2009-11-30: Self Medication



Date: December 30, 2009


After Hallis finds Sydney and Eric in a compromising position, the therapist finds herself fired and self medicates (NO, not with LENA-JUICE!) with ice cream.

"Self Medication"

Sydney's Apartment

With three new roommates, Sydney's managed to find some alone time in her apartment. Lena, Tiago, and Jade all seem to have disappeared for the time being. She came home, and had found no one here. So it should come as no shock. What does an introverted therapist do when she's alone? Well… she changed into her crazy hot pink pyjama pants with fish on them and an oversized t-shirt that reads 'My days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle'. Dark sunglasses rest on her nose as she slides down the hall sockfooted, holding a hair brush whilst lipsyncing to Don't Stop Believin' which is playing quite loudly through the spaces of the apartment.

Then Sydney's phone rings. Just a text message beep. From Eric infact. One that has a very short and sweet message on it.
'I'm coming over alirght?'

That was about three or so minutes ago…and just after that the song ends there is a knock on the door…on the /inside/ of her door. As Eric got the shadowport /right/ this time and on target and therefor landed in the hallway by her door. With his arms…loaded with…food? Mostly freezer foods…

"Sydney? People?" He calls hesitantly.

Sydney is facing the direction opposite the door at the knock and when she turns around there's Eric, "Gah!" Startled, she jumps slightly and quickly takes the sunglasses off her nose. Her cheeks flush a pale pink as she places the hair brush on the counter. "Sorry, you just… startled me. How did you — oh right." She smiles faintly as her cheeks continue to flush pink. "Is that for us?" She wrinkles her nose as she begins unloading his arms.

"Sorry! I sent you a message…I…guess you didn't hear it…" Eric pauses. "…were….you…just singing into your hairbrush?" he asks after a moment as he glances from Sydeny to the brush to Sydney and back to the brush. A slight shake of his head before he gives her a short grin. "…er…well I brought it for everyone. My freezer went out, and I didn't want all this going to waste is all really…" He's wearing one of his more favorite t-shirts thats a dark gray with red skull designs all over it and a pair of loose sleep pants. At least he has socks on and not his usual fluffy green houseshoes.

"…you don't mind me popping over like this do you?" He asks as he starts to let her have the frozen food, whip cream, and three different kinds of ice cream…one of them with Godivia printed on the side of the box.

"No, I didn't hear it," Sydney admits as she takes the whip cream, and several buckets of ice cream to put into her freezer. "I was… I like to sing… when no one listens…" her face continues to flush as she retrieves the rest of the food. "Good. Well I'm sure everyone will get good use out of it all." She adds with a smirk, "I'm running a hostel out of my apartment."

"And no, I don't mind you popping over like this. I like… " Hmmm. "… the company." She half smiles as she looks at the one kind of ice cream, "I love chocolate…."

"Whew…good…I was hoping you wouldn't mind storing a few things…I mean we can even have dinner on some of this stuff tonight if you don't have the room," Eric adds with a grin. "…I don't have much more. Just one more load is all…some toppings for the ice cream mostly…I'll just pop back and get em before they get too runny alright?"

A smile towards her before he winks once. "And I'm glad you like the company…you are too good for your own good you know running all of that. And the one ice-cream is tripple chocolate godivia. A friend of mine gave it too me and I never eat the stuff. Anyway! I'll be right back!"
And with that the young man turns to a wall and concentrates before stepping into a pool of darkness again and vanishing.

"Sounds good!" Sydney waggles her fingers as Eric disappears. Her cheeks flush crimson again as she adjusts her blue top (that reads 'My Days of Not Taking You Seriously Are Certainly Coming to A Middle') and glances at her hot pink pyjama pants (which fish printed all over them). The freezer to her fridge is open as she loads it up with stuff, including the awesome triple chocolate godiva. With a smirk she drums her fingers on the counter and picks up the brush. "Can't leave this things out… Lena might use them…" she murmurs.

