2007-06-25: Severance Papers


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Summary: Eric stops by to asks Elena for help with something he's planning. Unbenknownst to Elena, the young Lancaster scion has certain plans up his sleeve that could very well turn Wall Street on its ear.

Date It Happened: June 25, 2007

Severance Papers

The Gomez Apartment, Queens, New York

Elena's phone had rung earlier, and on the other end of that call was Eric Walker. He had been quite polite, his normal self, and asked if he could drop by later to share a few things with her. He hadn't come by for awhile after he crashed the last party, apologizing for that over the phone and saying that he would explain when he got there.

…well…he's here.

It seems to have been raining lightly, and he is mildly damp, his hair spiked from where he had thoughtlessly run his hand though it. Wearing a pair of dark grey pants, dark green shirt, and a matching green jacket, the young man dosn't look too worse for getting a bit wet. Knocking on the door he makes sure one more time that the folder he has tucked under his arm is still there.

Granted after all the craziness since the last time he came to visit, Elena can't blame Eric for calling at all. So before he arrives, she's reading quietly by the window, absently looking up now and then to watch rain splatter on the glass. When she hears the knocks, she puts her book down, and sets her glasses on top of it, and then walks towards the door to open it. She smiles slightly, seeing him on the other side.

"I'll get you a towel. How have you been?" she asks, easing away from the doorframe to let him in and closing the door. She then moves to the closet to dig out a towel for him.

She had assured him that it was fine he hasn't been around, and that she had been busy in turn. She had to tell him a few other things as well, like how she went with Gene while he hacked into the hospital's database for the virus. And also…the thing she found in his head. She figures she ought to tell Eric considering out of all of them, Eric's known Gene the longest.

"Wet," Eric answers the question with a small smile towards her before he steps into the room. This is one of the few times he's come in the front door, he's amused by that thought that strikes him. Shaking it away though he gratefully takes the towel before he sighs and shrugs. Setting the files down on the table there he shakes his head slightly. "Busy too, but I bet you know how that feels. At least it seems that you do."

"Yeah. I've been visiting Peter and Gene often these days," Elena says, looking over her shoulder at him. "And Cass too. She…." She takes a deep breath, and slowly catches him up with what he's missed. Cass almost dying. Peter falling in a coma. And he had been there when those strange files came to light. "To top off everything, Dezi's twins managed to evade their crazy, racist father from Mississippi to come here because Portia wants to be a star. At least she ran here, and not Los Angeles. They'd eat her alive in Los Angeles, I think." She turns around, and offers Eric a towel.

"Ah…" Peter and Gene is it. Eric covers the look on his face as he drys his hair off. He will not be jelous of Elena's time. He will /not/ dammit. She's her own person, and there is more important matters at stake than that. "…so now Desiree's kids are here." Pause. "…are they staying here too?" That boggles the mind. How can they fit that many people in this place! He half expects someone to be stuffed in a closet at this point. He absorbs the rest of the info as well, his eyes slowly coming up to watch her face as she speaks. Then a slight shake of his head. "…well. Looking like you have been keeping really busy without me." He says cheerfully. "And I'll I've been doing is dealing with my family and a few little buisness ideas."

"Yeah. Papa's looking into a house upstate," Elena says, rubbing her face with a laugh. "But considering I don't have a car, and I can't really ask Papa to drive me everywhere back and forth for school and work, I'm thinking maybe I ought to do the big girl thing and move out when that happens. I just don't know when I'll find the -time-. Heidi….you've met her. She said I could stay at her place for a bit if I haven't found a place by then." Staying with would-be Senator Petrelli? She didn't want to intrude, but Heidi insisted and she seemed eager for female company for a bit. She did have a point though…the Petrelli mansion was -full- of Y-chromosome bearers. Even the pets. "How's your family? And business ideas?" She walks to the kitchen. "Do you want anything to drink?"

"…staying with the Petrelli's?" Eric asks with some suprise. He didn't expect that. "Thats…really nice of her," He smiles towards Elena for a moment then. It would be nice, and most likley safe for her if she did something like that it would. Even if…if…she would be surrounded by Petrelli's. "…and…well…I'm not very happy with parts of my family at the moment. Seems thats why I couldn't get any messages to you while I was away." He sighs and shakes his head. "Don't worry about that though…yes…business ideas. For Jaden's new company." He smirks slightly. "…my dad is thinking of appointing me as his eyes at Jaden's work." He admits before he taps the folder. "…and firing most of Jaden's board in the process." He blinks before he nods. "Pepsi? Coke?"

