2007-06-30: Secret Meetings With Your Mother?


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Summary: Jane meets Kitty, they go into her apartment to discuss things, and Portia shows up.

Date It Happened: June 30th, 2007

Secret Meetings With Your Mother?

Outside the High Rise Apartment Building, then in the Forrest - Bishop Apartment, Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NYC

She has things on her mind this morning, some left over from the talk with Desiree before eating last night. Questions about freak gusts of winds that might be related to predicted major tornado, glass bottles in a cookie truck that stormed into Battery Park, and a string of others. Jane has risen for the day and emerged from her home to set up just outside the High Rise Apartment Building. A foldable canvas chair is under her, the backpack near her left foot, and the open guitar case resting on the other side. In the bottom one can see a few issues of Black Canary comics and some pages of sheet music. The woman herself is holding a red Fender Strat guitar, plugged into a small amp. She's a five feet, eight inch tall brunette in a Metallica t-shirt, navy blue shorts, and athletic shoes.

Kitty is walking down the street coming from NYU. She smiles occasionally as she thinks on the extraordinary people she has met recently. She readjusts her shoulder bag and spots Jane. She stops for a moment and looks at the young woman. Kitty is wearing a miniskirt with a red tank top and black sneakers. She is also wearing her favorite pair of black and red fingerless gloves. "Wicked cool guitar," she comments and stops to stand next to Jane.

The voice is a strong soprano, its sound similar to Ann Wilson and Pat Benatar in pure belting power. When Kitty approaches, Jane's in mid-tune. She therefore doesn't immediately reply in words, but does acknowledge Kitty with a nod in her direction. Her fingers continue on, working the strings and frets of her instrument to produce the music. "There are places I remember all my life, though some have changed. Some forever, not for better. Some are gone, and some remain. All these places have their moments…" People passing by on occasion toss coins into her open case, some drop bills into it, and still others stick around to listen for a bit. But eventually this tune reaches its end and her fingers go still; it's then her eyes come to rest on Kitty standing next to her. "You think?" she replies with a spreading grin.

Kitty grins and nods while she claps at Jane's performance, "I love it. I always wanted to learn how to play guitar." She digs in her pocket and drops a twenty - dollar bill in Jane's guitar case. "That was very good, how long have you been playing?"

"Twelve years, give or take," she replies with that grin spreading. That, from the look of her age-wise, sounds like approximately half of Jane's life. Her passion for the instrument shows in the eyes as they rest on the person she's now speaking with, confidence mixing with it. She's good, more than good, and she knows it. "Have you been musical in your life, at all?"

Kitty shakes her head sadly, "It didn't fit in my mother's 'plan' for me. I didn't even end up going by her plan in the end so I guess I'm to blame for never learning how to play anything." She kicks her shoe against the pavement softly.

An eyebrow raises, and her head tilts to one side, studying this slightly younger woman. Mother's plan. Ah, yes. She knows all about those. There's a chord of sympathy to Jane's voice as she asks "What plan was that?" The guitar rests across her legs, with her hands still in position on the instrument. Left on the neck, right at the strings across the body, in the manner of a right-handed person.

Kitty looks off to the side and decides to sit on the pavement next to Jane. She places her shoulder bag on the side of her and sighs, "I was to be the next CEO of my mother's computer company. I decided to go NYU for English because I love reading and writing. I fought so hard to get her approval of letting me come here, and now I'm not even sure I want to be a writer. I think I want to open a…" She stops and shakes her head.

"Go on," she urges. "No need to trail off, hide what you really want." Jane laughs. "My mother's plan was for her society daughter to be Yale educated, well rounded, and become the wife of a future Senator. Maybe even eventually First Lady. But I had some other ideas." A pause is taken, she reaches for a bottle of Pepsi next to the backpack at her feet and drinks some before putting it back. "The question for you is do you still love reading and writing?"

