2007-02-23: Self-Inflicted Wounds


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Summary: After Max is admitted to Mount Sinai for multiple injuries and amnesia, Samantha mistakes his efforts to remove a Company implant for a suicidal tendency for self-harm.

Date It Happened: February 23rd, 2007

Self-Inflicted Wounds

Uptown, NYC - Mount Sinai Hospital

Tucked away in his private room, Max tosses a twisted, four-inch long shard of metal to the floor with a clatter. Its tip and half its length are tainted bright red. Then he finds the call button with a weary, poorly-coordinated hand. He pushes it several times in quick succession with his thumb, then slumps back against the bed. At the curve where Max's neck and shoulder meet on the left side, a ragged, inch-wide wound weakly oozes blood.

Samantha has managed one of her occaisional shift changes again, keeping an eye as the attending in the trauma wards and private rooms. She's near the door anyway when the nurse's call button zings, and with a sigh, she heads for the doorway and opens it up. Stepping inside she says, "I'm Dr. Applebaum, what can I - oh, Max!" She remembers how he came in, but any possibilities of a flashback are pushed aside when she sees the open, bleeding wound and the metal length on the floor. "Did you do this to yourself?" she asks, hurrying over. "I need a nurse and an orderly! Bring a suture kit!" The declaration is in a loud, whipcrack of a voice as she moves closer and attempts to look at the wound. "Why the hell would you do this to yourself?"

"That'd be mighty hard to explain. Would you be kind as to sew me up, please?" Max's voice is weak and weary as well. His eyes are a touch glazed, both from pain and adrenaline. "Some of that morphine you folks keep on tap sounds delicious right about now," he murmurs. Slowly, his eyelids drift closed.

When the orderly and the nurse arrive in a hurry, she looks first to the woman. "I want you to get any sharp objects away from his direct location, yes, thank you." She gets the suture kit and starts putting on gloves. To the orderly, "Restraints. And get Wegman on the phone, we need to bump up his psych consult; he's displaying evidence of self-harm." She gives the nurse an order for painkillers to be added to his saline as well.

Max smiles wryly. "I'll make you a deal, Doc. You nix the order for the restraints, and I'll let you treat me." He holds out a warding hand, clearly indicating that no one may approach without his consent. "I might've lost a bit of time, but I'm still sound of mind. Do we have a deal?" Max's expression is politely inquisitive.

"You're not in a position to negotiate." Sam says, beckoning the orderly forward, and oh yes, the metal's kept out of the way. "Where you going to run with an iv in your arm, broken ribs, and multiple sewn wounds that if you're lucky, won't rip? Presuming security doesn't get you on your way out." Whatever he's going to do, he better do it fast, did he honestly think self-inflicted wounds wouldn't get this reaction?
Max shrugs his broad shoulders, then winces at the pressure it puts on his wounds. "Have it your way, Doc. We both know you aren't allowed to keep me here." With a quick jerk, he rips the IV free from his wrist, then snakes out his hands to grip the bed's side rails, slowly, laboriously hauling himself upright.

"Actually, with very evident display of self-harm and suicidal tendencies, I can. If you want to negotiate, these are your options, tranquilizer or restraints." Sam's pretty calm when she says over her shoulder, "Get the cop shop on the line. If he's going to leave, they can handle his suicide watch and we don't waist our time with uncooperative patients."

"If that's how you feel about it, I'll take the tranquilizers. Who doesn't love a good night's sleep, after all?" Max smiles beatifically and holds out his arm. "Sorry for removing the IV, I know that complicates things for you."

"That's how I and the state of New York feel about it." Sam says plainly, and gestures the orderly away. She issues another order to the news to alter his morphine - it'll tranq him anyway, and she can work on the wound. He'll have a few minutes before he drifts off as the nurse heads back to the station and the orderly goes off to be a thug someplace else. They're alone in the room - except for the suture kit, and it ain't talking. As she peels off the upper part of his hospital gown, she inquires quietly, "You want to tell me why you did that?" She starts cleaning and disinfecting the wound gingerly. It stings.

Max cocks an inquisitive eyebrow at the doctor. "Seriously? After all that? I'm thinking no, still." He snuggles back against the hospital bed and closes his eyes, letting the slow, warm pulse of morphine flow through his veins.
"Fair enough." Samantha says. "You can always tell the psychologist in the morning. You'll be seeing him first thing. Happy dreams." she says to the patient, and moves to put a note on his chart.

'I'm sure that'll be lovely. Goodnight, Doc." Max's voice is becoming thick and muzzy as the drugs penetrate his system. Then, moments later, he begins to snore softly.

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