"Life shouldn't be a series of pressures and rush jobs, life should be about enjoyment!"

Casting: Hal Sparks
Date of Birth: December 14, 1985
Age: 25
Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland
Occupation: Assistant Professor of Sociology (CSU)
Ability: Gyrokinesis
Power Grade:
Registration Status: ☐ UN ☒ REG
✔ University
✔ Social Sciences
✔ On The Street
✔ Unregistered
✔ Anti-Registration

Seth Michael Greene is your typical Sociologist… besides the fact that depending on his mood the air can either be lighter or heavier than normal.. does that make him weird?


Seth Michael Greene was born in Dublin, Ireland on a cold night of December 14, 1985. Being that he was born to a loving family his life has been pretty normal. Nothing really strange happened to him, until the days his powers began to surface.

Seth has been aware of his powers ever since freshmen year of high school. It started out slow and quite subtle with moments of thinking he fell through the air onto his bed when he awoke some mornings. Which progressed into waking reactions as well. Most notorious was the times when Seth coincidentally lifted soda cans into thin air.

After manifesting his powers and finding some form of control, Seth is not able to manipulate gravity to varying degrees. Both lessening and exerting gravity is within the man's grasp, but it's clear he's much more comfortable with removing gravity rather than adding gravity to a situation.

Seth works at one of the local Universities as an Assistant Professor to the Social Science department. More specifically the Sociology department of Cal State University. He will be starting in the Fall teaching various courses and offers many electives around the topic of Inequality and Social Justice.

It's also known, by his lectures most likely, that Seth is not a registered A-Positive. Though by the way he talks he's now exactly hiding the fact he's capable of extraordinary things… maybe he'll show the class one day?

Power Gravitational Modification

NOTE: Seth's power typically runs on emotion or mimic of an emotion present within his psyche so typically every aspect of his power needs some kind of emotional trigger.

Routine Actions

Lessen Gravity

Emotion: Happiness, Joy, or Excitement

Seth can decrease the relative gravity around either himself or visible object around himself. This allows him to essentially make things float and move in what seems to be zero gravity environments.

This is his most commonly used aspect of his power as he's been known to float objects in way that might be described at nearly mimicking telekinesis. Though certainly he's not as dexterous as someone with actual telekinetic powers he has been known to be able to move his fair share of objects.

He also can mimic the aspect of some flight though this isn't his most practiced of ability since he's not really skilled in actually controlling objects of heavier varieties. That's not to say he can't attempt to do it he's just really clumsy and sometimes a bit strained while doing so.

Concentration Required

Exert Gravity

Emotion: Fear (Fight Reflex) or Angry

Seth's ability to increase gravitational pull on objects has been known to be used to increase the general pull to essentially put pressure on object and various things. This part of his ability seems to frighten Seth a little which might be why he doesn't typically practice such a feat unless force to or on objects he knows he can control. Crushing the occasional can is one thing though using this amount of force to stop a pursuer in their tracks by increasing gravity only happens when he really starts to panic and only then does he exert his energy in slowing down people.

Unknown Ability

Ease of Gravity

Emotion: Fear (Flight Reflex) or Panic

Seth on very rare occasions indeed has used his ability to ease gravity in ways that he might not even realize he's doing in the first place. Like in high school gym class when they were required to do sprints. His coach warned that they had to exert themselves and really push themselves or he'd most certainly give them detentions. To the coach's great surprise Seth actually ran the sprint in less time than most of the other in school history. Though somehow when Seth attempted to join the cross country and field team he couldn't run as fast as he did in class under pressure.



  • "Why does the world insist on inequality on some of these grounds? Is the world stupid?!"
  • "You know being A-Positive doesn't mean I have something like the plague! It's safe to sit next to me…"
  • "Alright, today we're discussing the inequality of the modern America… does anyone have an example of inequality? … No Jon, being too attractive is not a good answer for this question!"


  • Seth is fairly confident in being "Anti-Registration" though insists that blood test might be a good option for his students.
  • He's quite taken with a lot of social topic and completely willing to argue the point if it's thought the other subject is missing the point.
  • Seth is fairly open with his classes on being A-Positive, though oddly quite reserved when having to discuss other Civil Rights topics. … Funny how one can be confident with being one minority and not another!


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