Kitty smiles up at Jane and nods, "I do love reading and writing and I can still be a writer, but I think that one day, I want to be a foster parent. Helping the children that have no place to go, ya know? It just always appealed to me," She shrugs her shoulders and grins. "First Lady huh? That would have been interesting."

She snorts. "Yeah, interesting. Hostess for life." Her tone of voice very much shows Jane thinks quite the opposite. "But still, the desire to see my parents happy and proud of me was always there, so I followed the path up to a point. I put the music into second for years, walked the yellow brick academic road, and came out the other side with my doctorate. I just found ways to fold that plan into mine. Creativity of the energetic mind, you know? How to turn situations to your advantage." Her eyes scan Kitty slowly, making an assessment of her. "Computer company CEO. Doesn't sound like you were ushered to debutante balls at sixteen and presented almost like breeding stock for the sons of fine families."

Kitty shrugs and looks back at Jane, "My mother is a very big fan of independence and she wanted me to be able to take care of myself. She still gave me a huge sum of money in the bank when I turned 18 and said if I spent it all I wouldn't be getting anymore." She chuckles "You know something? I don't really know what I want to be. I will definitely write a novel but I am going to wait until I'm like in my forties to do the whole foster care thing. I have a whole life to live right?"

"Wow. Trust fund in your hands at eighteen. That's early. It's usually held back until the mid-twenties, to still give the parents a measure of control over us. Mine was held back until the first time I graduated college, released to me when I agreed to attend law school and get the doctorate." Jane takes another drink from the Pepsi bottle. "You do have a lot of time ahead of you, and it sounds like you're financially in a position not to have to figure out the road you want to take for a while. There's always value in living, studying, and learning. You want to write? Got to have experiences to write about, and knowledge to find the words for the stories."

The mechanic/writer snorts at the mention of experiences. "Boy do I have some experiences. I've seen some pretty crazy stuff the last week. I thought I was the only one different…" She stops and bites her lip as she hopes that Jane didn't catch on to what she is saying in reality. "I do like working on cars as well. My baby, Lania is a black and red Mustang. Worked on her for a year." She tries to act normal but isn't having a good time at it.

Oh, but she did hear it, and the antennae are almost always up. One eyebrow raises, the head tilts a bit further to consider the woman more closely. A quietly understanding grin forms, her eyes now showing traces of being haunted, and strength from things survived that would wreck the sanity of most. "Crazy stuff," Jane solemnly echoes. "Tell me about it."

"I met this crazy woman that seems to be able to tell people what to do and they do what she says! She was very gothic, and then I know someone who can control pheromones. I've met an invisible girl and then a guy that is very lucky, seriously. I mean, I thought I was the only one with a gift, but being invisible beasts being able to see the future and past, if you ask me." She realizes all she has just confessed and she shakes her head. "Now you can call the doctors and tell them to come and pick me up." She lays her head in her lap and shakes her head.

But she isn't making any move to pull the jPhone off her hip and punch in any numbers, and she doesn't seem the least bit surprised. One of the mentions, in fact, causes her eyes to flash with anger. There's definitely recognition all over Jane when the gothling with the commanding power is mentioned. It wouldn't be a stretch to decide she met that one herself. Her hands even curl into fists for a moment. But she calms quickly. Mention of Pheromone Man shows recognition also, but not in an unpleasant way. The invisible girl and lucky one don't appear to be familiar to her at all. Her words in reply when Kitty's done speaking are very few. They come as a question. "Something's got your radar up to notice things like this, yes?"

Kitty looks at Jane oddly and tilts her head. "The only people that don't freak out when I say stuff like that are people with abilities. Do you have one?" She smiles and looks at Jane, "Well my best friend is the pheromone guy and I guess because, I've had visions of people using their gifts before, but never as much as recently. When do things stop become coincidences?"

"Very astute," Jane replies with a quiet laugh. She stands from her chair and begins to put the guitar into her case, using a bank bag to hold the combination of coins and bills earned while out here playing. That goes into the backpack when the instrument is put away, the mini-amp having a place in there as well, and she picks up the gear to carry over opposite shoulders. "But we're not going to talk about this out here any more. Too public." She turns and takes a few steps toward the High Rise apartments, intending to enter the building. Over her shoulder she looks to hopefully see Kitty coming along.

