2007-10-17: Seeking RGN-400+


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Summary: Seven months after a card was exchanged, Peter finally needs to call on a friend from his time in Company holding. They talk about miracle cures, escaped Company prisoners, and the Company itself.

Date It Happened: October 17, 2007

Seeking RGN-400+

On the Phone

Out in the furthest hallway of Bat Country, without quite going upstairs, Peter glances down at his phone's screen one last time. After seeing an acceptable number of bars, he dials in a number from a card recieved seven months ago. To him, that'd been quite some time.

Adam's currently in a bar in New York it's one he's known since the 40s, not that he knows any of the faces now. He's been here a while, but he's still sober, not so much as a slur in his voice as he answers the phone, there aren't many people with this particular number, and his voice drops a little as he answers. "Hello."

There's a hesitation from the other line. Calling someone might be a normal occurrence, but there are some situations that… "Hello, I'm not… completely sure that you— " The voice cuts off. Recognizable, even with some static denoting a bad reception. All part of calling from a basement, but Peter's not feeling safe about going outside. One major difference would be his voice sounds hoarse. "My name's Peter and we… knew each other not quite a year ago."

The tone Adam takes is a mixture of joy and amusement. "Peter you were the first person I held a conversation with in thirty years, of course I remember you." He laughs slightly before his tone becomes more serious. "Although I take it from the way you're talking this isn't a social call?"

There's a relieved sound. Perhaps Peter hadn't even been completely sure until now. The reception continues to crackle, but everything gets through clear enough. "Unfortunately no. I'd meant to call you before, but with the Company— I wasn't sure if you were in hiding or not and I didn't want to exactly lead them to you… Course the incident in Sinai wasn't exactly under the radar…" He trails off, inhaling slowly. "I need to ask you about that. The miracle cure that you used. What was it?"

There's a long pause before Adam sighs and continues, his words somewhat hesitant now. "It was my blood, I hoped that it could be studied to help mankind. Of course you can understand that I'd rather the world didn't know that my blood can cure… well anything that I've encountered."

"Not anything," Peter says, voice sounding down, but then again. "That's what I thought it was. I was hoping maybe it was some kind of…" He trails off, voice shifting toward frustration for a moment. When he speaks again, it's a little firmer, determined, but still a questioning tone, "I know you're a lot older than you look. In that time was there anything you couldn't recover from? You never got sick?"

There's just a curious edge of worry to Adams tone now. "I've never so much as had a headache Peter. I take it you've encountered something that's making you sick?" He stops a moment. "Firstly I think we'll need to establish the nature of our abilities somewhat, it's possible they're not quite identical."

"I know. My abilities are different. My blood doesn't cure people, I know that— I tested it once," Peter says, still retaining that determined edge, even if he sounds a little sad mentioning his failed test. "There's a chance that your blood would still work on this, but I know another person with regenerating blood, and that didn't do anything when applied to this. I'm still sick. I'm actually worse than anyone— All my abilities still work fine, but I'm healing slower than before."

Adam takes on a calming tone. "Ok Peter, tell me where you are and I'll get you some samples of my blood." He pauses a moment. "We can compare the results between your friends blood and my own. We may be able to isolate what it is that we need and create it in greater quantities."

"I'm in a Lab in the Seville Medical Center right now," Peter explains, giving the address in Brooklyn after he does that, as well as the description of where in the center that the labs are. "We know it's not highly contagious yet, but— it's changed once already, mutated, so it could end up mutating again. If your blood can help…"

"I'll get there as soon as possible." Adam pauses a moment. "I'm glad you got in touch with me Peter, I'm not so glad it's under these circumstances, but I'm glad you got in touch." He pauses a moment before continuing. "Do we know how long the virus can survive without a living host?"

"I wish it were under better circumstances too, Adam," Peter says, though there's a hint in his voice that he knew it wouldn't be when he was handed the number. There's just some people that are hard to call upon for social commentary— especially with a Company already threatening the people one's close to. "I don't know how long it survives. I'd have to ask the person who's doing the lab work."

Adam continues with another long sigh. "Find out and let me know…. the Company worked with several viruses, with enough information I'll likely be able to isolate what we're looking at." He stops covering the mouth piece of his phone as he says a few words to someone in his surroundings. "And Peter, I need to warn you, you may hear that I'm working with the three escapees from Level Five, I want you to know I'm not one of them, I've got a plan to stop them, and maybe arrange some safety for everyone from the Company."

"I think the Company may have made this one. Bishop was at the hospital when we think it first got out," Peter starts to explain, and possibly had more to say on that, but he gets derailed rather forcefully by the mention of Level 5 and the escapees. In fact, his voice heightens to almost anger for a moment, "One of them killed me. Twice. Do you know where they are? Because…" he trails off. "All right. You have a plan. I'll trust that it's a better one than I had when I went after one of them by myself…" Does not sound like he's pleased, though.

There's a slight laugh as Adam talks in his mos reassuring of tones. "Trust me Peter, I've handled people like them before, I don't know where they are, and I certainly don't trust them, they're monsters and may need to be stopped permanently at some point, but for now I may be able to focus them." He takes a breath. "They may be what I require to get into the Company and retrieve information."

"I'd thought they might just be misunderstood, but she practically tortured me. If Nathan hadn't showed up and shot her, she might've found a way to kill me permanently," Peter says, a hint of a murmur in his voice, but it's pretty obvious he's no longer on the side of reforming them at all. "You're right. They need to be stopped permenantly, not locked up again." But when he continues, the determination fades into curious confusion, "Information on what?"

