissing for a while before it becomes apparent to him that there's something else that needs to be done. So he starts to draw away again (rather reluctantly). "'M gonna— " smooch "— lock the door." Because the very last thing he needs is someone to come walking in and ruining an otherwise beautiful moment.

Indeed, that's the last thing any of them need. "Okay." Unwrapping her arms from around him, she she moves to sit down on the bed while he goes to lock the door. It's been awhile, they can wait a few more seconds so that no one barges in on them. Not that Cass can imagine anyone doing so without knocking, but it's a base and things happen.

It's not like their apartment where they can be alone without people barging in, no knocking. Hence why Lachlan is so cautious. After he's taken care of the door (and double-checked it just to be sure), the Scot returns to the bed with a broad grin and bends down to put his face right in front of Cass', supporting himself with his hands on the edge of the mattress. "So, where were we?" he asks playfully. He's in no rush — yet.

Playfully, smiling just a bit, Cass moves her head forward just slightly. Just so that she's /almost/ kissing Lachlan, but not actually having their lips touch. Resting her hands on top of his, she whispers, "Mmm. I think about…/here/." She closes her eyes, and ever so slowly keeps moving forward, trying to keep the suspense going for as long as she can. It's fun.

But Lachlan's feeling pretty playful too, so that suspense is only helped along by the fact that he keeps raising himself up juuuuust out of reach of Cass' lips. And if that kinda forces her backward and more toward the bed, well, that's okay. He's still grinning, growing even wider the more he stays just out of reach. "Ye sure? Think it was somewhere 'round here." Or here. Or heeeeeere.

Instead of falling backwards towards the bed, Cass leans more and more forward, trying to finally connect that kiss. She giggles a little, because this is a game. "Uh-uh." This has turned into the game of who can kiss first and Cass likes to win that game. Quickly, she jumps up a little to press her lips right against Lachlan's. It's still playful, but there's a bit of an edge to it.

Which is certainly not lost on Lachlan. He also lets out a laugh, but it's deeper and more growly — lighthearted-growly — and right into that kiss. Mwehmm hmm hmhm! It's only now that he starts to get a little more demanding and forceful, however he's still definitely within the realm of playful, and he's also definitely trying to pressure Cass back onto the mattress. Hee hee, he has a Cass back.

The playful part is good, that's the part Cass doesn't mind. Really, it's all well and good for the two of them. It doesn't take much for her to be pushed back onto the mattress, she wasn't balanced very well to begin with. The moment her back hits, though, and Lachlan's advances become more she gasps a little, as if she was hitting something harder than sheets and covers. Her eyes snap open for a split second. As if to reassure herself that it's Lachlan there, not some nightmare.

In typical Lachlan fashion, the fact that Cass might not be the most comfortable doesn't quite register at first. In his defense, however, he's got a bit on his mind … as it were. But once it starts to sink in that she's tense, that maybe things aren't progressing properly, that maybe she's in pain, he pauses and pulls his head back, looking down at her with a slight furrowing of the brow. "'Re ye a'righ'?" Because he doesn't want to continue if she's not comfortable.

… well, okay, maybe he does. But he won't.

Cass' eyes quickly focus on Lachlan, trying to remember /this/ place and where she is /now/. "N-no. I'm fine." She really wants to forget what happened to her, everything. She just wants to move past it. And knowing Lachlan, she knows that he'll take her at her word. Or, at least, she hopes. Because if he doesn't, she may have to explain or talk about it and that's the last thing she wants. Fiercely, as if to just banish all of those thoughts away and to make him forget that she just froze up, she raises her head back up to kiss him again.

She doesn't seem all right. She looks … spooked? Lachlan doesn't even get much time to figure out how Cass looks, because she's diving right back in, and who is he to argue? Maybe she just landed wrong or something. Yes, that's it. So back into the fray he goes, and it's not long before he's moving to the clothing part of the proceedings — namely the part where they come off. Starting with Cass' shirt.

No, it's not that Cass landed wrong. It's something totally different. However, once again, she's not going to go into it. In fact, she's going to try and forget that it ever happened. She's fine with her shirt being taken off. But the moment that Lachlan moves for her pants, something changes. Even though /she/ was the one that started things back up again, the moment that barrier is crossed it's not just a gasp and opening of eyes from her. Instead, she's quickly shoving at him, clawing, trying to get him off of her, away from her. "Stop it, stop it. Get off, I can't breathe." Not that he's actually doing anything that would prevent her from breathing, but this bedroom isn't where she is right now in her head.

It's just another happy yay sexytiems moment for Lachlan, so naturally once he goes for the pants, he figures everything's cool and good and wonderful in Cassland. So it comes as something of a major shock when he finds himself being shoved and clawed away, like he was attacking her. Bewildered, and certainly not about to argue when she is obviously in distress, the Scot scrambles off and back. "Christ, 'm sorry. 'Re ye a'righ'?" Clearly he was doing something wrong — but what? He can't make sense of it.

