2008-02-22: Seducing the Hair


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Summary: Charlotte wins!

Date It Happened: February 22nd, 2008

Seducing the Hair

Suresh Apartment

Thanks to Joule running interference the night before, Mohinder got more sleep than he has in quite some time. Although, nothing she said has deterred him from his train of thought in regards to Pinehearst. Niki's visit still troubles him, and the whys as to the reason. Dressed, awake and ready to go, he pulls out his jacket and scarf, preparing to head down into New Jersey to seek some answers and to sell out what little is left of his soul. (After Primatech got their share.)

He may not have to go that far in order to find what he's looking for. Or at least, to find what he may be able to find in Fort Lee. Three knocks on the apartment door, solid yet quiet, afraid to wake or disturb anyone.

Mohinder shrugs into his jacket, and starts to wrap his scarf around his neck when the knock at the door interrupts things. Partly, he's hoping that may be Joule, which is just crazy of him to think. So it's a mixture of surprise and disappointment when he looks through the peephole and sees Charlotte there. Unlocking the door then opening it, the disappointment has faded, "Miss Corday? What a surprise. I was just on my way out, to Pineherst."

Charlotte has a bag, of course. "Dr. Suresh, good afternoon." She holds up a bag for him. "I brought some more of these, I remembered you said your little girl, Molly was her name, that she liked them?" And little girls are sweet and cute! "I'm very sorry to have to stop by your home like this, but you can be a difficult man to find when you want to be." No, no he's not. No one can hide from Charlotte. But…there's no need to advertise that fact. "I just wished to have a few words with you, if that's alright."

"No, that's quite alright. Won't you come in?" Mohinder steps aside to let Charlotte enter. "That was very thoughtful of you, Molly will enjoy them immensely." He pulls his scarf off and sets it aside near the door, and takes off his jacket as well. "I've been thinking more about the offer of your company, and I do apologize for being difficult to find." Hiding, wrapping up loose ends, avoidance.

Charlotte steps in, waiting until his hands are free to hand him the bag to do with what he will. "Thank you." Mmm heaters. "No, please, the apology is all mine. Pineheart has been a bustling place of late, though it is no excuse for me to have neglected my seduction of you." A playful little smile, though there's no malice in it. It's a funny, Mohinder! Of course she doesn't mean actual seduction - Mohinder's hot but he's kind of an ass, she's learning - but she means it much more professionally. And saying it like that is…well…honest. "I hope you've been well, at least?"

Mohinder takes the bag from Charlotte and sets it aside in the tiny and cramped kitchen. His brows lift at the choice of words from the woman. Seduction? What? "I see. Well. I'm certain things have been busy there, I can imagine why they would be. I have been well. How has Niki been?" He steers the conversation towards their mutual friend, and he's curious to hear Charlotte's take on the woman's state of being.

How some people survive with no sense of humor is beyond her, but this is business, so she conducts herself business-like. Her coat hang open with her scarf around her neck, she's dressed in the same: kahkis, blouse, colorful flash of jewlery from afar. "She's been doing well, the treatments at Pinehearst have been taking some effect." A phrase flashes through her mind here, that she heard at least twice: Don't trust Mohinder. So she keeps it very official. "But that doesn't mean we don't have a place for you, Dr. Suresh. Far from it, Niki is just one of the many new and exciting things we're working on." She has a bag with her, too. Very important, that.

"I'm glad to hear that, I'm very interested in her progress. I know in a firm such as Pinehearst there's more than just one patient. I simply have a vested interest in Miss Sanders." Mohinder gestures for Charlotte to take a seat if she wants one. He's not sure he cares for how Charlotte just phrased things, perhaps she's not aware as to how it came across, how it sounds. As if Niki were some project, even if, in a way, she is. "I've made my mind up. I'm at a standstill with my current position, and I would like to see what Pinehearst can offer."

If he only knew the truth. But Don't Trust Mohinder. Don't Trust Petrellis, either. "That's wonderful news, Dr. Suresh." She moves to sit down at the chair he's offered, crossing her legs at the ankles modestly. And a little dissapointed - she brought all this fancy stuff to woo him! Files and pictures and graphs and pretty things! "I'm so glad, we have so many exciting opportunites that I think will interest you. Of course, I'm sure Niki will continue to want your assistance with her condition, should she feel the need, and that would always be a priority."

Mohinder will be more than happy to look at the pretty graphs, files and pictures. He's easy that way. "I hope that she does. I've been worried about her, and her state of mind." Settling into a seat across from Charlotte, he asks, "Is there anything else that you can tell me about Pinehearst? Anything else I should know before I get involved?"

Charlotte reaches into her bag. "Well, I did bring a few things with me." She says, bringing out two files. Both are painfully thin, but they're there. "But I think what you're looking for is something like this. This would be one of the projects you're assigned to." She explains, and the file will contain a lot of graphs and pretty things on bloodwork, specifically Evolved bloodwork. Should be familiar to Mohinder, since he and his father seem to have been pretty busy on DNA, blood, the List. "We're working on developing a fool-proof blood test for detecting abilities, perhaps even before they have manifested to the carrier's knowledge." Drool, Mohinder. Drooool.

