2009-12-03: Science, Gadgets and Tasers! (Oh My!)



Date: December 3rd, 2009


Another day at Geek HQ with making plans and coming up with tricks!

"Science, Gadgets and Tasers! (Oh My!)"

Geek HQ - Echo Base

As usual, the apartment where Bert and Gene are hiding out at is a mess. This time, however, it's because Gene is working on a new project, something to keep him sane while dealing the stresses of government agencies and insane Evolved. On the counter, it seems to be a tee ball bat. The metal stick is currently connected to a few wires, as well as some sort of gauge.

Gene presses a button on the rubber handle causes a couple of arcs of blue to dance around the weapon. He moves toward the gauge, looking at the reading. "Too low… Needs to be higher." With that, he begins work with the large battery pack, tinkering with it in nothing more than a pair of sweatbottoms and a t-shirt with the Autobot symbol on it.

Bert is seated on the floor in some old pants of hers and that favored 'Talk Nerdy To Me' tee of hers. She's got her laptop in front of her and she's hunched over the screen. "This is still amazing. Untraceable, and I thought you were a god at making communications this invisible.." Yes, that would be Bert going over the conversation with Rebel. There's awe and envy in her tone. Having the power to fly is one thing, but electronic communication? Dude, that's just, the ult. "Hey Gene? I'd like to stay in touch with Rebel, email him frequent updates. Just lemme know what we should tell him about our end and what we can do to organize together."

"I dunno… I feel bad drawing him into this. Knowing that Rebel is Micah makes this a little more awkward. The government went after him before. There is no telling if all this stuff will bring them back looking for him," Gene states as replacing one grade of wiring for another. A few snips first to get rid of the old. "His gift is powerful, but…" The young man gives a sigh, the advantages of having Micah on the team outweighing trying to keep Micah out of trouble… Which might not even work depending on how the kid treats this war. "I guess if you want to let him know what's going on, that's cool. I might have a favor that I'll need from him. Not sure if I'll be able to do it myself."

"I can't believe he's just a kid, and he's organized so much.. and you did ask me to keep an eye out on the internet for like minded individuals who can help." Bert looks up from her screen and across to Gene. "With what he told me, they haven't stopped looking for him. The guy who's picture I showed you? He gave me the name of Danko to go with it, and he wants Rebel to give himself up." She drums her fingertips against the floor, looking up at the ceiling. "Maybe for now just ask him to lay low and watch his own back? At least until we have something more solid.. a plan of action that we're prepping to move on." God this has been so hard. Sitting still and staying put when there's so much to be done. "This is going so slow."

"Of course, Danko does… Micah's ability to move so easily through their information is a massive security risk. He can let people know when attacks are happening, turn their computers against them. It's pretty incredible. The thing I need from him is the government formula used to halt powers though… That would awesome and help in dealing with a few people," Gene states with a small sigh.

Letting his work pause for now, Gene moves toward Bert, trying to sit behind her and rub her shoulders. "We are being careful. If we go quickly and people start getting captured or killed, it would be really bad. If we strike at the wrong people or the wrong way, it only gives the Alpha Protocol validity, that the Evolved as a whole are dangerous and should be controlled. I was able to talk to one of the people that headed a secret foundation known as the Company. She wasn't too helpful, but it seems she is advising us to 'stick together' and said she could let me borrow some dude that is good with a gun and stops people's powers. If he's the guy I think he is, I believe he can wipe out memories too."

"I think Rebel's my new hero. Next to you and Eric of course," Bert quips then flashes a thumb's up. "I can definitely email him to ask about that. See if he can snag it. Man, I would totally be superwoman if I had his power. I'm nowhere near a hacker genius, but damn he stumped me during the train incident. I was torn between pissed, frustrated and jealous of his mad skills."

When Gene moves behind her and starts rubbing her shoulders, she looks up at him with a bit of a grin. "I know. Moving carelessly and without a well formed plan gets people killed, and so does deviation… wait.. wipes out memories? That's awesome, but scary, and reminds me of something else Rebel was mentioning. When he talked about his aunt, I just immediately knew who he was. Tracy's just as messed up as I was, and he said she didn't remember things.. what if there's more than one person who can do that kind of thing?" As for the Company, this is still Greek to her, but as a geek who's read many comics, she's catching on quick overall. "Sticking together is a good strategy. I'll keep digging, see who else we can turn up."