The young woman gets the sense that some serious knowledge is going to be dropped on her if she follows Jane. So the choice is, go home and forget this ever happened? Or delve even deeper into the world of the evolved? The choice was easy to make. Kitty rises to her feet and grabs her bag as she hurries over to the guitarist.

She doesn't speak further until she gets inside the apartment, numbered 108 and on the first floor, and has the door closed after them. "We can talk more freely here," Jane remarks as she moves into the main room. A quiet smile is offered, and an invitation. "Sit, get comfortable. Want anything to eat or drink?" Her backpack is placed next to a chair, and she continues on to put the case down so she can extract guitar and put it on an empty stand with the others.

Kitty enters the apartment and shakes her head at Jane, "No thanks." She takes a seat and places her bag on the floor. She taps her fingers on her knees and leans back into her seat.

It takes a short time, putting the guitar on the stand, then she makes her way to a seat of her own. One of the recliners, in fact, and relaxes a little into it. Jane's got the Pepsi bottle with her, and one of the Black Canary comics also. The magazine is handed off as she passes Kitty, with a chuckle. "Are you familiar with her?" she asks.

Kitty snickers and nods, "I read some of her comics while I was growing up. What has that got to do-? You can do that?" She looks amazed for a moment and she laughs softly. "That definitely is some wicked ass whoodoo you got." She passes the comic back.

The comic, when touched by Kitty, may well give her a vision attached to it, from the past. It's an image of the title being taken from a store shelf, with an emotional component. The holder at that time felt embarrassed and shaky as if recovering from a particularly harrowing experience, mixing with a quiet pride and an interest in the comic because of the similarity to her. "I'm not exactly like her," Jane replies with a laugh as her fingers take the magazine on its return. "But I do make ultrasound. It's useful for breaking glass and some other things. Like navigating the dark and chasing animals away."

Deep breaths are taken and then she nods. "It's still cool. How many others like us do you know?" She inquires and grins at Jane. She is getting very comfortable with this young guitarist.

"I've met quite a few," she replies quietly, chuckling, "and had some adventures. Your best friend, with the pheromone ability, his name is Dorian? And he's got marks on his neck, like these?" Jane gathers her hair with one hand and pulls it out of the way, turning her head so the pair on her are easily visible. She's more subdued in speaking of them and doing so, there's clearly a story behind them which doesn't associate with happiness and fun.

The young woman leans forward and examines Jane's neck. She nods slowly, "So you're the one that he was talking about. Something about we are all in danger? How did you guys get those scars?" Kitty tilts her head, the gears in her head are obviously working as she thinks about everything.

"They're from an operation called the Company," she answers. "They're not completely evil, or completely good, just like any government or police force that exists. Basically they deal with people like us. The more dangerous ones, who can't or won't control their abilities, get locked up. Others who come to their attention are taken in, tagged," she taps the marks, "and let go. They have at least one associate who can edit memories. Those who they take in and release tend not to remember the experience. I think, yes, Dorian was talking about me. We met recently." Standing, Jane crosses the short distance to Kitty and extends her right hand to shake. "I'm Doctor M. Jane Forrest, Yale Law '06." Her skin is warm and soft, evidence of being well cared for, except at the fingertips. Those have calluses from playing lots of guitar.

Kitty gasps, she doesn't know what else to do. Sure she was suspecting that there were more people like her but a whole operation that 'bags and tags' people like her? Kitty becomes a little nervous and angry at the thought of someone doing that to this nice lady, Jane and her best friend Dorian. She takes the hand and shakes it, also standing up. "Kitty Hanner, or just Kit." She look at Jane with sympathy and shakes her head, "Who do they think they are? 'Bagging and tagging'?"

