2009-10-11: Sexual Harassment



Date: October 11th, 2009


Gene debuts his new crime fighting outfit, much to Gwen's amusement.

"Sexual Harassment"

Gene's Apartment

When we last left our unique hero, he was currently captured by the government when his plan to do being sinister went wrong and his plan to sacrifice himself went right. Strapped to his chair, Gene has peed into a cup. Watching as his stinky pee is escorted outside and/or tested for drugs (which some people swear he's on), his gaze soon goes to the object that was also left in the military. A ruined backpack, which was once cutting edge technology, but is now cutting edge junk. Sighing as he is beginning to realize how ed he was, he goes back to the times when the world was a simpler place. Okay, it really wasn't, but when you're strapped to a chair everything seems better. Even Gwen.

Gene (and Gwen's) Overpriced's Apartment, Two Days Ago

Suitcases litter the bedroom, Gene having stopped by the house before running a few errands. Tonight, there will be Prometheus with the rest of his band. Will they be called the New Gods, the Pantheon? The names are juggled in Gene's mind as he decides he needs to try on his legendary costume. He slides his lean legs into the black shiny substance, putting them on and running his hand down his leg. He's never worn anything this tight before, but most men don't. "Snake Eyes make out with Scarlett wearing stuff like this, I should not fear." That said, he puts on the shirt, which is long sleeved and made from the same substance. While he considers briefly wearing body armor, he decides against it. This is gunna be a simple mission, no firefighting should occur. He doesn't put on the helmet yet, merely putting on the 'Fire of the Gods'; his name for the belt which has all his cool stuff. After he puts on all the stuff, he looks into the mirror on the bedroom closet door. "This feels a little funny. Maybe I just need to ease into it. Need to get comfortable with it if I am gunna be trying to practice being the new sexy Gene."

The young man looks up to give a firm order to his digital slave. "Computer, Impress the ladies with the softer sound. Illuminate the show at the closet." At his command, 'Ready To Take A Chance Again' by Barry Manilow plays as rest of the lighting dims save a recessed light by the closet. As Gene tries to pose seductively in front of the mirror, he practices his lines. "Now ladies, I know you want a real man. But I'm not sure it would be right for you to come up on me like this. You're friends. It would be odd if…" Gene pauses to put his own hand up on his chest and run it up. "…We made it into something more. I'm sure there are special men out there… And I'm a loner. It's just my path. Making connections before fate pulls us away. I can't help my ma-" His hand runs down his leg. "Hey now… Don't tempt the Jedi to fall. You might feel the lust of his Dark side."

The music is pretty loud. Loud enough that an open and closed door might go unheard.

Gwen had gotten home not too long ago, but she moved right into the kitchen and started right in on perfecting one of her favorite recipes, a flourless chocolate cake with a secret special ingredient that made it also a little spicy as well as sweet. It was perfect with a little bit of milk, especially if that milk was laced with a healthy dose of rum. Gene was in the bedroom doing whatever geeky thing that it was that he was up to and the blonde had the understanding to just leave him be when he was in a mood like that. However, it was almost impossible to mistake the ruckus that is now thumping through the apartment.

Stealthily, Gwen makes her way over to their shared bedroom door with her apron still on. If one didn't know better, they'd say she looked homey. As she toes the door open, she takes in the suitcases and Gene's fondling of himself in what looks like the beginnings of an S&M costume. Really, she doesn't know what to make of the whole situation. Should she ask what the suitcases are for, should she be disturbed by this, or should she merely laugh at the absurdity of it all? What she settles for is, "There's cake outside, if you'd like some. Though you may get some on your Catwoman outfit."

The old Gene would scream like a little girl and hide behind the bed. The new Gene… Manages to avoid high pitched squeaks as he turns around in surprise. "Computer, reset! Reset!" After a two second pause, Gene coughs. "I'd tell you I was going off to try and save the world and that's why I have this on, but well, I've done enough to make you think I was crazy for one day." The young man begins to move toward the kitchen, clearly the idea of cake overriding the need to change his clothes back to the usual. "Prometheus outfit for starters and face it, I know this isn't the oddest thing you've seen me do," Gene admits with a level tone. His face, however, is beat red. He advances toward the cake, clearly more than ready to dine on sugery foods before going on an epic quest. As he prepares himself a piece, he asks, "You want one or you already had a piece?"

