2007-12-08: Set Course For Kaito Nakamura



Special Guest Star:

Kaito Nakamura

Summary: Hiro investigates his father's office.

Date It Happened: December 8th, 2007

Set Course For Kaito Nakamura

Yamagato Industries - NYC Branch

Yamagato Industries, NYC branch, spares no expense. The sheik upper levels are similar in design to Yamagato's fully Japanese counterpart in Tokyo, borrowing cultural influences but with reminders everywhere that it is, in fact, Manhattan — the views from the many windows being one of them.

Kaito Nakamura's office is on a very lofty floor of the very impressive building, near the end of the hall that houses the most executive offices. The glass door is marked boldly with:


…Of course, all of this is in English.

Hiro moves to open the door an enter the office, beginning to look around curiously but going straight for the desk to make sure there isn't anything on there that might be a hint.

The office is absolutely empty. As soon as Hiro gets a few steps in, the lights turn on by an automatic mechanism, but no one seems to notice, yet, that the CEO's office has an intruder. It's absolutely empty. Outside, light flurries have started to fall from the evening sky.

The desk is filled with many things any responsible businessman should have, and the desk itself is long and just begs to be sat behind. And just in front of where someone ought to sit is a small, portable DVD player, its closed cover bearing a Yamagato Industries sticker.

Hiro may be on a mission to find his missing father. It may be highly important and not to be laughed at. But he cannot help but sit behind the desk, putting on a stern look like he's seen on his father's face so many times.

He glances towards the DVD player and, after a moment, decides to play it and see whats there.

The play button actually lights up for an instant when Hiro presses it, leaving an illuminated imprint of his finger. How about that.

The screen is black for only a moment before Kaito Nakamura appears on it, sitting at the very desk, in the very chair, Hiro is now occupying. «My son,» he begins sternly. «I suspected you would seek me out. I have received information that finds me at great risk should I remain in New York City. There are those who would like to see me, and others of my generation, gone. I do not want you to follow me at this time.» He pauses here, looking like a statue. «But since you will inevitably try to do so, I will remain in contact, so be watchful.»

When Kaito pauses all statue-like on the screen, Hiro actually reaches for the play button again only to jump a little when his father speaks once more. At the request to be watchful, he nods his head decisively. He will be.

Hiro turns the television off (wouldn't want to add anything to his dad's electricity bill) and begins to give the office a quick once over to make sure he hasn't missed anything.

The office is pristine: nothing out of place, nothing there that shouldn't be, aside from that one DVD player. It's very quiet, now that the video has stopped playing, and it's difficult to tell there's a whole office building around Hiro.

Hiro moves towards the DVD player once more to try and retrieve the DVD in case he needs to show it to anyone else. But, reasoning there isn't anything left, he prepares to kickstart time again and teleport back to Niki.

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