Hallis has a brand new door! Complete with new locks and new gadgets to keep her apartment ultra safe from the evils of society. It is white, very ornate, and solid wood. All of this means that it is likely quite heavy for the small woman to swing open with one hand and slam again behind her. She is dressed in nothing but a long t-shirt, since she's only going across the hall and into another woman's apartment, she doesn't bother with anything else. It's not like Sydney hasn't seen her this way before.
A few quick raps to the door and Hallis is already trying to speak through the entrance to Sydney's apartment. "Sydney, open up! You said I'm on a shortlist of whatever, I need shortlisted!" The tiny woman is quite demanding, especially since it's late at night and she has no idea what the other woman is up to.

Quirking an eyebrow, Sydney pads to the door and unlocks the deadbolts, smirking slightly as she opens the door. "Hallis?" she tilts her head and steps out of the way to let Hallis inside, without a second thought. Fortunately, her roommates are out at this time. It makes it easy to invite people in. "Is… everything okay? It's kind of late…" She glances at the clock on her oven before glancing back to Hallis.

The young blonde almost doesn't wait for the silent invitation before barging into the apartment. Her thin frame is trembling just a little bit as she glances around the place, peeking through the room to make certain that no one else is with them. "I found someone that can help me with my… problem." She announces after she is satisfied that they are indeed alone. "Oh, and by the way, this is all on the clock or whatever." She reaches under her shirt and pulls out few folded over hundies and places them on the counter. "So you can't breathe a word of this to anyone."

Shadowporting makes travel easy it does! However…sometimes it goes wrong…very wrong…quite wrong…

…and when that happens then there is usually a great amount of chaos involved. Because. For some reason…Eric likes to miss-port into peoples showers. Or Closets. Closets are harder to explain…but thankfully? This time it is a shower…

So as Sydney walks to the door to invite Hallis in, and as Hallis accepts…Eric reappears in the shower…

…and promptly grabs the handle getting a blast of hot water right in the face.

"SON OF A! ARRGH! HOT WATER!" Can be heard from the direction of the shower down the hall. Followed by a thump, and more running water. "TO COLD! COLD!" Again a thump and then a curse again as Eric slips and looses his grip on the bottle of chocolate sauce that he was bringing back over for Sydney. It goes all over his shirt when the top spins off.

"Man…this chocolate will just NOT come out!" Is a statement that can be heard echoing in the apartment after a moment as well before the bathroom door opens and a shirtless Eric wearing just a pair of soaked dark pajama pants and splattered with a few flecks of chocolate. Two scars mar his chest look like light and old bullet wounds.

he glances up then towards the living room…

And pauses as he notes /two/ girls there where he had left just one.

"Problem? The one with the…" Sydney lowers her voice "… mind rapist?" She swallows a bit as she become increasingly protective of Lena, Tiago, and Jade over the last couple of weeks. Something that makes perfect sense considering they're her roommates. "Um… ok-ay… I have…" And it's at this moment that Eric's voice cuts in from Sydney's shower causing the therapist to stiffen and her cheeks to flush red involuntarily.


And then Eric enters the living room. Wearing chocolate stained soaked pyjama pants. The blonde's eyes widen. She flushes red from her forehead to her toes.

Her mouth gapes slightly as she stares at Eric and then glances at Hallis to open her mouth, but. THERE. ARE. NO. WORDS.

The stackof hundred dollar bills on the counter is quickly swiped back by Hallis before she turns to gaze at the tall man dressed in nothing but a pair of soaked silk pants. And she thought silk was clingy before, well this… this just puts a new definition to 'Helloooooo Nurse!'

"You know Eric… if you're going to take a shower in silk, you need to wear underwear. Otherwise…" Hallis is quite shameless about pointing toward the man's … manhood. "Too bad the water was cold. Good for stains. Bad for…" And her voice drifts off before she turns to Sydney again.
"Yes, I felt like my problems were taking a back burner to your other clients. So I found someone that can help me take care of it." The young woman is also shameless when it comes to talking about her problems in present company. "I think it will be better for us this way. You don't really want to see me. It's not you, it's me." It sounds like a bad breakup.

