2007-02-27: Secret Meetings


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Summary: Hiro contacts Paige - which is easier said than done - and the two meet in secret at an old friend's apartment.

Date It Happened: February 27th, 2007

Secret Meetings

Peter Petrelli's Apartment

After a bit of mucking about, Hiro Nakamura has found himself… waiting. Possibly for a trap, which is why he is sitting near the window. He had the bright (but terrifying) idea that if the Haitian comes through the door, he can jump out and get his power back in time to teleport. He sits, in, of all places, Peter Petrelli's apartment, which is getting somewhat dusty in his absence. Someone's been paying the rent on the joint, anyways. It is kind of a morbid place to be, but it is a safe place, too. Who'd look here?

The face that appears at the door is not the Haitian. The knob turns, but whomoever is on the other side seems to hesitate for a few seconds before finally pushing it open. It's only when Paige casts a cursory glance into the apartment and spies Hiro that she lets out a breath that she hadn't realized she'd been holding. Slowly, she closes the door behind her, trying not to make too much noise as it clicks back into place. She also turns both locks. Juuust in case. "Hey," she says, her voice somewhat tentative.

When Paige gets into the apartment, Hiro's hand is on the hilt of his sword. There's something of his preparedness that he clearly learned… well, somewhere else. A lot's happened to Hiro Nakamura in the intervening past few years. "Claire!" he says, brightly. Well, that's a wonderful release. "I got a message for you. I think. Kind of."

The sword seems to take her by surprise, and she blinks a few times, but eventually shrugs it off. After all, she's seen stranger things. From Hiro himself, even. "A… message?" Alright, that was all very vague. Canting her head to one side, she steps into the apartment, away from the door. Being here gives her chills, and she hugs her arms tightly around herself. "From who?"

Hiro takes his grip off of that sword of his. If he told about where he got it, he'd probably be talking forever and ever. "Somebody who runs something called The Foundation," he says. "Um, she said that I had to tell Mr. Bennett's daughter to be careful. I think I know why," he says, before adding, grimly: "Sylar is alive."

There are several things in that phrase that affect Paige in a somewhat unpleasant way. The first is the notion of someone passing a message to Hiro; she flinches at that, giving him a wide-eyed look not unlike a deer in headlights. But it isn't until Hiro mentions Sylar that Paige looks like she might be ill. She pales visibly, any hint of comfort being stripped from her face now. "How…" She suddenly feels the need to be nearer to Hiro, and she shivers again. "Are you sure?"

Hiro nods. "I do not know if you ever knew Mr. Isaac, but he could paint the future. The last paintings he made before he died — before Sylar killed him — they show Sylar," he says. "You have to be careful. I am going to find him, but until then…"

The colour isn't quick in coming back to her face, and Paige drops down into a seat, keeping her eyes on Hiro. The slightest sound now makes her jump. "How did he even survive?" she asks, though the tone of her voice suggests that she isn't necessarily expecting an answer. "What's… the Foundation? How do they even know about me?"

Hiro shakes his head. "I do not know. Maybe Mr. Bennet is in touch with them?" he supposes. "I guess they never found a body. I don't know where he is, but he will start killing again. I must find him before then. But maybe being at the Company is a safer place."

"I was pushed out a window two days ago. It's not safer," Paige replies, shaking her head slowly. She doesn't seem inclined to elaborate, hesitating as her eyes drift to the floor briefly. Eventually, however, she looks back up to Hiro. "Nowhere is safe. I should be with my family, helping them, not locked in a room all day." She rubs her face with both hands, letting out a sigh of frustration. "I hate this, knowing things are happening and having to just sit there. How are you going to find him?"

Hiro starts to shake his head. "I don't know," he repeats. He has not a clue about a lot of things. "I can get you out. Take you away, wherever you want. Remember," he reminds her. It's maybe not much. There's not really any safe place. But it's something. "I'll find a way to stop Sylar. If you hear anything, from the Company, and it does not put you in danger — I will need your help."

"Every time I break their rules, I'm putting someone in danger." Paige frowns, looking to Hiro apologetically. "They… I'm not there because I want to be." There's a wary glance cast to a corner of the room, then another, then another. "I can't leave, Hiro. They'll hurt my family if I do. They'll kill them." She winces at the memory of measures taken to escape the Company before, turning away again. "I don't know how I can help."

Hiro nods, once. "I understand. Please. Be careful. I will do what I can. There is one more thing," he says. "I rescued a girl from Kirby Plaza, the night I was there. I think the Haitian took her memories. Her name was Kellie. I met someone else, who says she cannot escape. Maybe we need to break people out. But I am worried — what if they have people like Sylar held there?"

"I don't know if there's anyone else like Sylar," Paige says, though she hardly sounds convinced. "But they don't tell me anything. I hear things, but they just use me like some kind of lab rat and throw me in front of fires because they know I can't get burned. I'm not one of them." The bitterness in her tone likely isn't regret for that latter statement. "Not everyone is on the right side, even if they say they are, Hiro. I wouldn't know who we should break out."

Hiro nods, and looks out the window. It's a sort of nervous, awkward bit of a gesture. "Okay. I will keep it in mind," he says, before walking a few paces. Peter Petrelli's apartment. He reaches out for a picture — of Peter and Nathan. "Peter Petrelli is dead. Nathan is… hurt." He leaves out 'flying man', probably out of respect. "I have to keep fighting. I just don't know what the right thing to do is, all the time. Thank you for meeting me."

The name calls Paige's attention to Hiro, and there's a pained look on her face for a few seconds. As her attention slides to the picture in Hiro's hands, she stares at it for several long seconds. Her voice is quieter than she expected it to be when she says, "I didn't know Nathan was hurt. How bad is it?"

"It is bad," Hiro says. "The bomb," he adds, as an explanation. "He can barely walk. His face is…" The little man shakes his head. "He can't fly, that is for sure."

"Oh," Paige exhales, her frown much deeper as she listens. A few times it looks as if she might say something, but never quite gets there. She pushes up from her seat and takes a few steps toward the door, though she isn't about to leave. She turns back, hugging her arms around herself again. "Do you know where he is?"

"Hai," Hiro says. "He is at his mansion. It is on the Upper East Side," he says, and momentarily marvels at his grasp of New York City geography. It's all coming together, it seems. "I went to see him. I think… I think his wounds are deeper than his skin," he adds, sadly.

"I know where it is," Paige replies, accompanied by a quick nod and the very faint twitch of a smile. "I think everyone's are like that." Hers certainly are, at least. There's a knock at the door, a series of quiet taps in a specific rhythm. "I have to go. Thank you," she says, looking from the door back to Hiro, over her shoulder. "Be careful when you go out and save the world."

"I will. I promise. If you need me, I will be there. I must still make amends for failing you, in Odessa." Hiro seems to carry his failures. A noble sort of way. "So — thank you," he says, and when Paige looks to the door and back? Hiro's gone, as though he was never there.

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