There isn't much that Gwen can retort to that. In their stay together, she has seen Gene do many many strange and odd things. This does rate rather high, however, it may not beat the singing and dancing robots she walked in on him conducting. "Don't do that, dearie," she raises an eyebrow and smiles. It's actually cute, though she's not sure what exactly it is that he's doing. "What is a Prometheus outfit and how exactly is it going to change the world? Other than perhaps cure over population." Who would want to procreate when all they can see is the skin tight suit? "I think I've had enough chocolate for the evening. I may need something a bit stronger in my milk, though."
It was for free tickets to Disney for himself and a guest… and a few people at EvoSoft. The only price was a little overtime and perhaps selling his soul to Satan. After all, there are some that would consider being part of 'It's a Small World' an unforgivable sin. Thankfully, Gene is not one of those people.

"It is a superhero outfit, and it is going to let me do heroic things while keeping my identity safe." There is a short pause as Gene looks himself over, the pride swift to go away. "It can't be THAT bad. I mean, I'm a lot fitter than I used to be. I'd ask for your help, but I'm still paying off YOUR latest outfit." Gene bites into his cake, giving a 'mmm' of satisfaction. "Great food as always. You could really go into business if you wanted," Gene compliments. Of course, that would require Gwen working more than two hours a day.

That eyebrow remains raised and all Gwen can really think of doing in response to that is reaching for a much stronger brand of liquor and forgoes the milk altogether. "You're wearing a superhero outfit? Honeybear, I thought we talked about this." The whole being a hero thing gets you killed and while she is fine with getting his money, she's not sure if he still has her in his will and it would be such a drawback to have invested this much and get nothing in return. "It's…Gene-y, it's…is that latex?" She's not even sure how to tell him how terrible it is as an outfit. Ignoring the compliment about her food, she just waves a hand about her latest outfit. "That was Prada. If this were Prada, then, well, I'd never wear Prada again. But it's not. Where do you put your wallet?"

As Gwen goes toward the liquor, Gene rubs his head. While Gene is not a with it person when it comes to mystery of women, experience has taught him a little on how to handle his caretaker/pseudo-girlfriend. "My wallet? Why do you want my wallet?" As if thinking that merely removing the outfit will make things better, the young inventor pulls up his shirt to pull over his head. Only… He gets it stuck half way up his chest, where it covers his head. His muffle voice announces to Gwen, "I don't need help, I got this." He moves around the kitchen for a little bit as he struggles with it. "Don't need help." He walks smack into the fridge. "Maybe just a smidge."

Pouring herself a generous amount of booze into her glass, Gwen watches Gene stumble about a bit. Sidestepping the struggling inventor, she follows his progress into the fridge with something akin to amusement and wonder. Taking a long sip from her drink, she finally puts the glass down and takes a few slow steps over toward the younger man and helps yank the skin-tight shirt off of him. "How are you going to save the world if you can't pay for a cab ride to where you're going?" For once, Gwen wasn't thinking about the money for herself. Though, maybe she is and she wants him to leave it behind for her to rifle through and empty.

"I'm going to-" Gene shakes his head after he is freed from his sexy prison, deciding telling Gwen would only endanger her (and make her further question his sanity). "I have a plan. We'll just leave it at that," Gene announces confidently. "As for costume, I'll make you a deal. You don't want me dressing like this, I'll let YOU design the next costume. I have to cover my face, carry my gear, AND look good. I'll let you pay for it while I'm gone along with something less for you as long as it's only a couple of hundred." For most, that would be more than enough. For Gwen? Maybe, maybe not. "Should only be a day. Just hanging out with Jaden. You know, the boss that makes ME look normal."

"…you're going to hang out with Jaden in that?" And he has a plan? Gwen takes the last of her drink in a big swig and then reaches for the bottle again. This man is going to make her into an alcoholic. If she wasn't an alcoholic already. "With a plan. In a skin tight suit." That sounds ominous. "Are you sure you're not gay?" Because that's kind of what it's sounding like to the blonde right now. "And you want me to design a goody-two-shoes outfit for you? How about I just take you shopping and you stay at home and not get yourself in trouble, or put in jail, or any of the other thousands of things that actually happen to people who try to be superheroes in real life?"