"….I…" He thumbs back towards the shower. "…but…sorry didn't…company…" He takes a deep breath then Eric does before crossing his arms over his chest and lookign down at himself. "I /still/ look good." He grumbles towards Hallis before he turns on his heel. "And I'm getting a towel!" he adds as he grumblingly stalks back into the bathroom and closes the door.

Sydney doesn't recover quickly. She's still staring. This would, of course, happen when Hallis is trying to say something serious. Still bright red, the therapist manages to shake her head slightly. Finally she manages, "Another therapist?" There's a pause as Eric skulks back to the shower and she offers him a weak smile, although he likely won't catch it. "Do I need to transfer your files?" She peers at Hallis curiously, being sure to focus as best she can on the other blonde's emotions and response. Tightening her jaw, she's not sure what to make of any of this.

"Another therapist?" Hallis blinks, shaking her head a little. "Not exactly, but I'll pick up my file in the morning. Business hours, I know." This is finished with a liberal roll of the eyes. Eyes that just happen to catch the posterior of the man retreating into the bathroom. She's still shameless.

"Remember to put some underwear on, Eric!" The socialite yells after him. Completely assuming that he has pairs stashed around the apartment.
The comedy relief that plagues the therapist seems to ease the blonde into a sense of confidence though. Confidence that perhaps her decision was really the right one. "No, this person is more like a problem solver than a therapist. I need my memory back. It's plain and simple. You can't help me do that, so I'm going to do whatever it takes to feel whole again."

It takes a few moments but Eric does come back out of the place, still sans t-shirt as the thing is covered in chocolate. Still with wet hair of course but this time at least he has a towel around his waist.

…its pink of course…but he makes it look good dammit. He does.
"…I'm…going to the kitchen." He informs the pair of women as he turns to slink off in the direction of that part of the apartment. Perhaps to find a nice stiff drink to assuage his much wounded pride.
<OOC> Hallis says, "It's okay Eric… Sydney probably doesn't mind a shrinky."

Sydney twitches. This is not good for Lena or Tiago. She shifts slightly and smoothes her shirt. "Anyone I know?" she asks Hallis plainly. And then she adds with a sigh, "You didn't come to me because you were missing your memory. You came to me originally because you had a problem and you needed to process. When you get your memory back, then what?" Absent-mindedly she raises her hand to her cheek and rubs it lightly. "And it's all in your head still. Revealing everything at once can be… traumatizing."

She smirks a bit at the pink towel and realizes she probably should have told him about the linen closet, but shoos that thought away quickly. Something about the situation with Hallis, however, leaves her feeling uneasy. Very uneasy. Her emotional control is slipping and she can feel it, but as per Eric's instructions she focuses it… to him.

Waving her hand, Hallis easily spills her little secret. "No, you probably don't know her, just someone I went shopping with once." Sydney's words are slowly processed, the deb's eyes narrowing slightly at her suggestion. "You know what not knowing is doing to me. It's driving me crazy. This rapist stole my brain. My memories and threw me.. I had a gum wrapper in my hair!" Shaking her head again, Hallis turns toward the door.

"Whatever, have fun with your sex and chocolate. I'll go pick up my file and I'll be out of your hair. You can keep your little Carol secret and be happy."

And there it is. A lie. Somewhere in the spiel is a lie. But Sydney can't for the life of her tell what it is. She purses her lips together and just shakes her head as she manages to calm herself down enough. Just enough, sending calming emotions into the air… directed at… Eric. "Alright then. Well, you can pick up your file from Tara tomorrow." She says nothing of the sex and chocolate. There's no reason to dispute the point, even if it isn't true Sydney can't come up with another reason why Eric would be in her shower with chocolate sauce so she leaves it alone.

"Take care of yourself," she adds as an afterthought.