Mohinder wastes no time in going through the files he's handed. The man is brilliant, he knows his field, yet the fact of the matter is, he's just one man. The possibilities could be endless when brainstorming with like minded individuals. This is more than what the Company is working on right now. He doesn't even stop to ask /why/ they would want a bloodtest to detect an ability prior to manifestation. It's just the concept of, this can be done that has his attention. Going quiet, his mind starts to work, digesting the information he's taking in, and the application of it.

Charlotte sits back, smiling softly as she watches him work. Hah! Let no one say she is bad at her job. She's good, she's really good. "Of course, this isn't even our largest Evolved-related project, but it is one of our most promising. We have an impressive team working on it already, but your insight and experience could be pivotal." She goes quiet again, letting him read.

"When can I start?" is all Mohinder asks, as he starts over from the beginning of each file. His mind was already made up, but seeing this? It makes him wonder why he didn't decide sooner. "Working with Miss Aldric might be a little awkward at first, but I'm sure we can work together."

Charlotte had another file to show him, to appeal to his human side if there were any doubts. But he seems to have no doubts, and so she keeps it under wraps, although there is a hint of a line of worry under her bright smile. But it soon fades into that shining ray of upturned-lips because she won! The biggest stick in the mud, and she got him. Score. "Right away, if you like. There are several other projects in the works, and you Dr. Aldric may not be working together on everything. But on this and one other…" She taps the file. "I'm afraid you two will probably be working very closely. That….won't be a problem, will it, Dr. Suresh?"

"Excellent, I can't wait to get started." Mohinder closes the file in hand, and gives it back to Charlotte. "I won't have a problem working with Miss Aldric. I've worked with her before on a viral project, and she has a very sharp mind." If Charlotte doesn't trust him, the score is even. "There is just one thing. My ward, Molly? She is off limits for any reason. Are we clear?" He won't tell Charlotte that Molly has an ability. It's probably already known by those higher up at Pinehearst. "That's my only condition."

Charlotte chuckles softly, tucking the file away. "Dr. Suresh…." She hesitates. The other file in here might help make him feel more comfortable, or make him feel less so. It's a toss up, but it's better to be safe than sorry. "I know the company you were previously employed at had a rather unorthadox way of doing things. But this is Pinehearst, we have no interest in involving children where there is no place for them." She pauses, thinking, then goes slightly off-script. "If you are having some difficulties with other parties, or perhaps your former employers as far as your ward goes, please don't hesitate to let me know. I will make sure that nothing can happen to her or her place here with you." Goodness knows it won't be the first kid she's proverbially babysitting. Speaking of which, she needs to visit Micah badly. "We're not bad people, Dr. Suresh. We do good things." That file almost comes out agian…but it doesn't.

"I've heard that line before." About doing good things. Mohinder isn't as easily trusting as he once was. He has his relapses of course, and add in a bit of recklessness. Well.. "I don't have a problem with them at the moment, but with my leaving, they might try to take her back." Since the Company so 'kindly' let him have guardianship of Molly along with Matt. "I just wanted to make it clear about her." There'll be /no/ experimentation with the girl. "Shall we say then, bright and early tomorrow morning for starting work?"

Charlotte nods, deciding the file isn't the best way to go. "If it's really an issue, we can move you for a few days, all of your, or I can arrange to have someone watch the house. Molly wouldn't be the first child Pinehearst has gone out of it's way to protect from this crazy world, Dr. Suresh, and I'm sure she wouldn't be the last, either. Please, if you need anything at all, let me know and I'll arrange for you to have it. But yes, tomorrow morning works fine." She offers him another polite smile, moving to stand.

Mohinder moves to stand along with Charlotte. "I've considered moving, but the fact is, she's too comfortable and secure here. I'll consider the offer of a move, perhaps something on a more permanent basis. My address is well known, and it seems like anyone who wants to find us, can and will."

Charlotte buttons up her coat. "We can certainly arrange that, or any other ideas you might have that you feel would be best suited for her safety, and for yours." She offers a hand to him, polite and professional. "I'm very glad you've decided to accept our offer, Dr. Suresh. Tomorrow morning we'll get you started just as quickly as we can. We're very excited to have you."

This is quite easily, one of the most moronic things Mohinder has done. He has his reasons, his intentions are sound, but it's rather questionable. Smiling, he shakes Charlotte's hand. "I'll let you know, and thank you for the offer. I look forward to working with you and Pinehearst." He manages to sound sincere, and any concerns about Primatech fall by the wayside. So far so good, he's slipped away under the radar. Quietly, he's gone from there. It does help that Primatech is in a bit of turmoil and have more pressing concerns.

Charlotte nods, letting her hand drop after the formal shake. "Tomorrow morning, then." She agrees, and with that she'll turn and slip out the way she came in, bundling up before she does so. Why can't New York be in someplace more sensible, like Hawaii?

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