However, Cass is not really alright. Nor is anything alright in Cassland. For a moment, she just curls up on the bed, unwilling to look at Lachlan. This man she love. This man did /nothing/ bad to her. And yet, the very idea…it makes her heart race and her throat close up as if she was being choked again. She's ashamed. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," she whispers. This time this is her fault. Or, at least, that's how she feels.

She's sorry? What? This isn't helping Lachlan's confusion any, and now it's getting mixed in with fear. What the hell is going on? When something is wrong with Cass — something he doesn't know and can't figure out — panic starts to set in. He remains standing there like a deer in the headlights for several moments before he tentatively starts to approach her again and reaches out a hand to rest on her shoulder. "Cassie, wha's wrong?" She's scaring him, here.

Yes, she's sorry. She's the one that ruined welcome back sex. Who seems to not be able to handle even the idea of it. Slowly, Cass starts to try and relegate her breathing, make it so that it's not the ragged gasps that it has turned into. Even though, she knows that he's trying to be comforting, she jerks back from the hand on her shoulder. Moving so that she's further across the bed from him. Away from his normal reach. "J-just. Don't."

If ever a man could look like a puppy that just got kicked in the face after fetching a ball, it would be Lachlan right now. He doesn't know what he did or why Cass is suddenly terrified of even being near him, but what makes it worse is that she's acting like it's her fault — and she didn't do anything wrong either. He doesn't attempt to touch her or even get close to her again. Lachlan just stands at his side of the bed and stares, confused, bewildered, and hurt. "Cassie, wha'— ?" It almost sounds like a whine. Why is she doing this?

It's not Lachlan that Cass is terrified of or being near. It's just…everything. It's too much. Because it's /nothing/ that Lachlan has done to her that has made her act like this. He has nothing to do with it. Taking deep breaths, she doesn't answer for awhile. "Don't ask me. Please." Because she doesn't want to talk about it. Putting her face in her hands, she doesn't cry, but she keeps up her slow breathing. "I'm so sorry. I—it's not you. Please…it's not you."

It's not him, but it couldn't be her. She didn't do anything. In fact, she jumped right back in! So why is she acting like this? "Well then wha' the bloody hell is it?!" Lachlan demands, exasperated. His voice raises, but it's not a shout. He's still mindful of the sleeping Abby not far away.

And then it starts to slowly slowly creep up on him. Maybe it is her. She did just come back from being held captive. She was disgustingly bruised and battered, shocked, afraid, not herself. She hasn't been herself since she came back. What could they have done to her to make her afraid of him — of this? There are a few things. He doesn't want to think about them, but he has to know. "Wha'd they do ta ye, Cass?" His tone is much more steely now.

D-didn't she just ask him not to ask her? This suspiciously sounds like him asking her about what happened to her. When he demands and questions her, her face stays in her hands, long hair curtaining in front of her. Some sort of whimsy shield to protect her from all of this. Though she's desperately, /desperately/ trying to not cry, it's not something she can stop herself from doing. Especially when he sounds like he knows. Oh God, he knows. He knows. "Nothing," she says softly, through her tears. "Nothing, just stop."

Hurting his family is the one thing in the world that Lachlan would never, ever want to do, and it's obvious that these questions are painful to Cass. As such, he doesn't ask again — but he knows she's lying. They did something to her, and it was so bad that she's acting like this in the face of something that should be beautiful and mutually enjoyable. Whatever it was that they did, they took away something that should never be tampered with. Lachlan doesn't ask again. Instead, he turns around and heads for the door. Because, though he would never want to hurt Cass, he does not hold the same regard for some other people — and that other person is precisely who he plans to visit right now.

It's quiet in the room, so when Lachlan starts for the door, Cass can hear him. He doesn't say anything to her, doesn't ask her any other questions, but she has three guesses as to where he's headed. The first two don't count. Quickly, she snaps her head up. Oh, oh, this can't be good. This is not a good thing. Snatching her shirt and tossing it on, she follows after Lachlan at breakneck speed. The only thing she pauses in is to put on her shirt and scoop up Abigail from her sleep. While the girl /is/ sleeping, she doesn't want to leave her alone in the basement while she goes running after the baby's father. Unfortunately with a sleeping baby in her arms, she's a lot slower going than a raging Scot. "Lachlan. /Lachlan/. Stop. Please, don't do this. /Lachlan/!"

No, there's going to be nothing to get in Lachlan's way. By the time Cass has got on her shirt and has picked up Abby, he's pretty far ahead. He's got a mission, and fueled by his own inherent rage, it's going to take some doing for Cass to catch up to him. Her protests are falling on deaf ears. He can't hear her over the blood pounding in them. Forget the elevators, he'll limp up the stairs. He doesn't even feel the pain in his knee.