Eric? He's been sitting in the kitchen with a glass full of soda paranoid as all getout. Is Hallis going to look at his flimsy excuse of chocolate sauce induced baths too closely? Is Sydney going to throw him out for ending up in his shower again? Is Hallis going to ALWAYS think him that way because she saw him close to naked /after/ a cold shower?! Will his pride be ruined? Will his clothes be a wreck?!

…wait…this isn't very much like him to feel this way is it?
He sips his soda though as he tries to calm down…and he manages to do so with a little bit of help from Sydney.

"I am, Sydney. Sorry for firing you, but… eh. I just don't feel like you want to help me. With anything." She stares at the therapist for a long while before taking a breath and continuing. "I'll have Daddy make the arrangements about stopping the funding with your boss." With that said, Hallis pivots and pads across the tile, her bare feet making little clippy sounds as she makes her way to the door. Peeking into the kitchen, the young woman gives Eric a finger wave, "Bye Eric. It was nice seeing you again. Really. Nice."

"You think I kept you on because of the money?" Sydney quips as Hallis pads towards the door. She shakes her head a bit. "That's precisely why I told Amy to turn it down. I don't like such things held over my head. And that's the reason I dropped you as a client in the first place." Pursing her lips together she rolls her eyes before crossing her arms over her chest. "Goodbye Hallis. I hope you get the help you need rather than the help you want."

The therapist manages to keep her cool until Hallis is safely on the other side of the door. Her face flushes as she pads into the kitchen and presses her lips together into a thin line. Her gaze lands on Eric, but only for a moment. She looks away quickly as her eyes are welling with tears, she's never been fired before, and Hallis behaviour and words leave her something to think about. With a single sniffle she opens the freezer and takes out the triple chocolate Godiva ice cream, and then opens a drawer next to it to grasp a spoon. She pops the lid off the ice cream and then sits on top of the counter. Finally with a swallow she manages a rather quiet, "I'm sorry… about that… all of it." Frown.

"I'm the one that should apologise," Eric replies as he shakes his head. "I don't know what it is with me /not/ being able to hit the right target sometimes." He grumbles before he looks down at himself and the messy state he's in, then a sigh escapes his lips as he looks back up towards the woman with a small smile on his face. "There isn't anything for you to apologise for Sydney. I mean you didn't know Hallis was going to burst into the room like… that."

"I should have made her leave, I knew you were coming back… and besides if you had managed to make it into the main room, how would we have explained that?" Sydney exasperates as she shakes her head. She takes the spoon and scoops out a spoonful of the calorie-laden ice cream before shovelling it into her mouth. "I don't know what I was thinking." Her cheeks flush as she stares at the ice cream. And then she offers another apology, "And I could feel my emotions getting away from me… I'm sorry if you got the brunt of that…" Her cheeks flush further before she murmurs, "Can't do anything right. I mean what if I should've helped her recover her memories? Who am I to decide what's right in these things? It's not normal therapy stuff…"

"Don't eat too much of that suff or you'll need a gallon of water to wash it down," Eric replies with a slight smile before he gets up off the chair with his soda and strolls closer towards the distraught therapist. "…yeah, I realised you were doing it halfway though becoming paranoid enough to nearly portal back to my apartment." He shakes his head slightly. "You really are all kinds of worried about this arn't you?" A pause. "…look, if its a chemical thing I don't think she /can/ get her memory back. Its not like anyone actually has it…its just a side effect of what Lena made."

"Really? You really don't think she'll be able to remember?" Sydney asks hopefully. "I just don't know if it would've been a good thing for her to remember that. She's …" She cuts herself off and shakes her head. "It's just a grey area. I'm trying to protect everyone involved. It's best if Hallis just forgets, Lena and Tiago stay under the radar and everyone goes on with their lives…" She sighs.

"I'm sorry I made you paranoid. I'm working on it, I swear. It's just hard when I get a strong emotional reaction to something. I used to bawl after clients left my office following a session. At least I know why now." Another sigh escapes her lips before she adds with a smirk, "And just for the record, Hallis doesn't know what she's talking about. You look good without your clothes on." She makes herself blush bright red as she stares at the ice cream in front of her.

