2007-09-25: Seeing Things


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Summary: Kitty's seeing things.

Date It Happened: September 25th, 2007

Seeing Things

Downtown, NYC - 606 - Kitty's Apartment

After much deliberation and doubt on whether or not she should call the number on the flyer about Mariska's missing child. She finally got up the courage and she called the mother and asked her to meet her at her apartment.

Now pacing in her front room, wearing a pair of black shorts and a blue tee shirt along with a pair of black fingerless gloves. Her bare feet pad back and forth and Tiger, her cat just sits on the floor watching as she paces. "I hope this goes over well" she bites her lip and looks up at the clock. Mariska has ten minutes until it is the time that Kitty asked her to come.

This was an interesting and unexpected turn of events. Kitty's phone call and claim to have information about her daughter sent Mariska into suspicion easily — after all, the Russian woman was now intimately acquainted with the little girl's fate. But, now… to be contacted by someone outside of the Company (as far as Mariska knew, at least), this posed an undeniably curious dilemma. In the end, the Russian woman knew it was best to pursue the lead with sincerity, even if she was already certain that Kitty was clearly mistaken.

At the appointed time, there was a light rapping on Kitty's door…

Kitty jumps a little and then rushes over to the door as she opens it, "Hey Misha. Sorry if my call was so random" she says to the older woman and ushers her inside and then she closes the door. Tiger pads over to Misha and rubs through her legs purring, "Oh he likes you!" she grins at Mariska and then takes a seat on the couch and looks to Misha, "Umm so I have something to tell you."

Wearing a small but pleasant smile, Mariska steps in to Kitty's abode and she does her best to wear a subdued expression as the young woman tries to explain herself. Oh, look. More cats. The Russian's green eyes are momentarily distracted from her observational surveying of the apartment by a purring piece of fur currently figure-8'ing his way around her ankles. When Kitty seems on the verge of making a confession, Mariska looks back up and asks, "Oh?"

"Umm yeah." Kitty takes a deep breath and she begins, "I have this thing I can do, by touching an object and now it seems like being around certain things I can get a vision of the past or future, it's why I've acted so weird around you before, because each time we have met I've received a vision, the first: A memory of you and your daughter and then the second of some hell you have been through recently. I know it sounds stupid but I felt bad because I could potentially help you find your daughter and that's if you want the help, right?" she smacks herself in the face and looks at Misha through her fingers, "I'm rambling, sorry." Tiger hops along to Kitty and sits in her lap. Good Kitten.

Mariska's blinking is almost audible. That's a lot of unusual information to suddenly translate and take it and, clearly, it's giving the foreign woman some brow-creasing trouble. "You… what?" Maybe if Kitty might repeat herself, it'll actually sort out to be something completely mundane. "You… see things?" Goodness. So weird.

Kitty sighs and then nods her head, "Yeah I know. In fact I'll show you, let me see something of yours" she looks serious, she wants to help Mariska. But she can only do that if she knows that Kitty is telling the truth.

Uh… okay. Something. Mariska looks down at herself and begins to gently pat down her available pocket for something that she might be able to hand over to Kitty in order for the young woman to prove herself crazy. If only the Russian woman wore more jewelry… but, wait! A hand goes to the little gold cross on a fine chain that hangs around her neck and Mariska considers Kitty very, very carefully for a moment before she makes any motion to remove it. Seeing as how Kitty's probably not in this to steal her limited valuables, Mariska unhooks the clasp and offers the necklace between two fingers.

When Kitty takes it, she's struck by the sudden sight of how the piece of jewelry came to be in Mariska's possession… There's a little red velvet jewelry box topped with a bow and, sure enough, when adolescent hands crack it open, there's the necklace; all shiny and new. A conversation in Russian is taking place between three people - a girl and her parents, perhaps. The mother helps her daughter in putting the necklace on and the gold gleams lovely against the young woman's white dress. The sound of church bells in the foreground. This is a solemn yet happy moment.

Kitty gasps as the vision hit hers, "You were given this by your parents back in Russia, you were a teen, maybe younger. I hear church bells? You guys seem happy about this present, it's very beautiful" Kitty says as her eyes flicker and then snap open. "Wow," is all the woman says.

Okay, that? Kinda creepy. Really. Mariska recoils, taking the necklace back as she does, and even outs on foot behind the other in order to back up. "How you do that?" Mariska asks, you know, as if Kitty might have an instruction manual lying around to explain it on a technical level.

Kitty stands but doesn't approach Misha, "Like I said before, I can see the future or past by touching something. Was I right? I was hoping to use my ability to help you find your daughter. Have you never met anyone that could do extraordinary things?" Kitty looks slightly worried.

Careful now. Mariska continues to regard the younger woman somewhat suspiciously. If Kitty really can see the future or the past by touching things, that could make for some very serious secrecy complications (and so much of her life hinges on secrecy now). Maybe it would just be best to… play it paranoid. Mariska puts out a hand, palm shown to Kitty as if she were a traffic cop demanding a stop, and takes another step back toward the door. "No. You just… you stay. Stay away from me." For your own good.

"But I just want to /help/! What are you do afraid of?" Kitty yells and looks at Mariska in panic she looks towards the door and Mariska and thinks of getting in the woman's way, but that wouldn't end very well.

No, probably not. For either of them. Mariska puts a hand on the knob of the front door and opens it, fleeing down the hall without much further ado.

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