"They think they're the police of the Evolved community, simply put," Jane replies. "They've got deep pockets, connections, and influence. Part of their role is also keeping us, and what we do, out of the public eye. That, at least, is valuable and worthwhile. I've no desire to be a lab rat, or get hanged in a public hysteria witch hunt, y'know? And, like any group of people, some folks like us are dangerous and do need to be locked up. Many of us can't be held by normal prisons, I'm sure you can imagine. The biggest problem, in my eyes, is their lack of oversight. Accountability."

"I'm assuming these adventures you have had involve the Company in some way." Kitty states, "I'm all for keeping everyone safe but I guess I just don't like their methods or what I have heard of their methods to 'help' us. Those are probably the people that my cousin Marcus was trying to convince me to go see to help me."

"I crossed them once," Jane replies solemnly, "or so I'm told, and paid a price for it. I helped someone break out of their custody." Her eyes close, she chases away memories of the aftermath. "Their methods can be harsh, yes. Their focus is on the mission they feel needs to be carried out, and aren't troubled with doing whatever that requires. They do offer help and assistance in controlling, developing abilities, but I definitely don't recommend giving them blanket trust."

Kitty nods grimly, "I don't really need help anyway. I've known about my ability since I was 13 and I do not think they can tell me something about it that I do not already know." She smiles and lays a hand on Jane's shoulder. "I bet it sucks what they did to you. Karma will come back and bite them, you'll see."

She lets out a quiet chuckle. "I feel anger when I think about what I went through, and the memories that were taken, it's true. But I made a choice, and choices have consequences, Kitty. It's best to stay off their radar as best we can. Don't do flashy things that risk public exposure of us and what we do. I'm sure you remember from history class what can happen when large numbers of people are afraid of something. And even in normal circumstances what minorities have suffered." Jane, being curious, moves away from that topic and toward Kitty herself. Her eyes show the thirst for knowledge. "What's your talent, Kat?"

Kitty grins and winks, "I can touch an object and get a vision of the past or future and I have it trained so that I don't just get them accidentally anymore or at least not that often, I can also make myself see visions when I touch an object. It's pretty cool, but if I'm not careful I can get a little woozy and weak"

Her interest is clear, on hearing that. Eyes travel about the apartment, Jane comments "This place, I'm sure, would be a treasure chest of visions." She doesn't say why, but she's thinking of the times her roommate used her internal electricity here, and the impressions from her cold turkey experience just a few months ago. "I've heard of that, it's called psychometry, right?

Kitty nods and smiles, "Yep! That's the one. I wonder if I'll meet anyone else that has the same ability as me. That would be nice. Somebody to share all my experiences with like that. Do you have an best friend with an ability?"

"I've got quite a few friends like us," Jane answers. "I'd put it all on the line for them. And I believe they would for me too. I'm told I already did, the attempt to break someone out of the Company's hands. I think there's at least one other person with your ability around New York. But I don't know who that is. The goth one, I've met her before. She's really bad news, I'd say one of those among us who deserves to be locked up by the Company. She's reckless, doesn't care who she hurts with her ability. Lyndsay doesn't have any ethics about using it." There's some anger showing on her features when speaking about her, and eyes settle on a patch of floor.

Kitty nods, "I wouldn't mind going on an adventure with you." She smiles faintly and then her look turns dark, "So her name is Lyndsay? She is so rude. Why hasn't the Company found her yet?" she muses and twiddles her fingertips.

"They know about her," Jane states, "why they've not taken her in I have no idea. What I do know is I wouldn't turn her in to them myself. She used that ability on me, the results were…" Her voice trails off, she decides not to speak of the experience further. Walking around naked with no modesty, the other things, no, she won't share any of that embarrassing story. "I finally beat her, right here. Managed to resist one of her instructions, then I cranked the stereo full blast so I couldn't hear her voice anymore. She wouldn't leave, so I knocked her out with a guitar and tied her up with duct tape. Even stuffed socks into her mouth so she couldn't talk."