"I'm not sure…it would take another evolved to fix it…but its an actual medical blackout I'm not sure if there even /is/ a way. I'm not quite sure how brain chemistry works, you'll have to talk to Elena for that one." Eric replies with a shrug of his shoulders. Again though a thoughtful pause before he snatches up the pepsi he was drinking. "…yeah, I used to think like that too. Go back to how it was. Everyone get one with their lives savely. Live under the radar…" He shrugs slightly. "…never quite happens like that though I'm sorry to say."

"…and don't apologize for doing just what I asked you too." He adds with a laugh. "You are improving, and its fine to focus on me. I have plenty of wilpower to do my best to resist going mildly psychotic." A blink then before he glances down at himself and smirks slightly. "I know I do." He adds lightly before he turns a smile towards her. "But thanks anyway for the vote of confidence."

"But what if it is another evolved that's helping her? She said she wasn't going to another therapist. And I think she already sought medical attention…" Sydney pouts ever so slightly as she thinks. After scooping one last spoonful of ice cream into her mouth, she places the pale on the counter next to her. "You have to admit it's unsettling at least. And I'm almost positive she lied."

"That's not conceited at all," she scoffs sarcastically with a smirk as she glances at the bucket of ice cream beside her. She picks it up again and places it on her lap, shovelling another spoonful into her mouth. "This is really sweet… did your friend give it to you because they felt you needed sweetening?" Grin.

"I don't know how or who is going to be helping, and frankly I don't want to know. If its someone against Evolved then I'll stay as far away as I can. If its someone like us…well still don't want to get too close to her. Even if we are living in the same building." There is a pause from Eric before he adds. "You might want to think about getting a place somewhere else. I can help with that if you want."

"Of course its conceited, I'm a Lancaster. We are /born/ conceited and like a fine wine just get worse over time." He smirks towards her before he shrugs lightly. "Naw, it was a friend of one of my sisters who just needed to get it out of the house."

"You think I should move?" Sydney asks incredulously before sighing. "Maybe. Maybe it's time. It was unrealistic to stay here with Lena, Tiago, and Jade, wasn't it?" She places the ice cream back on the counter and snaps the lid back on. Willpower. "It should be easy enough for me to stay away from Hallis now. It's not like I'm in her employ anymore." She frowns adding, "I've never been fired before. You know, I know my boundaries suck. Believe me, I'm well aware, but… …. I've never had anyone fire me. And it's never really hurt anyone but me before…"

"Ha! I know you're just putting on airs. You couldn't even admit to being a good guy without being tricked into the admission! Can't blame everything on your last name there, Sparky." She glances at the pale of ice cream again. "Was she using it to self-medicate like I am? Nothing like calories to deal with problems." She shrugs, "At least it's more constructive than rolling around in Lena's sheets…"

"Well its just something to consider," Eric replies with a nod towards her and a slightly strained smile. "…and its /Hallis/…you can't expect her to stay away. You never even know just what she'll do next." He says wryly towards her. "…maybe though you are right and it'll be a bit different now. Hallis might decide to stay away from all of us."

"Not everything true…jsut about seventy percent of everything." He shrugs. "I think she was using it about the same way you are. As for using Lena's sheets…that…could lead to intresting places."

"I want to keep everyone safe," Sydney states quietly. "And we've had George come by once, and now Hallis unannounced… what if one of the others had been here?" She clucks her tongue as glances at the ice cream semi-longingly. Pushing the thought aside, she quips, "You just want us gone so you have your peace and quiet back in this building. There's no peace to be had now that we're all here. It's all excitement all the time."

"Seventy percent? What does the seventy percent include then? Other than your body, I mean…" Shaking her head, Sydney chuckles slightly, "Well if a hoodie influenced us so much… Can you believe that night happened? It seems so long ago now…"

"You can't keep everyone safe," Eric is quick to reply with a slight shake of his head. "Its too big a job. You just have to decide who you want to safe and who you want to leave to others to do it. You can't fix Hallis /and/ save Lena. Its really not possible, even if you want to and how hard you try." All it will take is George or Hallis coming by once, and then everything comes crashing down. "…and actually I think I'm going to go and spend more time away from here…and no not because of you guys. I just think it might be better…and I need a bit of time to practice again. Hard to do here."

