2007-03-10: Secret Agent Chick


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Date It Happened: March 10, 2007

Summary: Firearms training for the newbie.

Secret Agent Chick

Late Morning, at a Company training facility somewhere in New York State.

The range is a cold, grey room, devoid of any real ornamentation aside from safety posters and a half dozen ashtrays. A line of agents stands at the stalls, emptying round after round into paper targets and chatting to each other during reloading phases.
Anders sits on a bench, dressed in training clothes (ratty old greyish sweats) and with his feet resting on a large blue plastic bag. Hes early for that training appointment with Claudine, so hes just taking in the show and assessing the agents, making small talk about guns ("The new HK is a beaut, isn't she?") and so on.

Molecular biology was such a bore today. And then came developmental, and that was just as equally painful. With her mind filled with seemingly useless facts, Claudine arrives at the facilities right on time as she mutters a few things to herself, like how somemutations can make a fruit fly embryo just consist of two butts. And who said mutations were a good thing. Ha!

She arrives dressed rather comfortably, wearing a pair of snug fitting applebottom jeans and a form fitting sky blue baby-tshirt on. "Well I'm here!" she chirps brightly, with one hand still wrapped from last night's little training session with Orion.

Smiling as Claudine arrives, it fades as Anders notices the hand, "You're here to learn how to fire a gun and you have an injured hand. What moron made this schedule?" the man growls, before standing up and picking up the plastic bag, its about the size of a small child and similarly heavy, "Have you been issued a firearm yet, Miss Salonga?" he asks as he hefts it over to an empty stall and puts the bag on the table.

"It's not that injured. I just sort of punched something in the wrong way. Orion was teaching me, but it's fine. It's not that injured.." Claudine says matter of factly before shaking her head at the question. "I havent been issued a gun..it's probably because I really dont know to use one.." she admits ruefully, cause well, that's why she's here afterall.

"Oh.." Anders says, half-surprised, "Thats right, you are a people person, my mistake." Its not really disdain that enters his voice, but its close, "I have a glock here in the stall for you." he indicates a little black automatic pistol before unzipping the bag and pulling its contents out. First come a pair of large hooks, which get slipped into the runners for the target to be moved back and forth and then, of all things, a sizable chunk of pig carcass, gently thawing as the man lifts it onto said hooks.

As he presses the button that sends the carcass to the rear of the range and tosses the bag into a handy wastebin, he asks Claudine, "You've never fired a gun before?"

Claudine's brows raise a little at the whole people-person comment and if she was going to say anything snarky in response, she keeps it in. He is teaching her afterall, and for that she's greatful. She wrinkles her nose as the pig carcass is brought out and she shakes her head at the question in the end.

"Never fired a gun before. Never thought I'd have to, in all honesty, but here I am, so I figured that should at least know so I dont end up hurting myself should the need ever arise. I cant just do "rock smash!" to everyone who poses a threat afterall.." she says matter of factly as she waits for a demonstration or something like that.

Demonstration? Not in Anders school, the man stepping aside and letting her into the stall, "Good thinking, now, pick up the gun, do not put your fingers anywhere near the trigger unless you really want to kill what it is pointing at. Say hello to the gun, feel how it weighs, then point it at Mr. Piggie over there," the man seems to be going through a rote, frankly, "Switch Mr. Safety Catch off and then pull the trigger."

Claudine pays close attention, pursing her lips as she makes mental notes and watches intently at what needs to be done. "Okay..I kind of figured that I wouldnt really point the gun at someone unless I really meant it.." she says matter of factly. There are other ways to subdue people without the use of firearms afterall.

"All right..so just fire at that right? It seems simple enough.." she says, not really knowing what the recoil is going to be like, and so she heads on over so she can start shooting..once she's given the gun of course.

Anders has placed the gun in the stall, but he has forgotten to hand Claudine a clip, which he does now, "Miss Salonga, you are smart, but for every smart girl, there are a dozen people with holes in their feet." he replies, smiling, "Just slot the clip into the handle and let a few loose, we shall see what you have." Then the man leans against the side of the stall and waits.