"A superhero? In real life? Gwen, that's just funny. This is just him trying to do his playboy thing." An attempt at lying, time to see how well Gene has come along! "My costume is based of Snake Eyes. He's a ninja. And ninja people are NEVER gay. Even if they hire women to be pretend girlfriends, sleeping in the same bed and cuddling them while never ACTUALLY sleeping with them." It's likely a combination of booze, clothes, and money that keeps Gwen here… Not the charming wit.

Gene folds his bare arms across his naked chest as he gives a genie-esque nod. "And that's a fact. And yes, I do want you design a good one. I am supposed to be fearsome and sexy. Clearly this costume hasn't done either, so I'll need your help. You can do this for me…" Gene unfolds his arms tries to do what women do when they are seductive, perhaps trying to see if works both ways. He slides up to Gwen, trying to run a finger gently up and down her cheek. "Pleeeeease?"

"You know, you're a terrible liar." Gwen should know, she's a fairly good one and it's easy for a liar to sniff out another one. "Who the hell is Snake Eyes? And you realize that when you go out in something like this, you're going to get mugged six ways to Sunday, yeah?" Because some mostly skinny boy in a skin tight costume is going to be an easy target for those with less than good intentions. After all, she'd have robbed and knocked him out if she were int he position. "Also, a word of advice, is that when you're trying to seduce someone into doing something for you, whining isn't normally going to get what you want." But, she looks at the strange outfit that Gene has concocted for himself and realizes that the poor kid is going to need some help to do it. And he's paying her to make him as better of a man as she can, which would certainly include getting rid of whatever that is and hopefully burning it. "We'll work on whatever it is that you need once you're done playing the beard to your gay boss or whatever it is you need to do."

"Beard to my gay…. Wha?" Clearly, the somewhat innocent gene has no idea what means. "When I get back, we clearly have two things to do. First, get me a working costume that ISN'T looking gay. Secondly, teaching me how to be seductive. Before you say anything, if YOU consider it helpful, I'm sure I could to." With that, he pauses as he looks at his phone. "Crap, accidently turned it off…" He fiddles with it for awhile, moving back into the bedroom.

A short time later, Gene comes back out, wearing the clothes he had on for work, having just laid them out on the bed. "Looks like I have to make a quick stop to a girl's house before I do this night job. Apparently she almost got mugged or something like that." CLEARLY GWEN IS BEHIND THE CRIME. Mentioning mugging and then he gets a call. Where is Freddie and Thema when you need them? Moving to give Gwen a kiss on the geek, he says, "Should be back late tonight early morning. If I'm not back to early morning, just give me a call and I'll let you know what's going on."

Poor innocent little Gene. Gwen will teach him the ways of seduction and whatnot. It's a wonder that some of it hasn't rubbed of just the tiniest bit in all the time they've been living together. But, then, she hasn't really been trying to seduce him. "We'll work on it." That's all that really needs to be said about that. Now that he returns in his regular street clothes, Gwen makes a mental note to also update his wardrobe. It's at least a month and a half old and certainly needs something trendier. "Sure sure. Go make sure the damsel in distress is okay." She rolls her eyes as she thinks very little of women who need saving. "Go do your boss plan S&M thing. If you're not back, I'll call all the gay clubs. Don't offend him, though, or you may get fired. Or do let him try and get a good grab in and we can sue for sexual harassment." She's got her eye on the prize here and gives her cheek for the kiss. "Take one for the team and all, sweetpea."

Sighing at Gwen's not TOO cruel barbs, Gene shakes his head. "Jaden is. Not. Gay." Why does Gene defend Jaden so? Because if Jaden likes the men, then the women might think that GENE likes the men. If they think that, then the girl of his dreams won't want to date him. Clearly, Gene's paranoia can spread to more than governments and secret organizations. "I'll be back. Don't max out the cards while I'm gone." Moving toward the bedroom and coming back out, Gene takes all the briefcases with him… And R2-D2 too. Thankfully, he knows not to comment on it, just giving a way before he goes out the door.

Military Tent

Feeling the burns in his back, Gene is jerked back into the realm of the living, the pain enough to drive him out of his daydream of a time that seems much further than it really is. "Not sure what's worse… The chance that Gwen is worried sick about me or the fact that she's likely maxed out all my cards by now." Of course, Gene has not considered the worst of the fates… That Gene's accounts were frozen by the government before Gwen could max them. After all, they are checking him out to see if he's a terrorist or not. Of course, that would leave Gwen 12 hours or so to do her work. Which, has Gene has learned, is more than enough time for Gwen to get whatever she wants.

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