Kitty laughs at the mental image of Lyndsay tied up with her mouth shut. "Now that sounds like a kick ass story." She smiles and stretches briefly. "The invisible girl Portia, she mentioned a man. I think she said he was killing people and collecting our abilities? Crylar or something like that?"

"Yes," Jane replies, "her ass was kicked. I called for help, we got her to undo what she did to me, and let her go. I don't really have it in me to just give someone to the Company." Her head shakes. "But it sounds like that might've been a mistake, she didn't learn anything. Damn." This seems to trouble her a bit, she's pondering what or who else Lyndsay might've been messing with and doesn't immediately register the rest. It hits her some moments later, in a classic comedy double take. "Wait, what? Invisible girl, Portia?" Her eyes are widening. More recognition, of at least the name.

"Yeah, teenage girl with red hair and likes to be invisible in a pizza shop? Uh huh Portia, I met her yesterday because she got stuck in between invis and vis. So we came to my apartment and she righted herself." Kitty looks puzzled. "Do you know her or something?"

"I know her," she replies, shaking her head. "Damn. Invisible. Did you talk with her at all, while she was getting a handle on things? Portia is, and it sounds like the same one, is the daughter of a friend. She's someone I've also been talking with about her musical dreams." Jane closes her eyes for a moment. She'd suspected, and now this tale.

Kitty nods, "Yeah we talked about abilities and that sort of thing. She didn't say anything about music that I can remember. She is really frightened though. Thought it was some kind of conspiracy and that everyone had abilities. Freaked out when I saw through her invisibility with one of my visions." She looks worried, "Oh! You didn't know that she had a ability?"

"I suspected, and was talking with her mother about what I thought, but it wasn't certain, and I didn't have any idea what it might be if she had one. Some things she told me about a place she'd been, and someone she talked to made me wonder. But I couldn't get anything out of her, not even when I hinted at mine last time we talked. Damn. You say she's frightened? I can imagine. Mine kicked in just a few months back. It was stressful. Someone blew a dog whistle and I heard it, it hurt, but of course no one else around me did."

Kitty winces slightly, "Ouch, dog whistle must have heard your ears. Yeah, but I think she is getting used to the idea that there are others like her out there. Which is good."

"Tell me about it," she remarks with a bitter laugh. "I'm more able to deal with them now, but they're still a problem. It comes along with making sound at ultrasonic pitch, like my brain can interpret the frequencies I'm able to make. Kinda helps in figuring out ways to use it, like the batsonar trick I worked out." Jane runs a hand through her hair, asking "Portia was calm when she left your place last night? It… about what time was it you were with her, Kat?"

Kitty smiles and her eyes widen, "Bat sonar?" she thinks and shrugs, "It was the evening, and I don't remember the exact time. Sorry."

"Bat sonar," she confirms with a slight grin. "I emit an ultrasonic tone and listen for it to come back. Tells me if something's in the way and can give ideas about what the thing is if I hit it just right." But her thoughts quickly go back to Portia. "Evening. Thanks." Jane is, perhaps, trying to figure out if the girl was running around unseen while she talked with her mother. "What did she say, exactly, about a conspiracy, Kat? I… you're a grown woman now. Kat seems a more woman name than Kitty."

Kitty ponders, "She was just asking if everyone has powers, she didn't mention you or anyone else." She smiles warmly at Jane. "Thank you! I wish my mother had realized that before she named me. But no! It was such a cute name and now everyone thinks cute, innocent and weak when they say Kitty." She huffs for a second and then cools off.

"If she got stuck between invisible and visible, well, that tells me she's new to all of this, and doesn't so much have control yet," Jane muses, "along with the being scared and thinking there's a conspiracy. I've been to that place myself not so long ago. The shock of it all. At first it was like the world flipped over on its shell, but now I like what I've got. I made it a tool, part of me. I like having it. Oh, hell," she groans, chuckling. "Teenage girl who can disappear. Her mother's in for quite a time. I don't envy her this one." After a pause, Jane comes back to the name issue. "So call yourself Kat. Or Catherine. Whatever you like. You're a grown woman now."

