2007-03-07: Secret Badass Weapon Of Doom


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Date It Happened: March 07, 2007

Summary: Claudine runs into Daniel as he's playing hooky from classes and they disuss her powers while sharing a sandwich.

Secret Badass Weapon Of Doom

Upper West Side - New York City

It's a lovely, sunny day in New York City. Far too nice, indeed, to be spending it inside a school listening to teachers who don't know anything drone on and on and on and on about boring subjects. Daniel, go-getter that he is, has taken the initiative and has stood up for his civil rights. Or something. In any case, he's cutting school. Instead of doing the whole education thing, the boy has been fooling around all day and is currently sitting at an outdoor table of a small cafe, munching on a sandwich (ham, cheese, and tomato on a kaiser) that's already half gone. He's draped rather sloppily into the chair and has his skateboard propped up between his ankles, and the back of the board rests casually against the side of his right knee. /Much/ better than school. This is what Fridays /should/ be like.

Aaaah. It's so much better that she's back out once more, and it seems that she's skipped classes today as well. Considering that she has already missed classes the entire weekdue to being captured by the Company, it doesnt make much of a difference. so, Claudine's walking, taking in all the sites and sounds, sighing happily and enjoying her freedom once more. There's no crazyness this time..she's gained a bit of control of her powers, she's not a patient anymore, so all is good..

Maybe all isn't quite so good, because Daniel is more aware than the average high-school-cutting loser. Which isn't to say that he isn't a /loser/, but. He leans sideways a bit and squints down the street. Hasn't he seen that chick before? He's sure he has. She was more covered in blood and the ground was more spastic. Once it becomes clear that she's headed his way, Daniel grins to himself and just lurks innocently until she's almost immediately next to his table. "Hey, Crazy Chink Chick. Have fun with the dead barista?"

Oh great, it's him. Maybe things were better when she was in the custody of the Company. She takes a deep breath and decides to be a better person and not be snarky at all, even though part of her just wants to crush him under some rock right now. "I..I went and talked to the police, so not really. No fun.." Claudine says calmly with a slight shrug of her shoulders.

"C'mere, share my sandwich. I wanna hear all about how you can shake my ground, baby." This is probably not a serious pickup line. The offer of food, though, seems to be genuine - he halves the remaining half with a knife and holds the un-chewed-on portion out to Claudine, that grin still plastered on his face. "And better that you talked to them than that they came to talk to /you/."

Claudine rolls her eyes a little at the rather campy and cheesy pseudo-pickup line; however, she's hungry and the offers of the sandwich is taken into consideration, so she eases on down next to him. "Thanks.." she says while taking a bite of it, munching it over as she looks over him. He's kinda cute, but in that 'I still want to crush you under rock' sort of way. "And yeah, I talked to them, told them what I know..my conscience is clear.."

Yes, she ignored the whole shaking the ground part..

Daniel isn't one to be deterred. He leans forward in his chair and peers at Claudine with obvious interest, propping his chin up on the palm of his free hand. "Good. I was serious about the information, y'know. Sandwiches aren't free, even for pretty ladies, and your little tantrum /did/ get my board squashed by Mister Mack."

"Well, it wont happen again, and as I promised, I'll get you a new one.." Claudine says matter of factly as she keeps true to her word, even to those who annoy the heckout of her. A soft chuckle escapes from her lips as she looks towards him once more. Yup, she's still avoiding the question..

That would appear to be a moot point, which Daniel demonstrates by kicking a bit at the board that's leaning on his legs. "Already got a new one. You can't be long without a transportation system without going nuts." Question avoidance or not, Daniel still refuses to be ignored. "So," he pronounces, leaning forward, "-you still not up for rocking my world, or is that just reserved for when you're freaking out? Orgasm, maybe? God damn, that'd be rough."

Her eyes widen at the rather forward response and just shakes her head a little while patting him gently on the cheek. "I can easily rock your world, but I want someone who can do the same to me. I want a man, not a boy afterall.." Claudine quips as she decides to play his little game, as she crosses her legs to get a tad bit more comfortable before munching down on the sandwich.

Well now that's just mean. Daniel sits back again, temporarily thrown into a small fit of sulk. It fades quickly in the light of potential evidence. "…hey, that's pretty much agreement. So. How do you do your whole earth-shaking dealie? Just stomp your feet and click your heels three times?"

"It's a defense mechanism when I'm stressed. I try to keep zen and I dont have to worry about local earthquake centers freaking out.." Claudine says matter of factly, not really saying much more than that, since well, it was pretty obvious she was the cause last time. "Besides, I have a bit more control now.." she says while patting his cheek once more. "See, you're much cuter when you're not being a jerk.." she admits ruefully, her cheeks flushed a bright tinge of red once she realizes what she just said.

Daniel stares for a second, his cheek twitching as it's patted. "…yeah, well, enjoy your zen. It's a bunch of bullshit, s'far as I'm concerned. Why control what seems to be natural? I've seen a lot of really /weird/ shit go down these last few days. You're not the only one who's an X-Man wannabe." Right. Because he definitely wasn't called cute.

"Why control my ability to produce earthquakes? Um, we're in New York, with lots of skyscrappers that arent retrofitted like they are on the West Coast. I kind of dont want to be responsible for the deaths and destruction of property.." Claudine says while canting her head to the side as she looks at him again. "And earthquakes arent the only thing I can do. I can do lots more, but I'm no X-Man wannabe. I just wanna go to school, and try to live a normal life.."

"Uh huh. Right. A chick who causes earthquakes is gonna have the most normal life there is. /Bull/. /Shit/." After this impressive statement, Daniel pauses to take a large bite out of his sandwich-piece. Omnom. "You could be like a - a - fuckin' secret weapon of /badass doom/ for the military or something."

"I really dont want to be a secret weapon of doom. If anything I want to help out underdeveloped countries to make their soil arable.." Claudine says matter of factly as she brings her knees up to her chest, just looking towards him once more. "And I didnt say my life is going to be completely normal, but I dont have any aspirations of being a superhero. Save that for the comics, or those who want to be in comics.."

"Secret /badass/ weapon of doom," comes Daniel's predictable correction. He just skims right over the whole 'helping underdeveloped countries' thing and simply shrugs. "It's your choice about the doom weapon thing, but keep in mind that like it or not you do seem to have the whole X-Man quality going on."

"I do, huh.." Claudine says with a definite chuckle of amusement escaping from her lips as she focuses her attention on him now. "And why do you say that? Just because I have powers? Cause really, that's all I have in common with those characters in the comics.."

"Yeah, and it's the rare superhero or supervillain that doesn't come from some sort of pathetic mild-mannered background. All you need is some deeply profound personal tragedy, and BAM - you've got your genesis story." Daniel obviously reads too many comic books.

"What? I'm the child of farmers, I came here to go to college and that's it. I lived a happy life and dont have any profound personal tragedy.." Claudine says matter of factly as she reveals that she's a college co-ed. Still, she looks rather young to be in college, but then again, she is Asian and they always tend to look younger than they really are.

As he finishes his sandwich, Daniel gets to his feet and gives Claudine a condescending pat on the back while nudging his skateboard into position with one shoe. "/Yet/. Just you wait. Your underdeveloped Asian country will, like, explode or be attacked by killer bees or something. Enjoy the sandwich - I've gotta get going." And with that, he's off.

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