2010-03-14: Secret Rendez-Vous



Date: March 14, 2010


Once upon a time… things weren't so complicated.

"Secret Rendez-Vous"

A Little Apartment in Little Italy

Little Italy, famous for canolli's, pasta, and a pesto sauce that is completely out of this world. Carrying a little bag, a brunette woman with a pair of thick, plastic, square framed glasses steps out into the streetlight and jogs across. She's wearing her combat boots, for comfort, a pair of jeans, and a long sleeved t-shirt with no design on the front. For all intents and purposes, she looks exactly like a delivery girl from one of the local restaurants. The small tenement house is host to a few apartments, the one she is looking for is 3E. After letting herself inside, she rustles around the place, pulling down the shades, closing curtains, and setting the television at a low volume.

She's early, of course, just enough time to take in a hot shower and change before company arrives. Once she's finished, she pulls the meal from the bag and sets the table. So she didn't cook it herself, perhaps he doesn't really expect her to. He's probably not even expecting to be fed but if she's to keep up her energy, she's the one that's going to need it.

Cody isn't the only one who is freshly showered. After his earlier adventure, Max and Elle spent the afternoon taking turns in the rain locker to try and wash away the smell of dead rat. He must've only recently decided he was satisfied, because his hair is still a bit on the damp side. He's changed as well, assuming a lower profile in work boots, snug, faded denims, and a flannel work shirt. His only conspicuous bit of gear comes in the form of his ever-present gloves.

Max glances up. 3E. This is the one. He lifts a hand and knocks. When he lets it fall to his side, his casual posture is belied by the tense wariness that has crept into his muscles.

There's a flicker in the peephole and the door quickly opens to an arm groping for the large man's hand before pulling him inside. Once the door is closed and locked behind him, the woman turns to face him and leans against the old wood. "You look… rugged. Perfectly rugged." Those are the only words before she tucks her hands into the pockets of her robe and gives him a small smile.

The apartment is a small one, one room with a bed, a small round cafe table with two chairs, and a tiny entertainment center. "It's not much, but it's not a place anyone will find us. At least not for a while." She looks down at the floor and licks her lips, looking a little bit wary of the change in the man in front of her. "I take it you've cut out then?"

Max holds out his arms and pulls a slow spin, displaying himself to good effect. He lets them drop to his sides when he comes to a halt. "I did," he replies. "And I managed to get one of the prisoners out. I have her stashed somewhere safe."

The wariness seems to have no effect on him. Quite the opposite. He seems invigorated by his recent activities. Revitalized.

A little grin forms on her face and Cody just shakes her head. "I never thought I'd see you in flannel, but you pull it off, Swan." She draws a little closer only to sweep past him to the bed, which aside from the twin cafe chairs, is the only place to sit in the room. She slides down on it, making sure the robe is closed the entire time. Just then, there's a slight frown on the face of the woman, almost undetectable. "Which one? Did you make it look like she's dead? That's the only way out, a bodybag or by transport to another protocol."

"I have a few tricks of my own," Max replies vaguely. He smiles and forces himself to stop pacing. It's a difficult task, as he's humming with repressed energy. A successful escape attempt, a clean getaway, and only one dead body to show for it. Not a bad start for the day.

Any frowning goes by unnoticed, of course. "She's an old co-worker," he finishes belatedly. "Leaving her behind didn't feel right."

"Just remember that they'll be looking for her if they think she's escaped, that'll put all the rest at risk." Cody's somber voice is heavy, but as she looks the large man over again she gives him a small smile. "I just hope she was weapons grade, that'll definitely put a crimp in their plans." Then she reaches out for Max' hand and stands up from the bed again to join him. "Let me get dressed, then we can eat or … whatever it is you need to do. You're humming like a bird you're so full of energy."

She stands there for just a moment before letting go of his hand and giving him a single nod. "By the way, do you have enough cash to last you until this is done? Once they notice you're missing they'll freeze all your assets."

Max pinches his face into a dark, melodramatic scowl. "I find your lack of faith disturbing," he rumbles, pitching his voice perfectly.