"Considering that Ivory didn't know a lick about the woman he helped train, I'd considering it a sure shot that there is," Gene replies with a sigh, still working on Roberta's shoulders. "It could be that woman who was listed as third in command. But I have no idea why she would worry about Tracy remembering Micah… Or stuff about her mentor. But we'll get our opening soon enough. Once we organize enough people and figure out how deep this goes, we strike hard and shut it down. With Nathan Petrelli back, maybe we can get him to work the political angle with a few other people here and there."

The young geek smiles as he decides to backtrack a little. "Yeah, he might have superpowers that are nice, but you already seem like a super woman to me." That said, Gene moves to get back up and to his new project. "Soon, Eric will get me a new place to work… And when he does, I can show you and Tiago how to work on cars and we can see about getting the preparations for the next stage done."

Bert suppresses a shudder when Ivory's name comes up. "Rebel was singing his praises a bit. Could be.. maybe that's why we can't dig up information on her? Not even Rebel can get intel on her. That's creepy. How can someone who can get any information they want, not find anything on a single person?" A frown puckers at her face, despite enjoying having her shoulders rubbed. (Who doesn't?) "Any more word on Peter Petrelli? Or is that on the back burner until we strike?"

Unable to keep from grinning, Bert raises a hand to pat against Gene's before he pulls up and away. "Aw, that's so sweet. Sometimes I feel a bit inadequate, but I'm not letting that keep me from doing what I can. Ooh. Awesome! I miss tinkering with things larger than a computer." She can't help but think forlornly about her purple motorbike back in D.C. Sitting alone. Idle. Unwashed, unridden. Poor Ernie.

"I heard Peter was in New York, apparently was talking with a friend of mine. She said she'd be careful around him. Maybe I need to contact her in the future, see what's up and if he's tried to contact her. As for the woman, I'm not sure. Maybe she has her own Evolved working for her or maybe she's just really experienced. I dunno, maybe if I can get some of that formula, I can drug her up and get some answers the old fashioned way," Gene points out as he continues to work on his stuff. The new wiring is replaced and Gene tests the current again. Better, but not quite. "And you're amazing, Bert… You just need to find stuff to channel your energy. No one likes being cooped up while bad things are happening. If you want, I can show you what I'm doing for the BaThors so you could make some of your own… That is unless you already know about readjusting voltage outputs on various batteries."

Bert nods her head, dropping her gaze back to her laptop screen as she fires off an email to Rebel, asking if he can get that formula. "Alright, asking Rebel for you." She feels better using the kid's alias as opposed to his real name. Even if it's known. Poor kid, having an aunt like Tracy. "Gene, y'know, I'm having a hard time picturing you all hard core. Even if you've tased me and maybe a few others." There's no bitter tone in her voice, in fact, she's shooting him a grin.

"Oooh! You've convinced me," Bert says as she sets her laptop aside and springs to her feet. "Running around in costume is fun, like a convention without the smell of fanboy in the morning.. buuuut it does attract attention." Which is bad in their case currently. "I'm game for new hobbies. I've not toyed with voltage in awhile, I could use a refresher."

"Hey, I am PLENTY hardcore," Gene proclaims as he points to his chest. "Just a couple of days ago as Prometheus, I had a girl trying to seduce me into telling my secret identity through the 'I just got out of the shower and I'm wearing nothing by a bathrobe and a smile'. But it didn't work because… I'm hard core. But thanks for passing the word along, you can be the contact for me and him since I'm not on my computer nearly as much as I used to."

Moving out of the way from his BaThor, Gene allows Bert to see what he is working on. "Now, you see the wiring here, right? Well, if you have it run through here and there…" He points to various circuitry. "You can up the voltage of the weapon, but without endangering an overload on some of the less durable systems. That allows you to mess with more voltage in general. Then the key to ensure the weapon is both reusable and safe. You take out the discharge capabilities of the taser, then put them onto something larger like a car battery so you can use it multiple times. Get the system so far?"

Bert smirks at Gene and quips, "Maybe I should try that and see just how hard core you are." There's a pause, and then, "By the way, I put your boxers back with your clothes." Now she's just teasing him, because he makes it so easy and fun. Hooking her thumbs in the belt loops on her pants, she strides over to get a look at Gene's project. She pays attention to what Gene's doing, keeping her eyes on the BaThor. "Hmmm… but a car battery makes it bulky and a little heavy for personal use. Ever thought of modifying this for a vehicle? Unless you have, and in that case I'll shut up and play the padawan."