"I was freaked out too, when I first manifested my power. I love my gift!" She looks seriously and like she is contemplating something. "I'd like to take Kat on as a nickname, maybe one day I'll be able to let go of my birth name but my father Bob helped give it to me. It's the only thing he ever did give me. I'm not so sure, I'm ready to give the only thing he gave me up just yet, ya know?" She smiles at Jane, "You are one kick ass chick, I hope you know that."

She's solemn for a moment, on hearing the name Bob. Another father with that name who falls short of stellar. Some of Elle's experiences. Jane's head shakes to chase that away and bring her back to focus. "I get it," she quietly offers. "But you're still Cat to me. The kitten become adult. Even if the Cat still isn't sure she's found her inner lioness." A chuckle follows. "Kick ass? Maybe, maybe not. I'm just me, handling what I come across and not letting it kill me. To paraphrase a Nicks/Henley duet, sometimes I'm a strong woman, sometimes cold and scared, sometimes I cry."

Kitty senses that something is negative about the name Bob but she doesn't push or ask. Anything that Jane wants to say, she will say. Kitty is just content with being around someone besides Dorian that has an ability and is becoming a very good friend of hers every second that passes. She chuckles at Jane and nods, "I like that! Cat!" she meows and winks. "Heh, we all have our moments when we gotta cry."

"Most of the time when I'm down," she admits, "I play guitar. I play speed metal, angsty angry stuff, or blues tunes for sadness. It's kind of all purpose, really. Guitar does what I want it to, regardless of mood. But the dark one just draw me into it, I go for hours until it's mostly out. Screaming isn't really an option." A laugh follows Jane's words.

Kitty nods and looks thoughtful, "I write when I'm down. Poetry, or I just unload on a novel idea. Or I read a good sci-fi novel. Recently, I've been playing with my cat, Tiger to relieve stress. He has so much energy." She chuckles.

"That's cool," Jane replies with a nod. "And a woman named Cat should have a tiger too. Is it one of those tabby kind, mostly orange in the fur?" She seems to have placed other concerns aside for a while now, and is relaxing a bit. "You're in college now? Which one?"

Kitty grins and relaxes more, " He is a Egyptian Mau, rare breed. Love him." She runs a hand through her hair, "I am going to NYU right now, it's my last year! Senior!" she cheers and snickers.

And there's a soft knocking at the door. Portia wanted to get Jane's advice on some lyrics she'd just written, given the chaos of what was going on, and it had taken some time to come up with the courage to come by. Especially considering that secret meeting Jane had with her mother. She'd managed to calm the conspiracy theory that was forming in her head, also thanks to Kitty and George not at all being connected to what was going on. So, having the courage to actually face Jane, she knocked on the door, notebook under one arm.

"NYU? Not bad," she replies with a chuckle. "It isn't Yale, but not everyone can go there, after all." Jane gets to her feet when the knock comes and moves toward the door, opening up when she gets there. "Portia," she greets, stepping aside to admit her on sight, her expression surprised but welcoming. "Come in. How are you?"

Kitty smiles as she sees Portia, "Hey you!" She waves and winks at the teen.

Moving to take a step inside, Portia smiles politely towards Jane. She can do this just fine. It's not too weird. Just act normal. "Hey! I was hoping you'd look at these lyr—"

And then she hears Kitty's voice and catches the wave from where Kitty's at. Oh, GOD! They were /all/ in on it. What, were they all plotting against her? Were they ALL having these secret meetings? The poor teen's expression melts from a somewhat relaxed expression to one of fear, worry, and all sorts of other emotions.

"What, you're really in on it too?! What, are you all against me? Next you'll be saying that you work for that guy that steals /abilities/!" She's running for the door. Not sticking around when there's another secret meeting going on!