A roll of his eyes. "…I don't even want to know what sheets would do if I just touched the hoodie and all that happened…" He shakes his head slightly with a wry smile. "It would put you in a better mood though."

"Where would we go? Outside the city?" Sydney's lips curl downwards again. "What's even there? I'm afraid I don't really explore New York much. When I do, I try to go to SoHo and end up in Harlem." She drums her fingers absently on the counter. "I can understand not practicing here considering," a glance is given to the bathroom before Sydney giggles, "Twice. I can't believe that happened twice."

"I'm sure it would. Although considering last time I put on some of my old LARP clothes, I don't really need you having more ammunition on me. I can't really control my actions when I'm under her influence…" she offers a dimpled smile. Pause. "Why? You didn't like what the hoodie did to you?" Smirk.

"Oh inside the city is fine…but on the same floor as a security risk isn't all that great an idea is all," Eric replies with a shake of his head before he blinks. "Is /that/ how you ran into Gene that one time?" He asks before he shakes his head again. "…and I don't know what it is. Maybe I just have a target on your shower." Grumble. "I'd rather have the target be in the living room or something, it would save my clothes /and/ my dignity."

"…and you looked very good in those old LARP clothes." Eric replies wryly before he pauses again and glances up towards her. "Well I'm not sure anyone can. I mean we both were a little bit…off. Wern't we?" Then a pause. "…well…I really can't say I didn't like it can I?"

"Okay…" Sydney replies slowly. "I need help finding some place else though. And maybe it's worth getting more room. I have a feeling…" that her efforts to help other evolved will continue to expand whether or not she likes it. She's a sucker for helping. Instead of verbalizing these things she shrugs instead. Her expression likely says it all, especially after she adds, "I'm a sucker. And I don't learn."

Two dimples appear on her cheeks as she shakes her head, "I hadn't worn that one for years… I'm glad it fit." She winces slightly. "I have to admit though, there's a lot more outfits to be found through the house. I played a lot of different themes back in the day…" She raises her eyebrows as she tilts her head and smirks mischievously, "Can't say it because it isn't true or because I'm here?"

"Oh its easier than you think to find a new place. Like I said I'll help set you up somewhere further away from Hallis…and a bigger place too," Eric chuckles slightly as he nods. "With four people living there you'll need it I bet. Somehow though I can't bring myself to feel back with Tiago being stuck in the same home with three attractive women." He shrugs slightly. "You are a sucker, but there are worse things to be than that."

"Oh it fit. Tiago and Gene and I can vouch for that." He adds with a shake of his head. "Closet geek that you are." He adds with a grin. "…and my only answer to that last question is yes."

"Alright. I guess it's time to move. I haven't been here that long though so at least there's that…" There's no odd attachment to the rooms, the building, or the paint. "Tiago is an old softie underneath it all. I can tell. The way he is with Lena… he's just acting tough. I'm convinced. I'm sure he can deal with all of the estrogen just fine."

"Well I'm glad. I'd hate to be wearing it while ill-fitting. Reminds me… I need to get more fangs. Those ones are long gone. And I'm not a geek! I just like to dress up and can appreciate a good t-shirt logo, cartoon show, or sci-fi flick… no geekdom here." She glances down at his chest and then finds herself staring at the scars, "How did you get those?"

"See thats one good thing…and I think he'll enjoy dealing with all of you," Eric adds wryly as he shakes his head slightly before he laughs softly. "…yeah yours were pretty well toast after what happened didn't they." A pause again before he drawls out with sarcasm so thick you can spread it on bread. "Oh yes. No geekdom at all." However at the sudden question he pauses and glances down at his chest before he sighs slightly. "…I got shot. Thats how you normally get something like that." He says quietly. "Jumped infront of a friend of mine."