"I…" Gene stops himself to give a brief frown, blushing so brightly it could double as a reindeer's nose.

Giving a cough, Gene focuses on the work ahead of him. "Actually, I hadn't… But having a bad in a car is kinda pointless. Reusable tasers are one thing… But if you modify the batter to be a new shape, like the back I was wearing, the weight is easier to handle since it's close to your back rather than holding it around or having an actual battery strapped to your back. …Maybe I'll just have the BaThor have a couple of charges in it… I figure that should be enough and if it isn't… You still have a metal bat."

Bert bursts out with a laugh and then playfully nudges at Gene. "Got'cha." Teasing done for the moment, she focuses back on the task at hand. "So we can walk around with proton chargers on our backs? So long as we don't cross the streams we should be good, eh?" Now she's getting a mental image of herself walking around like a Ghostbuster wearing a small nuclear device strapped to her back. Fighting the urge to giggle at the thought, she puts on a serious face. "A metal bat can work… but only if I'm facing off someone who can't manipulate metal." She can't help but think of Max, firing off those ball bearings from the palm of his hand.

The Geek God hrms to himself as he considers the issue. "I haven't met one person that can mess with metal… While it's possible, don't think there is anyone in the government that does that stuff. If you wanted, I could try and make some plastic based weaponry. It would take my lab and a LOT of work, but it may be worth it. That stuff you might be able to smuggle past past metal detectors after all. Because, you know, no metal. …As for the packs, yeah, basically. Though the weapons would be that… Um, lightning gun-ish."

"There is. His name is Max Swan," Bert says a bit soberly. "He was the first person I saw use an ability. He had ball bearings in his hand and sent them on the firing range at a target while myself and another were using guns." She doesn't mention the rest of the episode which was mightily embarrassing. "He was a prisoner, or at least they had him strapped to a table in a plastic room like Magneto at the end of X-Men. I had to fix the security cameras, next thing I know, he's walking the halls like any other employee. Maybe he cut a deal, I dunno, but there you are." She gives the plastic weaponry idea a thought, then shakes her head. "Focus on what's more mainstream and necessary. If we run up against Max, we can improvise. He's a nasty sort, but he's also very prideful from what I gathered. Plastic weapons can come in handy, but if they're gonna take too much time.." Since time seems to be something they don't need to be wasting. "I think I could get used to walking around with a lightning like gun."

"Isn't that ducky," Gene replies, frowning as he folds his arms. An ability like that is not fun for a guy whose specialty are various technological devices and wonders. "So, we got this Max guy, maybe Peter, maybe Ivory, and maybe this mysterious woman as Evolveds working for the government…" Gene just closes up the circuitry around the pummel of the melee weapon, unhooking most of the wires save those wielded to the bat itself. The BaThor's tech isn't too advanced, so it is almost done already.

"I don't think I can make you a lightning like gun, but I could make you some of the wrist taser gauntlets I had when the jerkface government caught me… teach you how to use the tools from my kit too. You know the Prometheus Torch, the special bombs I made to deal with powerful telekinetics, the Mark of the Gods… all that stuff." There is a short pause. "Or we could try something normal for a change like um…" There is a pause as Gene considers what can be done for the rest of the day that was normal. "…Watch soaps?"

"From what I understand about Peter, if he's been around Max, he's got Max's power. But Peter's a good guy and once he's been 'fixed', he shouldn't be an issue." Or at least it's that simple from Bert's point of view. "Why can't it just be so simple as me wielding a stake and charging after vampires.." It's rhetorical of course, seeing as she's been watching loads of Buffy and Angel reruns lately. "Gene, I am not going to get fussy or picky about what you create or show me to use. I can't afford to be. If something's too heavy or unwieldy for me, we try something else you've got ready to roll with." Pulling a slight face, she looks to Gene and raises a hand as if checking him for a fever. "I think I should be insulted. Do I look like a girl who watches soaps? I could do with some taser gauntlets. Those should be fun to use, and I bet they'd look spiffy with any disguise.. or hey, if I ever get a Bat Girl costume, they'd rock. I could totally deal with a utility belt o'tricks."

"We don't have cable here and I heard that watching soaps is a political power thing," Gene states as his head is felt. It does not have a fever, just slightly warm from the wielding work earlier. "Well, I could teach you how to use the tasers. Could also make an aerospray of Lena's drugs, perhaps letting you use some of them in your attacks… As for the costume? I think it'll be here in a week or so." Gene is ready to say something, when he puts two and two together.