What's wrong with being surrounded by Petrellis? Heidi was nice! And Nathan…-could- be nice. But she adored the kids, Simon and Monty, and the two rottweiler puppies are adorable. She would also have to get used to Spica, but overall, it seems like it would be okay. Elena pulls open the refrigerator door, and digs in, pulling out a can of Diet Pepsi for her, and tossing a can of regular Pepsi towards him. She blinks a little bit. "Eh? Your family? Why would your family have anything to do with you passing on messages to me?" she wonders, cracking open the can. Though at the last, she laughs. "Oh does he? That'd be great. Jaden feels really outnumbered half the time he goes in that building so….you being there to back him up would mean a really great deal to him."

He catches the thrown drink easily enough before popping it open and taking a slight sip. Eric smirks slightly and shakes his head. "Seems that my mother and brother told the switchboard we were using to not pass on /any/ of my calls. I have no idea why. So nothing I sent out got back to people. My job knew about me, but no one else. I was…rather upset about it all…" Flaming mad to be more precice. "…but I don't even know why they did it." He smiles though at her laughter, leaning back against the wall. "…yeah, I thought so too. Even if he dosn't want me around. Actually in that file are most of the severence papers. I was thinking that we would give them an ultimatum first, and then the boot if they think we might be bluffing." He pauses a moment longer to take a drink. "…I'd like you to be there though."

"So let me get this straight," Elena says after a pause, taking a drink from her can before continuing. "You want me to be present when you and Jaden put on one of the biggest corporate smackdowns in Wall Street's modern history?" She grins. "I'm in. I'm part of the PR department after all, I -should- be current with the news of the company I'm working for." She glances at the folder. "So severance papers, huh? What sort of ultimatum are you planning on giving them?"

"Of course I do," Eric chuckles slightly. "…I mean heck, if not for you I might not even be in on all this and helping Jaden at all." He says honestly as he watches her drink. Then a grin crosses his face, an almost wicked grin at the thought of all those board members. "Ah…the looks on those faces," He says softly. "…they won't know what hurt them. Ah…thats what I was going to talk to you about actually. I was thinking something akin to 'You work with Jaden and not against him, or else' type of thing, with their jobs hanging in the balance." He continues to watch her as he speaks, and only half of him is wondering just what her reaction will be.

"Oh god. I don't think I have a bone in my body to actually be that mean," Elena says with a laugh, leaning against the counter and taking another drink of her Diet Pepsi. She ponders. "Granted I have a feeling they're not going to cave. They can pretend to go along with Jaden for a while, and then they'll try and oust him again. I mean, they did it before. What makes anyone think they won't do it again? They can do all sorts of things against him. File an injunction, take it to court…..argue that putting Jaden in the CEO position would be against best business interests. If your father doesn't agree with them, they might go after him too." She shrugs a little bit. "I read the Wall Street Journal so….it's not uncommon to see that stuff happening."

"Oh I think I can manage something," Eric replies with a grin. Maybe this is a slightly different side of him, but he seems to enjoy it. "And yes they can do all those things. However the way I'll present it I'll try to get them to go along with it…and at the first sign of them doing any of that, then I serve them the severence papers. I already had my father write us all up their marching orders, generous ones too. All they need are his signiture and Jaden's." He pauses. "…I thought about having him sign them already, but then Jaden would have them all gone so quick it would make their heads spin." He pauses a moment before throughtfully taking a drink. "…see, the problem is with a company that big, he really does need /someone/ besides just me and you and Gene to help him."

"You mean like…" Elena ponders a bit, setting her can back down on the counter so she can pace around. Her brows are furrowed, and her lips pursed slightly. There she goes, thinking again. She looks over at Eric. "You mean….someone who's experienced….but with enough integrity not to throw his own boss under the bus? Would be easier maybe to find someone else who's been in Evosoft for a while. Someone who keeps being overlooked, but who's clearly really smart and capable. I wonder if Jaden actually has anybody like that on staff. I mean if you just bring an outsider in…..there might be an agenda coming in from the get-go."

"Thats exactly what I was thinking," Eric nods as his eyes light up and he nods once towards her. "I've got a few canidates in mind, I've been going through the personal files for EvoSoft. You…want to help me look for one though?" The young man asks curiously as he taps one finger on the flie he brought. "I only brought the best prospects…yes though, I wasn't even really considering an outsider. That way too much risk, and Jaden…well…he has a bad habit of picking…um…not the best people…" Pause. "…present company excepted of course."

She can't help but laugh, Elena shaking her head at him and giving him a rueful smile. "You're so biased," she teases him with a hint of a smile. "Alright then, let's see what we can parse out. Sounds like it's going to be a long night but I'm sure we can come up with something." She takes one of the folders Eric is holding, and turns to head back inside the kitchen.

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