"None at all," Sydney quips proudly even though she's wearing a shirt with her favourite quotation from Firefly ('My Days of Not Taking You Seriously Are Certainly Coming to a Middle') of all things. She hops off the counter to stare at his scars and reaches out to run her fingers over them. "H-how did you live through that?" her eyebrows furrow. Quite the life people with abilities have. "When did that happen? Who was the bullet meant for?" Lots of questions apparently.

"Denial is one of the seven steps, I just don't remember which one it is," Eric shoots back before he sighs and holds still even as she reaches out to touch his chest. "…well I didn't really. I was in a coma until another Evolved saved me." He shrugs. "A year or two ago, and for…a friend of mine." He adds as his eyes slide away from the therapist for the moment. "She was important and I didn't really stop to think about the whole getting shot thing."

Running her fingers over the scars, Sydney furrows her eyebrows, "Do you remember it?" And then the most important question: "Who shot you? Did you … did you know them?" And that's the ultimate mortification. Getting shot by someone you know. "How did another evolved save you? Woah. Is that someone's ability? Like… healing?" That would be a handy ability to have. She hmms a bit at his last sentence, but instead of probing further, she lowers her hand, turns, picks up the ice cream and returns it to the freezer.

"Oh I remember it…and didn't know them at all. Someone posessed someone else," Eric replies with a shake of his head. "Its all over now, happened before I moved away. To be honest I don't know how I got saved I was a bit out of it at the time you know." He smirks slightly towards her before looking up as she turns away and marches back to the freezer.

"I think it'd be easier to be shot by a stranger if a person could manage it." Pause. "Not that a person has a choice when they're getting shot…" Sydney says to the freezer more than Eric. Her cheeks are flushing again. "I'm sorry. I ask too many questions. Occupational hazard." She tilts her head a bit, as she turns back to face him, "So why did you move away? Was it related to the whole getting shot thing?" There's a pause. "I was shot at last month and had a number of guns pointed at me by different versions of the same guy in a totally unrelated incident… is this something I can expect from here on in?"

"I…don't know exactly," Eric's reply takes a moment of thought to work though. "Not if you can help it, if you keep your head down at least. The one I was…was because it was my friend that was being targeted. If I didn't know her I wouldn't have…well I wouldn't have gotten into all thsi mess." A pause at the question of moving before he smiles slightly. "Its complicated, sorry Miss Therapist but I'm not really in the mood to go into it all right now. Its a /very/ long story."

Sydney hmmms with a smirk as she loads her spoon into the dishwasher. Dropping the subject of getting shot, Syd has no more questions for now. After straightening, she arches an eyebrow at the towel, "I have way more colours than pink. Like a whole linen closet full…" There's a pause, "You must be getting cold or something…"

"Well its a little bit chilly yeah…I was just thinking of getting back to my place and getting properly dressed again," Eric replies wryly towards her woman as he looks down at himself. "Before someone else comes over. Like someone related to you, or Lena and her group, or the UPS man or whoever might just decide to pop in over here."

"Yeah, I can imagine the coldness. And towels don't exactly provide any warmth --" Sydney observes smirking. "You don't have to worry about anyone related to me coming over, but Lena and crew are a definite possibility." She takes a step towards him, "Thanks, Eric. I— um —for the freezer stuff and the chat and the help with my ability and everything else." Her cheeks flush again. "I appreciate it. All of it. You really are a good guy even if you deny it."

"No, they just accentuate my manly physique," Eric quips back towards her before he flashes her a smile. "Your welcome though Sydney. For all of it." He says with a shake of his head. "I'm not as good as some of you think I am, but thanks anyway. Really, you arn't all that bad yourself you know." He adds with a easy smile before he stands up and away from the counter top. "See you later Miss Therapist."

"I am what I am," she shrugs. "And I'm pretty sure you're as good as I think you are. I'm rarely wrong about people's character. That's the good thing about emotions, they tend to display our real intentions." She shoots him a small wave. "Take it easy Sparky," Sydney smiles easily. "And don't be a stranger."

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