He's smiling again a moment later, though a bit fiercely, flashing white, even teeth. "I have some cash," he says agreeably, scooping Cody into his arms with casual aggression. "But most of my wealth is socked away in the form of precious metals. Naturally. If I must, I can sell some."

"Okay Darth Max," the woman quips back at him, touching his nose lightly. As she's scooped up, one of her arms circles his neck while the other rests on his chest. She sighs and half lids her eyes as they flit to look at the bed and then back up at him. A wry half grin forms on her lips and she waggles her eyebrows a couple of times. "If you need cash, I only have a few thousand… but I thnk I can get my hands on a bit more. I have a job now, so…" Pause. "You know, I expected the last time to be the last time. We're both fugitives now, though you're weapons grade and they have no idea what I am…"

Is she weapons grade? It's possible but not as far as anyone but her room mate knows. "I'm glad you got out, Max, when I saw the designs for the new collar it made me sick to think that you might be caught in one."

There's a tightness around Max's eyes at the thought of someone even trying to put a collar on him. Never mind that it would be fitting after he spent months sticking people in them. He gives his head a minute shake. "A few thousand? No… No, you keep that." He can't help but sound amused. Apparently, his idea of petty cash is somewhat different.

His eyes shift toward the bed as well. "Maybe this will be the last time," he says as he takes a step forward and lowers Cody onto the covers. "Or next time. No use worrying with the Army snapping at our heels."

Sometime Much Much Later….

Dawn is threatening to creep up over the skyline and though they've only been sleeping for maybe an hour or two, Cody is snuggling quite close to the large man beside her. Through the course of their evening together her hair has grown to extraordinary lengths and at this point is long enough to spill to the floor. Maybe.

The woman shifts in her sleep and moans a little as she tightens her hold, then there's a rustle under the covers and Max may feel something snaking around his torso, and arms, and legs… coiling but not tightening.

Max is still awake.

Spent but not sated, exhausted but nowhere near ready to sleep, he has been staring at the ceiling and planning his next move. He has new enemies, but he has new allies to counter them. Powerful allies. He has resources. And most of all, he has complete confidence in his superiority.

He's still not quite used to the hair. It fascinates him from a scientific perspective, but there's something very strange about having someone wrap you in a hair sweater. "Oi. Don't get fresh, you," he chides an unruly lock.

As if in answer, the hair starts to tighten its hold on him. That is until Cody wakes up and finds herself locked against Max. "Uhm.." Quickly, the hair starts pulling away from him and braiding itself to a long tail at the nape of her neck. When it's finished, she sits up and looks down at him, her eyebrows raised just a little. He doesn't seem angry or nervous about it, but it's something she hasn't shared after that first spar that gave her the massive black eye. "How many times has that happened before?"

"A few," Max replies. "I find it fascinating. Completely defies every natural law I know."

He sits up as well, stretching like a languid, lazy cat. There's an audible snap-crackle-pop from his neck, muscles, and sinews as everything settles into place. Then he wiggles his fingers, his metal ones moving as nimbly inside their glove as his flesh ones. The glove stayed on, of course. Not because he was afraid of Cody's reaction, but because the thought of seeing himself reflected in himself during sex was somewhat unsettling.

"What you can do defies natural law as well." Cody says softly, snuggling back up against him in a seated position as she draws a finger down that gloved arm to his hand. Her marvel at his ability isn't much of a scientific one as much as envy. "You're much more… useful… in any regard this way than I am."

When she's nestled her head comfortably against his shoulder, she looks up at his profile and knits her eyebrows together. "I'm going to be selfish now," she says quietly, though fairly seriously. "It's stupid, but I really need to make sure you're alright. You'll make sure to keep in contact when we leave?"

"Sure," Max replies, finishing his stretching and looping an arm around Cody. His other arm is propped behind himself as he leans back against the headboard. "Aren't you a dear? I bought a new Tracfone earlier. I'll write down the number for you. Don't worry, little bird. I've been doing this for more than a decade. I'll be fine."

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