"Everything Peter, Think of what the Company knows, think of all the innocent people they're watching, or even kidnapping. Not to mention the viruses, and their tamed monsters, they use for their own ends." Adam sighs slightly. "I know where they keep such information, before they locked me away I had access to much of it, but it's been thirty years Peter, they've expanded their files, and their opperation greatly." His tone becomes slightly tired. "The Company isn't evil Peter, it's simply misguided, with the information they have in their files, I could force them to turn back to the path they started upon. One where they'd help young people with powers rather than lock them up and study them."

There's a long pause from the other end of the line, much like there had been during their conversations through a wall. "I know they're not evil," Peter says after a moment, voice softer and more whispered than before. "They should be using what they know to help people, instead of threatening them and their families, spying on them, or erasing their memories. And they obviously can't hold the really dangerous people prisoner… And right now they have Sylar." When he says the name, there's more than a hint of distaste. "It'd be nice if someone pushed them in the right direction."

"I'm hoping I can do that, but I can't do it alone Peter." Adam smiles slightly to himself as he continues. "The level five escapees are dangerous, but if I can direct them towards the Company rather than the rest of the world, it will buy me the smoke screen I'll need. Then we can work with the Company rather than against it to stop such monsters as Sylar and the others. I'll use that information to make sure that the Company is held accountable for its actions. And this time I don't trust them enough that they can lock me away." He sounds slightly annoyed at the last comment.

"I can help, but they're too dangerous and unpredictable. They might turn on you," Peter says, sounding genuinely concerned, and even a little afraid from the tremor in his voice. Dying twice must have not been a fun ordeal for him. "But if I can help, I will. I don't want to destroy the Company or tear it down, I just don't want them to threaten my friends anymore— or spy on them. I'm a little sick to be helping now. We're thinking it was designed— almost wonder if it was designed specifically to attack me. Or you maybe."

There's just a hint of thoughtful concern at that. "It's more than possible, but that's another reason I need the information." His tone becomes more casual with his next comment. "And don't worry about me, I've kept control of worse than them in the past. I served with the James Brothers during the civil war, they were true psychos, although I sometimes think Frank just stuck with his brother, Frank was the smart one you know."

"Wow, really?" Excuse Peter for a moment as he sounds vaguely like a surprised boy, certainly much younger than his years for a moment. It returns to the hoarse whisper after that, luckily. "Yeah, that's what I read, but— they weren't like us. They weren't as… wait, were they?"

Adam laughs at that. "No they weren't like us, but that doesn't matter. They thought in the same way as the three from Level Five, I've dealt with a number of such people, they're…. manageable as long as you can figure out what they want."

Peter actually sounds vaguely disappointed to hear that the James brothers didn't have some strange ability that the history books never knew about, and it's audible in the way he exhales afterward. Almost as if he were holding his breath for a moment. "Well what if all they want is to cause people pain? The one I dealt with— she treated me like a toy— she probably would have dragged me home just to kill me over and over to see how much I could take."

There's a long pause as Adam considers the question. "That's actually quite likely, but they'll have their…. priorities in who they target, Bob will likely be at the top of their list, if I can convince them that I can hand him to them, they'll likely follow me, especially if I exhibit shows of force. They seem the type that would accept that." He sighs slightly. "It may be necessary for me to show them how dangerous I really can be."

"I don't like the idea of sending them after the people in the Company. They're not all bad…" Peter trails off, sounding unsure. "And they could really kill a lot of them…" There's a sigh, one that shows he still doesn't like the idea, but he does say, "I know— the alternative is worse." Not that he has to like either alternative. People will die either way. "I'm glad you'll help with this."

"I don't like it either Peter, I might hate Bob, but even I wouldn't like to see them get their hands on him." He pauses a moment. "That's why I plan to alert the Company to their actions. Like I said they're a smoke screen, I'm hoping this will shed little if any blood."

There's that relieved sound again. "Good, I'm glad to hear that— I mean I know they locked you up for thirty years so you might not've been so…" Peter trails off. There's a lot of words there that could be used. He doesn't end up using any of them, though. "If there's anything I can do, even sick— let me know."

"Thank you Peter, it's good to know I still have friends, but lets work on getting you cured first. I'll be with you as soon as I can arrange transport." With that Adam again speaks to the people in the background. "From what you were saying it might not be wise for me to be spending time with you at present. If this virus was designed for me…."

"Might be best just to send the supplies over, or drop them off at the Medical Center upstairs and have someone deliver it down here," Peter says, obviously agreeing with the worry. "We're getting a bunch of new lab supplies shipped in, cause I— there was an incident where a lot of the lab equipment was destroyed, so they wouldn't think a thing of it."

"Anyone you particularly trust to leave it with. I don't want it falling into the wrong hands, I wouldn't put it passed certain people to just drain me dry for the rest of my very long time on this planet." Adam sounds more annoyed than worried. "That would be worse than the cell I think."

"Cass Aldric," Peter answers almost immediately. "She's the one who runs the lab. I trust her quite a bit. But I wasn't planning on telling anyone where the blood came from, just had them try to use it— see if it reacts differently than— than the other's blood."

There's another nod. "Then I'll hand it to her, and I'll give no mention of names, thanks Peter." He curses slightly as he looks away from the phone. "I've got to go, hopefully we'll be able to talk under more… normal circumstances some time soon."

"Yeah— hopefully," Peter agrees, a hint of the reception crackling again, almost as if to indicate he's moved from the position he'd been in. "Good luck with those guys from Level Five. I'll call you if I learn anything more about the virus, or if this helps."

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