"Oh Crapplesticks."

"Yup. That's exactly why I don't watch soaps. Plus they're too girly and that's what my sisters do in between dragging my nieces and nephews around," Bert says in regards to the conspiracy that are soap operas. The Sopranos is the closest she gets to soaps. "Tasers, aerospray drugs. I could really get used to this lifestyle.." Then Gene says magic words. "Really?? You guys made me a costume!? You two are the best!" On impulse, Bert smooches Gene on the cheek excitedly, but pulls back at his little swear. "What. Crapplesticks what? That's not good."

The kiss to the cheek causes Gene to blush faintly, but his horror keeps the reaction subdued. "I was just thinking. If Peter has the ability to take other abilities… And there is that ability that makes people love Ivory, it leaves two options. First, someone ELSE is using the ability. Then Peter will, or at least, could make women fall in love with random other people. Of course, that is the more pleasant of the options. The other is that Ivory's ability is on Peter, and women will start falling in love with Peter." Breaking himself out of WE ARE DOOMED facial expression, Gene gives a nervous laugh. "Maybe I'm just making a mountain out of mole hill… I mean, Pete's a nice guy, so um, yeah?"

"Oh," Bert says in a subdued manner. "Peter is a very nice guy, or he was incredibly nice the times I met him. He never once tried to manhandle me or anything.. so if the Senator's abi.. wait.. you said it was his ability. Oh god.." Squelch that thought process right there Roberta. Squelching.. okay, good to proceed now. "I don't know exactly how Peter's ability works. He just needs to be around someone to get their ability? If he was around the Senator, then he probably can do that.. man.. it must royally suck at times to be Peter and to have his power." She now has newfound sympathy for the guy. "No wonder he looked shellshocked when he accidentally teleported into my bathroom."

"Pretty much. It's why Peter has so many powers and why everyone is like 'Peter can help me, Peter can do everything' and 'Peter's so great'." There is a faint edge to Gene's tone at the impersonations, perhaps showing the faint sign that not all is well in Geekdom land. He does arch a brow in concern at Bert's words, only repeating the one that is key. "Bathroom?"

Bert grimaces, "Man, that's gotta suck balls at times. Everyone wanting to lean on you so heavily." She can't imagine. Wanting to help people is one thing but to constantly have people at your door, asking this and that of you? Yikes. "Uhm, oh," she colors faintly. "It was when I was getting ready for Eric to come and get me. I was in the shower and poof. Peter appeared in there to check on me, since he hadn't seen me at Building 26."

The Geek God shrugs. "I guess it would be like Superman… Everyone wanting him to do everything, but he can't." He pauses as Peter's tale is told. Gene gives the wide eyes. "I guess that would be kinda… awkward." Gene rubs his head, trying to figure out the right way to respond to that. He only figures out the wrong way which is 'Hoooooooot'. "Well, hopefully he's gotten the hang of whatever caused that."

Bert eyes Gene. "I know what you were thinking and awkward was not it." She's been around the boys too long. "I hope so.. he's suffering from memory loss that's for sure. Memory loss is bad enough, but when you have powers? Yikes. What if you forget you're a human torch? Eesh." She looks down at the array of gizmos on the counter. "What else have you got for me to learn? Bring it, Master."

"Hey, you're a sweet and attractive geek. As socially unversed and often painfully honest man, it's just expected that saying the smoothest thing around you most of the time is not going to happen." There is a short pause before Gene realizes exactly what he just blurted out.

Coughing, the Geek God averts his attention to much more familiar ground. "Look at that, it's the Prometheus Torch," the young man offers as he holds up the modified propane torch.

Bert folds her arms and leans against the counter. She grins up at Gene, "Obviously, I don't mind at all." It's more real than cheap pick-up lines or cheesy commentary. "Oh look, so it is," she says about the propane torch. "Go on, I'm listening," she prompts, egging the fellow geek on.

The grin causes Gene to give a smile back, it's small, but it persists as he turns toward the devices and begins talk toward Bert. "Now, you have to be really careful when you use this… Always have the safety on because if you don't and you whip it wrong, you might end up bring some body hair. Not that it's much of a problem for you, but…." And so begins the beginning of night filled with science, gadgets, and of course, tasers.

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