Claudine nods as she puts in the clip into the gun, taking a deep breath. Okay. Safety's unlocked and she points at the pig carcass. She grasps onto the handle tightly and hesitates for a few moments as she squints a little and tries to aim at the pig carcass. POW! Her fingers squeeze the trigger and surprised by the recoil, she falls onto her rear, but fortunately, she doesnt shoot anything else. Of course, she completely missed the dead piggy. "Um..woah..yeah..I suck.."

Stifling laughter, Anders moves to help Claudine up, "You do, but you will get better. I think you are aiming too long, stand properly there," Anders is, of course, more than willing to manhandle her to get her standing properly, if needed, "And just point and click." Then, he takes a step back from the girl.

That and she's nervous cause well, it does feel a bit powerful to be holding a weapon in her hand. Claudine just lets herself be manhandled as she tries again. POW! This time, more or less the same result, but at least she isnt shooting anyone else. "Um..do you have something..less..powerful?" she asks while putting the safety back on.

Helping her up again, Anders is honestly baffled by how bad she is, but, still, this is what training is for, "I.. One moment," he says, turning to go to another stall and tap one of the agents on the arm. Some discussion follows and eventually Anders comes back with an odd looking pistol, but at least its more Claudine's size, "We don't usually use twenty-twos, but this shouldn't knock you back as much. It will not be quite as impressive on the pig, however." he says as he hands it over.

Well, the girl's never fired a gun before and starting of with a glock might be a bit much for the newbie agent. Once she receives the pistol, Claudine examines it a little and eventually figures out where the safety is. After turning off the safety, she grasps on tightly to the handle and squeezes the trigger. POW!

Whether by some miracle of God or something else, she actually hit the pig carcass as it moves a little, shaken on the hook. It wasnt dead on, but it at least tore off some chunks of fat. And the recoil wasnt as bad this time, so while she braced herself for something more powerful, her arms dont move as much.

Upon realizing what she did though, a wry grin curls onto her lips. "Sweet.."

Anders offers applause from the stall beside her, not because he felt the need to take cover, no, but because he can't resist taking a shot at the carcass. The applause dies, a moment or two passes and then, with a noise not dissimilar to a thunderstorm, Mr. Piggy's midsection explodes, showering the wall behind it with half-defrosted pork bits.
With a long, low whistle, Anders puts his gun back down and steps around to Claudine, "Congratulations, first real hit."

Like Keanu Reeves in all his movies, Claudine gets a blank look on her face and just mutters, "Woah.." at the display. "Now that..that was sweet.." she says with an excited little giggle. It's amazing that this simple farm girl from the Philippines would find such a rush and thrill from watching a pig carcass explode into frozen little bits, but hey..maybe there's more to her being a people-person as to why the Company hired her. "See..now if I can do that..that would just be really..badass.."

Anders holds out his revolver to Claudine, oversized piece of metal that it is, "You may take a shot if you want, theres still some pork to be blasted," he says, making sure to hold it so that both the trigger and the hammer are jammed forward, "It has more of a kick than the glock though."

After turning the safety back on the pistol, Claudine takes the revolver and definitely feels a large difference between the two guns. "Okay..hopefully this one wont make me land on my ass.." she says with a hearty laugh.

Upon turning off the safety, she wrinkles her nose and just stares at the remaining piece of meat. POW! Her fingers squeeze the trigger, and well this one definitely has a lot more kick.

While she missed the chunk of meet, she remained standing and she hit the wall in the back. "Well..at least I'm still standing up?" she says, sounding unsure of herself.

Anders grins, "Aaand, I think thats where we'll end for today," he says, as he takes his revolver back, unloads it and slips it back into his shoulder holster, "You are indeed still standing up, and feel free to empty the clip on the twenty-two into the carcass, Deborah will come and get it from you when you are done." he says, patting Claudine on the shoulder. "We'd best start slowly, especially with your hand."

Claudine lets out a soft chuckle under her breath as her cheeks flush a slight tinge of pink. "I'm such a newb.." she says with a wry grin in the end as she picks up the gun and just starts shooting. POW! POW! POW! Not all of them hit, but more chunks of fat are blown off, and she beams brightly. "But at least you're willing to teach me. Thanks, Anders.." and with that she empties the clip..

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