But, having been briefed on Portia's fear of conspiracies and the fact she was freaking out the night before about them, Jane has expected something like this might happen when the girl came inside. She's closed the door behind her and is standing between her and the exit. Fleeing isn't so much of the possible right now. Her voice is soothing when she replies, her face showing compassion. "Against you? Not at all, Portia. And we don't work for him. We don't work for anyone." She just stands there to absorb whatever words, pummeling, or other venting the girl needs right now. "It's only been a few months for me. And it's all a shock. I know."

Kitty stays seated so she doesn't make Portia feel cornered, "Remember I didn't even know about all this other stuff until I met you and Jane. I just met Jane today kid." She smiles reassuringly at the teen. Kitty crosses her legs and leans forward, "I would never hurt you hun. You're just too sweet."

"Let. Me. Go." Portia's keeping a good distance between her and Jane, a good couple of feet, but she's still facing the door. She wants out, obviously. She gives Jane a nice, vicious glare. "Right. So you go have secret meetings with my mother and talk about me. That's not against me at /all/. Why'd you even have to tell her? She didn't even /tell/ me that she could do anything. And you didn't either!" She glances back to Kitty, frowning. "So it's /pure coincidence/ that you met Jane the day after I met you?"

"Secret meetings with your mother, Portia?" Jane asks, calmly. Her head shakes. Of course. The girl was watching. "If you know about the meeting," she replies in a soft voice, "then you know why I told her. She's your mother, you're her daughter, and I'm her friend. I won't keep anything this important from her. Things you told me made me think you might have something. And my radar is always on, has been ever since I started hearing dog whistles and make a street lamp break by screaming. So I tried to tell you, give you room to tell me yourself. But you wouldn't take it." The voice softens further. "Get it all out, Portia. You want to hit me, beat on me? I'm right here."

Kitty looks at Portia with sympathy. She is so confused and young. "Don't worry Portia, you know we have your back. Nobody is going to hurt you. Not even that Crylar guy." She gets off of the couch slowly and leans against the wall.

Portia doesn't like it. She doesn't like that people took her secret away and spread it around with people before she herself was ready to admit it. Especially to her /mother/! And then to find out Mama was hiding things too? And this sense of more going on, it all made Portia very nervous and very uncomfortable, and for a girl who quickly went from discovering she was weird to finding she was normal in a sea of weird people, not to mention that there was some creepy guy 'collecting' abilities? She really didn't know what to think. Hell, she just wanted to figure out who she was, but every time she turned around there was some other weird twist on things and she couldn't make up her mind if she wanted to just run away and be invisible or if she wanted to scream and be noticed. She can't contain herself, and Portia sobs. "Who the hell am I supposed to trust?"

"It's hard to know the answer to that question, Portia," Jane softly answers. "I still ask it all the time. But I've found people I do trust, who know about me, and I know about them. We don't normally tell others without permission. But we also know what to look for. Certain places, certain things, they register with us. With me. I want you to trust me, but I can't make you. You will, or you won't."

Kitty nods and walks over to rub Portia's back softly, "I'm sorry I told Jane your secret, I was rambling and it just came out." She smiles faintly. "I'm here for you kid, even though we just met. I get this feeling about you. You're important, and that's not my gift talking." She winks at the teen.

Hugging her arms, Portia's trying her best not to cry, but she's failing pretty badly. "I'm not so sure about that important part." She mumbles, glancing between Jane and Kitty, hugging her arms tighter. "So you swear there's nothing else going on?"

Kitty smiles and nods, "Nothing else, that we are a part of." She tucks a strand of hair out her face and winks at Portia.

"You're not being plotted against, Portia," Jane answers sincerely. "If there were a plot, it's for you. Learning what you can do, what we can do, it turns the whole planet on its shell, and sometimes you feel like the turtle lying there kicking its legs and not able to get upright again, don't you? She bends a bit at the waist to equalize their heights a bit, looking the girl in the eye while she speaks. "Thinking you might be going through that, remembering how it was for me, I couldn't just let it go and you be alone. Not if I honestly call myself your mother's friend, or yours. I can't keep secrets like this about you from her."