Luckily for Cass, Lachlan still doesn't know where Nathan is right now. And while some part of her thinks that whatever Lachlan does to him he deserves, she will not have her family torn apart because of this. Or because of Lachlan's rage. Knowing she's never going to catch up following Lachlan, instead, she makes a detour. Finding a member of the flock she trusts, she hands off Abigail to her slowly and carefully with /very strict/ instructions of what to do with her. She'll be back in just a few minutes. Then, another quick detour. By the time this is all finished, she runs as fast as she can up the stairs. She no longer has a baby she has to worry about, so she can take two, three at a time. Where ever Lachlan is trying to scan, she knows Nathan isn't in this building. So, she waits by the exit.

By the time he gets up the stairs, Lachlan's already pretty much discovered via the Rodent Underground that Nathan is not in this building. Sorry, Lachlan, the President is in another castle! So he's headed for the exit, keeping a bead on the rats and mice, cats, dogs, anything that he can easily scan that is within range. It's likely fortunate he can't communicate with birds. But once he reaches the door, he finds his way barred by Cass. This doesn't deter him in the slightest. He continues towards it without hesitation, his face set into a dark, murderous frown. "Move," is all he says, and it's not friendly.

"No." Cass' own tear-stained face is one of determination. "Lachlan, stop it. He had /nothing/ to do with this." A bald-faced lie. However, one she is willing to tell in order to get him to stop his warpath. The one thing Cass has been able to do is lie when she needs to. It's been awhile since the woman has been afraid of what her fiancee is capable of, what he will do in the name of family. However, this is another one of those times. That frown on his face is enough to convey what will happen if she lets him pass, if she lets him find where Nathan is being held. "If you do this, you're putting /all/ of us in danger. I /can't/ let you do it."

If she won't move, then Lachlan will move her himself. When he reaches the door and Cass still hasn't gotten out of his way, Lachlan reaches out to take her by one arm and bodily pull her away from the door. He says nothing, and he does his level best not to harm her. It is, in fact, surprisingly gentle, but make no mistake: there's force behind it. Not enough to throw her, but certainly enough to drag her.

That does it. When Lachlan attempts to move her by force, Cass pulls out her secret weapon, a shot. It's not a tranquilizer, she had to make do with what she could find on short notice. No no, it's just a pain killing drug with a side affect of drowsy and loopiness. Jabbing it right into her fiancee's arm, she depresses the plunger with surprising quickness. "You /can't/, Lachlan." It may take a little while to kick in, but it will.

Oh yes, Lachlan knows what that feeling is. Lord knows he injected himself on more than one occasion in his younger years. Unfortunately for him, the immunity he built up for most narcotics has long since died off due to his lack of using. Whatever it was that Cass just stuck in him, it's going to be effective once it starts to kick in. The Scot yanks back with a yelp of pain and shock, snapping off the syringe's needle inside his arm during the process. It's fortunate that Cass is who she is — because if this were Peter or Jack or Eric, he would have attacked them brutally by now. Even still, after the initial surprise wears off, his expression contorts into an ugly snarl. He starts to dig for the needle in his arm as he once again tries to push his way out the door.

While Lachlan may be trying for the door, Cass isn't budging from it. He may be bigger and stronger, but he's also now drugged up. Once the needle is taken care of and she hopes that it kicks in soon, she quickly attempts to wrap her arms around him. Both to grab him should he fall and to just try and make him pause. She'll get the needle part out of his arm once he's passed out and she knows he's not going to feel any pain. All his squirming would make it impossible for her to do it otherwise.

"Goddamn it, Cass, get the fuck outta m'way!" It is physically impossible for Lachlan to attempt to throw Cass off of him. There is just a part of his brain that will not allow him to go through the motions, even as enraged as he is. So when she wraps her arms around him, the Scot can only attempt to push on her shoulder with one hand while simultaneously trying to reach for the door and pull himself through with the other. It's now that the drug starts to have its effect. His struggling is not nearly as strenuous, no longer as hellbent. He's starting to feel a lot more tired, and the pain in his knee that he wasn't feeling before due to adrenaline is now entirely gone due to the narcotic. It's not long before his attempts to get out cease altogether and he simply slumps against Cass tiredly, wrapping his arms around her in a haze.

There's nothing that Cass can say to Lachlan. He's irrationally (or maybe rationally) angry and now she's drugged him. She knows that if everything is working as it should, he should start to feel the effects soon, so when he slumps against her, she just holds onto him tightly. While she's not able to keep him standing, she lowers him gently as she can to the ground, though near the floor he falls with a thud. "I'm sorry," she says softly, really sounding like she means it. Then, she starts calling out for help because she's not going to be able to carry him out without someone else.

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