"She didn't even tell me either." Portia murmurs, rubbing her arms. "I just don't know what to think about everything." She glances to Jane.

Kitty just stands and watches the teen's angst. It gets her thinking if anyone in her family has an ability and didn't tell her. What would she do if she found out that Luke had an ability and he never told her? She would feel betrayed just like Portia feels about her mother. She merely nods at Portia's words.

"I can't explain that for you, Portia," Jane quietly offers. "It's between you and her to talk over, really. Best I can say is she wanted to keep you shielded from all of this, if you never needed to know because you didn't have an ability yourself. I'm not going to tell her yet this is true. That's for you to tell her, and soon. She has to know, there are things you'll need to know in return. You don't know what to think about everything. Neither did I when my voice kicked in. Now I have to be careful not to scream when I feel like it, because new windows and tv sets cost money. A friend got hurt once, I lost it, and had to replace all kinds of glass stuff. But," she goes for a bit of humor, "when you've hit the top as a musician, the paparazzi wil hate you. You'll be able to escape and laugh at them trying to find you."

Kitty chuckles and smiles, "Or you can have me grab their cameras and look into the future so that I can see all the places they are going to and then you can avoid them!" She plays with her gloves a little before pulling them off and putting them in her bag. She flexes her hands. "Have to let them get some air sometime"

Portia laughs a little, glancing to Jane at that. "Yeah, I guess that's true." She looks to Kitty. "Well.. I.." She shakes her head. "I'm glad that you guys are here. I'm sorry about yelling and stuff…"

"Nothing to worry about," Jane replies as she settles into a sitting position on the floor. "Your yell doesn't do what mine does. Glass everywhere. But… I can get around easy in the dark. And chase away pigeons. I've done that a time or two, out playing. Birds flew too close to my audience, so I got them to leave before they could mess up anyone's drycleaning."

Kitty snickers at Jane's comments, "I'm calling you if a bird or dog starts messing with me." She looks at Portia, " No problem. We all understand where you're coming from."

Portia lets out a sigh and leans against the wall. "Yeah, I guess you do understand where I'm coming from, then." She looks around a little. "I'm sorry to interrupt anyways."

With Portia calmer now, Jane stands and pulls her phone off a hip. She pulls up the display which shows her number, 283-2260, and offers it to both persons. "No interruption," she assures the girl. "But I do have some things to do, and you've got a thing of your own to see about, Portia." She stands, and offers a hand to help her up.

Kitty gets her phone from her pocket and takes the number down and then shows the two women her number, 517-3082. "It was very nice meeting you Jane and good seeing you again Portia, or Tia for short?" She then does something unexpected even of her. She hugs both women and smiles warmly.

Portia gives a bit of a nod, looking back to Jane and Kitty before glancing at the door. "Yeah. I'd better see if I can hunt down my mother." She murmurs. She doesn't like the idea of it, but she has to do it sooner or later. She plugs the number into her phone, then plugs in Kitty's as well. "Alright. Yeah.. Portia or Tia is fine.." She hugs Kitty back.

Before putting hers away, she hopes to secure the girl's number too, but it doesn't seem forthcoming, so… "Could I have yours, Portia?" Jane asks. "We'll talk again soon, about a string of things. And I'll maybe show you some of my tricks." Accepting and returning the hug from Cat, she offers "Take care. Really good meeting you."

Kitty nods and walks towards the exit after picking up her bag by where she had sat.

"Oh, right!" Portia looks a little embarassed. "283-3364." She looks at the others, moving towards the door. "Yeah.. I'll see you all soon."

And as the guests depart, Jane finishes entering Portia's number, closing the door behind them. When alone again, she rests her back against it and cruises down the avenue of memories freshly raised. "Good luck, Portia," she murmurs to the air. "Welcome to our world. At least Pete, it must've been Pete, already told you about Sylar, neither your mother or I have to clue you in about the brain stealing serial killer on top of everything else."

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